Elite Instructor at a Third-Rate Academy chapter 48

Elite Instructor at a Third-Rate Academy 48

48 – Refusal of Lessons ☆

It is a continuous cycle of disappointment and admiration.

Since Warren’s appointment, Friede has been observing him every day. This is because she has never met anyone as successful as a military administrator before. Of course, she briefly met him when she was promoted to an instructor, but it was just a moment. She didn’t have a proper conversation, she only heard a word of praise. So she closely watched the colonel to see if there was anything she could learn.

“He doesn’t interact with the students at all.”

She expected Colonel Steindt, who was in charge, to be work-oriented, but he doesn’t engage in communication to an extreme extent. Since his arrival, all the students have been forced to attend school. If they do not come, soldiers dispatched from the military will forcibly bring them.

Only Petrona was an exception, but she received a small pouch after the regulations were over. She would sniff it with her nose in it, but she never asked what it was, probably feeling something impure. However, unlike the inadequate regulations, the previous “Grammar and Pronunciation Correction” is being taught faithfully.

“I will also provide books.”

In a sense, it is a completely different teaching method from her own. There is no intimacy with the students, but the lessons and school affairs are handled perfectly. When work is finished, he immediately goes to the library, where he interrogates the librarians. He teaches everything from how to write a request for book support, claiming that the state of the library is poor and the amount of books is insufficient.

“You are so good at your job that we can learn from you!”

There are only two librarians in Rhineland Academy. In other words, it means that they work continuously throughout the year. The administrator improved their working conditions by dispatching two more personnel. Now everyone is in an uproar, telling them to double the amount of books and change the management system.

“It’s really strange.”

Work, just work, and even more work. When she sees him doing private work after completing public work, she feels like he was born to do something. Colonel Steindt was similar, but he cherished the students and tried to communicate with them. On the other hand, Lieutenant Rammelz, who took over as the temporary homeroom teacher, seems to be completely revolutionizing the academy, increasing his workload like a madman.

Management of the gymnasium, expansion of the library and book procurement, compulsory attendance and streamlining of school affairs.

Using his own power, he completely resolves all the inefficiencies and problems that have occurred in one fell swoop, causing a commotion from the headmaster to the lower-ranking instructors. If something catches his eye, he immediately assigns work, so everyone tries to avoid him. However, the most suffering are the students of Class C-8. They used to deal with a homeroom teacher who accommodated their circumstances, but now they have encountered an authority figure who doesn’t listen to them.

Friede finished the regulations early on and told the students to make a gratitude announcement.

Whether it is right or wrong, she wanted to create a class where the students take care of each other. Since they have been able to overcome any difficulties together in Class C-5, she believes that she has not done anything wrong.

“From today, I will give you the assignments that you have to do.”

─It’s a one-sided instruction.

When she stepped out into the hallway and looked at Class C-8, it was the same scenery as any other day. Now even she is a bit confused. Was her teaching method correct? Despite using a completely different approach, that person achieved results and was already promoted to colonel. Judging by the age difference, it would be about six years. However, the difference in rank is immense. Friede imagined what it would be like when she turned twenty-seven.

“Could I also become a lieutenant?”

She felt a sudden rush of energy. That’s what it means to be outstanding. Those who only respect the students and run towards their goals succeed. Strangely, she wanted to see Colonel Steindt. He was an excellent person enough to be selected from the military, but being with him makes her feel lonely and suffocated.

“A cup of milk.”

─I can offer you ten cups right now.

The tasteless concoction, there were days when it was so repulsive that it was hard to swallow, yet somehow, engaging in conversation with him made it enjoyable, so I forced myself to drink it.

This wasn’t love, affection, or liking of that sort. It could certainly be denied. It was more about the sense that being together could somehow lead to growth, which felt pleasant. However, it was also a daily annoyance, as just talking seemed to instill a sense of learning.

“I’m not going to succeed.”

─Because my mind is mediocre, and I’m entangled in denial.

Frida, with a tired look on her shoulders, turned her head towards her half, seemingly indifferent to whether Diana was giving a presentation or the children’s enthusiasm was rising. Watching those who were joyful, she decided to abandon her self-denial. If everyone else pursues a student’s success, then it’s okay for her to ensure the student’s happiness.

“Administrator, I’ve learned a lot.”

She bowed alone and detached herself from the window frame of Class C-8. Turning around, she heard the cries of a baby from behind. Whimpering──there was nothing cute about it, more like the howl of a creature cursed by some evil force. Turning around, she asked, “Selana?”

The girl who had just roughed up her hair was likely the culprit. Always following the homeroom teacher like a mischievous girl, she couldn’t help but remember her name. Frida paused for a moment and looked over at Class C-8. It was when Colonel’s face twisted slightly, and he seemed about to make a fuss.


It was Ochia. Undoubtedly, a child so beautiful that she could be counted among the best in Lailand. Although she heard that Selana didn’t get along with her, the two of them were mimicking the baby’s cries together. More interestingly, this time, a girl whose face she recognized joined in.


“Damn, I want to ‘wah’ too.”

“Yanma, it’s creepy when you do it. Wahhh!”

“Sir, I need advice!”

“Why can’t that kid grasp the atmosphere and act like that?”


As Jeffrey joined in, now even the military administrator looked bewildered.


“Petrona… even you!”

Surprised, the Colonel widened his eyes and looked at the saint. Now, even Frida, who was the class president, was curious about her reaction, so she watched with cat-like eyes. Without saying a word, Senite stood up from her seat and shook the iron fence. Soon, everyone in Class C-8, following the clanging sound, collectively cried while rejecting the temporary homeroom’s ritual.

[#48 – Sacrificial Lamb]

After completing all the tasks, Kennes emerged at the farewell gathering.

As expected, Goldin agreed to the negotiation proposal he presented. In summary, the agreement was as follows: In exchange for guaranteeing the benefits corresponding to the existing cotton supply contract in the future, they would terminate the food supply contract and pay the penalty immediately. With this, Raven’s desires were fulfilled. The military supply contracts concluded between Engelar and the Northern Army were all annulled.

─Of course, there’s something Goldin doesn’t know.

When making a treaty, it’s necessary to write the text skillfully.

“In exchange for guaranteeing the benefits corresponding to the existing cotton supply contract in the future.”

Goldin believes that the payer of the benefits is the emperor, and he trusts himself as the guarantor. So, by not splitting hairs, Kennes accommodated his preferences. He doesn’t care where the money comes from or what kind of contract it is, as long as the same terms remain as before. The previous cotton supply contract was obviously suspicious, so he was satisfied this time with a more reasonable military supply contract to continue accumulating wealth.

─But, Engelar’s victory cannot be achieved through that alone.

According to Kennes’ proposal, Roman had already set off.

Someone had to take responsibility for all this, so Goldean had received advice to leave before any aftermath. As a son-in-law who had long outlived his usefulness and carried the burden of embarrassing connections that should have been cut off long ago, severing ties was an easy decision. With only one guard by his side, he headed towards Randleian. By now, the farewell banquet had probably crossed the borders.

“Give Banza another drink!”

Today, Goldean seemed suspiciously eager to offer alcohol. However, when it came to drinking, he rarely got intoxicated, especially when dealing with his elder brother Louis. So, after accepting the drink with a nod, he staggered into the bedroom, pretending to be reasonably drunk. The farewell libations from the Engellard family, who clung to the bitter end, had left him in dire need of relief.

“It’s dreadful.”

Even a slight headache prevented him from falling asleep immediately. Turning on the lamp, he stared at the ceiling. Staying in this stupor gradually improved his mood, and this was his way of claiming victory. Raven was a man of his word, and now, Bissalé would become the head of the family, enjoying the Emperor’s favor and ensuring he wouldn’t be assassinated.

“It’s a pity for the Fangas.”

Knowing some talented relatives more than Louis did, it would surely cause resentment that Bissalé, with his lack of ability, would take over.

“Sorry to the elders, but it’s the natural order.”

From Noble mtl dot com

If there were no blood ties to the Radha family, the fact that a successor could not be chosen simply because she was a woman and from a lower status was unreasonable. Eibardo’s sister would become the head. Women inheriting positions had been a recognized legal right for several generations. Even if there were objections based on tradition, there was no overt reason to oppose.

“Until we meet again.”

“Bissalé, lead our family well in my absence.”

Looking back, this discordant affection had been initiated by his father Ganelon and mother Janelly.

“Wasn’t I sixteen when I first saw Bissalé?”

Probably. They hadn’t seen each other’s faces until Ganelon secretly created a bastard, which was embarrassing for him, and Janelly never forgave him for it.

He even left a will, saying not to set foot in the family estate until she turned ten. It was beyond anger; it was almost a curse. If Louis had forgiven, they would have met sooner, but he was a dutiful son who put his mother before everything else.


Suddenly, the sound of a door latch turning quietly echoed.

“Who is it?”

Kennis silently got up, hiding behind the curtain. Someone coming at this hour must have a purpose. It wasn’t likely an assassination, as all the important documents had been destroyed. However, there was nothing worth stealing. Relying on the lantern to detect the intruder, she revealed herself in the darkness.

“You’re not sleeping.”

It was Roman’s wife, now a widow and a woman who would find it difficult to remarry.

“Did my father send you?”

She bowed her head silently, and a melancholy expression surfaced.

“I can’t believe it.”

Kennis, during her active service, had once obtained information by using Roman’s charm.

So, she had to figure out why Roman’s widow came now. There were several possibilities – using her body as a guarantee to ensure the contract didn’t fall through, trying to extract information, or perhaps it was coercion from her father or voluntary assistance from her daughter. Until she knew the purpose, she had to be cautious.

“No. I came because I wanted to.”

“I don’t even know your name.”

Moreover, he had no intention of embracing a woman with a husband, a gesture that would insult the man he had spared. What was the relationship between the couple? He didn’t know. If Roman had left a gold coin for his younger sister, he might not have been a harsh husband. However, depending on the Engellard bloodline, he could be allowed to share a bed with her. What kind of woman was his wife? Were they a normal couple?

“I am Kenees Lada.”

With that, she introduced herself, revealing her background and lineage.

“You seem thoughtful.”

He sensed her consideration in not asking for her name.

“Do you want to know my name?”


“I am Sora Engellare.”

Kenees led her to the bed and sat beside her. The air was filled with a sweet fragrance mixed with a strong musky scent.

“There’s one thing I want to know.”

Kenees asked, looking into Sora’s empty eyes.

“Did you love the baron?”

She shook her head, answering, “No, not the baron.”

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