How Did I Become a Great Prophet?!
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How Did I Become a Great Prophet?!

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어쩌다 보니 대예언가?!
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How Did I Become a Great Prophet?!

At the request of a friend, I took a little look at the Taro shop.

…but that solitaire was right?!

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  1. Munu says:

    Hmm, I recommend that you read the novel The s-classes that i raised, that novel is a better version of this novel, the mc in that novel is also given a spot to fight and is also not a coward or coward, he is a better mc than this novel, and I think I will drop this novel here because the plot really doesn’t change and the MC is very obedient, yes it’s still worth reading for those who like the concept of lots of women

  2. Munu says:

    I have reached ch 29 so far i will give this 8/10 its an interesting read at first mc thought his divination came true by coincidence but it turns out he actually has a talent for divination and moreover this is an innate ability not due to Awakening the cons of this story are the story plot is always repeated, the lack of action doesn’t even have any action from the mc even though it’s fantasy, and this mc always predicts other people he never says no so far, very lucky people he meets are people who know kindness, imagine him meeting someone like aizen he is nothing more than the world will end tragically

  3. Munu says:

    Seems to be a novel of misunderstandings turned comedies it’s not bad for me I’m pretty annoyed by misunderstandings that lead to falling in love or other yandere obsessions

  4. kk77 says:

    yeah, it’s almost exactly like the fellas said

    A normal dude finagles himself into performing a fake fortune-reading by someone coercive, only to discover it was for a high-rank Awakener and that he has perfect divination abilities; now nearly every high-level superhuman in the world is out to get a reading from him while showering him with unwanted lavish gifts and services in return: The Novel.

    Actually I very much enjoyed this; it was rather to my tastes. If you’ve read stuff like “I’m not the demon god’s lackey” or “I turned to be a Dao ancestor” it’s kind of like those; only, you know, the mc isn’t reatrded to the point of triggering stupidity-induced aneurymsms holy fkn %^$@ ilost so many braincells bckthen
    no, dude actually knows he got powers – though somewhat unconvinced – and is fairly reluctant to receive the burdensome favours being piled onto him against his will, but does his best to deal with it – both in terms of learning to use his powers and accepting rewards withou making things weird for everyone, inlcuding the readers. it’s a simple stroy and formula, but is exactly what it tries to be.

    also to not let people have the wrong preconceptions: @Trash Taste must’ve been reading a diffrent novel because this is absolutely a harem setting. a lot, if not most, of the customers are female and let me assure you — they are all thirsting HARD for that precognisant D. in fact one of fmcs not-so-subtly tease the harem in a very literal manner quite early on.

    and as usual, I must note once again to peeps that this is only 50 chaps, very little has been seen to make conclusive judgments. it might get better it might get worse, however, as for myself, I’m very much looking forward to future updates.

  5. Insufferable says:

    I read through enough chapters.

    Nothing bad. It’s actually a good choice if you want a breather or just a little snack.

    The plot is just the premise itself. And you can’t really nitpick it and say it’s bad because it’s just so intentionally mediocre that you can’t fault it for anything and is just very particular of what audience it attracts, that being the junkfood enthusiasts, or those with nothing better to do.

    All in all its really just up to you. If you drop it you won’t leave feeling poisoned but rather just think to yourself that it was pretty boring. But if you like it you won’t have to think hard about the plot or become emotionally attached to any chracter and invest your emotions heavily on it, you can just treat it like a mindless scroll through yt shorts.

  6. IwantemBed says:

    I like it, it’s a breather, turn off your brain and go for a ride no thoughts head empty like floating on a swimming pool while basking on the sun

  7. Ah and naturally all of his costumer is female (with only one exception the second one) cause of course. But suprisingly no one have love interest with MC (so far I read).
    Everyone view him as great teacher and respect him, its kinda refreshing not seeing female character head over heels for MC after he help them once.
    I like it if author keep it that way but only Time can tell.

  8. It was not bad.
    MC is unemployed, he accidently fortune telling an A rank hunter. Its the ln Turn out to be true and many people ask him for fortune telling. Its funny how he can fortune telling with anything even with card game.
    It was a decent read.
    But MC power never get explain. at first he only say whatever card’s image is, but later he can even pinpoint exacly what, when, where, who, why and how with just the image of the card.

  9. I don’t really like misunderstanding novels so i will pass

  10. Sephir says:

    I’ll wait

  11. Insufferable says:

    Seems interesting.

    I’ll go in.

  12. And then DJ Khaled said:<>

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