I Became the Sole Master of Magic at the Academy chapter 327

I Became the Sole Master of Magic at the Academy 327

327 – Black Night (黑天).

Actually, I knew to some extent that this would happen.

I don’t know the exact age of Heukcheon, but his age is comparable to that of many dragons.

On that subject, I lived in the Middle Ages and remained a virgin.

Heaven-given talent and cursed power. And insight into nothingness.

Because of that, she went to heaven, but to put it another way, she did not pay attention and was only interested in nothingness.

She went with me and she learned things.


I think it happened like this.

“Oh, my father-in-law today…… “I will serve for Lee Seo-ha.”

“…… Go, all of a sudden?”

“You may think it’s sudden, but…… In my day it was a natural duty for a wife to serve her husband.”

Change from informal speech to polite speech.

Heukcheon looked at me with her clear eyes.

“So tonight…… That black stream…… Please allow me to attend my father, Lee Seo-ha.”

After saying that, Heukcheon bowed to me again.

“… ….”

Men have many fantasies.

I also tend to have many things. Women also like it more if you do something like cosplay or situational comedy.

However, this one was a bit harsh on my taste.

The sense of conquest was already being immensely satisfied.

‘This…’ ….’

Heukcheon is the ruler of the Demonic Cult.

But she is from the Middle Ages.

Nowadays, human rights have improved so much that there is all kinds of chaos, but at that time, survival was the priority.

Human rights are a thing of the past.

A woman’s job is to support her heavenly husband, cook, and take care of her children.

I lived in such an era.

Although Heukcheon is a loser, she also has memories of those days.


She said she learned it.

She’s probably one of my wives.

Someone full of fun wanted to play a prank, but it may have been created like this in combination with the ideology of the time when Heukcheon lived.

But that didn’t really matter now.

‘Self-control… ….’

Ersil also did similar things.

However, she lowered the threshold to the same level as me.

It was not a dark sky.

When I became her husband, she took that attitude as if she had decided to serve me.

‘…… ‘I don’t think it will work?’

Actually, there is no need to restrain yourself.

She has a body that is different from other women.

A body made of black.

Heukshin took it and Blackcheon took it.

I put a lot of effort into creating that body.


A compilation of all existing martial arts.

A crazy body designed to withstand even a single attack from an evil spirit with its bare body.

He hit with all his might, even with his ultimate strength, but it was the driving force that allowed the Black God to endure again and again.

The current Black Heaven was created from that body.


I will not restrain myself today.


Heukcheon stopped bowing and slowly raised her body.

Then I looked at Seoha Lee’s complexion.

‘I was excited…’ … me?’

Unlike other beings, the relationship between Lee Seo-ha and Heukcheon is very special.

Heukcheon doesn’t know Lee Seo-ha’s past, but he knows that his past is not ordinary.

However, when Lee Seo-ha was actively working, the person she was with was Heukcheon.

As others developed likability, Lee Seo-ha and Heuk-cheon developed a bond.

Not long after I fell, I sometimes got scared when I saw people coming from far away.

That’s why Heukcheon was able to roughly know Lee Seo-ha by his facial expression.

Lee Seo-ha said he was very excited right now.

‘hehehe…… However, today will not go as planned.’

Heukcheon’s plan.

Actually, there is nothing special. Based on the video Ersil gave me for reference, I will excite Lee Seo-ha and make Lee Seo-ha feel confident.

Heukcheon was confident.

The power that Seoha Lee possesses is the power of the end. If he gets hit head-on, he loses unconditionally. That power is incomprehensible, strange, and dangerous.

But if you look at it from the other side, Heukcheon’s win rate was high.

Devoured the body of the Black God.

The meaning is equivalent to saying that Lee Seo-ha’s talent, body, and skills were obtained.

The reason why Seoha Lee was able to have multiple wives.

His stamina is so unparalleled. And that’s because he’s so skilled.

However, all of that talent was completely absorbed by Heukcheon.

In addition, Heukcheon was not a talent that Lee Seo-ha had separately integrated, but rather he gave up his talents and skills to create one seat.

Saekshin (Ex).

The seat of power that cannot be measured.

And one more body was added.

A body made of thousands of moons and voids. With this body that controls everything in the body, she created a heavenly body.

It was not intended as a martial art.

Because I started later than anyone else, I wanted to capture Lee Seo-ha more clearly than anyone else.

A body of perfect beauty.

It meant a body optimized for s*x.

And a situation that completely satisfies the man’s fantasy, which he learned by stimulating sympathy through Operation Tears and using teaching materials obtained from Ersil…….

I aimed for all of this.

He was the oldest and the one who wanted to get married the most, but in the end no man was interested in him.

That’s why he was Heukcheon, who was able to prepare the most intensely than anyone else.

She didn’t know Lee Seo-ha yet.


Heukcheon slowly arose.

Blackness slowly rose like a haze and made clothes.

A kimono-like type of clothing that exposes the upper chest.

He came towards me wearing it.

“I’ll take it off first.”

“Try it.”

I quietly followed Heukcheon’s words.

Heukcheon took off my top and bottom. Then I felt her eyes becoming more and more lustful.

I guess it’s because she has lived longer than most dragons.

I could also feel the restraint of desperation.

I took off my bottoms and also took off the panties underneath them.

“Ah… ….”

As soon as he saw mine, Heukcheon was slightly impressed.

From Noble mtl dot com

“I missed you… …. I’ve only seen it, but it’s really big. But it seems smaller than last time?”


“…… Yes. “I will serve first.”

As if he noticed that Heukcheon had returned to her usual tone, her tone changed again.

She carefully stuck out her tongue and flicked it.

“They say it’s delicious, but it’s not delicious…” ….”

She spoke in a slightly sullen tone and opened her small mouth. And she swallowed half of my dick.

“Oh…… “That’s amazing.”

“I will show you something even greater.”

After saying that, Heukcheon swallowed all of my cock with her mouth.

“…… “Gwae, are you okay?”

I was startled for a moment, but Heukcheon swallowed the whole thing as if it was nothing.

It was long enough to fit inside her throat, but Heukcheon didn’t mind.

When I thought about it, the body she had was a celestial body created based on the heavenly water and moon emptiness.

A strong body that can withstand blows defenselessly even from evil spirits.

Eup, Chureup, Chueup.

Heukcheon eagerly touched my object with the tip of his tongue.

Every time my body twitched, she smiled at me and touched me with her tongue.

As if he had found a weakness.

And when my dick became fully erect, it started to grow in her mouth.

Heukcheon accepted them all without any burden.

A feeling of ejaculation welled up.

I grabbed Heukcheon’s head with both of her hands and pulled it.

“Wow… ….”

Heukcheon looked surprised for a moment, but then she smiled and accepted what I had as is.

Burrrut! Buhrrr. Burrr… ….


After finishing her ejaculation, Heukcheon looked at me with her expectant young eyes.

“How is it? “Did you enjoy using it?”

“…… “The feeling of use.”

“I said men like this kind of thing. No, on the contrary, I feel good that she cherishes me as her wife.”

After saying that, she gave Heukcheon a look of regret.

“Did you like it?”

“It was good.”

“Okay, now back to the main room… ….”

“Wait a minute before that…” ….”

I took her mouthwash from Ah space and smiled while looking at the black sky.

“…… ?”

“Would you please wash your mouth with this?”

“Lord, master?”

“…… Sorry.”

No matter how much he thought about it, he put it in her mouth and even made her drink her semen.

I love Heukcheon, but this and that are different.

It’s a bit awkward to kiss her mouth.


After finishing her gargling, Heukcheon glared at me fiercely for a moment.

But soon his eyes softened and he approached me cautiously.

“Well, then, can you give me grace?”

“…… “How many have you seen?”

“With the Japanese side…… “I referenced a lot of Korean things.”

“Really? “Then, please focus on Japan.”

“…… “I will do so from now on.”

I laid Heukcheon down on the bed.

Heukcheon slowly spread her legs in an M shape and looked at me.

“Ho, I have a favor to ask, would you please listen to it?”

“What is it?”

“Well, can you do it right away?”

“…… As soon as?”

“Yes… ….”

Heukcheon looked at me as if he was in a great hurry.

I looked at Heukcheon with a dumbfounded expression. She must be a virgin, but I felt like she wanted me like a woman in heat.

‘I was wet enough.’

Well, since I have a strong body, it will be okay.

Heukcheon had a body and mind that would not be broken no matter how harshly he was treated.



When I quietly placed my dick at the entrance to Heukcheon’s pussy, Heukcheon swallowed. As if a human being who had been wandering in the darkness for decades found the light of hope.



As soon as it entered, Black Heaven cheered deeply.


I pierced it all the way through in one go. Heukcheon’s pussy swallowed my cock, so I couldn’t control it either.

‘I didn’t know I would get in at once…’ ….’

It seems like there is pain, but Black Heaven is familiar with pain.

“Ahhh ♡”

The proof is that they are moaning.

‘Quite…… ‘It’s very tight.’

This is a pussy I want to tame.

A pussy I want to remodel into the shape of my dick.

In other words, a masterpiece.

‘Isn’t it natural?’

Because it is a body created by a combination of heaven, earth, and moon.

“Hmm…… ♡”

“How do you feel?”

“I don’t know anything like this♡”

Heukcheon was angry.

The eyes had turned into hearts.

Then he stretched out his arms and strangled my neck.

And a kiss.

There was a refreshing mint scent in my mouth.

Funny enough, my first thought was that it was a good idea to keep quiet in this situation.


I moved carefully.

“Ugh, huh♡”

The response came immediately. Heukcheon moaned. As I thrust it in, something touched it.

“aaang♡ Ugh, this is you, so… ….”

“Too much?”

“I feel so good♡”

The inside of the black cloth tightened around my dick.

The body was soft and tight on the inside.

Jjigeeook. I’m going to eat it.

We moved slowly so that Heukcheon could adapt. Heukcheon gasped every time he moved his waist.

“Ugh… Above, it’s dangerous♡ It’s too thick and long…… ♡”


“My body doesn’t listen to me, ugh♡”

“What hurts?”

“Well, there is no such thing.

“Then can I make it a little stronger?”

“…… Hmm♡ Well, why quickly eeet♡”


I inserted it in one go just before taking it out. Heukcheon’s body trembled.

Knock knock knock knock knock.

“uuu her its she her her her her heri she heri her heri her ai her heri ai her heri ai her her aan a la ur aa ur aaan aa aa a new a new her a new girl

Knock knock knock knock knock.

A feeling of ejaculation welled up.

Heukcheon was now howling like an animal.

A feeling of ejaculation began to build up. Saliva flowed from Heukcheon’s parted lips.

Knock knock knock knock knock.

“Chu-eup, Chueup, Chu-eup♡”

When I kissed him, our tongues began to mingle.

Eyes with blooming pink hearts turned towards me.

“I’ll pack it as is.”


Heukcheon seemed to have forgotten what to say, coveting my tongue.

I took it as acceptance.


I ejaculated just like that.

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