Don’t Run Away My Lord
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Don’t Run Away My Lord

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도망치지 마세요, 영주님
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Don’t Run Away My Lord

He escaped to the human world in search of freedom and became a lord.

However, what awaited him was not the comfortable life of a lord,

was not the comfortable life of a lord, but a bitter battle between a cunning chamberlain and a gloomy fiancee.

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  1. its an ok to read, and the maid vs fiancee is not even a thing so the summary and first chapter are kinda of misleading.

  2. Noah Lambert says:

    Too much emphasis on milkers. better watch some good doujin

  3. rob z rob z says:

    Seventy chapters in. It is definitely not poison. But whether you like it or not is a matter of personal taste.

    Basic premise is that MC is the heir to become Lord of the black dragons. He doesn’t want that life, but wants to live free (basically the slow life trope). So he escapes the dragon continent and heads to where the humans live. However, he can’t stay in dragon form or the black dragons’ detection spells will find him, so he polymorphs into a human. He first winds up in a desert, where is picked up by a slaver caravan, and meets the first of two FMCs – a female healer that can use divine power, who claims to have been a student at the saintess academy. Now, the MC really doesn’t have a good understanding of humans (think of him as being inexperienced and having a different viewpoint because he is a dragon, but not stupid), so he recruits the not-saintess character to help guide him (she is a little reluctant at first, but says yes when he shows her that he is a dragon). MC kills the slavers, frees the FMC and they go off on a to find the closest major town.

    As an aside, the not-saintess claims that she was kicked out of the saintess academy because her boobs led to all the priests looking at her lasciviously, While seemingly credible on its face, MC comes to doubt this story. For example, she is strangely obsessed with money, and seems to know a lot of things that a young saintess candidate wouldn’t know.

    MC and the not-saintess have a number of misadventures together. While on their journey, MC makes clear to not-saintess he wants to find his own place to live and do whatever he wants; eventually he comes to the view that he should become a lord of some territory. Not-saintess is all on board and wants to help guide him. She clearly develops yandere feelings for MC, and want to have his babies; however, she also has her own, separate agenda. Most of the posted chapters deal with NC trying to become a lord of some territory.

    I would also note here that the author is a bit of a pervert. The not-saintess is always described as having massive mammaries, and the author routinely references her leaking fluids – whether it be pee or … something else. MC also develops a habit of groping the not-saintess’s boobs (and I don’t mean lucky lewd, but full on fondling), which she encourages. (Another reason MC doubts her – she is just too lewd).

    I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but as you can tell from the summary and Chapter Zero, there is a fiancee – she is a black dragon, and also a yandere. Good news for folks who hate the plot device where the prologue has a really dramatic scene, but then the second chapter goes back in the past – it is actually not too long till you get to that opening scene (chapter 68).

    So to summarize, this is a yandere love triangle, slow life story with a polymorphed dragon MC. The pacing is mixed – there are some slow parts you want to skip, but this gets better as you move through the story (once you get to the 60s things move pretty quickly). It is not the most complex story, but I do like what the author does with the not-saintess’s background. And the author at

    If you like straightforward, ecchi rom-coms with a good bit of yandere that are actually not in an academy setting, you might like this one. I’d give it an “OK”/10.

    1. thanks for that, now the maid vs fiance makes sense. gonna read it. o7

  4. Logical says:

    Certified poisoned.

  5. Thug Shaker says:

    I pity his fiancee and his family lol

  6. Yorghuul says:

    Yandere nice, Dragon MC pass.

  7. Padre damaso says:

    Sometimes your lord ain’t lording hard enough

  8. Insufferable says:

    Why the heck do you, as a lord allow your employee whose job is to manage your household and keep things running and peaceful to enter a conflict with your fiancee?

    This has been a long time gripe I have with these kinds of nobility novels. I get that you’re a good person that allows your maids or butlers to form a friendship with you. It’s good that you listen to their advice out of concern. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them walk over you like that. At some point you have to be aware of your status as boss and employee

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      I can tell this novel is… Insufferable *laughing sound effects in the background*

    2. milky violet says:

      or when the title of Duke mfs don’t get any marriage requests cause they are ugly.

      Man it don’t matter if they’re ugly, the parents are still going to marry of their children because the title of Duke is a prestigious title and a powerful one. Womp womp, have a mistress for all I care, I’m a noble and you’re my son loser.

    3. rob z rob z says:

      I get what you are saying and generally agree, but you should read the novel, since it’s not exactly what you may think. MC actually deliberately ran away from the fiancee, and both the fiancee and the “employee” are batsh!t crazy yanderes.

  9. Mere ‘first’ cannot describe my speed

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      I shalt be thee secondth

    2. Luckyzero says:


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