I Became a Munchkin Spirit Sorcerer at the Academy chapter 50

I Became a Munchkin Spirit Sorcerer at the Academy 50

50 – Guardian of Flame Canyon (3)

great blood.

The castle of ruin.

King of the Desert.

“What brings you here?”

“… “You scolded me.”

The little king rose from his grave and greeted us.

He has such a clean appearance and radiant vitality that you wouldn’t think he was a dead person.

I can only marvel at the fact that this was a person who actually existed thousands of years ago.

Is that really the dead person?

“I ask you twice. Visitor. “Why did you come to the ruins of a ruined country?”

Coo coo coo coo coo.

As he hesitated to answer, perhaps because he had offended the little king, the inside of the ruins also resonated with anger.

Since it was a tomb for the eternal rest of the little king, it seemed to move according to his will.

“… “I’m looking for something.”

“What are you looking for in the ruins of a ruined country? “There is nothing left here.”

A collapsed country.

A relic that only tells us that a ruined country existed.

And grave robbers trying to steal the last glory of a fallen country.

“Looking for a sunstone.”

“… “A sunstone?”

In response to my answer, the little king thought about something for a moment and then shook his head.

“There is nothing you are looking for in the ruins of the ruined country.”

“Isn’t it over there?”

Point with your finger to the jewel embedded in the statue’s forehead.

The end of the little king’s gaze turns to the jewel.

A gem that looks like a faded stone covered in dust.

The little king turned his head again and stared at us.

As if it were vain.

“It’s just an insignificant gem. “It’s such a common gem that even grave robbers haven’t stolen it, so it’s just a remnant.”

“Even though it may be nothing special to them, it is a necessary item to me.”


The little king closed his eyes again, lost in thought, and then took out the jewel embedded in the statue’s forehead.

“I’ll just give it to you.”


When I heard that he was just giving me his grave, that is, his own jewels, I took a firm stance.

Flame Canyon, Tomb of the Little King.

There was no way that an extraordinary person would give away jewelry with his bare mouth.

It probably contains terrible darkness.

The little king’s mouth slowly opened as if he had recognized me adjusting my sword.

“It is given with pure intentions. but.”

The little king closed his mouth for a moment and then began speaking again.

“Why do you want this jewel? “I want to know why.”

“… ”

The little king’s pure curiosity.

Realizing that there was no hostility, I put the sword back into its sheath.

“It is to regain strength.”

“… It’s strength. “Do you mean that this insignificant jewel contains power?”

“Not really. “It’s just a symbolic object.”

It’s not the truth, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lie.

What’s in the little king’s hand is nothing more than a fragment of the sunstone.

It may be a complete sunstone, but the power of a mere fragment is minimal.

Moreover, unless it is a three-legged crow that can fully utilize its power, it is nothing more than an ordinary stone.

“I knew very well that there was no lie in what I said.”


“Thank you.”

A little king who hands over a fragment of the sunstone.

I slowly put the sunstone fragment into my pocket.

I expected a tough schedule, but I can’t believe I got the items so easily.

“… ”

The little king looked at me putting the sunstone fragment into my pocket.


In an instant, it moved in front of me.

“… “What are you doing?”

“That’s fascinating.”


“This is my first time seeing a human being so out of sync.”

“What is that?”

The little king flew around me and observed me as if he were looking at a strange animal.

The gaze penetrating his body was unpleasant, so he walked away from the little king.

What the little king said was consistent with what the three-legged crow said before.

Are we all curious about how my existence appears to those who transcend human beings?

“So that’s what it was. “There was a reason why the guardians could not detect it even if it entered the tomb.”

“What does that mean again?”

“You weren’t human in the first place, so the guardians didn’t wake up.”

Its existence was instantly denied by the little king.

The little king still looked at me with curious eyes and continued speaking.

“Neither the living nor the dead… The horn also shakes irregularly.”

“I feel bad.”


“Why don’t you stop observing the person in front of you like you’re watching an experiment. “It’s quite an unpleasant experience.”

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“Oh, sorry. “This is my first time seeing such an amazing being.”

The little king seemed to agree with my complaint and bowed his head to apologize to me.

“Please understand. He was trapped in a tomb for thousands of years. I can’t stand it when I see something strange. “It looks like he hasn’t shaken off his innocence yet.”

“… I understand.”

My country would have reacted the same way if it had been locked in a tomb for thousands of years.

Of course, only assuming that you can keep your mind intact.

Then, I suddenly remembered what I heard from the three-legged crow.

Who am I to have been artificially instilled with purpose and goals?

What on earth did the little king who transcended humanity see in me?

I thought it would be a good idea to take this opportunity to really get to know myself.



“Can you explain me?”

“That’s a strange question. You probably know your own law. “You’re asking others to project you.”

“Because there were circumstances for that.”

The little king thought for a moment and then continued speaking.

“A misaligned and imperfect being stands on its own two feet as if it were standing in the world… It is held artificially, not naturally… If the world doesn’t need it, it doesn’t create it and it doesn’t show off. “Then that means your existence was artificially created.”

“A being grown?”

“Yes, you are a being created out of necessity. However, I am not sure what the need is. One thing is certain: you are clearly moving forward. In other words, the means to the end are now very unstable.”

A being artificially created for a goal.

… Perhaps I, who was possessed in Harvey’s body, was possessed out of necessity?

Then who put my soul into Harvey’s body?

Doubts about him began to bloom.

“This is all I can answer. “I don’t know much about anything beyond that.”

“… is it.”

My complicated mind seems to have become even more tangled.

I feel heat rising to my face.

“Were you satisfied with the answers to your questions?”


“Then you have to pay now.”

“… ?”

When I looked at the little king with an absurd face, the little king smiled and said.

“Everything in this world requires a price. Just now, I gave an answer that all the prophets in the world could not give, so it would be right for you to pay the same price.”

“… “What do you want?”

“It’s simple.”

The little king said with a bright smile.

“Please take me out of the world.”

I was completely stunned by the little king’s absurd demands.

The little king noticed my expression and opened his mouth again.

“For thousands of years, we have been trapped in the ruins of a ruined country. “I think I have enough qualifications to go out now.”

“Even if I want to take you out, don’t you still exist in soul form?”

“what… “It’s simple.”


In an instant, the little king’s soul entered the armor decorated in the tomb.

It emits a bright light and slowly walks forward.

“How is it?”

Armor similar to what medieval knights would wear.

The little king who entered the armor asked, swinging his arms around.

“You moved the soul.”

“That’s correct.”

“I’m curious why you didn’t go out even though you had that ability.”

“Because it’s not fun.”

The little king answered, smiling mischievously like a child.

“They say that if you illuminate a small world, you can see all the worlds, right? As the king of a ruined country, I ruled the world and realized the principles of the world. So everything was visible. however… ”


“You are invisible. And being invisible has the same meaning as being unknown.”

He’s crazy.

That was my view on the little king.

I’m so excited that I’m finally going out.

The king and guardian of a ruined country is trying to leave Flame Canyon just because of his interest in me.

“I’m looking forward to it. “How much has it changed?”

Memories that took me back to being a young child.

A feeling of innocence that I could not shake off.

The little king’s only mistake now became a path, leading the little king outside.

“ruler. Let’s go outside. “An unknown person.”

I don’t know why.

The current little king was similar to that of a child.


At that time, Rasputin rolled between the little king and me.

The entire power of the empire, who had run away when the little king came out, was closing his eyes and punching the air.

“come! You ghost bastard! “I will make you Buddha with my fist!”

Rasputin must have been so scared of the ghost that he strained his eyes and tears were streaming down his face.

The little king saw that and looked at me and asked a question.

“Is that crazy?”

“… ”

I had no answer to the little king’s question.

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