How Did I Become a Great Prophet chapter 15

15 - Burden builds up

15 – Burden builds up

A strange phenomenon centered on Korea, heavy snowfall in summer.

This phenomenon has become quite an issue in Korea and its surroundings.

-What is it? Why does it snow in summer??

– Now even in summer, the devil’s dung…

-The Siitpal farming is over…

-> Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

-> Ah ha ha ha ha good work ha ha ha ha ha

-No, this isn’t something to laugh about, is it an S-class dungeon bursting??

However, nothing more than a heavy snowfall occurred, so there was no further interest.

In this world where superhumans were born, this kind of thing was more common than I thought. Although this one was a bit large.

Anyway, when the interest that flared up quickly was quickly fading away, there were people who became very interested in the phenomenon.

Mighty superhumans who somehow figured out why the phenomenon occurred.

“…I don’t think I’ve crossed the wall, but it’s interesting…Korea, did such a strong man finally emerge from such a small land?”

“It’s not birth, something jumped over. Eyes…”

“…Wow, that’s a f*cking headache. All of a sudden…”

Most of them were interested, but they didn’t move at all. I knew instinctively that a strong man like this was dangerous.

…However, even so, those who had circumstances would take such a risk and move.

Anyway, the main character of this situation, an S-rank superman who has definitely surpassed his limits and became stronger, was preparing to go back to repay the favor of cleaning.

The grace received from Dam Han-ul was greater than I thought.

“Guild leader, we have finished our preparations. We have definitely canceled our schedules for the time being.”

“Good job.”

After the expressionless reply of the neatly dressed cleaner, he finished his preparations and moved on.

It could have been just a visit, but she wanted to show her best side to the person who gave her this opportunity.

“The presents are all ready, right?”

“…Yes, everything is perfectly prepared. But the guild leader…”

“There shouldn’t be any trouble, okay?”

“Hey, Guild Leader. No matter how much you’ve received grace, I think this is too much. This is…”

“That’s not the answer I want.”

Damn it!

A slight emotional change felt by Cheong Cheong-ha.

Just that alone made the entire room freeze.

“…Kuh! Ki, Guild Leader…!!”

“…Ah, I guess it still takes some getting used to…”

Immediately after, I returned the frozen room to its original state with a single gesture and walked out as it was being cleaned.

“No problem… You know?”

“Yes, yes! Ah, I understand, Guild Master!!”

Without paying attention to the guild members who were answering nervously, she went outside as she was cleaning.

“I hope you’re satisfied…”

After muttering, she got into her vehicle and headed for Dam Han-ul’s house.


Today, uninvited guests came to my house without fail.

…If there is a little difference, is it only that this uninvited guest is a very large-scale uninvited guest?

“Ah, that…What happened here…”

The guest who came this time is the leader of ‘Cheongsong’, one of the top 10 guilds in Korea, and one of the only 5 S-rank supermen in Korea, ‘General Dong’ Jeong Cheong-ha.

He was the superman who visited me the other day to see fortune telling.

“I’m here to repay you for what I received last time.”

“No, you don’t have to do that…”

I wanted people like me to forget about it and not think about it for the rest of my life… It seems like I remember it very clearly. So sadly…

“How could that be? I have received too much grace.”

Cleaning said with a grin.

“The reason I came to see you today is to repay you for that kindness.”

“No, I really don’t need all of that, the one I got last time is enough…”

“I have received so much grace that I feel I cannot handle it, but I can’t just close my mouth and pretend I don’t know about it. At least I’m someone who knows what grace is.”

No, if you know real grace, just forget me and never come back! It’s really burdensome!

Those words lingered in my mouth. I couldn’t bear to spit those words out.

Even if he shows a favorable attitude towards me, this beautiful superman right in front of me is an S-rank superman with only 5 people in Korea.

Seeing that he even showed me this kind of attitude, he seems to have overcome his limits or crossed the wall the other day and has become stronger… How can an ordinary person like me treat such a person carelessly?

A single gesture from this person could cost me my life!

‘Fortunately, if you’re careful, you’ll be fine…’

Actually, I had the feeling that there wouldn’t be any problem with more than that, but I’m not the type to take such an adventure…

Anyway, with that being said, I don’t think this uncomfortable situation will continue without receiving the ‘reward’ that this person is talking about…

…I’d rather get it and finish it sooner rather than later.

“…Whoa, what kind of reward is that…?”

“I tried my best to prepare a few things… But I don’t know if they will catch the teacher’s eye.”

He put his hand in the empty air he was cleaning and took out a business card and a nameplate and handed them in front of me.

“Cheongsong Guild Outside Director Dam Hanul…?”

“We have taken measures so that you can enjoy only the benefits without taking on work or responsibilities. In the future, an exclusive security team for the teacher will also be assigned, and a high salary will be paid every month.”

…Following the position of Bargpin’s executive, another burdensome battle has increased.

“…Regarding the benefits you can receive, it is written here, so you can check it out. And the second is related to the first…”

This time, the janitor took out the key of a car and handed it to me.

“This vehicle is provided to our guild officials. Please feel free to handle it. The vehicle is parked outside.”

As Janaeha playfully pressed the button, a sound was heard from outside.

As an ordinary unemployed man with a license but no car, I also had a car.

‘This must be…A very expensive car…?!’

It’s expensive too!

“The third is our guild’s stake.”

Before the shock of the incoming gifts was over, Ginjeongha held out the paperwork.

“I think it will be easier for you to read this document than to explain it to me.”

…Oh my God, paperwork and a stake in the Cheongsong Guild?!

Even looking at the documents, it wasn’t that small. He obtained a whopping 3% stake in Cheongsong! No matter what I get, I won’t be able to use it…

“And the fourth and final gift…It’s not that great, it’s my direct number.”

Anyway, just as I was about to lose my mind after receiving one after another gifts that I couldn’t handle, Jeong So-ha smiled softly and handed me a note.

“If you have any difficulties or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us through this number. We will do our best to help.”

The smile he gave while handing over his phone number actually had tremendous destructive power… But, fortunately or unfortunately, I couldn’t even see it well in my half-dazed state.

“I hope we can have a comfortable conversation with each other even if it’s not a big deal. Please contact me often, sir.”

“Ah, that…Yes. Well… I’ll try.”

The cleaning staff still smiled brightly as they saw me acting awkwardly despite receiving such a precious and weighty gift.

‘…Still, after all, is it impossible? Still, I made a solid connection…’

These presents are gifts that Cheong Ha has really thought about.

If you had discovered in advance that you would monopolize this man of great talent, it was virtually impossible at the moment, so you strengthened your connection with him and gave him enough gifts to reciprocate. It means things to be polished.

…And, of course, there were also personal likes.

From noble mtl dot com

How could you not have a crush on a man who made it so easy to look at a far-away place that you would have never been able to look at even if you worked hard all your life?

It was natural, at least for the person who was asked to clean. It’s not exactly her opinion, though.

“Hmmm, I’m a bit thirsty from talking. Could I get you something to drink?”

“Ah, yes. Something to drink…Of course I’ll bring it…”

Cleaning, who had a conversation with his teacher carefully without overdoing it, left the house promising the next time.

“Haa…The burden is going crazy…”

Because of these things, I feel like I’ve been having stomach pains lately.

Dilririn~! Delilin~!!

“Ah…What day is it today…?”

Even cleaning was not enough, so Hatieri was contacted.

[Hey! Teacher! I get along well? It seems like something interesting happened in Korea!]

“Hatieri…It’s been a while.”

[hahahaha! It’s been a while, right? I’m sorry, sir! I even left a direct contact like this, but there is no contact! Please contact me more often in the future~?]

“That… I’ll try…”

[hahahaha! Okay? Then you have to believe it. Oh, and I’m going to visit Korea soon, so you want to see my face then?!]

“Haa…That, yes…”

I had a conversation with Hatieri, who was still lively, while the appointment had been set in such a frozen way.

“…I feel like I’m really going crazy. Somehow, it was ominous last night…”

However, unfortunately for Dam Han-ul, who was lying on the floor, there were still guests to come.

“…Ah, is this Korea?”

…That’s another unexpected tycoon from Japan!

“Since you can’t see it, I haven’t felt much since I’ve been here for a long time…”

The figure, who had a very striking appearance, moved his steps with a smile while wearing sunglasses.

“Yeah, what’s the use of sentimentality~. I have to finish the business I came here for.”

…However, it was Dam Han-ul’s small fortune that they would not come immediately.

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