I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 12

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 12

“Legend…a legendary water-breaking giant sword?”

“Wait! A legendary ghost wand?”

“Did those three master adventurers explode all the valuable things on their bodies?”

Looking at the shiny equipment and items all over the floor, Ye Luo and Red Hair were dumbfounded. What they thought was that these masters were really unlucky.

However, this has nothing to do with their luck, it is all due to the Dark Lord’s passive skill “Dark Lord’s Greed”.

If luck is really involved, it can only be blamed on them being so unlucky that they ran into Liszt.

After all, the three master adventurers were killed by Liszt’s moving fireball technique.

“Trigger passive skills! The greed of the dark lord! When the adventurer dies, all equipment above the legendary level will be forced to drop, and the dropped equipment cannot be picked up again!”

The judgment of this passive skill is very interesting. In the skill description, it says “dropped equipment cannot be picked up again.” If you look at the context, it should refer to “forcibly dropped legendary equipment.”

It stands to reason that other than the equipment that is forced to drop, other lower-quality equipment will not be affected.

But the actual effect is that as long as it is killed by Liszt, all the dropped equipment cannot be picked up again.

In addition, this passive skill is only for adventurers, not for wild monsters, so Ye Luo and Red Hair can pick up and fly.

Master adventurers usually have one or two pieces of legendary equipment close to them, which is what they can rely on to advance to the master.

Now, the legendary equipment has fallen, and the three bigwigs are about to become three scholars.

Yes, Liszt is a big boss harvester, the kind who specializes in beating big bosses into scholars.

The three bosses dropped a total of two pieces of legendary equipment. Liszt first picked up the equipment, and then distributed it to Ye Luo and Red Hair.

“Whoever sees it! Whoever sees it!” he said.

“Mr. Hester, this is too precious, I… I can’t have it.” Ye Luo refused.

Liszt shoved the legendary water-breaking giant sword into Ye Luo’s hand and said, “Why so much nonsense? If you want to take it, then take it. Be polite to me, don’t you have trouble getting along with yourself?”

As a dark lord, Liszt has a lot of money, not to mention legendary equipment, and mythological equipment may not be eye-catching.

“This ghost wand…” Liszt looked at the two-handed great sword on his back, a little embarrassed. As we all know, swordsmen don’t use wands.

“I’m fine! I can!” The red hair made the most high-pitched chicken cry in the entire Miracle Continent.

“Okay, it’s good to sell it for some money.” Liszt threw the ghost wand to the redhead.

“Thank you boss!” The red-haired eyes were full of little stars.

As for other delicate, perfect, and epic equipment, Liszt simply threw them all on the ground and let them choose by themselves.

Equipment that is dropped directly cannot be picked up again, but if Liszt picks it up first and then throws it out, the equipment will become normal unowned items.

Forcing the drop of equipment above the legendary level does not mean that other equipment is safe. Dropping the legend is only an additional penalty, and the normal death penalty still exists.

The two of them were swept up in the wind, and they soon finished dividing up the equipment. Ye Luo was a little shy at first, but driven by the red hair, he quickly integrated into the pleasant environment of “dividing the spoils”.

As it turns out, never underestimate a rookie who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The three master-level adventurers violated this rule and hated it.

“What should be sold, what should be the equipment, next time we meet, I hope you can change from an apprentice to a scholar.” Liszt said to Ye Luo.

“Mr. Hester, I don’t even know how to thank you, these gifts are too precious.” Ye Luo said, “Can we add a friend?”

small book booth

He had already sent a friend request to Liszt, but found that it was like a dead sea, and there was no reply.

“To be honest, I work for the boss, and I signed an agreement. I can’t add friends casually.” Liszt pretended to say, “So…adding friends is still free.”

“Then how can we contact you?” Ye Luo asked.

Liszt took out a magic scroll and gave it to Ye Luo: “This is the teleportation magic scroll given by the boss. Use this when you want to see me. This scroll is unlimited.”

This magic scroll is the “Dark Lord Summoner”.

“What about me?” the red-haired eyes blazed.

“Forget it first,” Liszt said. He didn’t want to be woken up from his sweet dreams every day.

“Oh.” Red-haired lost.

“I’m going offline.” Ye Luo said, “Thank you for your help today, Mr. Hester.”

“No thanks, it’s all trivial matters, trivial matters!” Liszt smiled and said in his heart that you can quickly become stronger is the best reward for me.

“Let’s meet again next time!” Ye Luo activated the City Return Scroll, turning into white light and disappearing in place.

After seeing Ye Luo leave, Liszt also intends to return to the Castle of Horror, and he needs to take a good rest.

He found that the redhead had something to say, so he asked, “Aren’t you going?”

“I know your identity.” The redhead stared straight at Liszt.

“Do you know my identity?” Liszt was taken aback by this, and he asked, “Then what is my identity?”

Hong Fai vowed: “You are not the boss’s wage earner, you are the boss himself.”

“What level of boss are you talking about?” Liszt asked.

“At the very least… it should be a top master, maybe even a grand master?” The red hair guessed.

Liszt was relieved now, he thought that the red hair had seen his true identity.

“You saw through.” Liszt sighed seriously, “Don’t say it, especially don’t tell Ye Luo, I have my purpose.”

“Understood!” The redhead replied bluntly, “Then can you tell me your true level?”

“Top master.” Liszt replied, “It’s not far from the grandmaster.”

He took the lowest threshold in the interval given by the red hair, and he tried to avoid trouble as much as possible.

“It’s amazing!” the redhead exclaimed.

“It’s nothing, there are many people who are better than me.” Liszt said modestly.

The redhead walked up to Liszt and said, “Actually… I can do it.”

“Can what?” Liszt didn’t respond.

There was a blush on her red-haired cheeks, she avoided her eyes, bit her lip and said, “It’s… just do what you want, I can do it.”

This expression, this line, this tone, even if Liszt was a piece of wood, he knew what the redhead was talking about.

“This…” Liszt clasped his fists and said, “Farewell!”

He turned into white light and disappeared in place, leaving only stunned red hair messed up in the Scarlet Flame Swamp…

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