I Became a Foreigner Loved by Transcendentalists chapter 85

Episode 85. Unraveling the story of a hero who is not dead (2)

Episode 85. Unraveling the story of a hero who is not dead (2)

It is a widely known fact among adventurers that all those labeled as heroes are hard-headed and character-broken.

And the time when I felt it, ironically, was when I encountered the eccentric behavior of the hero who looked after me for the first time after entering this world.

What is the ultimate state of the Sword Master who is known to cut out everything? Radioactivity! A swordsman who ignores the opponent’s defenses and uses an aura to destroy radiation that destroys them at the genetic level can truly be said to be the strongest swordsman!’

‘Uh…. ‘I don’t recommend that.’

‘Shut up! ‘I am a warrior and my abilities are invincible!!’

Despite my dissuasion, he used his abilities to create a sword that emits radioactivity, and with that sword, he cut down all the enemies in his path and was thoroughly intoxicated with the taste of the Sword Master.

As a result, he contracted acute systemic cancer and died shortly thereafter.

I felt skeptical about the existence of a warrior after seeing the self-destruction of the first warrior that could have been a candidate for the Darwin Award, so I gave up my job as a porter for a while and took a job as a laborer, such as repairing castle walls or rebuilding the city.

‘Oh, that little brother, you’re really good at your job. Can you come over here and help me shovel?’

I met Ja-seong after about a week of working at that construction site.

He entered this world a few years before me, and although he was a warrior, he was one of the people who helped the empire mainly through labor, not adventure.

As a warrior, his abilities had a great influence on the construction site, and in fact, the plans of the construction site he participated in were even modified to focus on him.

But that’s why I couldn’t help but feel quite a bit of doubt about his activities.

There is no way those in power would leave him alone with this level of ability, but why does he not have a sponsor, engage in labor, and live satisfied with earnings that are below the average of a warrior?

‘That’s because it doesn’t suit my nature to live like other people.’

One day, I was curious about this while eating, so I asked him about it, and he explained it to me in a casual way.

‘All the power a hero has comes from his sponsors, so no matter how much he is labeled as a hero, he cannot enjoy power or anything else unless he falls under someone.’

‘Still, if you work as a warrior, you can benefit in many ways, right? Citizens can also be treated as heroes.’

‘You have to choose the situation to treat that guy as a hero. If you’re a warrior, you have to save everything you can and protect everything you can, but since this is a political problem, put it off until later, and that doesn’t make money, so do this first……. ‘He interferes so much with everything I do, so how can I possibly find someone to help him?’

As he said, if you look at heroes honestly, they are closer to propaganda tools.

Although he was a man whose words and actions were uncharacteristic of a warrior, he had his own sense of justice, so such an atmosphere would have been considered unsuitable for his temperament.

A person who pursues justice accompanied by freedom rather than public idols……. If I were to be honest, I thought that a masculine warrior was more suited to being a thief or a hero than a hero.

‘Of course, there are things that I can’t put up with if I want to make money, but there are some things that I just can’t put up with.’

But the reason I was impressed by him was not just because he had a humane and familiar side that was different from ordinary warriors.

In general, those who walked a different path from ordinary warriors all had an eccentric side.

It was because he was one of the most impressive eccentrics among those warriors.

‘What can’t you tolerate?’

‘The rice is not delicious.’

‘… Yes?’

‘The food that the nobles of this world eat is completely tasteless. Moreover, do you think it makes sense to sit politely at the table and foolishly wait for appetizers, desserts, etc. To arrive?’

‘Um, I don’t know. Because there was something like omakase in the original world…….’

‘Whether it’s Omakase or Irasshaima, being hostile is not a man’s meal. This is it! Since ancient times, when it comes to a man’s meal, isn’t it supposed to be set up so that he can go to a hamba restaurant, order just one stir-fried pork, drink a bowl of sikhye, and then quickly go to work!?’

Hamba House.

I never thought I would hear in another world what I heard while working hard on weekends to earn tuition.

‘Still, the meals here on the construction site are more palatable than those eaten by nobles, but sometimes I still miss the meals I ate in the previous world.’

‘Ahahahaha, I think like that sometimes too. Since I only eat fatty foods every day, I miss the kimchi stew I ate at home….’

‘Oh, Hyosung Woo just happened to speak well. ‘Speaking of which, I’m going to go get some ingredients to make kimchi stew. Can you help me carry my luggage for a moment?’

‘Yes? ‘A porter.’

‘hahahaha! Hold on to your worries! ‘This brother will take care of all the dangerous things.’

I couldn’t just refuse since we had developed a friendship while working together.

That’s how I began to participate in the food journey of self-reflection from the beginning of my introduction to this world.

No, it’s a journey, but the places we usually go are dangerous places such as magic places or dungeons.

In this world, there are no convenient industrial products or genetically modified foods like the original world, and finding replacement products was an extremely dangerous task.

‘Ah, so you came to a forest overflowing with man-eating plants to find garlic?’

‘I forgot to eat them a while ago and realized that they tasted just like garlic. ‘I’ll quickly go and dig it up, so my little brother, just wait a moment!’

This man is probably the only one who jumps into a colony of man-eating plants just by digging up some garlic.

‘Why did the barbarians here put a leash on the cabbage and take it for a walk and then fell asleep??’

‘After doing some research, I heard that it is for a similar reason to the reason cows are considered sacred in Hinduism. They say cabbage is believed to contain life, so everyone cherishes it like they would a pet…….’

‘You have to do even the most uncivilized things to the extent possible. Hyosung, grab your attention there for a moment. To make kimchi, I have to shake off all the cabbage here.’

‘…Do you know that if this goes wrong, you could end up as a living sacrifice in a voodoo ritual?’

This man is probably the only one who would tear up the barbarians’ ceremonial garden just to eat some kimchi.

Some people make seasoning out of lava purified from special minerals melted from volcanoes to add a bit of fiery flavor to stir-fried pork, and some fight to the death with an ice golem over ten meters tall because it is suitable for use as an ice cream ingredient for dessert…….

‘It’s a world where it’s hard to make a meal! Still, it took a lot of effort to get it, but doesn’t it taste good!?’

‘… ‘It’s just good enough to eat.’

‘Khahahaha! That’s right, we risked our lives for that comfort that we will never experience again in this world!’

Although the reward obtained in this way may seem insignificant, the self-reflection focuses on the feeling of familiarity and is honestly happy.

I couldn’t shake the thought that he was a weirdo, but when I ate with him, I sometimes felt nostalgic for the old world.

The fact that I had to risk my life to obtain materials to finally feel part of the previous world made me realize that I would never return to the original world anymore.

‘Well, now that we’re done eating, we should pray a little.’

When he finished his meal feeling so bitter, he would always take out the cross in front of me and quietly pray.

The moment when he, who is always cheerful and behaves as he pleases, reveals his quiet elegance as if he were working.

Apart from his eccentric side, it was an attitude he could show because he was a religious believer.

‘Now that I think about it, Ja-seong said he was supporting the religious order, right?’

‘It’s not a very famous church, but the churches that are somewhat powerful are no different from nobles, so it’s hard to get into them. Rather, the nameless denominations are actually more active in volunteer work.’

Rather than being a stooge for the religious denominations that already have everything and enjoying the benefits, I would like to help an unknown religious denomination that strives to take care of people even if they have nothing.

When he thought that his behavior was befitting his heroism, he would often explain why he became religious.

‘I lived quite a rough life in the original world and did many things I regret. So, to come to my senses, I did volunteer work and became religious……. Just because you flew to another world doesn’t mean your trashy past disappears, and you can’t stop repenting, right?’

‘… Contrary to appearances, you are surprisingly devout.’

‘Pious. ‘I’m just doing this to make myself comfortable.’

Helping someone is always a repulsion against past behavior and an attempt to correct my own behavior.

In that way, he considered himself a hypocrite, but on the other hand, he also thought that if such hypocrisy could help someone, wouldn’t that be enough?

Especially because since then, I have met many personality-destroying people who were intoxicated with their own abilities.

‘Hee, hee! ‘Please don’t kill me!’

However, the day will come when you will break up with someone you have such respect for.

The trigger was when, when he crawled into the devil’s land to look for food, he discovered a devil isolated in the middle of the forest.

‘Please, please. Please don’t kill me. I’m still so weak that I’ve never even been able to properly suck something like regular oil……. If you just let me live, I will live a good life from now on! I won’t return to the Demon King’s army, I’ll just live in a cave somewhere, so please!’

Demons are a race clearly branded as enemies of humanity.

However, what I encountered at that time was a being that seemed too harmless and fragile to be a demon.

Her behavior was like that of a ‘dream demon’ that possessed people and sucked their energy, but in reality, her appearance was nothing more than that of a 10-year-old girl with no lust at all.

‘Woo Hyo-seong. ‘What do you think I should do with this demon?’

‘… It looks pitiful, but since they are demons, we have to deal with them.’

I felt my heart weakening, but in the first place, Mongmar is a demon race, and demons are a race that can never interact with humans.

If what is being shown in front of us right now is crocodile tears, the moment a gap is seen, the head may be cut off.

As I have seen many adventurers die because they were careless, I almost hoped that Ja-seong, who took the initiative, would deal with the demons.

‘No, well, that’s true.’

But despite that wish, he showed signs of hesitation even after seeing the young monster.

Just when I felt anxious that he might sympathize with me, he nodded his head as if he had made up his mind and stretched out his hand towards the young demon.

‘I decided. ‘I need to take this child to the church that I am indebted to and take care of him.’

‘Yes? Taking a demon to the church……. Is it because you feel sorry for being abandoned?’

‘hahahaha, I have plans too, so don’t worry too much. Still, there are many things I need to take care of, so I think I’ll have to focus on church activities for the time being, so I might not be able to see you for a while.’

If I see you again someday, I’ll buy you a meal!

With those greetings, he parted ways with me, and two years later, we didn’t really see each other and spent time concentrating on our own matters.

What we do know is that soon, through rumors, he began to gain a reputation as the ‘Shovel-Handed Paladin.’

And the name of the unknown sect to which he belonged gradually began to raise its name, starting with the ‘Birth of a Saint’…….


“Woo Hyo-seong, have you been doing well all this time!? Recently, I heard some rumors that they are making a name for themselves as warrior hunters. Are you really planning on hunting me too!?”

“…hahahaha, if your brother is a fallen hero, that’s what happens.”

After that day, I was worried that something big might happen, but it seems like his generous personality is still the same.

Just when I was thinking that it was a little reassuring to see him looking the same all this time, he started to stiffen his body as if he noticed something as he was looking down at me.

“I’m a little worried when you say it’s corruption. It’s been a while since I last saw you, Woo Hyo-seong. I feel like you look a little evil. Did you get cursed somewhere?”

“Oh, that’s it. I was cursed not long ago…….”

If you look at it that way, Ja-seong is clearly a Holy Knight who belongs to the church.

As I react sensitively to his evil energy, he may be of great help to me as I search for a place to resolve the curse.

“Gorgon Zola, you are lucky that you survived even after meeting the corpse lord’s family.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

“Chasha! We were having a meal together, so it’s natural to be worried! By the way, if you’re looking for a place to lift a curse, how about going to our church to check on the situation for a moment? “There’s a lot I want to tell you about the saint’s current situation.”

“Ah, yes. Now that I think about it, I heard that a saint was born in the church not long after I broke up with him…….”

I was grateful for the favor and tried to follow along for a moment.

Suddenly, as I was about to hit his foot, I felt a question arise from his words.

“Wait a minute, what are you up to? Have I ever met a saint who belongs to Ja-seong’s sect?”

“Of course! “Because I elevated the demon child I saved back then to become a saint of the church!”

“… Yes?”

“Why are you reacting like that? Is there a problem?”

Are you saying that, you crazy person?

For religious people, demons and undead are beings that should never be interacted with, but not only are they brought into the religious order, but they are also honored as saints.

If you get caught by others, wouldn’t it be a good idea to be mistaken for a cult member?

“No, Ja-seong. “I understand that my brother is quite an eccentric person, but isn’t this going too far?”

“Don’t worry, my brother did it because he had an idea too!”

“…… “Is this really okay?”

“hehehe, it’s better to show than to say. Let’s go talk first.”

Ah, okay, whatever.

This person has survived in this world longer than me, and he must be doing these crazy things because he believes in something.

For now, let’s not judge too hastily and put neutral gear in. After thinking about it, I decided to follow in his footsteps to lift the curse.

“Okay, we’ve arrived. That is the main base of our church… …. Huh?”

A faint exclamation escaping from his mouth as he approaches the cathedral at the end.

The reason was immediately clear when I saw the front of the cathedral.

More than ten armed knights in front of the cathedral……. No, if you look closely, it’s not an ordinary knighthood.

The emblem drawn on the flag that towered between them taught that they were the Holy Knights belonging to the ‘Church of Frigga’, the official religion of the empire.

“… “Your brother wasn’t a member of the Freega Church, right?”

“I told you. “I don’t like places of that size.”

Yes, when I last parted ways, he was a member of a small, unknown religion that had barely survived outside the empire, far from the official religion of the empire.

It is relatively recent that a saint was born in that religion and the name began to gain popularity.

Of course, the fact that the Church of Frigga, the official religion of the empire, came armed and came to the Church of Magnetism meant that something quite serious had happened.

“Brother, this can’t be right…” ….”

“Hyosung, you are an outsider, so watch from behind.”

He tapped my shoulder and headed straight towards the Holy Knights.

“I have to take responsibility for what I did.”

The sight of him carrying a shovel on his shoulder showed no signs of hesitation like before.

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