I Became the Sole Master of Magic at the Academy chapter 326

I Became the Sole Master of Magic at the Academy 326

326 – Black Night (黑天).



Hong Yu-hwa let out an excited breath.

Beside me, Ersil was puffing out her cheeks.

“Really, what is this? Hong Yu-hwa suddenly bursts in and does it first!”

“Yes, yes, hehehe♡, that’s because you tried to cut me off first, huh, ji.”

Hong Yu-hwa spoke in a haughty voice. However, Hong Yu-hwa’s expression was almost ruined. Her eyes were almost watery, she was drooling, and her body had turned completely red.

“Miss, really! It’s been a while since I wanted to eat Seo-ha’s semen!”

Ersil screamed angrily and rushed at me.

“Touch me quickly.”

She kissed me in a sorrowful voice.

Chureup. Tsk.

Her tongue mingled.

In normal cases, this situation does not occur.

Most women have strong pride and jealousy.

However, my case was special.

Because I have many competitors, and women cannot compete with my energy.

-It’s really nice to work with Seoha…… Sometimes I think I might die.

For that reason.

In such cases, I often had more than 3 p.M. With my wives.

Actually, they are also wives now.

Chup, chup.

Mix your tongue.

Knock knock knock knock knock.


Then, while teasing her waist, he thrust his dick deep into Hong Yu-hwa.

“Wow, that’s really vicious. If you get hit by that, you’ll really lose your senses.”

Ersil smiled like a devil.

“Since Yuhwa intervened first, does that mean it’s okay for me to join in as well?”

“Now, wait a minute♡”

Ersil attacked Hong Yu-hwa before she could stop him.

She overlapped Hong Yu-hwa’s mouth with hers, which had overlapped mine just moments ago, and squeezed Hong Yu-hwa’s breasts.

“Chuck, chuck. Your nipples are swollen. Aren’t you too excited? You’re a complete pervert.”

“Ugh, you, you…!”

Hong Yu-hwa looked at Ersil with resentment.

However, the lower part became a little tighter. Yuhwa’s personality is a bit strong.

“Wow, looking at Seo-ha’s reaction, it looks like she just tightened it. Are you really excited? Like this? You’re a complete sow. Take a sip, Yu-hwa.”

Ersil smiled deeply and pressed her finger to Hong Yuhwa’s nose.

Hong Yu-hwa looked at Ersil as if he were angry.

Knock knock knock knock knock.

“Ugh, you, you, euaaang♡”

“Oh, how. I guess I’m more talented than I thought. I’m really excited about bullying Hong Yu-hwa.”


Ersil stole her Hong Yuhwa’s lips.

Hong Yu-hwa calmly accepted Ersil’s kiss. Tongues intertwined with hers.

I was excited that those were my wives.

“hehehe, this is the weak point, right?”

Ersil’s hand gently touched Hong Yu-hwa’s body.

As if Hong Yu-hwa makes you feel a little faster.

“You know what? Aesthetics are similar to massages, and we British aristocrats often get this. Well, it’s to enjoy s*x more smoothly, but I’ve learned a bit about using it as a massage as well, right?”

Ersil whispered into Hong Yu-hwa’s ear.

Hong Yu-hwa’s body shook.

“So, as punishment for taking my dick, I’ll make you grunt like a pig today, Yuhwa♡”


Hong Yu-hwa’s pussy tightened even more.

Ersil’s hands were smooth. She seemed to have used some kind of magic, and her Hong Yuhwa’s skin began to sparkle every time Ersil touched it.

But I couldn’t stay still from those words.

Do I have to say that Ersil’s strangely acting out is sadistic.


“Ugh♡ I’m sorry♡ Lord, the master was there, but the sow came forward♡♡♡”

I made one more sow.


After a short meeting with Hong Yu-hwa and Ersil, we went out to the beach.

I was simply wearing a shirt, something to throw on, shorts, and sandals.

Women…… No, all the wives wore swimsuits.

Hong Yu-hwa was wearing a white bikini and top, and her large-brimmed hat.

Ara Kim was a rash guard.

Her body parts are white and her arm parts are black. Originally, she had to cover up to her navel, but maybe it was because her breasts were so big. The rash guard had turned into a crop top that exposed a lot of the stomach.

‘Something is strange.’

With breasts like that, she would need to gain some weight, but these days, Kim Ara has been working out enthusiastically, so she looks very slim.

She didn’t seem to have any weight.

Ersil was wearing a jet black frilly swimsuit that was different from before.

Seo Ga-yeon wore a monokini one-piece swimsuit.

And the black sky… ….


It was in the form of a black dress.

Below the straps that crossed the neck in the shape of an X, there was a black dress-like piece of clothing.

“How is it?”

Heukcheon proudly approached me.

“It suits you well. But isn’t it a swimsuit?”

“Master, you are talking strangely. Are you really planning to go swimming in a place like this?”

“…… “That’s not true.”

In the first place, all you do is just splash around in the water.

I was very sincere when I came here, but basically, I have an Assa-type constitution. When there are a lot of people, I feel nauseous and want to go somewhere quiet.

I have never been to a swimming pool or the beach.

Because it was common to just walk near the beach with my lover and then go straight to the hotel.

Or go to a nearby restaurant and eat something.

‘But what else are we really doing here?’

I really have nothing to do.

While contemplating what to do to create a reputation for doing well, Ersil smiled and said to her wives.

“Then shall we go take some pictures?”

“…… “It’s annoying.”

“Heokcheon…… That’s why I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep your position.”

“Gayeon, what on earth do you mean?”

“But what can I do at the beach other than taking pictures?”

“s*x all day long with Seoha?”

“…… I’m a bit attracted to it, though. “Let’s do it later today.”

Hong Yu-hwa glanced at me and said.

I felt cold.

No matter what country you are in, if all 5 people attack you, you have no choice but to lose…….

‘No, is it worth a try?’

This first, later.

The wives rushed in to make room for Heukcheon.

So, I am currently with Heukcheon.

There was a strange silence.

But I was not uncomfortable with this silence.

‘It’s been a few years.’

I was cautious at first because Heukcheon is a pervert who has orgasms every time he grabs the Heukcheon God Sword, but after so many years, I now feel empty without it.

“Owner… ….”

Heukcheon quietly called me.

“Shall we walk first?”

“That would be a good idea.”

A strangely excited voice. A little fear.

The above-mentioned ball.

I got the feeling that Heukcheon was expecting something.

‘…… You have to actually do it too.’

There was no one around.

I put my arm around Heukcheon’s shoulder.

Heukcheon was startled and his shoulders trembled, but he pretended to have a normal expression.

The cheeks were red. It was like a ripe apple.

The breasts underneath are not apples but melons.



I could feel Heukcheon being surprised.

I felt a squishy texture in my hands.

The breasts were large and had good elasticity.


Is it because his age is comparable to that of a dragon, but his body is newly created?

Her body was different from others.

“Lord, Lord, Lord?”

“…… “You didn’t expect anything like this?”

“Yes, that’s true, but this is outside the bar.”

I looked at Heukcheon with slightly puzzled eyes.

Although she is not worthy of her age, she was still a woman who ruled the Demonic Cult during the martial arts era.

She is now said to be a virgin as she regenerates her body, but she will not be a virgin.

Although she did marry people of the same s*x, the act may have occurred.

That’s why I made a resolution.

What if I get sick…… I was worried about something like that.

So I deliberately went a little stronger.

But judging from Heukcheon’s reaction now…… Maybe, no way, she is.

‘Is she really a virgin?’

Looking at the reaction, it seems like that.


“This is my first time.”

Heukcheon confessed.

Her own feelings.

“Everything is a first. “You may have seen me when I was Cheon and Cheonma, but I did not see humans as humans.”


Or something cute.

The Cheonma did not think that it resembled a creature that resembled itself.

From Noble mtl dot com

If there was anything to compare it to, it would have been that she was a priestess.

The world called Murim was too much of a world for Heukcheon.

No matter what I learned, I learned it very easily. If you wanted something, you could easily get it, and although the Heavenly Demon of the previous generation competed with the later generations, Black Heaven overwhelmingly won.

Even when the Heavenly Demon of the squadron decided that his position was in danger and tried to kill Heukcheon.

She killed the Sentai Heavenly Demon so easily.

It was only then that I realized.

Ah, this world is so easy for me.


This world was only like that. The Demonic Cult, the single strongest force in the martial arts world, could only give Cheonma that much appreciation.

‘Then I have to find it.’

That’s why I wanted to find someone who was equal to me.

So during her time as Cheonmain, she wanted to conquer Wulin. Because she wants to find a talent that matches her.

If I think about it now, those were all excuses.

Even just a little bit.

He wanted to find someone he could view as an equal.

The only thing I found was a priestess.

But even the priestess did not like her.

That’s why I wanted to grow it.

I handed over the martial arts of the Righteous Sect, Sa Sect, and Magical Sect. He also handed over military service to the imperial family.

I tried so hard to raise it.

The old men of the martial arts world destroyed the priestess.

So, Cheonma destroyed Murim.

There is nothing special about the story after that.

While wandering through other dimensions, I happened to meet the founder of the Marchen family, who claimed to be Ersil’s guardian, and met other transcendents.

The problem is that as her life gets longer, her eyesight becomes distant.

Anyway, she ascended to heaven like that.

If we were to summarize Heukcheon’s biography, it would be like this.


“… ….”

A subtle air flowed.

Heukcheon’s cheeks were blushing, and I was awkwardly turning my head.

No matter how much I was, I didn’t know.

In fact, Heukcheon was her virgin and…… Because I never thought it would be my first time doing s*xual intercourse.

“Ugh…… Sorry.”

“…… No. Neither the owner nor I can be trustworthy. You won’t even trust me. 100,000…… No.”

I just tried to say something unusual, but I pretended not to notice.

No matter how clueless I was, I intuitively sensed that it was dangerous the moment I caught the pod here.

“First of all…… Shall we go into the room?”

This means that we should continue to make progress.

Heukcheon was blank for a moment, then nodded his head.

It looked different from usual.

Unlike her appearance of being generous and lacking in some way, she was now following me like a chaste virgin.

“Ah, I was so surprised earlier that I said that without realizing it.”


“Well, don’t worry. “I already did the preview.”

“Are you doing pre-study?”

“That’s right. “I studied a lot through videos and fanzines.”

“… ….”

I felt even more anxious because he spoke so confidently.

But since things that appear in those places only show provocative things, it’s not a good idea to refer to them…….

‘I like it, but… ….’

A first time kid imitates that?

She tried to say something, but Heukcheon’s face was so full of motivation that she couldn’t say anything.


And that night.

Heukcheon quietly kneeled before me.

The common attitude of submission.

It was Dogeja.

Naked too.

…… What on earth have you been learning?

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