I Became a Foreigner Loved by Transcendentalists chapter 84

Episode 84. The last one is me.

Episode 84. The last one is me.

Regardless of victory or defeat, the battle last night was stopped by the powerful being called Tasian Paloi.

If she had had malicious intent, both of them might have died on the spot, but in fact, Tasian did not touch her anymore and even treated her body.

Not out of mercy, but purely to keep him from noticing the commotion.

‘It’s none of my business to interfere with that guy’s dating situation, so don’t cause any harm to that guy by fighting among yourselves. ‘I won’t stay silent if you even interfere with what he’s doing.’

Yes, she doesn’t directly help like she did, but she also hopes that Woo Hyo-seong’s personal journey will continue.

Such a purpose would serve as a deterrent to the demon that could not control her madness, and it was with that conviction that she erased her guard against her at this moment.

“… “What is it?”

“This is the new armor that Hyosung bought.”

The upper body of the armor crashed down in front of Marylin, who was drinking tea at the table.

Airi, who touched the surface, immediately asked Mary Lynn, who was paying attention to her.

“If you are a demon, you can feel it too, right? “What is this armor made of?”

“… “I’ll check it out in a moment.”

To put it bluntly, it’s like a fabrication of the same human being, but Marylin probably won’t take issue with that.

In the first place, demons are beings who live for their own desires.

As most people put themselves first, kinship is also lacking.


And since you can’t resist that desire, you’ll smell it as soon as you know it’s his armor.

Airi, who belatedly realized the problem, hurriedly pulled the hem of Mary Lynn’s dress to stop her.

“… “Stop smelling it.”

“No, just a little more…” ….”

“Just a little bit! I’ve never smelled it either…. No, not this one! “Get off now!”

No matter how barbaric a demon is, he is still a high-ranking official in the demon king’s army. How is it that he shows no dignity at all?

While she was trying to separate herself from Mary Lynn, Mary Lynn, who had already finished smelling her, rested her chin and began to trace her memories.

“This is the pure-blooded demon I remember.”

“… “Are you a pureblood?”

“As you know, Airi, the Demon King’s army has plundered each world while crossing multiple dimensions. “The warlike nature is so strong that the death rate is so high, so how can we fill that void?”

They formed relationships with the different races they captured during the plundering process, and had their children born to them join the army.

That relationship lacks love or purpose, but no matter what, the reason why the number of people has been maintained even after crossing countless dimensions is because people have been replenished in each dimension.

“In short, the Demon King’s Army is a group created by mixing various mixed races.”

“That’s right. The demons who are not mixed with the blood of other races are those who have survived from the ‘first world’ where the demon king’s army was established, but since most of them have died out, the remaining purebloods can be counted on one hand, including myself and the demon king. “I guess.”

In other words, it is safe to say that the initial members have almost been wiped out in the current time zone.

Even then, the Demon King no longer had affection for the military, and two of the Four Heavenly Kings, who had the strongest power among the purebloods, died…. The other two left the army for their own purposes, so the number of purebloods remaining in the Demon King’s army would have further decreased.

“… First of all, do you remember all the pureblood demons?”

“I may not know it now, but in the beginning, I was seriously involved in the activities of the Demon King’s Army, so I remember all the purebloods with names.”

The more precious a thing is, the more its memories stand out.

Before she knew it, Marylin’s eyes, looking down at her armor, began to half-close, as if immersed in her perfume.

“The guy that this armor is made of is a guy who served as an assault leader in the early days of the establishment of the Demon King’s Army, but he gave up that position even though he was qualified to become the Four Heavenly Kings in recognition of his achievements.”

“Are you giving up the Four Heavenly Kings?”

“At first, he was a guy who was bothered by everything except fighting, but at some point, fighting became annoying and he became content with being a lowly soldier.”

The pity that gradually builds in one’s gaze is probably due to an emotion called sympathy or a sense of kinship.

There is no fraternal love among demons, but it seems as if they vaguely feel that this demon of sloth is also a being who has walked the same path as them.

“Of course it is. “The strong man he idolized lost his motivation at some point.”

Perhaps he was aware of the Demon King’s condition before he did, and may have foreshadowed the fate of the Demon Lord who was faithful to his desires and survived to the end.

How different must he have looked in his eyes, unable to let go of his regrets and still looking for a way to bring back the devil?

No, even he probably found it annoying.

His desire for sloth was once to focus on everything except his purpose, but the moment he lost that purpose, even his desire to grow would have been broken.

“I’m a little jealous. “The guy who foresaw the future of the Demon Lord’s army before me ended up having a closer relationship with Mr. Hyoseong than with me or Mr. Airi.”

“…… Even if you say it, definitely.”

The moment when you frown at a uniquely frivolous joke.

But just when he thought that he was also trying to let go of the words he may have gone on, Marylin soon began to turn her serious eyes towards Airi.

“So, what do you want me to do with this armor?”

“I think you know more about your people than Tasian.”

No matter how great the dragon, the lord of all creation, is in its ability to manipulate matter, in the end, demons are beings from an external dimension.

As her understanding of materials outside of this world is so low, her understanding of equipment made from demons may actually be higher.

“The point is to awaken the potential of this armor.”

“Yes, this armor is necessary to preserve Hyoseong’s life right now.”

No matter what happens, Tasian and himself hope that he becomes stronger than he is now.

And that should be achieved by changing existing things step by step rather than making sudden changes.

The future must be rooted in the past, and an upright future can never be achieved by changing its roots.

“… Is it possible?”

But her purpose is something that does not reach her who is despairing of the disaster in this world.

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So, I considered refusing, but a look of relief was written on Marylin’s face as she looked down at her actual armor.

“Well, I don’t know if it will work out, but I’ll do my best.”

Very willing acceptance.

I looked at her to see if she had an ulterior motive, but Marylin continued speaking as if it was no big deal.

“You don’t have to be too cautious. As you know, demons are a race that lives for their own desires, and I want my love to last as long as possible.”

As she said, there is only one thing that stands out for her who cannot be controlled by her, and her love for him is none other than her.

It was proven in yesterday’s battle that it was important enough to throw down my life.

“Yes, because desire is endless…….”

But because demons are so obsessed with their desires, their lives are bound to be short-lived.

Even if your desire comes true, it is the same.

If you fulfill your desire, a greater desire will arise, and if this is repeated, at some point you will begin to regard even being alive as pain.

“If I only focus on achieving that, I might end up like the Demon Lord someday.”

“…… Even if that desire leads to your own destruction, will you continue to target Hyosung?”

“Of course.”

Even though we may become infatuated with such desires and lead to destruction.

The demons, who wanted to stay true to their roots, were willing to happily accept their newly awakened desires after coming to this world.

“Because I left everything thinking only of being with him.”

Iri Haven.

Even though he had the same passion as himself, he met someone who, unlike him, was rational and cool-headed and could protect him.

If such a competitor could stop his madness, he would never become like his master.

“So, Airi, if you want to accept me, please keep one thing in mind from now on.”

The devil, who had faith that his happiness would be sustained, smiled and said, imagining the moment that would come after maintaining that faith.

I don’t know what will happen next.

“Hyosung, you are the beginning, but the end is me.”

I feel like I have the right to dream.

“Not now, but in the far future, the person closest to him will be me, not you.”

An infinitely serious and gentle voice.

At that moment, the unique madness seemed to have subsided, but that is only when interpreted through human common sense.

Despite being a slave to desire and impulse from the very beginning, you know patience and want to enjoy this moment when your impulses are controlled.

Isn’t this a sight that completely shatters the preconceived notions we have built up about the race of demons?

“So, make sure you protect him so I don’t destroy him. “If you do it right, I will be able to match your unreasonable ideals.”

The moment the product of such madness reached out its hand toward her, Airi felt an ordeal beyond last night’s struggle weighing on her shoulders.

We can just endure it for now, but in the end, as we are a race driven by desire, the impulse will only get stronger.

That meant that for the sake of her love and mission, she would have to endure until the end, but Airi was willing to accept her madness.

Even if it is a being of uncontrollable madness, it can be a trump card to change the future that is destined to be destroyed.

“… Yes, please take care of me.”

With that belief, before her outstretched hands could meet for a handshake, Marylin suddenly spread out only her middle and index fingers and held them out in front of Airi’s palm.

A fight between scissors and wrapping paper.

“hehehe~ With this, it’s 1 win and 1 loss~”

It was Marylin’s victory.

“… “Marilyn.”

“Oh my~ Our Airi is a prophet and she loses at rock, paper, scissors~ I’m worried about whether she can protect Hyosung from me~?”

“Are you going to keep acting like this in such a childish way?”

An unpredictable being who appears to be playful, then becomes serious again, and then turns playful again.

It was a being that could be called a polar opposite to a prophet, but at the same time, I felt relieved to have such a being by my side.

‘That’s right, if you act on a whim in a place that is out of sight, you might end up with an unforeseen disaster.’

I don’t know anything else, but my love for him is sincere, so at least I won’t be hostile towards him.

Nevertheless, in order to check if there was any danger, Airi immediately took out a crystal ball and attempted to predict the future.

To check how the current relationship will continue in the future and what will happen in the future, a little further from now.

‘Please, I hope we have a normal future this time.’

But despite his wishes, what appeared in the crystal ball was a figure lying in bed with him and hanging out with him more actively than before…….


It’s a sight that makes you cry.

At this moment, a sudden distortion occurred and began to be corrected into a new future.

‘The future has been modified…… ?’

Iri feels a bit apprehensive and focuses on the image of the crystal ball again.

Feeling that the atmosphere was unusually different, Marylin stopped looking at her armor and began to look back at Airi, as she had been asked to do.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“… As for Meryl Lynn, please keep an eye on the status of her armor here. “I’m going to see Tasian for a moment.”

“Yes? Why did she see that scary woman…? ….”

“I’ll explain later!”

After that, Airi kicked down the front door and ran out into the street.

The fatigue and pain in her body had not yet gone away, but even so, urgency was written on her face as she ran down the street.

‘Why on earth, why did Mr. Hyoseong not die, but Tasian started going on a rampage?’

What was reflected in her crystal ball was the sight of a huge dragon standing in front of her with an army trying to protect humanity.

The sight of everything beneath it collapsing and burning had a similar feeling to the tragedy I encountered when reading the past of Yanlong Tasian.

Even though there is no other dragon in this world other than her.

‘What happens in the future……. No, what happened to her right now to create the whim that led to this future unfolding?’

To a dragon, a promise is absolute.

How could it be that, starting with his death, she went on a rampage, and yet, knowing that he survived, she reigned as a disaster in front of her future self?


After leaving Tacia, who was distraught for some unknown reason.

I headed to the guild where I had agreed to meet Garam, but all the staff there gave me was a notice from Garam.

“Hero Lee Garam is currently attending a meeting held at the imperial palace and is said to be unable to come to the guild today.”

“If it is an imperial gathering… …. “Is this something very important?”

“Yes, they said that a big mission will soon be given against many warriors.”

Well, the title of hero is given by the empire, so if it is a mission briefing given by the imperial family, it cannot be ignored.

However, my work to find a priest through Garam’s connections has suffered a setback.

As I was leaving the guild and wandering the streets, wondering how to solve this problem, I suddenly saw someone standing at a construction site on a nearby street waving at me.

“A friend passing by, can you stop by for a moment?”

A man wearing light clothing and a white helmet that covers his upper body.

At first glance, he appears to be a knight, but what he holds in his hand is not a sword or blunt weapon, but a shovel used to plow roads.

A man with a helmet holding a shovel….

Yes. He is definitely a man to remember.

“Oh, that’s the same friend I knew.”

“Woo Hyo-seong! How have you been? Just because I haven’t seen you in two years doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten me!?”

“…Jaseong hyung?”

Shovel Holy Knight – Masculinity.

When I had just arrived in this world, he was one of the few heroes who showed me favor.

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