I Became a Foreigner Loved by Transcendentalists chapter 83

Episode 83. I am the first.

Episode 83. I am the first.

“… Curse?”

Tachia finally continued to answer after silence.

But the voice was much stiffer than before.

“There’s a curse on that guy?”

She has always had a dry and blunt attitude, just a little bit.

As soon as she heard that the Ego Weapon was cursed, she felt her emotions shake slightly.

“Ah, yes. Actually, it was a dream, but there….”

“That can’t be possible.”

The moment she was about to explain, Tachia cut her off.

Afterwards, she even turned her back and began to quietly continue speaking.

“To begin with, the undead are far inferior to the Ego Weapon.”

“… Mr. Tacia.”

“But Ego Weapon, which can accumulate experiences from past lives and even after becoming a weapon, is cursed by a rotten corpse that only clings to its past as if it were senile? “Do you know how absurd that is?”

“After all, you know something, right? “What kind of condition is this child in now?”

“It’s not a curse.”

Tachia looks up at the sky, repeating the same words.

Although she seemed to be pretending to be calm, I could immediately tell that she had lost her cool now.

It’s as if I touched something that shouldn’t be touched.

“I don’t know what you heard from him, but if it seems like a curse, that’s why he was made that way in the first place. “It’s not like a curse, it’s just innate nature.”

“… Mr. Tacia.”

“If you have heard the answer, go back now. “I have nothing more to say than this.”

Tachia uncharacteristically ends her sentence and heads towards her home.

I could sense impatience in his actions of not looking at me.

“If it bothers you, you can figure it out on your own. “I don’t know if you can recognize it.”

“… ….”

“… “Is there anything else you want to say?”

“No, I’ll go.”

This position was prepared because he was indebted to her in the first place.

If she wants it, it would be right for her to end it as is.


The door closed, and eventually silence came to the backyard.

After escaping from him, I crossed the heavily collapsed street and asked, holding in my hand the child whom I had personally named ‘Philoi’.

“…… “What I saw back then wasn’t a dream, right?”


Firoy cries briefly.

However, Philoi seemed not to want to say any more, and like Tacia, he did not show any further reaction.

Yes, this child definitely cares about Tacia.

Unless the dream I had before was just an illusion.

If this child is truly created by refining the soul of a living person, then that person must be related to Tacia.

“As expected of you, Mr. Tachia….”

He was also an unfortunate person who may have met her death while hating her for some reason.

What was the reason for remaking such a being into a weapon?

Resurrecting a being who harbors hatred toward you, doesn’t that seem like it doesn’t matter if this weapon kills you?

“…… Curse.”

I tried to erase such extreme thoughts from my mind, retrieved Philoi from my body, and continued walking down the collapsed street.

“Let’s first lift the curse and think about it.”

First, let’s first consider whether the curse affected this child.

I’m planning to meet Garam this afternoon, so let’s use my connections as a warrior to introduce him to the priest.

After coming to that conclusion, I prepared to head to the meeting place with Garam.

‘Please live with that weapon for me.’

‘As long as you can, do your best.’

That day.

I was vaguely thinking about what she said when I received Philoi.


After the series of events came to an end, Airi, fully prepared, returned to his lair and decided to rest.

I want to stay a little longer with the person I want to make as my companion, but right now, the biggest disaster this world has ever created is right next to him.

Although I received her favors, such as giving her minimal treatment and serving her meals, I had no choice but to be careful in dealing with her, as her ugly hair was so strong from the first time I met her.

‘Just by looking at the past, we cannot know what her true feelings are right now, but considering that she at least gave up her weapon and looked after her side, no harm will come to Hyoseong.’

Still, just in case, after leaving the place, I made a prophecy and predicted the future, and I was able to confirm that I was welcoming him when he returned from running errands at the guild around evening.

Yes, as long as the transcendent does not intervene, there is no need to worry.

After making that decision, Airi decided to take some time to relieve his fatigue after returning home.

“Hey~ This is where Hyosung and Airi live together~”

Never even thought that there was someone secretly following behind him.


Her body stiffened at the sound of her unmistakable voice, and her head immediately began to turn toward her front door, where she had entered.

Waiting for her there was a woman in a black cloak with a bright and innocent look…..

No, she only looks innocent on the outside, but what she exists inside is probably a dark abyss.

Airi had felt this painfully in her bones from the collision just last night.

“Hey, Ms. Marilyn… ? “You clearly said we were breaking up earlier, so why are you here?”

“hehehe~ Originally, I was going to back down after hearing that scary woman’s warning, but I changed my mind a little~”

“No, I’ve changed my mind. You don’t remember what happened yesterday!? If you decide that so easily…….”

“Excuse me then~”

“Wait a minute, you!”

Mary Lynn goes straight into her house and storms out before she can stop her.

Airi, who felt her body throbbing while trying to stop her innocent appearance, ended up clutching her forehead and sighing deeply.

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‘There was no future like this, but this woman…… !’

Her obedient withdrawal bothered her and he predicted her future, but her meeting with him was scheduled for the next day when she stayed at her home with him.

Of course, as she is also her transcendent, there is a possibility that her future will change, but ‘whims’, one of the conditions for changing her future, is usually accompanied by emotional turbulence.

In such a situation, she thought that even that impulse would be broken when she faced a transcendent being higher than herself, but is this woman’s madness really enough to suppress even such fear?

“This is the place where Hyosung and Airi ate together~”

But unlike Airi, who feels wary about her changed future, Marylin is focusing only on her housewarming, putting her own concerns behind her.

Finally, she arrived at the kitchen, looked around the kitchen, and asked her Airi a question.

“Hmm~ I heard you cook together. Do you also serve breakfast to Hyosung? Cooking naked?”

“Well, that can’t be possible.”

“Aha, so you’re wearing an apron on your naked body?”

“A naked apron! There’s no way I would do something so vulgar! What on earth do you think of me!?”

“Hey, we can do that if we stay together~ I’m sure Hyoseong will like it if we do that.”

“Don’t talk nonsense! There’s no way Hyosung would like something so shameless…… !”

It’s okay to get upset over ridiculous comments for a moment.

Airi, who was speechless for a moment, took the time to reflect on what Mary Lynn had said along with the thoughts that came to her mind.

‘Oh, no. If you think about it, you’ve done many embarrassing things in front of Hyosung, right?’

The several relationships I had with him over the past three months.

It was embarrassing and awkward at first, but at some point, I came to approach it with a pure and serious mind, like when I was doing a ritual.

For that purpose, before entering into a relationship, predict the future and choose a suitable day, prepare scented candles or lights to uplift each other’s mood, study about body positions at the library, or secretly purchase risky underwear at the market. Also in one state.

For someone who was that serious about her relationship with him, a question like hers was difficult to ignore.

‘Compared to those things, wearing an apron naked is trivial……. Did you do it? Ah, no, but you have to mentally prepare before taking action. If you rashly put on an apron and show something like that in the morning, Hyosung, who is stimulated, might attack you…’

Imagine it gradually starting to swell as if biting its tail.

By the time her face turned red, Marylin was already ready to leave her kitchen and enter the back room of her home.

“Oh, found the bedroom.”

“Huh? Now, wait a minute, Mr. Marilyn! When did you get there?!”

Airi follows behind in surprise.

As soon as she arrived at her room, what caught her eye was the image of Mary Lynn lying on the bed in her own room with her nose buried.

“hehehe, Airi, you have a nice bed. “The bed is really soft and the smell is… sniff, sniff.”

“Everything, you. What on earth are you doing in my bed…….”

“Ah~ Hyosung’s smell~♡”

The more you smell the scent left on the bed, the more you gradually draw an ecstatic smile.

It is not an easy task for humans to be in charge of someone else’s harvesting, but it was not that difficult for demons who have senses that are vastly superior to those of humans.

“But why does Airi’s bed smell like Hyosung?”

But what should concern her is not her sense of smell, but why the smell she sensed remains in her own bedroom.

“Well, that’s…” ….”

“The smell of Hyosung comes from Airi’s bed, which is not even Hyosung’s room. Could it be that you lured Hyosung, who came back from work, into your room?”

“I didn’t tempt you…. Yes, prepare your heart…….”

“No, there’s something I’m a little more concerned about. If sweat or body fluids get on the bed, don’t you usually wash the bedding within a few days? “But the smell still remains.”

Tit, tsk.

A body that flinches every time it hits the nail on the head.

“Ah, I got it~!”

After that, Mary Lynn, who had been avoiding her gaze and looking at her hesitant Airi, immediately raised her body from her bed and shouted with a bright face.

“Mr. Airi! Do you happen to masturbate while smelling Hyosung every night? ….”

“aaah! Be quiet, you!!!!”

The moment when words burst out that she could not detect even with her own prophetic abilities.

When Airi, who had lost her senses, rushed at her, Marylin grabbed her by the collar as if she had been waiting and pulled her to her bed.

“hehehe, gotcha~”

“Put this down. What are you going to do…. Sigh!”

The hand that started from holding the collar gradually widened the gap in the clothes.

Airi’s body, which had been resisting, suddenly felt the touch of her hand grasping her neck and stiffened.

In addition to her faint life that was felt from that, her smile had already disappeared from her gaze aimed at herself.

“… It’s strange, since it was so violent last night. “She looks so sloppy and weak now.”

The frenzied demon traced his collarbone with her hand, which was placed on her neck, and her slender arm beyond him.

From then on, as the coolness of a snake coiling around its prey came over her, Marylin soon closed the distance between her and began whispering mockery into her Airi’s ear.

“Well, they pushed me yesterday too, focusing on traps. On the other hand, when you don’t have any work to do, as you can see now, you are nothing more than an ordinary human woman.”

Her whispers penetrated her to the core, and Airi could not say anything and had no choice but to hold her breath.

As she said, the magic she uses is based on her prophetic ability, reading her opponent’s movements and operating it through time lag, making the opponent’s perception itself meaningless.

Normally, she can use her predictions to identify dangers aimed at her in advance and take action, but it is impossible to even read the signs of an opponent who does not understand her predictions like now.

“I can’t believe you want to face the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King’s army with such a weak body.”

So, the situation we are in like this may be more dangerous than yesterday.

With such anxiety creeping in, I began to feel the strength gradually loosening from the hands that were groping my body.

“…I’m jealous. “Not only was he able to take over the position while I was away, but he was also able to have the calmness to push me away even though he was sincere towards me.”

A bitter voice that gradually fades.

But, let alone the crazy anger like before, there wasn’t even a trace of the nervous argument that had happened in the morning.

Yes, it’s probably because I already realized it due to yesterday’s friction.

What happened happened, and even if you kill yourself here, the outcome will not change.

“… “Please stand up.”

Airi, who vaguely read her true feelings, decided to completely erase her hostility towards her.

Although he is an inexplicable being to me in every way, so much so that he can be said to be my polar opposite, I know that there is only one thing that is clear: my love for him.

“I have something to say to you too, so let’s talk to each other over tea.”

And he is someone who wants to choose a path where both love and mission coexist.

As he cannot achieve that goal alone, he must secure as many helpers as possible to help him.

“Are you sure you’re okay? “You probably know that I haven’t given up on Hyosung yet.”

“Yes, it’s okay.”

Airi, who remembered that and gathered himself, immediately turned his determined gaze towards his rival and spoke.

“No matter what you think of me, I am Hyosung’s first.”

Take comfort in the fact that one thing has never changed.

Be prepared to take on all the responsibilities that will follow.

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