I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 24

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 24

Originally, Liszt wanted to bring both the red hair and the leaves.

Ye Luo himself was unsatisfactory, and it was no wonder that Liszt was so “ruthless and unrighteous”.

“Let’s go.” Liszt activated the teleportation magic and left Ice Flame City with red hair, and came to a mysterious space.

This mysterious space is covered with an ominous gray haze. Liszt and the red hair are standing on the edge of the cliff, and half a step forward is the abyss.

In the abyss is a deep darkness that cannot be seen through, and a strange aura rises from the darkness, which seems to ignite all the negative emotions of pryers.

When you are staring into the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you.

The red-haired eyes became blurred, and she walked forward involuntarily, actually wanting to step into the abyss!

Li Stella stopped her, helped her clear the abnormal state on her body, and added the “immune abnormal state” buff to her.

“This is… the Abyss of Desire?” The red hair woke up, she looked at the abyss half a step away, and said with fear.

“That’s right, this is the Abyss of Desire.” Liszt nodded.

The Abyss of Desire is a high-level map that does my part. Before this version update, when there was no Sacred Kingdom, the Abyss of Desire was the highest-level map.

Weak adventurers do not even have the qualifications to peep into the abyss. They will be charmed by the abyss of desire and involuntarily jump into the abyss like the red hair just now.

The redhead has never been here before, but the characteristics of the Abyss of Desire are so obvious that even if she just heard about it, she can recognize that this is the Abyss of Desire.

“What are we here for?” the redhead asked.

“Looking for something.” Liszt handed the red-haired note that he had written in advance.

“The flesh and blood of the whale of the abyss*200…the viscera of the sinful dragon*200…the skeleton of the dog of the latent shadow*100…”

The redhead read out the contents of the note and asked, “Need so many things?”

In the world of miracles, the upper limit of a set of materials is 20, and normal tasks only need to be handed in half a set to complete. Even an equipment manufacturer only needs two or three sets to achieve mass production.

On Liszt’s note, there are a total of ten different materials, twenty sets are needed for more, and ten sets are needed for less.

What is this for? Is the owner going to change careers as a material wholesaler? Redhead didn’t quite understand.

“Well, I’m useful.” Liszt nodded, “I’ll leave this task to you.”

“Okay.” The redhead agreed, but two seconds later, she refused again, “Not good.”

“Huh?” Liszt obviously didn’t expect the redhead to reject him.

The redhead didn’t look into Liszt’s eyes, she lowered her head and grabbed the skirt of the maid’s dress, her voice soft: “I’m not going, I’m going together, we’ll complete the task together.”

She was not firm, and Liszt was certain that if he insisted on redheading to collect materials at this time, she would definitely choose to obey.

“Heaven Comes”

“Okay, then let’s go together.” Liszt agreed to the absurd request of the red hair.

To Liszt, the request was not absurd.

The redhead is trying his best to make changes and want to become the “little tiger” that Liszt wants her to become. At this stage, she needs Liszt’s encouragement.

If Ye Luo has such executive power, what else is there to be disappointed about?

It’s a pity that the talent with good execution is not strong, and the talent with strong execution is not good.

Otherwise, Liszt still needs Ye Luo, he can completely cultivate the red hair, and finally let Her Lady Queen send him home.

However, the world of miracles is different from other traditional online games, this game requires the talent of adventurers.

With the talent of red hair, even if the whole body is full of mythical equipment, she can only reach the master level, which is her limit.

And the master level can’t kill Liszt, only the supreme can hope to send him home.

Fifth-level magic, moving fireball!

Liszt used the moving fireball technique on the red hair again, and the split fireballs would automatically kill all enemies within a range of 500 meters.

So the red hair became an automatic tracking infrared sensor rocket launcher, and any monster that tried to approach would be instantly killed.

It should have been a startling journey to the abyss, but Liszt was abruptly played by Liszt into shopping and enjoying the scenery.

No matter how dangerous a place is, as long as Liszt exists, it will become dull.

Liszt felt that the redheads should be very happy. If he remembered correctly, the redheads belonged to the landscape party, and the landscape party liked to watch the scenery the most.

They followed the path on the cliff and walked towards the depths of the abyss.

As he walked, the red-haired tentatively touched Liszt’s fingers. Seeing that Liszt did not resist, he simply took his hand.

Liszt was stunned for a while, he felt a little strange, because very few people would hold his hand, and other harem ladies would always choose to hold his arm.

Holding hands means a little ambiguity, and a little ambiguity means a relatively equal love relationship. The key is… Who has the courage to fall in love with the dark lord?

Liszt felt that it would be too dull to walk down holding hands like this, so he asked, “What do you think of Ye Luo?”

“I don’t think I’ll ever see him again,” the redhead replied.

“Have no confidence in him?”

“It’s not that he has no confidence. With his character, it is impossible to get back what he gave to Huakai. How can he become a master in a week without resources?”

Liszt said: “You should know that this game has high requirements for talent, equipment is crucial, but skills and understanding are more important.”

He went on to say: “Those talented players can gain several times the proficiency of ordinary players every time they use their skills, and the gap quickly widens.”

“What’s more, you can comprehend skills when you walk on the road and kick stones, and you can rise several levels when you look at the clouds in the sky.” Liszt sighed, “People are more than people, it can really make people angry.”

“You mean, Ye Luo has such a talent?” Redhead asked, she wanted to quickly grow into a qualified little tiger, so she consciously avoided using the title “Master”.

“I see people very accurately.” Liszt nodded. “However, I’m not sure if he can achieve it. That goal… is really difficult.”

After saying this, he looked at the time, and without waiting for the redhead to reply, he said, “Quickly, I have other things to deal with.”

Before he finished speaking, Liszt floated up. He was above the abyss, and the ice element roared around him like a hurricane!

Super Magic Ice Age.

But in an instant, the entire Abyss of Desire was frozen, whether it was a cliff or an abyss, or a monster dormant in the dark, all were frozen in a huge light blue ice block!

The redhead’s eyes widened, his eyes were full of horror. What Liszt had just done had surpassed her knowledge of the game.

She looked at the huge light blue ice cubes rippling below, and it took a long while to have to admit this fact.


Just now, Liszt used super magic to kill the entire map in seconds.

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