I Want To Save the Academy Time-Limited Madman
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I Want To Save the Academy Time-Limited Madman

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아카데미 시한부 망나니는 구하고 싶다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Want To Save the Academy Time-Limited Madman

Academy-themed gacha game, Confession Park,I was reincarnated as a despicable noble villain who cheats and schemes. So, please try to save me.

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  1. milky violet says:

    ahhh I want a white hair elf 😞

    I think I am being corrupted, I shouldn’t dabble in the dark arts of accepting other species like elves 🤢

    but… elves are quite cute…

  2. Zzz says:

    I should have stopped at ch26
    Totally not worth my time
    Im eliminated good luck to survivors

  3. Hehehe says:

    Honestly not that bad specially the latter half seems like some interesting stuff will happen

  4. rob z rob z says:

    @Yuki – this is totally a harem story. And probably of the worst kind – dense protagonist and unresolved harem.

  5. I like this. There may be some faults and etc but I had fun time. I will be waiting patiently for updates

  6. Caïssa says:

    Thank you for your review & reading this i conclude this novel is like moshoku a trashy novel

  7. Kaniya says:

    Well . What we can do ? ( rip my eng ).

    33 people already liked the novel


  8. Salty1 says:

    Bruuuh every damn time the mc goes im gonna stay in the academy cuz “reasons” i want to kill him, like bro if you can level up by killing ppl might as well go to the frontline as a mercenary that way you can avoid all the bs drama and become insanly strong AND you wont have to wait for the vacation to find some conviently placed bs easter eggs that can make you stronger

    If i was the mc in this story i’ll go “f#ck that bs, time to become a flame mage mercenary and fight off the demon army after becoming a warlock like how daf#ck can someone want to go to the ACADEMY its worse than a K-Drama (in term of drama) and i wont be able to become stronger cuz heroines will fall for me after the og me almsot r word them.

    Like bruh i’ll go ->mercenary->make friend with similar ppl including male friends->fight off the demon king army or whatever terrorist group->then retire find a wife and live with the money i won as a mercenart

  9. Dagonsuznyx says:

    A petty revenge story for no reason at all. School president? Council? Boring. This is like a bit less face slappy than the mass released Chinese face slappers, but still has the same spirit. Don’t waste your time

  10. Yuki says:

    @Рысев Risev Even though there are 3 heroines who are interested in the MC, and one female character who becomes a close friend of the MC, the writer doesn’t seem interested in making this a harem story. I also stopped reading after MC miraculously got slim and muscular in chapter 27. I don’t know what the author wants; does he want to convey the message that you fat people who are depressed are weak and that if someone else enters your body and takes your place, he can do better?

  11. RoDragon says:

    So, this is basicly Isekai de Cheat Skill Korean version?

  12. nah I’d rather see some lazy MC who gets possessed into whatever rather than some know it all god mc who fixes everything.

    Boring virgin “oh there’s 2 weeks before the academy starts so I’m gonna train” vs Chad lazy mc who goes “ah there’s 2 weeks before the academy, time to chill”

  13. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Those types of stories just aren’t popular anymore. At least not in this format (webnovel okay per chapter/ word count). You would be better off reading super popular classic novels from 6+ years ago.

  14. mamito0996 says:

    I want a story where the original mc overcomes his past traumas and makes everyone regret, but himself, not a reincarnated dude who grasps and understands every secret. Is so hard to make a character development?I don’t know the obsession with the reincarnation and possession.

  15. Sephir says:

    too much cigarettes idk why authors likes to self insert it,
    it ruins my immersion and the novel is decent i guess,
    there’s quit a lot of loop holes

  16. S Risev S Risev says:

    Is this a harem? Where is the harem tag?

  17. Meh, this story is basically self insert for fat people. Ori MC is a minor evil character from a noble family, but was kicked out of the family. Expelled from the student council as well. Now MC possessed his character. Within a few days of practice, his chubby body had become lean and muscular. Oh yeah, his face became more handsome. You can look at the illustrations in novelpia. Well, most South Koreans are obsessed with looks. Now beside heroines, more girls adore him. Many noble families want him as a son-in-law. His family wants him back. Student council want him back. Oh, yeah, to make the reader sympathize with the original MC, the writer wrote the background that the original MC was suffering from depression and wanted to commit suicide. This novel is not my like. I prefer the original MC as the protagonist and his story improves himself. I also prefer MCs to work hard so they can be thin, not happen instantaneously.

  18. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    Delta One calling Bravo Six, how’s the situation?, over

  19. Mrvallet says:


  20. Mrvallet says:

    is there anyone willing to test the toxicity of this?

  21. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Bravo six going dark

  22. Kirill Popov says:

    For the past few days, the only thing I’ve been doing on the site is complaining about harems with the academy. It turns out that one of them or all of them at once.

  23. Just another generic harem academy novel that is full of cliches 😐

  24. Constellation of Dietznatch Onyourchin says:

    Pink beach

  25. Zero says:

    Obsession and Pink haired girl. What a bad combination is that 😨.

  26. Salty1 says:

    Is it good ?

  27. ali dd ali dd says:

    It seems to be a new novel. There are 58 chapters on the novelpia website and it has 1,400 likes. I don’t know if it’s really worth reading.

  28. Zehr says:

    Pink hair is not to be trusted though (told by a hero in NTR world)

  29. Zehr says:

    Living in place faster than light

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