Don’t Run Away My Lord chapter 85

Don't Run Away My Lord 85

85 – Dragon’s Nest (4)

“Eh… What do you mean…”

“To put it simply, this territory is a very suitable place, so I came to steal it.”

The soldiers seemed to not readily understand what I was saying.

I had no intention of arguing here anyway, so I pushed past them and entered the garrison.

“Ugh! You can’t go in!”

The soldiers flew into the air and fell loudly to the ground.


One of the fallen soldiers released the trumpet from his waist and kicked it, smashing it as he was about to blow.

But it wasn’t very meaningful.

This is because the soldiers guarding the perimeter of the camp had already witnessed what happened here and were making a fuss.

There is no reason to waste time, nor should it.

I cast acceleration magic on my body and rushed forward.

For a moment, my vision flickered and I soon stopped in the middle of the field tents.

When the soldiers saw me suddenly appear, they stopped what they were doing with a puzzled look on their faces.

Looking at the state of the weapon, it seems like it can be done with just a polymorph body.

The executives who were looking at the map at a table set up outside looked over.

Among them, I saw a rather old man with particularly flashy weapons.

That human is one of the lords.

“What is that bastard… Wow…”

He accelerated explosively and pierced the lord’s stomach with his hand.

The hand that broke his spine was seen over the lord’s shoulder.

“Uh… Uh…”

No one could come forward and just gape at that terrible scene.

“I am Count Capet from the Kingdom of Tarda.”

He said as he pulled his arm away from the body of the deceased lord.

“I came here in search of a new territory, and from now on, I plan to annihilate you.”

My voice rang out through the eerie silence.

“Wh…What are you talking about…?!”

Someone shouted.

“The lord has been murdered…!”

“Kill him!”

Quarrels flew in from all directions.

When I raised my hand and moved my magic power, the quarrels that had stopped just a few meters in front fell like fallen leaves.

I have no regrets or regrets about the deaths of the people who will die by my hands.

In the human world, there is a huge flow that no individual can resist.

It appears in the form of wars that destroy living quarters, policies that move kingdoms, and unstoppable natural disasters.

Because no one can change the flow with individual will, humans accept it as a natural phenomenon.

This campsite where I am now is also like that.

National trend of power struggle between the king and the nobles.

There, I would receive this territory through an agreement with the king, and these people had the misfortune of encountering me in the process.

“I will not regret your deaths here. I will be ready from the moment I receive my salary and take up arms for my lord.”

I created a storm of magical power in earnest and created an aura all over my body.

Field tents collapsed in succession and rose high into the sky.


Soldiers screamed and fled in all directions.

“There is no malice. I will finish it painlessly.”

* * * * *


That was the first thing Balder said when he saw the scene where everything was organized.

Balder looked around at the corpses filling the field and scratched his head.

“It seems like a damn thing to clean up.”

“Is there a way? We have to move them one by one.”

“Yes, but… There are too many…”

Balder, who was worried, told him to wait a moment and went through the portal.

After a while, Balder appeared with a red-haired girl at his side.

“Help me! I’m on the verge of being kidnapped and raped by a crazy pervert who only has s*xual desires for preschool girls!!”

The girl struggled, shouting outrageously vulgar language that did not match her cute appearance at all.

“Please be quiet! I’m so embarrassed, really!”

Balder scolded her, but the more he tried, the more the girl glowed.

“I touched your belly button! That’s not where you put it, you crazy nympho!”

“Erga, I’m sorry, but since you’re an adult dragon, how can I get rid of this guy… Argh!”

Balder bit her forearm and threw the girl away in disgust.

The girl giggled as she ran towards me and then she bumped into me.

“Ah, what are you…! hehehe…!?”

The girl who saw my face was scared and ran back to her Balder.

“You poor warrior! Why is that here?!”

“If you tease me one more time, I’ll ask you to correct your cocky habits.”


Her Balder grabbed the back of the girl who was running through her portal.

Does that child know that I am a black dragon?

Well, you may have seen my face the last time you stayed at the inn for a while.

But what on earth is that kid talking to Balder like that?

“Mr. Erga. This girl is a red dragon. Her name is Ater Gar.”

“Ah, a dragon. I see.”

“It hasn’t been long since I became an Eucharist. That’s why I’m being so rude, so please understand.”

“Is that so? It just turned out well.”

I laughed as I saw the red dragon struggling while being grabbed by the back of its neck by Balder.

“We, the Black Dragons, place great importance on etiquette. I have already heard that the dragons on the continent live in debauchery, and I feel quite uncomfortable about that.”

“Let go of this! You poor warrior! Let go of this! I’m going home!”

“But looking at that dragon, it looks like Mr. Balder trained it very well. I don’t think I need to give it any extra training.”

Red Dragon suddenly stopped what he was doing at my words.

The red dragon noticed me and suddenly put his hands together politely and lowered his head.

“I’m strangled, so please let me go, master.”


Balder was very surprised by Red Dragon’s sudden change in attitude.

The reason why Balder brought that dragon called Atergar was simple.

To burn the corpses.

If you just set fire to it, it can burn the entire field, so the Red Dragon, who can freely control fire, came.

Red Dragons can burn only what they want without affecting the surroundings.

Soon the corpses in the field began to catch fire.

It was quite unusual to see the surrounding grass in good condition, but only the body burning brightly and turning into a heap of ashes.

Balder said while looking at the burning corpses.

“Mr. Erga, go to the city center and secure the castle. There will be no significant resistance except for the guards.”

“What do the vassals do?”

“Kill them all. The capital will send administrators to assist Mr. Erga on their behalf.”

“I understand.”

However, I did not move right away but looked at Balder for a moment.

“Mr. Balder.”


“Mr. Balder has probably killed many humans so far.”

“Uh… Right…? Why are you doing that?”

“Are there some innocent people among them?”

Balder answered right away without much hesitation.

“What is sin?”

“It is an act that betrays conscience and morality and causes harm to others.”

“If you look at it from that perspective… I don’t know. Maybe there is, but I don’t care.”

“Why is that so?”

“Among the people here, there may be some who were simply mobilized and brought in without knowing anything… But how do you judge and classify them all?”

Balder looked back at the burning corpses.

“If everything could be accomplished that way, there wouldn’t be a single person in the world who was wronged. But that’s impossible, right? And in the first place.”

Balder turned his eyes away from the corpses and looked at me blankly.

“No one here has committed a crime. The only difference is whether you are on your side or on my side.”

“I see…”

Balder smiled and tapped my shoulder.

“Go kill the vassals and secure the lord’s castle. You must build a new nest.”

* * * * *

After annihilating his vassals, he climbed the highest spire of the lord’s castle and looked down on the low-lying city center.

Perhaps because it was a marquis’ territory, the city center was so large and complex that the County of Gouda could not be compared to it.

Is this going to be my new home from now on?

The royal castle has promised full support and agreed to send administrators, so I am not too worried about running the territory.

Liana and Erhina are safe and everything is running without any problems.


I looked back at the cloudy southern sky.

Liana and I will not appear in this time period for about forty years from now.

They must have just met Keita inside Caple Tower.

However, the tracking of blood relatives continues even now.

There is a high possibility that I will not encounter it, but it will still follow me as an anxious tag.

Should I take the initiative now and kill Celiafari and other blood relatives?

No, no.

To kill them, you have to deactivate the polymorph, but if you do that, you will be immediately caught by everyone.

If they come in droves like last time, I won’t be able to handle it.

There is nothing we can do. All you have to do is be as careful as possible.

* * * * *

As promised, the royal castle provided a bundle of support, including administrators and legionnaires to guard the castle.

Skilled administrators quickly established themselves and quickly took control of the overall management of the territory.

I sat in the luxurious office and looked at the reports and financial statements that came in every day, and kept pace with them to understand the territory.

The residents of the territory did not show any signs of being greatly disturbed even though the owner had changed.

It is said that the original owner, the Marquis, had such a bad reputation that some people actually welcome a change in lordship.

Wolfert took command of the soldiers in the territory, and Keita sent training to an elf wizard who cooperated with Balder’s inn.

From what I heard, the elf wizard lived for a very long time and, to borrow Balder’s expression, he is said to be the best wizard of modern times.

He was a wizard named Mideronde, and judging from the fact that Keita almost fainted when he heard that name, he seemed to be a very famous person among wizards.

Liana was called the lord’s wife and she did not participate in business.

She stayed in the mansion attached to the castle and devoted herself to raising her children.

The weather was particularly sunny today, so Liana was walking around the lord’s castle yard with the help of her maids.

The yard was right below the office terrace, so I got up from my chair to look at Liana and Erhina.

At that time, Wolfert kicked down the office door and ran inside.

“My lord!”

“What is it, Wolfert?”

“That woman…! That woman…!”

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