I Became the Villain of a Dark Fantasy chapter 145

I Became the Villain of a Dark Fantasy 145

Episode 145 .

Immediately after killing Dullahan, Dedden stopped by the legation and volunteered for the demon army. As a demon, it was highly likely that he would be appointed as an officer.

Before that, you will be enrolled in the military academy and educated. It will last more than half a year. Even if it seemed like a huge waste of time, it was worth it for the subjugation of Peter Sarkin.

If you do, you’ll keep running into him. It will be easy to take a chance.

However, Dedden did not choose a military cadet.

There were better positions.

A position that would save time and ensure an audience with Peter Sarkin. It was the window guard.

It would be a position that a demonic aristocrat aiming for success would never want, but it was different for Dedden.

You just need to make contact with the demon.

There was no place more suitable than the Changgwan Management Group.

This is because he is an extreme luster and almost lives in Changgwan. He liked to mingle with his subordinates while hiding his identity.

It was like that in the original. It was a good amount to know.

He would go around in disguise this time, but Dedden was able to figure out his true identity.

It would be enough to approach him quickly and kill him.

A week should be enough. I didn’t intend to stay in Baiken for long, so I brought a small amount of gold coins that could be used.

For that reason, Dedden’s accommodation was shabby.

Dedden sits on an old bed. Kyuya quietly approached the side.

“······Aiden, why did you do that earlier?”

“What do you mean?”

Her expression was serious.

“I said I would move as stealthily as possible. But your attention has been drawn.”

Everyone in Baiken came to know Deden. The first button was put in wrong.

“It doesn’t always go as planned.”

“Still, wouldn’t it have been better to let me go than now?”

“Peterssarkin never embraces a woman once he has embraced him.”

Only when the demon covets Kyuya can Aiden’s plan come true. If you take Kyu-ya easily, his interest will cool off.

Peter Sarkin was desperate to get the jewel, but neglected it the moment he got it.

Dedden was well aware of his personality.

Kyuya shook her head.

“It can’t be. It’s hard to say with my mouth… but males can’t reject me. Especially since you’re in a relationship.”

It was true. Gumiho was an exception. Peter Sarkin would not be able to leave her unattended. Rather, you will crave it even more.

Deden was well aware.

“It may be so, but if the fact that you are a nine-tailed fox is discovered, it will be over.”

It was difficult to hide the vigor that radiated during intercourse.

Quya pointed to Deden’s hand.

“I can’t be honest. Didn’t you get it to use for a time like this?”

An artifact that creates a magic core. When implanted into the body, it produces demonic energy like a demon.

He could be a real devil for a while.

Vitality and divinity will also be sufficiently covered. It was good to see it as a replacement.

Deden looked at Kyuya. After staring at her for a while, she opened her mouth.

“Yes, you are right. I couldn’t imagine you mingling with a demon.”

I felt sick to myself. Sacrificing many lives for the sake of the future, and not being able to handle a single affair of his wife. The contradiction was not such a contradiction.

I put a lot of reasons for not sending it, but it was all an excuse.

In fact, it was hard to tolerate Saya being embraced by another man.

Dedden muttered.

“What is noble hypocrisy?”

No matter how you look at it, hypocrisy was not virtuous.

Looking at Aiden, who was dazed somewhere, Quya slowly stretched out his arms.

said, hugging him softly.

“There is such a thing in the Bible. You have to value your own, so you can value others as well.”

It was a phrase recorded in Paid or Dansangrok.

“You are doing great. Do you think of others even when you reign over the heads of ten thousand servants? I know it will hurt like now. I am also acknowledging my contradictions.”

He continued running through Deden’s hair.

“No one is perfect. But, I’m just trying to get closer. Someday, when you arrive at your destination, look back. The road you paved will be noble enough. It was a field of thorns, but then the flowers must have bloomed profusely, right? Those who follow will smile at the superb view. I bet you.”

Deden, who was listening, smiled lightly.

“They didn’t even let me touch it, but it’s quite warm today. What wind did it blow?”

Quya moved his upper body onto Deden’s lap.

I looked at you and smiled.

“It’s just, I’m a little happy today.”

He put it to his ear and breathed into it.

“Should we do it once? If it was like this, it would be a memory.”

It was only half a year relationship. Deden wanted it very much, but there was still work to be done.

Cerberus, lying on the ground, waggled his tail.

“This old man is a folding screen. Please enjoy. hahahaha!”

Saya pointed out the door.

“what. I am out.”

Deden laughed and shook his head.

“It will be three days and three nights from the moment we start, but there is no time for that. Let’s put it off until later.”

Because I wasn’t here to play.

Deden put his hands on both of Kyuya’s armpits and lifted them up. Then gently lowered it to the floor.

She seemed pretty sorry.

Dedden pulled Doulahan’s head from his pocket.

The huge head had been compressed, making it smaller than the size of a thumb. Aiden’s strength was already far outside the standard.

Kyuya looked at Deden with a slightly worried expression.

“You want to plant a demon core?”

“I guess so. If there is even one doubt, it will be difficult.”

He beat Dullahan to death. No demonic spells manifested. It was not common sense force. I didn’t know if anyone would be puzzled.

A solution was needed for him.

Deden brought Dullahan’s head to the magic core. kind of sacrifice. The fist-sized cube opened its mouth and gobbled up the compressed helmet.

The cube was stained black. Deden immediately took it to Danjeon.

Immediately after being absorbed as soft as liquid, Dedden’s expression was extremely contorted.

The seeker of destruction began to have seizures in demonic air.

The fit wasn’t too good.

Originally, the magic core would have been inserted into Sayana or Paladin.

My plan went awry, so I couldn’t help it.

Iden had to deal with it. It was far more horrifying than I thought, to the point of going crazy.

Deden was struck with excruciating pain several times greater than the pain of having his limbs cut off.

That was too hard to bear.

vomited up

“Ah, Iden!”

Kyuya shouted in surprise. Aiden hurts like this? It was almost the first time I saw something like this.

Deden bit his lip and said.

“…don’t be too loud.”

You may have ears to hear.

Quya supported Deden with a desperate expression.

“sorry. Gwa, are you okay?”

In my mind, I wanted to extract the nucleus again. It can’t be.

Dedden stifled a moan.

“It’s just that… it’s not worth holding on to. I need to lie down.”

I had to have an acclimatization period.

Quya laid Deden on the old bed, and he himself lay down next to him.

“I’ll hug you next to you.”

Dedden fainted.


The ghoul ‘Bayan’, a member of the Changgwan Management Corps, was in a very good mood.

After 5 years, I had a successor, but it was because he was a demon.

it’s daemon Aren’t you a noble in Hell’s castle, at the center of the Devil’s Palace? There was no need to even mention the difference in status between ghouls and demons. In Hell Castle, ghouls were indebted to wiping the feces of demons.

It’s not a joke, it really was.

However, Daemon came as an adjunct shooter. He also killed the corps commander.

I couldn’t quite understand. The path to success is clear, so why did you volunteer here? After all, lions have to play in lion packs.

A ghoul like Bayan was the senior, and he couldn’t even hunt demons.


I’ve endured absurdity for 5 years,

I waited for a successor, but he was not reciprocated.

“It’s very common. damn it.”

It was cheap from day one. Daemon had to come to the barracks, undergo a ceremony, and complete basic education.

Not a single nose was visible.

The ghoul had no choice but to go pick it up. Late at night, in front of a shabby inn. Bayan sighed and turned the doorknob.

A large daemon was standing there.

Bayan was startled and tumbled down the stairs.

Deden opened his mouth.

“sorry. I fell asleep.”

you fell asleep? It was absurd. It was an excuse without the slightest sincerity.

The ghoul jumped up and looked at Deden.

“ha ha ha. It can be. I understand everything.”

He scratched his head and lowered his head.

Whatever it was, it had to look good. That daemon will definitely move to another position. I will definitely go to the officer.

If you grind, you will ruin your life.

Deden strode down.

“Take it easy. It is my superior.”

Bayan waved his hand.

“no. no. How dare you do that…”

“I told you to take it easy.”

It sounded overbearing.

For Dedden, it was difficult when useless noise leaked out saying that it was inconvenient. You may be dismissed from the management corps.

The ghoul glanced over.

“Ah, hahahaha… I’m really not used to this…”

“Don’t make me say it twice.”

Bayan swallowed dry saliva.

If I made him say it twice, he would be beaten to death.

“That, then.”

he took a deep breath.

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“Oh, nice to meet you. I am bayan It’s your shooter.”

“This is Deden.”

Bayan looked very uncomfortable.

“Let’s go to the barracks. I’ll give you a rough idea of what to do next with Patrol.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to see for yourself?”

“huh? what is that…”

“I want to look around Changgwan.”

“Me, I’m off work today.”

“Good. Please tell me step by step.”

Bayan felt that his concerns were coming true. The future began to slowly appear. Like now, I will be eaten and swayed by my successor.

“That, yes. It’s good that you’re full of will.”

“Let’s go.”

The two headed to the window located outside Baiken.

The brothel that surrounded the holy ground was very wide. The concept also varied by region.

Bayan and Dedden were in charge of the 3rd section, Tentacle Joy (觸手歡樂街).

In a subdued alley with red lanterns, numerous shops were facing each other.

Beyond the glass, prostitutes waved their tentacles bewitchingly. It was a solicitation.

Bayan glanced around and said.

“Here, other than District 6, they don’t accept ghouls like us. I’m kidding…”

I cut off the horse’s tail. Come to think of it, it didn’t apply to demons.

he laughed bitterly.

Deden opened his mouth.

“Are we only in charge here?”

“Well, usually it is.”

“I’d like to tour District 2 as well.”

“Dream horse nightlife? Ahh, I can’t even step. It will be difficult for you to go there.”

“Isn’t it possible if you give me a lady?”

Bayan looked at Deden.

“Are you that succubus? You killed the military commander to protect that child.”

Then he covered his mouth.

Dedden said, not caring.

“I’m thinking of putting it in as a one-team prostitute.”

Ilpae Changgi does not sell his body, only gives laughter. with song and dance.

Bayan coughed.

“Well, then it might be possible. Pimps are out of the question.”

He intended to send Saya there to bewitch the demon. Because Peter Sarkin in disguise appeared the most in District 2.

Also, he had great respect for mortal customs and laws. I won’t touch the cue. Instead, they will try to free you from the prostitution.

He would pay Dedden, the pimp, but Dedden planned to refuse. Until the Demon God challenges you to a duel. The authority of fighting and fighting. In it, instant death is sealed.

The odds were on.

Deden nodded.

“All right. Let’s go straight to District 2.”

“What about the succubus? It is possible only if accompanied.”

“We decided to meet up front.”

Bayan let out a deep sigh. The successor didn’t seem to care about the patrol mission.

Just as he was about to move forward, Dedden narrowed his eyes. I was staring straight ahead.

A man walking from a distance. He was naked and muscular, with black long hair that reached his waist.

An arc lined the corners of his mouth. His expression was relaxed and confident.

The streets were full of demons, but no one could identify the man.

Iden was the only one who knew.

red earrings. Because it was his symbol.

This is Peter Sarkin. Why is he here? You must hate tentacles.

Deden couldn’t understand it well.

Their gazes intertwined in midair.

he exclaimed cheerfully.

“This is someone! Aren’t you the hero who beat the corps commander to death!”

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