Defense 999,999,999 Corps Commander chapter 20

20 - Forest of Elves (1)

20 – Forest of Elves (1)

“It looks like a weapon, but what the hell is it?”

Taliesin said, looking at the crooked picture I had drawn.

I opened my mouth as if I had waited.

“This is a shotgun.”

Aka shotgun.

It was a lethal weapon that exploded bullets made of beads and scattered them in all directions.

‘This is the only weapon I can use.’

The world is cold.

There was no way that I, who only played games until a few days ago, had no talent for swordsmanship or bows.

So, overall, the weapon that suits me the most at this point is a gun.

As a former sergeant in the Republic of Korea Army, it was also a weapon that I could handle well.

I just needed the strength to pull the trigger without any muscle or stamina.

‘It’ll be useful for using my abilities.’

In addition, shotguns become more powerful the closer they are fired.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it suited me better than any other weapon since I have one tool for defense.

“Satan’s gun… That’s a devilish name.”

Taliesin said that and her eyes lit up.

He corrected me with an absurd face.

“It’s not a shotgun, it’s a shotgun.”

“That is not what it is. Anyway, judging from the picture, it’s not a melee weapon wielded like a sword. It’s kind of like a magic weapon, to put it mildly. The way it works is the button here.”

As he said that, he stared at my painting with a serious face.

I felt surprised again.

It’s definitely a weapon you’ve never seen before.

By the way, how can you infer this far with just one of my crappy pictures?

I don’t know anything else, but he was a noble man with his skills.

“You have a good touch. If you pull the trigger in the picture, the mana will be condensed in one place and will be ejected from the hole.”

“… Indeed, great. I don’t think it can compare to a crossbow or a bow. Besides, this exterior is indeed a practical design that is most suitable for humans. How on earth did you think of this? I couldn’t even think of myself, who had been making weapons all my life.”

Taliesin’s eyes shine in admiration.

That gaze was quite burdensome.

“… Let’s just say it’s a trade secret.”

I couldn’t bear to say that I copied it from somewhere, so I covered it appropriately.

“… But unfortunately, if I could make it, it would be a weapon that could be called a revolution.”

“Does that mean you are not confident?”

Taliesin shook his head.

“Unfortunately, I am a blacksmith, not an alchemist. I can’t let the mana flow out.”

“No need to worry about that. Someone has already thought of it. You just need to make it strong enough to withstand mana.”

In an instant, Taliesin’s face turned bright.

However, it soon hardens again.

“… There will be no choice if the fish is floating around. Maybe it’s the Grand Alchemist Floren.”

“I thought the same thing. I meant Floren too.”

Grand Alchemist Floren.

As an elf, she turns copper into gold.

She is an alchemist capable enough to turn a man into a woman.

If it’s her, even if I don’t have mana, she can help her fire magic bullets.

“… Then, unfortunately, I don’t think I can make this weapon.”

Hearing my words, Taliesin cautiously opened her mouth.

“What do you mean?”

“Sorry to throw cold water on you, but Floren went missing about two months ago.”

“… !”

I looked at Taliesin with her bewildered face.

“From the look on his face, it seems he didn’t know. It has already spread all over the world. Do you think those arrogant elves will ask the Mage Tower for help?”

‘… What happened?’

I bit my lip.

It’s a variable I hadn’t assumed at all.

According to the game’s setting, Floren was a character who was stuck in the forest doing research. She

She thought, of course she could meet her, of course, if she went to Solia Forest.

She suddenly disappeared. What kind of a thunderstorm is this?

“Do you know anything more?”

Taliesin shook her head.

“I can’t help it. I’ll come over, so you can make a shotgun.”

Whatever the reason, we needed her to make her powerful weapon.

“Hmm, I thought you would say that. I want you to leave this place to me and find Floren. Because she has a personal relationship.”

I continued, nodding her head as if telling her not to worry.

“I will prepare all the places and materials needed to make weapons. How long will it take to produce?”

“I think it will take about a week. Can you come before then?”

“I will try my best.”

That was when it was about to happen.

“I will ask you one question.”

“Are you talking about my identity?”

Taliesin shook his head.

“I lost the bet, so I won’t bother asking about your true identity. I wonder, who are you going to use this shotgun against?”

He looked at me with a rather serious face.

Taliesin is no fool.

If you saw me with the demons earlier, you would have noticed that they and I are quite close.

So, what he’s asking now is whether you’re pointing a gun at a human.

I opened my mouth without hesitation.


After saying that, I jumped up from my seat.

At the same time, Taliesin’s expression brightened.


“Wow… big.”

Seina and I were able to get out of Ra-Banaut Mine and arrive at Solia Forest a day later.

I couldn’t relax when I thought of the wishes I knew and the war that would happen in three months.

“Gerard. But, why did you suddenly change your destination?”

“We need to find clues.”


“One very important elf is missing.”

I thought as I said that,

‘Why did Floren disappear?’

It wasn’t that there were no doubts.

The most probable thing is….

‘Is it the monarch’s fault?’

They thought that every day was free.

Because of this, when I became interested in something, even a little bit, I had a strong tendency to do whatever I could to resolve it.

Please, I hoped not to have anything to do with the lords. I don’t want to get involved with them.

Thought so, I continued walking through the vast forest.

‘… But why can’t I see it?’

I think I’ve been walking for about two hours.

Obviously it was around here in the game, but for some reason I couldn’t see it.

“If you’re an elf, you can ask the elves.”

“We are walking to find that elf, Seina.”

“But why are you walking this way? The elves are over there.”

Seina pointed to a cliff far away.

“… Are you talking about the cliff over there?”

“Yeah, over there.”

I looked at her with her puzzled face.

Although she usually talks a little nonsense, she wasn’t a talker.

“Guide me.”

“Okay, follow me.”

Seina took the lead, patting her chest as if telling her to trust only herself.

I picked her up and laughed and followed her.

‘The road is getting more and more difficult.’

From noble mtl dot com

As she approached the cliff, the vines on the floor kept getting caught in her feet, as if telling her not to go any further.

I walked a little further, and this time sharp thorns pierced my body here and there.

Of course I felt itchy.

And when I finally reached the edge of the cliff.

Seina said with an indifferent face.

“Here. You just need to take one more step.”

I looked down.

It was definitely a cliff with a clear view of the bottom.

“Are you scared?”

“Not at all.”

I took a proud step.

Now then.


A new space appeared with the feeling of something sucking into my body.

‘It’s magic….’

It was only then that I understood the situation.

Elves were a race that was extremely reluctant to let outsiders into their forests.

Because of this, it must have been a device like this to prevent intrusion.

“Seina. How did know?”

“It smelled.”


“Elves smell like babies.”

‘What does a baby smell like?’

It was time to move forward with those questions in mind.

“Stop! Human!”

“If you move, I will kill you!”

“Did you come here knowing where this place is?”

A voice came from above.

When I looked up, dozens of elves were glaring at Seina with their bows pointed.

‘… Be fast too.’

I raised my hand.

Seeing Seina blankly beside her, I hit her with my elbow.

Then, she also flashes.

“Elves, I apologize for trespassing into the sacred Solia Forest.”

“I don’t want to hear an apology from someone like that—! Get out of the woods right now. Otherwise, I will kill you!”

“I am here to help you guys. I want you to let me meet the chief.”

But the elves couldn’t hear me.


An arrow goes under my feet.

It was a warning to hurry back.

I sighed and put my hands in her pockets as I spoke to Seina.

“Seina. Wait a minute.”


Then he silently walked forward.

“Your life seems worth it!”

“Stop it, human! I warned you-!”

“Shoot everyone-!”

The elves let go of their bowstrings, drawn taut.

Dozens of arrows are flying.

“That sucks.”

There was no way to get through.

As soon as it hit my body, there was a sound of hitting a lump of iron and the arrow bounced back in ancient times.


The elves looked at me with shocked expressions.

“Is this all?”

Ignorant bastards.

I need to get some training soon.

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