I Became the Sole Master of Magic at the Academy chapter 328

I Became the Sole Master of Magic at the Academy 328

328 – Side Story, Pure Whiteness.

A long time has passed.

About a hundred years.

Lee Seo-ha, who sits on the last left, is not dead yet.

He wanted to die according to his appointed lifespan, but the laws of the universe bound him.

Others were rather relieved.

But he turned his gaze inward. He tried to become closer to his family and make memories with them.

Seolhwaryeon was devastated.

However, Seohyun Kim did not give up.

So, I turned my attention elsewhere.

The throne of beginning.

The opposite of the place called the throne of the end.

I heard a lot of stories about that place.

That’s what Mukwang said.

The throne of beginning has the power to start everything.

There were countless fights.

He gained rank by killing all evil spirits.

I was lucky too.

-I will give up.

This is because Purple, one of the most difficult enemies, gave up his throne.

I don’t know what the reason is.

However, Seohyun Kim had no time to spare. The purple was above, and the extinction light was catching up below at an alarming speed.


Seolhwaryeon was cooperative with him.

When she heard her own plan, she said she wanted to get involved too.

So, Seohyun Kim moved toward the throne of beginning together with Seolhwaryeon.


She went back to the beginning of everything.


As soon as she returned, she thought of another person.


What will she do? Should I attack Lee Seo-ha from the beginning? She too has endured it for a long time, so it may be so.

‘The faster you go, the slower you go.’

To be honest, I wanted to run to Seoha Lee right now.

I want to express to Lee Seo-ha the things I have kept bottled up for the past hundred years.

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But that shouldn’t be the case.

Lee Seo-ha hates things like that.

Lee Seo-ha hated being oppressed.

It is possible now.

But if you do that, he will be ruined or you will never have his heart.

‘So take your time.’

Attacking the man Seo-ha Lee.

That is the task.

Fortunately, Lee Seo-ha’s tastes are well learned.

I am more simple than I thought and I like pork more than beef. I don’t like foods like mint chocolate, but I’m better at eating spicy foods than I thought.

Thinking about such things, Kim Seohyun quietly closed her eyes.

‘First of all.’

Because becoming stronger comes first.


A day has passed.

Kim Seohyun prepared for her first day at school in a long time. Tomorrow is the entrance ceremony of Korea Hero School.

You can’t be late.

Because Lee Seo-ha was initially related to Hong Yu-hwa.

I want to confine Lee Seo-ha or deprive her of freedom, but that is the path that is furthest from Lee Seo-ha’s heart.

But that doesn’t mean she has any intention of staying still.

She will take away all contact with other women.

‘Even if it’s a regression.’

To be more precise, this is not regression.

This universe has infinite possibilities.

Everything is the dream of the one who sits on the greatest throne.

Therefore, he burned all the power he had as the seat of power of beginning. This power isn’t really needed anyway.

‘Still, I have to kill the Black God, so I need to increase my strength.’

We reached it once anyway. All he had to do was achieve his goal.

I quietly closed my eyes.

A lot has happened in the past hundred years, but we have forgotten all of it.

There were things that were thrown at him, and Lee Seo-ha loved his women more than he thought.

That’s why, even though he felt indebted to himself, he didn’t embrace himself.


When I think about that, I get a little angry.

That’s why I thought that Lee Seo-ha would be the only one in this dimension.


A foolish laugh flowed.

I wore a school uniform. A male student’s school uniform is visible. At this time, because of one of his secrets, her grandfather wanted her to disguise herself as a man.

‘Well, seeing how it is in the martial world, it is true.’

A woman called a priestess came to mind.

Although she was created as a counterpart to the Heavenly Demon, she showed off her body to the old people there. I tore them all apart and killed them.

Her wounds will never heal.

That may be why, after completing her revenge, she was able to share her dragon heart with herself.

‘Luckily there is.’

She gained the throne of beginning, then gave it up and came here.

To the starting point of everything.

However, Seohyun Kim has not given up all power.

The dragon’s heart, which was slightly broken, was intact.

This is evidence of a priestess.

And various martial arts skills that come to mind.

But most of them are useless.

Her own martial arts has been fully completed.

This was something that Kim Seohyun could do because she was the one who sat on the throne of her beginnings and was renowned throughout the universe as a martial god.

“First of all, from the beginning.”

He did many things to sit on the throne of beginning.

There were times when the dimension itself collapsed, and there were times when I was trapped in one dimension for years.

‘Her most powerful memory is of Solomon in the Devil’s Tower.’

There was nothing to be afraid of now.

She looked at all the mysteries, magic, and martial arts in the entire universe.

Muhak was inspired by them.

‘An unknown new skill.’

She didn’t want to name this.

Because I made it with Lee Seo-ha in mind.

Therefore, this martial art is still unknown.

Kim Seo-hyun practiced new skills like that.

For a full day.


The day of the entrance ceremony has arrived.

I felt a little excited.

For some reason, he felt good even when people who were bothering him sent text messages.

[Little guy: Hey, I heard you’re going to the entrance ceremony today?]

[Little guy: Get ready to be stuck in second place from today.]


[Little guy: Who are you?]

I lightly ignored it and looked in the mirror.

Are there any awkward parts?

It’s a little awkward to wear a skirt. At this time, I was only wearing pants or something.

Now that I think about it, I didn’t really decorate it after Seo-ha fell asleep.

‘Well, what do you think?’

I just need to look good to him.

Still, I shortened the skirt a little just in case.

I was worried that it would look too much like a military group. But anyway, I’m pretty.


The woman whom her grandfather had named her servant saluted him politely.

How was I at this time? hahahaha, I was laughing and feeling uncomfortable.

‘It’s a little different now.’

I don’t have any particular impressions.

Should I say I’ve gotten used to it?

Well, after killing dozens of evil spirits, most of them were obedient.

-Please, please save my life…….

The same goes for extinction.

She competed with her for the throne at the beginning, but she was the winner at the end. The power of the throne that started everything was so great that it was no problem to extinguish the light.

‘Now that I think about it, there was also an emperor, right?’

When I thought about that, the emperor came to mind.

Puppet Master.

I remembered being given the undeserved title of emperor because it was said that I could create an empire with dolls. He originally had his eyes on Seoha too.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’

In my imagination, I have already come up with dozens of ways to seduce Lee Seo-ha.

Of course, it’s all in Kim Seo-hyun’s imagination, and it’s a secret that while she was trying to seduce Lee Seo-ha there, her own delusions added to it and she ended up liking Lee Seo-ha more.

Anyway, Kim Seohyun decided to think that way.

“You seem to be in a good mood today.”


“Yes, you had a sudden change of heart recently. You used to have a deadpan expression, but I can see you smiling a lot these days.”

“They say a woman changes when she loves.”


The bodyguard coughed loudly.

Have you heard of a case? Wow! Kehehehe! It was making the same strange sound.

No, really, what is it?

Is it strange that I’m in love? Do you want to search?

“Oh, no. “For some reason, you are wearing a skirt today.”

“I’m almost turning 20, too.”

To be more precise, if you count it by full age, you are not an adult.

Korea Hero School is a school where students participate in actual battles.

In order to be sent to the bloody battlefield, all students at the Korean Hero School are treated on an equal footing with adults, and are even admitted to hero initiation.

Therefore, there is no problem in having s*x.

‘…… s*x.’

When I thought about it, I realized that I had endured for a very long time.

Combining my past lives, I was… for 120 years. ….


I closed my eyes tightly.

It’s not that there weren’t men.

Even when I was in my prime, in my 80s, there were many men who hit on me.

However, my heart was completely safe, so I endured and endured.

And now it is time to see the results.

‘s*x… ….’


Feeling my face getting warm, I looked out the window.



It took quite some time.

When my grandfather told me to go to bed since I would now be living in a dormitory, I had no choice but to go to bed and move to the island.

Still, it arrived earlier than expected.

“Then are you going to go in right away?”

“No, I want to go around and have a look.”

I smiled brightly and removed the obstructionist.

Then I looked for a place where Seoha Lee might be.

‘Where do you want to be?’

My heart is pounding.

My heart was beating fast.

I thought I would never feel this feeling again.

Is it a reaction to the body becoming younger? No, my thoughts about him were much deeper than I thought.

My heart is pounding.

Kim Seohyun walked a little fast.

Everything was exciting.

Looking at Kim A-ra, who looks somehow young, and looking at someone who felt inferior to herself.

Ersil is looking at himself with a sparkling expression.

Everything was not visible.

Because my eyes are fixed on one boy.

Just looking at him changes the scenery.

The color of the sky changes to pink.

‘I’m going crazy.’

Did you have this kind of girl-like sensibility?

He spent over 100 years fighting.

I thought all these Gangjeongs were dry.

‘Was everything postponed?’

I guess it was like that.

“It’s going to turn.”

I saw a boy sighing deeply.

It’s a surprisingly familiar face.

Completely black hair and eyes.

A characteristic that only a heavenly body that defies heaven can have.

Surprisingly, he was wearing a hoodie. Well, he should have liked hoodies in the first place. He tended to wear a suit while grumbling when Hong Yu-hwa decorated him.

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Then he fell in love with the sight of him wearing a suit.

My skin was clean.

Women would probably sneak a quick glance at it, but if they were confident about their looks, they wouldn’t even make an attack.

I took a quick look and saw that the women around me were glancing at me.

He probably doesn’t even know this.

‘It’s still the same.’

I ended up laughing without thinking.


Seohyun Kim approached Seoha Lee.

What should I say?

I thought countless times before taking the throne of beginning.

I am,

If I met Lee Seo-ha, I wanted my first words to be romantic.

She went around pretending to be a man, but she was still a woman.

I wanted a love that was like fate.


“Huh? Seohyun Kim?”

I am.

“Do you want to have s*x with me?”


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