I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 18

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 18

A little embarrassing, but not much of a problem.

Aside from the initial hiccups, the whole house buying process went smoothly—it always goes well for the rich.

With red hair, Liszt found the house manager, and finally purchased a mansion in the north of Iceflame City, which cost a total of two million.

The mansion in Ice Flame City is very expensive, and it is always at the highest level of the adventurer’s world. This is because Ice Flame City is a large city with unique scenery and beautiful environment.

According to the settings of the game, Ice Flame City is a city carved out of giant magic ice blocks, and the magic ice blocks are surging with fire elements left over from ancient times.

The ice city that never melts and the flames that burn all year round, two originally contradictory elements, together form the miraculous and magnificent landscape of Ice Flame City.

The ice city is vast and the sea of fire is boundless.

Liszt stood at the window and looked into the distance. The beauty of Ice Flame City made him feel a thrilling feeling.

“It’s beautiful,” he exclaimed.

He said this to himself, the red hair went to the market to buy daily necessities, and now he is the only one at home.

“It’s really beautiful.” A voice next to him responded.

Suddenly there were more people in the family, but Liszt was not nervous. He knew who the owner of this voice was.

He looked back, not knowing when, a goddess appeared behind him.

In the real world, beautiful and noble women are usually called goddesses, but they are false goddesses.

At this time, standing behind Liszt was the real goddess.

She was bathed in holy light, with six pairs of pure white wings stretched behind her back, wearing a golden crown of thorns on her head, and holding the scepter of God, she descended into Liszt’s newly purchased mansion.

She was wearing a mask and couldn’t see what she looked like, but just by virtue of her figure and temperament, she could be 100% sure that she was a beautiful woman.

The face hidden under the mask, Liszt had seen with his own eyes, in fact, he had seen all the appearance of that face.

Serious, serious, coquettish, serious, charming, demanding, flushing… He has seen everything.

Because… this is his ex-girlfriend.

Nothing to do with the real world, just an ex-girlfriend in the game world.

Liszt is the Lord of Darkness, and his ex-girlfriend is the God of Light.

The two lived together for about two years without any worries or shame.

In the Miracle Continent, there are only four NPCs played by real people, the Lord of Darkness and the God of Light, occupying two positions.

Therefore, they can understand each other. During the period of their love, they seemed to have a heart-to-heart connection, and they knew what the other was thinking with just one look.

However, the passion will always disappear gradually. After the passion fades, this kind of heart-to-heart communication has become the biggest obstacle between them.

They can clearly feel each other’s boredom with each other.

In the end, they parted peacefully, the Dark Lord returned to the Castle of Terror, and the Light God King returned to her Light Kingdom.

How far is the peace?

It was probably peaceful to the extent that half the battlefield outside the Miraculous Continent was beaten to ruins by the two of them.

This breakup battle also lasted for nearly half a year.

Of course, the world boss can’t kill the world boss. No matter how shattered they are, they can’t help each other.

However, fierce battles are often accompanied by passion, and as we all know, passion… needs to be released.

As a result, the war between the Dark Lord and the Light God King is often fought, and it becomes another form of ambiguous war…

It may sound a little strange, but in the half year of the breakup battle, they felt more fulfilled than ever before.

Ultimately, they felt, this ridiculous war could not go on any longer.

The battle of breaking up finally came to an end, and they never saw each other since then.

At this time, facing his ex-girlfriend, Liszt’s mood was quite complicated.

He said, “Why, I know I bought a house and can’t wait to live in and be the hostess?”

“Don’t be selfish.” The goddess’s voice was cold and indescribable, “If it wasn’t for something, I wouldn’t come to you.”

“You’re getting married? Did you send me an invitation?” Liszt asked sternly.

“If you want to hear it, you’d better shut up honestly,” said the goddess.

“Okay, then you say.”

“You have crossed the border.” The goddess said.

“What have I done that crossed the line?” Liszt replied, “Please define the cross first.”

“The legendary equipment you sold will have unpredictable consequences in the adventurer world.”

“So what? Did you decide to commit yourself?”

After saying this, Liszt realized that something was wrong, because the goddess in front of her had already promised herself.

“If this continues, you will be punished by the system.” The goddess replied, “You have such a rare opportunity, and I don’t want to see the system demote you back to your place of origin.”


The rare opportunity in her mouth was of course the “Naughty Scroll of the God of Mischief”, and it was this scroll that gave Liszt the status of an adventurer.

“Do you want to be an adventurer too?” Liszt asked.

The goddess didn’t answer immediately, she seemed a little hesitant.

Liszt smiled and said, “You should know that the props in this game will never be unparalleled, there will be at least two.”

He continued, “I already own the Naughty Scroll of the God of Mischief, and I can help you get the other one.”

“However, your act of selling a lot of legendary equipment has violated the fairness principle of the game.” The goddess said, “The system will punish you.”

“If you want sanctions, then sanctions are fine,” Liszt said. “Actually, I doubt whether systematic sanctions can threaten me.”

Liszt is so powerful that even a system controlled by artificial intelligence is difficult to target him.

“The system can do much more than you think.” The goddess replied.

“Do you really want the Naughty Scroll of the God of Mischief?” Liszt asked.

The goddess obviously hesitated, at least for the next thirteen seconds, she did not speak.

Liszt said: “I can help you get the other naughty scroll.”

“What conditions do you have?” The goddess knew Liszt’s urine very well.

“Because you are my ex-girlfriend, my conditions can be relaxed.”

“what do you want to say in the end?”

“As long as you are willing to enter my harem, I can help you find that other mischievous naughty scroll!”

“You’re dreaming!” The goddess was surrounded by thunder. She was the king of gods after all, and the surrounding environment would change according to her emotions.

“I only have this condition.” Liszt said happily, “As long as you promise me, then everything will be fine.”

Without waiting for the goddess to answer, Liszt continued: “I just don’t know, what price are you willing to pay to integrate into the adventurer world?”

“You… shameless!” The goddess responded, thunder scattered all around, even a master-level adventurer would be instantly killed!

“Do you really want to integrate into the adventurer world?” Liszt said again.

The goddess was silent for a long time, obviously she was weighing the pros and cons.

Finally, she said, “Wait until you find another scroll!”

Liszt laughed, because he knew that if the goddess was willing to say so, she agreed to his conditions.

So, where is that other naughty scroll?

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