I Became the Villain of a Dark Fantasy chapter 144

I Became the Villain of a Dark Fantasy 144

Episode 144 .

It was a great disappointment.

The situation of being trampled and humiliated by the devil itself was irritating, but there was a bigger problem.

Do you want to pass the cue? If it did, Peter Sarkin would have her too easily. It will deviate considerably from what was planned.

couldn’t do that At this point, there was only one way to kill the Demon God.

We have to wage a battle of fighting for confidence. A duel to seal each other’s powers and prove oneself only with physical abilities. Deden and the demon will fight with Saya on the line.

It was the only way to avoid his instant death.

Instant death unconditionally kills the target it looked at.

It was too difficult to deal with, and there were few ways to break it.

I was able to block it with the Divine Interceptor, but there is only one shield in this world. Unlike the newcomer Peter Sarkin.

What if he sees a dense army? If there is no Ganro there, whether there are 10,000 or 100,000 troops gathered, they will be annihilated.

There is no war against him.

I had to fix it here.

It was for him to infiltrate the demon realm.

But it’s like this from the first button. Deden looked up at the sky and sighed.

“… that’s something I can’t do.”

Kyuya, who was taken away, will wait on the devil’s bed. At that moment, the fact that it was a nine-tailed fox would be discovered. I couldn’t even hide the vigor that radiates from s*xual intercourse.

In the first place, the devil hugs Saya? Even Iden couldn’t bear it.

In the middle of being quite embarrassed, Dullahan let out a cool voice.

“What did you say?”

The tip of the knife dug into Deden’s chin. Black blood gushed out.

“Tell me again.”

Aiden opened his mouth with a calm expression.

“Shut up. Are you thinking?”

Dullahan was taken aback. Is this baby crazy? A fallen demon or something, even a collateral worm in the village, dared to speak that way to the captain of the Baiken guards. It was conceptually impossible.

The blood bone was also suspicious. I thought Dedden was an ambitious man, but now I see that he is just a country boy who has his heart stolen by a succubus.

Unless you are blinded by love…

Dullahan raised his black sword.

“Just die.”

Just as he was about to strike his neck, Quya gently approached him and gently grabbed Dullahan’s wrist.

“I will go. Please forgive me just once.”

“This year…”

I turned my head and looked at her. He was a handsome man who deserved to risk his life.

Separately, Doulahan’s expression was colored with bewilderment. because it was stopped. A small succubus was holding up his arm strength casually.

He squirmed and let out more power, but he didn’t even dream.

Kyuya let go of his wrist and said.

“I’ll go on my own, so please.”

“Yes, what have you been doing now?”

Kyuya put on an expression that he didn’t know.

“yes? what······”

“Didn’t you block this body?!”

As if frightened, she flinched.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t let the owner die. It’s going to change now… but, still, Dedden-sama saved me a few times.”

useless sound. I wasn’t even curious.

“different! How can four years…”

do you have that kind of power? I couldn’t bear to ask. How can I admit that I was blocked by a lowly woman? Pride didn’t allow it.

Dullahan looked around, his face flushed with anger.

Buzzing, buzzing, many demons had gathered before anyone knew it. It was a fun spectacle.

Kyuya said with a sorrowful expression.

“Come on, take me.”

At that time, Dedden removed the black paw that was stepping on his chest.

“There is no need for that.”

Dullahan and Quya’s eyes turned to Deden at the same time.

“Lord, master?”

Suddenly, I was asking why?

Do you really intend to reveal your identity here? It would all have to go in vain. Saya didn’t want that ending either.

Deden, who was lying down, stood up shaking off the dirt.

Kyuya walked right up to him. whispered softly

“Iden, no. Can’t you just not have a bed? I’ll try to coax you.”

Deden shook his head.

“There are other ways.”

Cerberus was warming up.

Doulahan’s expression twisted horribly as he watched.

“You bastards like worms! Let’s chop each other up!”

The dark demonic spirit gushed out. The gathered demons erupted in cheers in spite of the far-fetched malice.

The seeker of destruction went into a maddening fit.

Deden let out a calm voice.

“I do not belong to any legion. Dullahan, I am not your subordinate.”

Because I haven’t completed the procedure yet.

“But you are still a commanding voice. They also tried to extort property.”

Deden used to tidy up his clothes.

“So don’t suggest it. Let’s duel.”

At the same time, the atmosphere around them subsided. The demons who laughed and chatted were also silent.

a duel That blue-eyed young fellow couldn’t stand against the commander of the guards. It was impossible even for a daemon.

Besides, is that doulahan a normal doulahan?

He had been appointed as the commanding officer of the demonic 6th corps today. It means that all demon kings have recognized their skills.

someone burst into laughter. As the silence shattered, laughter spread like wildfire. The neighborhood heated up with heat.

“They say you’re a country boy, so you can’t even tell the difference!”

“Your Excellency, Corps Commander, show me the example!”

“If the daemon dies, let’s all rape the succubus!”

Dullahan let out a frenzied howl.

“Shut up everyone!”

A huge rumble poured cold water into the heat. The demons did not dare to open their mouths.

The enraged 6th Corps commander. The far-off momentum hit the nearby area and suppressed it.

Kyuya recited.

“I’m going to die of laughter.”

Deden and Cerberus also sympathized.

Dullahan glared at Dedden right in the nose. With uncontrollable rage, the devil’s pupils were shaking.

“・・・・・Do not think of dying gracefully.”

Dedden looked around and said.

“Everyone here is an initiate. This duel is not a hypocrisy.”

Because he wasn’t part of the corps yet.

It was a demonic society full of the logic of power, but the order within the army was quite systematic.

If Deden stopped by the legation and received his post, he wouldn’t be able to challenge the corps commander to a duel.

one was possible now.

A chance to fight as demon vs demon. It is quite common in this society.

The corps commander suppressed his emotions and scratched his brain.

“Looks like you have a substitute.”

He seemed so confident. No tension was felt in Dedden. I couldn’t do that without going crazy.

If so, he would have had someone to fight for him.

As a demon, a high-ranking demon, he must have had a cleanup.

“Who are you?”

If a central minister or a grand supply appears, it becomes difficult even as a dullahan. I didn’t want to conflict with them.

Deden opened his mouth.

“does not exist.”


“I fight.”

From the depths of his chest, a sense of relief welled up along with terrible anger.

You don’t have to put up with it, just smash it. I would rape a succubus in front of a guy who was just breathing.

Doulahan turned his back. After widening the distance, I looked at Dedden again.

His eyes were bent like half moons.

“I’ll break off your horns, and I’ll throw you at the succubus.”

The demons burst into cheers.

Deden said calmly.

“Come in when it’s convenient for you.”

What the hell is that confidence all about? I felt uncomfortable at first, but I ignored it.

It’s just a childish man-yong. Thinking so, he blew his whistle.

The blue spirits began to converge on Dullahan’s groin. It soon formed a shape. don’t ghost The demon rider on board attached his head, which was worn on his side, to his neck.

At the same time, it moved silently.

The blue breath continues like a tail.

Whoops! He approached in an instant and swung a black sword.

Just cutting through the air, Dedden was no longer there.

Where? I couldn’t follow it with my eyes. When I turned the horse’s hair, it was only then that I saw it.

Dedden and Dullahan’s seats had been switched.

A look of wonder spread across the faces of all demons. when did you go there It seemed to them that they had leaped through space.

The reality was different. physical phenomenon. It was just too fast.

Deden looked at the blood bone right next to him.

Bloodbone retreated a few steps.

“Oh, you stupid bastard! To the girl…”


Deden grabbed his arm. Fast! The red skeleton was ripped away in an instant.


Bloodgol lost one arm without even reacting.

“Uh, aaagh-!”

It doesn’t have nerves, but it seems to feel pain. Deden ignored it and kicked the ground.

The moment the ground sank, Dedden and Dullahan were facing each other.

It was a speed that transcended cognition.

Deden’s expression twisted.

“You bastard bastard, you talk so well.”

Before his brain could judge anything, Dedden swung the red bone across.

A terrible roar erupted. dented breastplate. Right after that, the huge demon bounced backwards and flew away.

Quadd deuk-! Clashed with onlookers. The bumped demons were either squeezed or exploded.

Black debris was scattered like a fountain.

Everyone stiffened in astonishment.

Deden didn’t stop. I walked towards Dullahan and arrived.

The guy was convulsing, stuck in a building.

Deden put his hand to his head. Then it was easily pulled out.

A specter hiding in a helmet. The boy’s eyes flashed with fear.

“Yes, what the hell are you…”

Deden said softly.

“It’s Taekwang.”

The moment Dullahan’s pupils dilated, Dedden grabbed the helmet with both hands. He began to press down on both temples.

Hard! The strength gained from killing the demon instantly crushed his head.

Barding crumples like paper. Black smoke billowed incessantly.

Screams of pain followed.

Finally, the helmet was reduced to compacted garbage.

Dedden stuffed his head into his pocket as if he were packing up trophies.

Then I walked slowly towards the mission. As if nothing had happened.

That’s how the commander of the demonic 6th corps was killed.

It was an unmatched finale.

The demons were silent until Dedden and his company were gone.

I didn’t even know what I was seeing.


Rumors spread like lightning.

From noble mtl dot com

One of the countryman’s fallen nobles smashed the corps commander. It’s a shame there are so many intuition demons, otherwise no one would have believed it.

Of course, the words of the lie also entered the ears of Archduke Baiken.

He lost the captain of the guards overnight.

It was so absurd that I couldn’t even find a way to respond. It’s not like I’m going to die like that. What about loyalty? It was so precious.

I was trembling and shaking when I heard a languid voice.

“I heard some interesting news.”

It was Peter Sarkin sitting on the throne. It was covered by a curtain, so I couldn’t see it.

Decenteria, the Duke of Baiken, lifted her head slightly.

“……It’s just the physiology of mere mortals. It’s none of your business to worry about.”

Behind the curtain, a black shadow rested his chin.

“You were trying to keep slaves? They say it’s a succubus…the second coming of Barnya.”

Varnya was one of the demons who died 200 years ago. Her beauty was considered fundamental among demons.

In the past, she was also Peter Sarkin’s lover.

Decenteria wiped away the cold sweat.

“hahahaha…, Lord Varnya, that’s too much. Rumors tend to be exaggerated.”

A black shadow tapped the armrest.

“Also, that daemon didn’t even use magic.”

The Archduke also heard that.

“That too…”

“I’m curious.”

“Bo, can you see?”

“Not so.”

Then it disappeared.

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