Elite Instructor at a Third-Rate Academy chapter 49

Elite Instructor at a Third-Rate Academy 49

49 – Not Enough Space ☆

The saint is undoubtedly wrong.

Warren didn’t expect Kenees’ patience to be at this level. This place was clearly not one he could adapt to easily. He felt the same way. Filled with incomprehensible situations and nauseatingly materialistic people.

“The kids don’t listen.”

Even if it wasn’t his concern, the level of the school building and the teachers was serious. There was no one to take care of anything. If you appoint someone through authority, they don’t even know what they’re doing. In the end, the headmaster had to come and explain, letting time pass.

“At least Tera Simond does some work.”

In Lailand, he only found the headmaster and the homeroom teacher of A-1 class somewhat likable. The rest were at a level where he couldn’t work with them. If someone asked him, he felt like gathering them all and banging their heads together.

“First, let’s organize the library.”

There were no books worth studying, so how could they conduct classes and assign homework? Warren heard that Lailand was following, but he didn’t know the environment was this poor. The infrastructure was a mess, and the students’ levels were similarly dismal.


Warren, using Kenees’ room, called the girl responsible for cleaning as she hurriedly tried to leave.

“Ah… You called?”

─ When she’s with the senior, she even drinks tea, but why does it feel like she’s running away when she’s with me?

Of course, he wasn’t so oblivious as to not know why she might dislike him. Well, if someone doesn’t like it, he throws a bomb at anyone. It’s unfair if he doesn’t lead by example, but he was more than willing to work harder than anyone else.

80 hours a week.

The senior considered it as if it were gold speech, so Warren worked 84 hours according to his idol. At first, it felt like he was going to die, but you get used to it. If you adapt, you endure. Then, at the age of twenty-seven, you become a military administrator. And I’m a colonel, receiving treatment worse than a lieutenant. Something is seriously wrong even if it’s just slightly wrong.

“Let’s clean the wardrobe and shelves.”

“I’m sorry… I’ll do it right away.”

Mysterious Ada. It seems like she works meticulously, yet she forgets something every time. Lost in the chaos of work, I left her slowly cleaning, and suddenly, I turned my head as I heard no sound. Ochia was staring at the portrait on the wall. I wonder what Panatier was thinking when he sent that. The aristocrat’s visor is a national secret, after all.

“This here.”

“Wipe it.”

“Yes… But… Teacher’s sister is really beautiful, isn’t she?”

─ Did you talk about Bissalle?


“Can I ask… who she is?”

“Both in appearance and atmosphere, she’s exceptionally beautiful.”

In the world, there might be women more beautiful than Bissalle. Right now, even Panatier is like that. However, according to Warren’s knowledge, there is no woman more feminine than her. It’s hard to explain in words. But, you’ll know it immediately when you meet her. She was simply the embodiment of a woman. Anyone would think that way upon meeting her.

─ Ah, this person is a woman!

“So… you must be quite popular, right?”

Warren was starting to get annoyed. If you want to ask such a thing, isn’t it better to finish your work first? No matter how beautiful a woman is, successful men share a common trait—they get irritated when someone interferes with their work. Raven was like that, and even Kennis, although he didn’t say it out loud, disliked it. There was no difference for him. There is no gender distinction for someone who interferes with work.


─ In fact, because of my sister, I had fewer opportunities for romance.

Bissalle seemed unaware, but she probably liked the senior for a very long time. Drinking with the little brother, going out, eating, and even going to the library to study together, even fighting with friends over it. It was an excessively close relationship, so any woman who admired Kennis gave up because of Bissalle.

“Even if I confess, it’s obvious it won’t work, so who would approach her?”

As he gestured for her to leave, Ochia quickly wiped Panatier’s portrait and fled like a getaway. Stealing a glance at the princess’s face with a mop was a punishable offense, but it couldn’t be pursued to that extent. Warren continued to organize a new system for the library’s structure and management, detailing the budget and reasons for it, and then went to bother the librarians.

And the next day, when it was time for assembly, the students all returned to school, but they were still uncooperative.


One oblivious kid, the first to provoke, was prompted to leave with an escort. Everyone was quiet. The boring and stubborn confrontation would soon end, as the senior would return soon. The ringleader is C-8 class, organized around Selena Laphisardie.

─ So, I should give her a present too.

“Since you’re curious, I might tell you a special story about the lieutenant’s love life.”

Selena quietly put her legs down, and a burst of laughter erupted as she sat down a little awkwardly. Warren turned around, picked up a chalkboard eraser, and let out a sinister laugh. Since he succeeded due to being small-minded, he had no intention of fixing his damn temper.

“I know several amazing facts about him, but there’s not enough space on the board to write them all.”

Then, turning around, some unruly individuals made baby noises in protest.

“Drag them out!”

This time, Fermat, their escort, came out and chased them away, quieting down the scene. Now, Warren was starting to find this ridiculous and revengeful play amusing. It was a stage that suited him perfectly, as he enjoyed pettiness to the point of wanting to do a sword dance.

[#49 – Sacrificial Lamb]

Kennis didn’t believe Shura’s words. This was in the midst of enemy territory. He couldn’t just take the words of a stranger he had just met at face value. Suspicious information had to be ignored. However, if he outright dismissed it, he would arouse Golden’s suspicion again.


When her name was called, she merely lowered her head, visibly shaken.

─ I must pass this with a suitable lie.

“After concluding this negotiation, I have decided to form a bond with the imperial family through that achievement,” she said.

Sora responded, clutching the edge of her skirt, with a voice squeezed out.

“Fanaetia, the princess who recently arrived as the North Army’s new commander.”

Following the Emperor’s orders, it seemed quite plausible to claim that now she had received a command to wholeheartedly support her in the imperial court. At least, it would appear that way to Goldin, who believed that she could exert influence up to the imperial family by utilizing him. Engelsar’s patriarch was sensitive to the subtleties of power, and he would steadfastly believe that she would provide a military supply contract equivalent to the bounty supply contract in this face-to-face meeting.

“I’m sorry.”

Sora only said that much.

“If we share a bed now, I won’t be able to face the princess.”

Anticipating the impending dialogue, he declined, requesting understanding that such a mistake could not be made.


As if embarrassed, Sora bit her lip and mumbled.

“There are people outside.”

Kennis approached her closely.

“Would it be inconvenient if we don’t share a bed?”

She nodded silently.

─ Unbelievable.

Where does the truth end, and where does the lie begin? Is this an elaborate play, or the tragedy of a pitiful woman? In this place where there is no one to seek advice from, nowhere to ask, and no one to trust, even a minor judgment error can lead to a fatal danger.

“Someone might hear.”

A sweet smell of fruit emanated from the breath of the unfamiliar woman.

“I’ll come in later to check and leave quietly.”

If what she said was true, it was a cunning move by Goldin. Discarding the useless son-in-law and embracing the daughter whose value had deteriorated, conveying the intention to take her as booty to the empire’s rulers. If he were an unmarried man, there would be no reason to refuse such an offer.


Looking at Roman’s wife, she had the appearance of a virtuous woman. Not conspicuous, but the kind of woman who catches one’s eye. When told to lie down on the bed, she obediently followed, like a noble lady. Covered with a finely woven bedsheet and rinsed her mouth with cold water, she followed inside.


As Sora was surprised, Kennis gently stroked her hair as if to soothe her, just as he did when asking for a truce.

“I’ll pretend.”

She asked with a tense tone, unsure of what to do next.

“I lay down next to her, and if it’s alright with you, could you lift your head a little?”

There was only one pillow, so we had to share. With Soira making space under her neck, I slid my arm in that direction. Surprised yet accepting, she didn’t resist as I pressed against the side of her head with my free hand. Kennis continued to gently stroke her hair while whispering.

“Even if it’s forced, could you make a moan?”

Silent, she held her own hand and moved her head. Kennis apologized while continuing to touch her hair.

“I’m a man too, so I can’t help it. Can you understand that I’m not doing this with malicious intent?”

A very quiet “yes” came, and unintentionally, Kennis thought of Saint and Ochia, whispering to himself.

“Now, it seems we can begin.”

As Kennis kept stroking her hair, Soira hesitated several times before letting out a moan.

“Mm… Uhn.”

It wasn’t much better than the sighs that had just subsided. If she had been waiting outside, she would have known it was all an act. Would he have made such sounds with Roman?

If he did, it would be her husband’s fault, and the blame could fall on the circumstances. What would be the correct answer in this situation? Contemplating a compromise that satisfied both truth and falsehood, Kennis concluded that the intensity of the moans had to change somehow.


“I’m trying my best.”

After asking for forgiveness for the breach of etiquette, Kennis touched her earlobe.

“Mm… Ouch?”

This time, he lightly scratched her ear with his fingertips, causing her whole body to tremble.

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“Ah… Ah… Haat?”

“Better than before.”

Deliberately making rough breathing sounds, Kennis tapped the bed with his hand. Seeing Soira a bit startled, he reassured her that it was just acting.

“Don’t be scared; it’s just smoke in your ears. Don’t worry about it.”

As she continued to exhale moist breath, he apologized again.

“I can’t touch sensitive areas.”

Moving his hand to her lower abdomen, he applied pressure and quickly released it.

“Just pretend to sleep if I go a little further.”

Touching the area around her navel, Soira finally let out a muffled sound. Playing her body like an instrument, he bounced her belly a few more times, causing her to writhe and exhale hot breath. It seemed to be enough, so he stopped, holding both of her hands, nodding, and speaking.

“I need to leave a mark on your neck.”

Kissing her throat while pressing her stomach, Kennis left a hickey. Throughout the night, he stayed awake until she left the bed. Following the plea to keep everything a secret from her husband, Roman’s wife sighed sadly and muttered.

“We can’t meet again anyway.”

“No, we will meet soon.”

If this wasn’t a battlefield, he would have surely spoken out loud.

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