Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander chapter 9

9 - Getting Maximized(2)

9 – Getting Maximized(2)

“… I can’t see anything.”

The inside of the temple was filled with dark shadows.

“As expected, I can’t.”

I let out a sigh as I looked at the torch that went out in an instant.

All the bright light in this temple is sucked in as if it had met a black hole.

Because of that, I couldn’t even dream of magic or torches to light up the surroundings.

Instead of relying on what you can see with your eyes, move forward by maximizing your senses.

That is why it is called the temple of sense.

‘I know the way.’

Empty carts are noisy, and the size of the majestic temple was actually a bluff.

I just had to go straight ahead.

Perhaps the producer wanted to make the interior space look wide like a labyrinth.

There is no one in this world who wants to pass through a maze with only their senses in a place without a single light.

It made me scared before I even started.

‘Well, that’s why I still haven’t been robbed. I can take it, though.’


A strong gust of wind forcibly pushes my body away as if to stop coming.

I kept moving forward, covering my face with my arms raised.

[Those who enter this temple are worth their lives.]

Shortly, a voice came from inside the temple, as if resonating.

I could feel the strong anger in his voice.

[Intruders who dare to break in without my permission will be punished with pain. Even with a small wound, feel the pain thousands of times and die writhing in pain.]

With those words, silence fell in the temple.

‘He’s so salty.’

What a waste it would be for a nobleman who had already died to give some bean curd to his descendants.

People in the old days were too salty even if they were salty.

I clicked my tongue and kept going.


At the same time, with a creepy sound, something rises from the floor.

“If you step on the footrest, it’s a thorn trap that will come up.”

It was a trap.

As if it didn’t matter, I climbed onto the thorn trap.

I can’t stand my defensive power, and the sharp iron bends.


From noble mtl dot com

Originally, as soon as it touched the thorn, it would have died instantly.

No matter how small the attack, you must have felt the pain thousands of times.

It must have felt like being hit by a nuclear bomb.

However, it did not apply to me, whose defensive power pierced the sky.

In the first place, pain can be felt only after receiving physical damage.

By the way, I can’t even scratch my body, can I feel the pain?

On the contrary, there was only laughter.

After moving forward a bit, another sound is heard.

It sounded like something being loaded.

– Push Shu Shu Shuk!

Dozens of things hit my body.

I brushed it off with my hands roughly as if I was dusting it.

It must have been an arrow.

“It’s like kid’s play.”

I roughly threw a stroke on the floor and moved.

How far has it progressed?

– Kung! Thud!

The ground began to shake little by little, as if an earthquake had occurred.

As if I expected it, I stared at a place in the dark.

‘Now it appears.’

Red eyes twinkle in pitch-black darkness.

Its true identity is the guardian deity that protects this temple.

It was a golem.


With a terrifyingly loud sound, a red eye light rushes towards me at high speed.

Contrary to this, I just slowly walked forward with my hands in my pockets.


After a while, I felt a tickling sensation in my body along with a roar.

It must have been a golem attacking me.

“Good job, bastard.”

Originally, due to inertia, the body should also be hit, but the golem in this temple has immunity to all attacks.

In other words, neither he nor I are sick.

-Kooung! Cooong!

“Keuk, take it easy. It tickles me.”

I laughed at the golem’s attack that followed.

It felt like someone was forcibly tickling me.

It was because his attacks couldn’t even keep up with my absurd defensive power.

‘He was the scariest guy in the game.’

Looking at it now, he gave me free massages and was very affectionate.

At the same time, an idea came to my mind.

‘Is this okay?’

My conscience was pierced.

Originally, traps had to be avoided, and it was standard practice to deal with golems as well.

By the way, is it okay to take the wish away with your hands behind your back as if you had a drink?

The answer came right away.



“I finally arrived.”

I arrived at my destination without difficulty.

It was the only brightly lit room in the black darkness.

As I entered the room without hesitation, the surroundings, which had been filled with darkness, became brighter.

“I found it.”

At the same time, the wish I was looking for came into my eyes.

I didn’t even hide it.

It was just placed on the altar.

I must have thought, ‘If I had done this far, I wouldn’t be able to come this far’.

I reached out slowly, as if touching something innocent.

Then, a brightly glowing sphere entered my body.

A warm energy slowly begins to spread through the body, and before you know it, it makes your body and mind feel at ease.

It was a kind of comforting feeling that I had to go through hardships to come this far.

‘… Although I didn’t suffer.’

He said he would comfort me, but there was no need to refuse.


It didn’t take long to get out of the temple.

I just ran after being hit by traps and golems.

Still, the sun was setting when I came out because the temple was so cold.

“Have you waited long?”

I came down the steps of the temple.

Seina was making a bored face, then smiled when she saw me.

“If it was later, I would have gone inside the temple too.”

I let out a sigh of relief at those words.

If I hadn’t come running, it would have been a headache.

“By the way, Gerard. Do you think something has changed?”

I was taken aback by Seina’s words.

To be able to notice the change in such a short time.

It was a very sensitive feeling, in case someone wasn’t a werewolf.

“What has changed?”

However, I didn’t want to tell her the existence of her wish.

If you get a chance later, you will slowly find out.

So I just pretended not to know.

“Well, I don’t know what it is. Are you more handsome?”

Seina speaks as if thinking about something serious.

Seeing that, she let out a big smile.

“Did anything happen while I was away?”

Rania Forest is a place where many extraordinary things happen.

It was the same when I looked at the temple behind me.

“Nothing other than a lot of trolls.”

She nodded her head as if reassured by her words.

“Seina, can you locate the nearest troll?”

“Of course.”

“Guide me. There is something I want to try.”

“Yeah, over there, right in front of you.”

Seina pointed to my back.

[LV. 23]

When I turned my head, I saw a troll leading a heavy body not far away.

‘I’ll have to try it.’

I closed my eyes tightly.

Then, I focused all my attention on my leg muscles.


I opened my eyes and kicked the ground.

Then I felt the illusion that time was passing slowly.

Every time you take a step, the background moves by stroke.


I reached the troll’s place in no time.

Once he finds me, he wields a big fist.

It was a speed that I would not have been able to react to at all if it had been me earlier.

However, the moment you focus on the troll’s fist.

‘I can see it.’

Its attacks are starting to look very sluggish.

I only slightly twisted my head.

The troll’s fist passes by.

I lifted my fist and hit the troll’s stomach.

-Fur Eok!

With the sound of hitting that reverberated through the forest, it slammed into the tree unsightly as if it were being thrown out.


Looking at the spectacle with a bewildered face, he opened his mouth.

Any sense that transcends human limitations and enables transcendental concentration.

This is my wish. It was maximization.

For example, when the work was overdue by a week.

If you maximize your concentration at this time, you can finish the overdue work within an hour.

The same was true of physical ability.

I was able to move in about 10 minutes by maximizing my muscles over a distance that took more than an hour.

‘Still, I shouldn’t abuse it.’

Of course, there were risks as well.

Anyway, it seems to be transcendental focus on one thing.

I didn’t know if I continued to use it, I might go crazy or go crazy.

So, it was important to control and use it properly so that such an unfortunate incident did not occur.

‘Well, I decided to study how to use it gradually. Shall we go back soon?’

After personally experiencing the power of maximization, I returned to where Seina was.


And, when you just arrived.

My pupils dilated in an instant.


She was lying on the floor, powerless.

I, gasping for her, ran to her.

How did this suddenly happen?

Could it be that I was poisoned in the temple without my knowledge?

Or did someone attack Seina while I was away?

She held her head up, thinking all sorts of bad thoughts.

“My, Gerard… “

Seina called my name in a crawling voice.


“… Hungry.”

“… ….”

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