I Became a Munchkin Spirit Sorcerer at the Academy chapter 51

I Became a Munchkin Spirit Sorcerer at the Academy 51

51 – Little King (1)

A desert where sand storms occur continuously.

Even though we had not even left the Flame Canyon, the sun was steadily heating the ground.

The swirling sand storm continued to change the terrain, and the sand dunes slowly disappeared as if they were moving.

Bang, clang, clank.

On the desert land, a huge armor was moving and walking on the ground.

“Small yok. Isn’t it uncomfortable to move like that?”

“It’s okay. This armor is a type of possession, so you don’t have to use much strength. After all, possession means inhabiting a living being.”


Harvey let out a small sigh at the little king’s words.

The little king’s soul, the soul body, was allowed to stay in the world a little longer instead of going to the other world.

No, maybe that little king was allowed that freedom from the beginning.

Because that king was a perfect king from the moment he was born.

In a situation where the status may have been downgraded from a soul that rules the world to a wandering soul.

The little king just looked at the sun and smiled brightly.

In a way, it was a natural reaction since he had been trapped in an underground ruin without sunlight for hundreds of years.

“…It’s hot.”

Rasputin, who had already emptied the entire beer can, licked his appetite and expressed his disappointment.

They ran out of beer that they had confiscated from a nearby desert village.

I already didn’t like the idea of having to drink lukewarm beer, but the bottom of the beer barrel was starting to show.

Rasputin’s patience also began to wear thin.

“That’s fascinating.”

The little king hovered near Rasputin, who seemed to be amazed by Rasputin, who was pouring a full glass of beer down his throat.

“…What do you mean?”

“That beer you are drinking is interesting. It seems to be a type of liquid made by fermenting grains… Would you mind if I try it?”

“What is it, you little guy? Have you never drank beer in your life?”


So neatly.

So purely.

The little king answered Rasputin’s question without a moment of hesitation.

The only thing I have ever drank in my life is pure water brought to me by priests every day.

Beer was a liquid that they did not even look at, let alone touch their mouths, because the priests said that only the common people consumed beer.

“…I…Is that so?”

Rasputin seemed embarrassed by the little king’s answer and blurted out his words.

Then he tilted the large beer barrel, poured beer into a small glass, and handed it to the little king.

“Then I guess I’ve taken your beer virginity away. Give it a try. You’ll experience heaven.”


The little king thought about Rasputin’s words for a moment, then picked up the glass and started drinking beer.

Gulp. Gulp.

Even though it is armor possessed by a soul body.

The little king’s soul body was clearly drinking beer.

Even if you don’t need water or nutrition, you can still feel the taste that is part of the pleasure.

The little king drank all his beer and made a short comment.

“It tastes so bad. This.”

“What a crazy guy.”


In response to the Little King’s answer, Rasputin punched the Little King in the face without hesitation.



Ragsar, a city bordered by the desert and built around an oasis.

This desert city, ruled by a sultan, was filled with adventurers looking to enter the desert.

Relics and treasures of a glorious kingdom built in the desert of the past.

If you find the treasure buried in the ruins, your life will change.

The desire was clearly revealed in the eyes of all the adventurers gathered in Ragsar.

“That’s unpleasant.”

“What do you mean?”

While walking down the street, Harvey complained of discomfort.


A city built in the middle of the desert.

It is certainly a spectacular and well-decorated city.

However, the adventurers gathered in this city all had nothing but desire in their eyes.

They are also trash trying to take away traces of culture created by others.

In Harvey’s eyes, these people were nothing more than grave robbers.

The little king smiled slightly at Harvey’s appearance and said,

“Isn’t it ruined?”

“Still, what’s unpleasant is unpleasant.”

“I don’t think there’s much difference between you and me who woke me up to find the sunstone.”

“Didn’t you get permission from the original owner for that?”

“Oh, I see.”

While they were talking like that, Harvey and his group arrived at the entrance to the warp gate.

Warp Gate.

A magic space transfer device that allows you to quickly move between regions.

The problem was that it was managed by Magic Tower and the fees were high.

Other than that, the biggest advantage was that there were no restrictions on travel time as you could quickly move between regions.


“Why are you calling me?”

“A nasty guy has appeared.”

“A grumpy guy?”

Harvey’s head turns at Rasputin’s words.

And in Harvey’s field of vision, there was a familiar figure wandering around here holding a spear.

A spear as tall as a person is held in one’s hand.

Simple but sturdy looking leather armor.

And a badge with an eagle symbol, symbolizing the empire, hanging on the chest.


“It’s not funny. Meeting him here.”

Changseong, one of the empire’s five stars and comparable to the Sword Saint.

It is known that the tip of his spear can pierce even a tightly closed castle gate.

He was one of the five stars that the empire was proud of.

“…I heard that most of the Ohseong guys have been replaced recently. But the Changseong guy is still fine.”

You could say he is an old colleague, but Rasputin is currently being chased by the Empire.

When discovered by Changseong, the leader of the empire, Rasputin must run away.

“Let’s run away quickly, kid. If you get caught by this guy, you’ll be in trouble. Of all the five stars, he’s the most difficult person to deal with.”

“…for a moment.”

Harvey and his group were now wearing cloaks so that their faces could not be revealed.

Although the size of Rasputin and the Little King was quite noticeable…

Still, in this city with many unique adventurers, Rasputin and the Little King were just typical personalities.

Moreover, Harvey is physically similar to an ordinary person.

“There is no chance of us being detected. We will enter the warp gate like this.”

“…You’re going crazy. This little guy. What on earth can you believe in?”

“Even if we get caught, we won’t be defeated against Changseong.”

firm confidence.

The Little King, Rasputin, and himself.

With the power of these three, they can easily chew through Changseong.

“Besides, this is not an empire. The empire has not signed an extradition treaty with the Sultanate. Even if Changseong notices us, there is nothing we can do.”


A place where magic stones and magic oil are abundantly buried.

No matter how powerful the empire is on the continent, if the sultanate blocks the export of resources, the empire’s economy will also face major problems.

Perhaps the reason Changseong came here was to improve relations with the Sultanate.

“Is that so?”

Rasputin grinned at Harvey’s words and immediately took off the cloak he was wearing.

Harvey and the little king looked at Rasputin with wide eyes at Rasputin’s sudden behavior.

Rasputin paid no heed and began to approach Changseong.

As the huge figure walks forward, the attention of those around him begins to focus.

And that presence is silky.

Changseong also noticed.

“It’s been a while, baby.”


When Rasputin appeared, the imperial guards surrounded Rasputin.

“A lot of stupid things are blocking our reunion after a long time. If you don’t turn it off within 3 seconds, I will rip off your heads.”


As Rasputin’s fingers began to slowly fold, the Imperial Guards slowly began to retreat.

Changseong aimed his spear at Rasputin with a shocked face.

“With what confidence did the Empire’s most wanted criminal appear before us?”

“He’s a level 1 wanted criminal. Such rude words for someone who has devoted his entire life to the empire. As expected, he hasn’t shaken off his childlike appearance yet. If you’re talking about the emperor of the empire, he’s the kind of guy who’ll kick your ass.”

“Do not insult His Majesty the Emperor!”

“Cluck cluck.”

There was a time like that myself.

He had the loyalty to turn a ship upside down when it came to the emperor’s words.

But not now.


The Emperor of the Empire considers the Imperial Intelligence as nothing more than a tool.

The previous emperor was a little different, but the current emperor inherited the methods that previous emperors had adhered to.


Did you feel bad when you thought about the current emperor system?

Rasputin grabbed the Imperial Guard’s head and crushed it.


Blood and brain fluid splattered everywhere.


“A person is dead!”

The city was instantly filled with screams and fear.

Changseong thought for a moment about swinging the spear.

It didn’t take long before I realized that this was not an empire.

In the first place, Rasputin was a criminal.

He is an envoy who came as a representative of the empire.

If he steps forward, his relationship with the Sultanate could take a turn for the worst.

Moreover, if the Sultan finds out that the Empire is to blame for the criminal’s rampage…

Changseong trembled at the thought of the emperor’s displeasing order.

At any moment like that.

Rasputin was taunting the bursting guards by swinging his body around.

“It’s a dog who hides under the pants of the emperor and shakes his tail. Do you still know that your window is the emperor’s.


Changseong lost his temper due to Rasputin’s provocation.

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