I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 11

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 11


Liszt, who was sleeping, was awakened by the sound of the alarm.

What’s going on? He was a little confused, and it took a while to realize that this was the sound of the invisible guardian.

This can’t blame Liszt. He knows too much magic. He only knows the effect of most magic and has never used it.

Is there something wrong with Ye Luo?

Liszt felt a little surprised. Although the mobile fireball was only a fifth-level magic, the basic damage was pitifully low, but it still had a magic damage bonus.

As a dark lord, Liszt’s magic damage value has already broken through the sky, enough to add moving fireball to an infinite bullet annihilation cannon.

In fact, for Liszt, as long as it is a damage skill, whether it is level 1 or level 12, there is not much difference. Level 1 is an instant kill, and level 12 is also an instant kill.

It’s just that the twelfth-level super-forbidden spell magic is a bit more cool.

With Liszt’s moving fireball body protection, not to mention the Scarlet Flame Swamp, Ye Luo can walk sideways even in the Ascension Cave, which is two levels higher than the Scarlet Flame Swamp.

Liszt felt that Ye Luo might have accidentally fallen into the swamp and needed his help now.

“Activate! Tenth-level magic, phase teleportation!”

“Activate! Eighth-level magic, Tristalo’s joke!”

The invisible guardian of the goddess of wisdom can help Liszt to locate, so he can directly use phase teleportation to go to Ye Luo.

This time, he did not fall from the sky again, but disguised himself as an escape, incarnated as a Tu Xingsun, and quietly emerged from the swamp.

He saw Ye Luo and Red Hair were confronting the three master-level adventurers.

It seems that the disparity between the strengths of the two sides is too great, and this sounded the alarm of the invisible guardian.

After all, the Stealth Guardian is not smart enough to include the Mobile Obliteration Cannon into the combat power calculation.

Liszt didn’t appear in a hurry, he was catting beside him, wanting to see how Ye Luo would deal with the current situation.


What can Ye Luo do, Ye Luo is also very desperate.

He is just a melon-eating apprentice who doesn’t know the truth. He relies on the big man’s moving fireball technique to come here and stroll around the scenery. How does he know that a demon spider will run out of it?

And this demon spider happened to be the prey of the three master-level adventurers, and inexplicably ran in front of him and was repaired by the big man’s moving fireball technique.

What’s the point of this?

No matter which online game you are playing in, if you supplement the monsters who have been beaten to death by others, there will always be conflicts.

“We killed the demon spider for six hours, and it took you to make up for the last blood?” said the master adventurer.

“This… Guys, I didn’t do it on purpose, let’s do it, how about I return all the dropped items to you?” Ye Luo admitted that he was wrong and proposed a solution.

“Who cares about those dropped items!” The other party responded, “We are doing a job transfer mission, killing the demon spider is the last condition! Can you afford the six hours of game time?”

It looks like things are getting more and more troublesome.

“An apprentice, a scholar, how did you get here?”

The other party’s eyes became more and more gloomy, and he said to the two of them: “Did you know that we are fighting demon spiders, and are hiding here waiting to make up for the leaks?”

“I’m sorry, it’s really my fault.” Ye Luo used “I” instead of “we”, and he didn’t want to roll in the red hair again.

“Why tell them so much? Kill it!” The most hot-tempered adventurer took two steps forward, took out the heavy sword behind him, and slashed at Ye Luo with one strike!

The sword qi condensed and formed in the air, and with a frigid thunder and lightning, it swept towards Ye Luo and the red hair.

At the moment when the opponent’s attack takes shape, it is far from hitting the target. The game state of Ye Luo and Red Hair has changed from the adventure mode of attacking wild monsters to the PK mode of player confrontation!

The three master-level adventurers are in a team state, and the team members’ actions mean that the entire team has become Ye Luo’s enemy.

The fireball on Ye Luo’s head caught three enemies, split into three fireballs, and floated towards the master adventurer.

The three adventurers did not pay attention to the oncoming fireball, and no one took the apprentice’s attack to heart.

Fireball? The exclusive magic of the rookie of the novice village? Who would pay attention to this kind of thing?

Just as Ye Luo and Red Hair watched, the three fireballs all hit their targets.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

Only three soft sounds were heard, and the three indomitable master-level adventurers instantly turned into white light and disappeared, becoming three piles of dazzling items and equipment.

They may not even know how they died.

Red Hair and Ye Luo stared with big eyes. They knew that the big guy’s fireball technique was very powerful, but they didn’t expect it to be so powerful.

Those are three master-level adventurers, they can definitely be called big bosses, but they were just…killed in seconds?

Ye Luo felt that what happened in front of him was very unreal, and he felt like he was dreaming.

Everything was within Liszt’s expectations. When the other party chose to fight against each other, the outcome was already doomed.

Not to mention a master-level adventurer, even if a ruling-level adventurer is here, it is still unknown whether he can take over Liszt’s fireball technique.

After witnessing the deaths of three master-level adventurers, Liszt wanted to use phase teleportation to return to the place just now and continue to lie down.

However, he suddenly realized that something was not right, and it seemed that something was beyond his expectations…

For example, why is there a blue energy body among the falling items all over the ground, and the color of the energy body is getting darker and darker?

Darker and darker energy bodies usually explode.

Liszt immediately reacted, this should be a class transfer skill of a master adventurer, leaving an energy body at the place of death, even if he died, it would not make the killer feel better.

Such skills, Liszt collectively referred to as death explosion.

Of course Liszt is not afraid of this kind of explosion, but Ye Luo and Red Hair are different. The mobile fireball technique can only attack but not defend. How can they be an apprentice and a scholar, how can they survive the death explosion of the master?


The energy body finally reached the critical point, the whole exploded, the powerful shock wave swept across the four directions, and the violent energy rolled up like a storm.

Liszt raised his hand and threw a magic: “Three-level magic, spell barrier!”

The milky white barrier was formed, covering the leaves and red hair. The barrier looked very thin, like an eggshell, and it seemed that it could be pierced with a finger.

But the eggshell-like barrier showed a completely different strength from its appearance. The shock wave of the explosion came like a tsunami, but the eggshell barrier was like a silent reef, standing in the frenzy.

The explosion ended, the barrier disappeared, and Liszt came on stage.

“Mr. Haster, this is…”

Liszt seemed to know what Ye Luo would say for a long time. He took out the unidentified scroll and said, “How about the barrier scroll given by the boss, is it okay?”

“Mr. Hester…” Ye Luo’s eyes widened, not knowing what to say, he finally gave a thumbs up and choked out two words: “Strong.”

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