I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 35

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 35

Liszt successfully hugged the beauty back.

The process of his hooking up with Bing’er seemed absurd to the limit.

Such an absurd process, even a novel would not be written like this, but it really happened.

The so-called reality is stranger than fiction, this is not empty words.

Magic realism.

A woman like Binger has a high social status and a cold and strong personality. Even if most men like it, they will only be discouraged.

Not many people dare to chase after even a good-looking little goddess, let alone a super goddess like Binger.

By chance, Liszt relied on the daring of art masters and ran over to stalk him without fear, but he happened to take advantage of Binger’s fragile moment to enter.

So the next thing happened naturally.

Life is… always full of surprises.

The life of the Dark Lord is full of surprises.

He really liked Bing’er’s temperament, that kind of icy queen temperament, and her face were completely natural, he had never seen such a queen like a queen.

Therefore, when conquering her, Liszt tasted ten times the joy.

At this moment, they left the Holy Land and wandered on the green grass of the Adventurer’s Continent.

The question now is… what to do with their relationship?

If you don’t understand, ask, Liszt said directly: “What do you think our relationship is now?”

“I don’t know.” Bing’er shook her head and said honestly, “If I don’t understand, I just don’t want to.”

If it was another woman, when she said this, there would be more or less confusion in her eyes, but Binger was different, her eyes were firm, and there was no confusion at all.

It’s like even if you don’t know how this matter will develop, it’s the matter of this matter, not hers, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Since Liszt met Binger, he had never seen confusion in her.

This is probably why Bing’er is so attractive to Liszt.

“If you don’t like it, we can pretend that nothing happened,” Liszt said. “However, I don’t recommend this plan.”

“Why?” Bing’er said, “It’s just a dewy relationship. From then on, everyone broke up and never saw each other again. Isn’t it good?”

“Do you have an idea in your mind?”

“No, I just think it’s good.”

“I like you very much.” Liszt said, “I don’t want to see you again in the future.”

“Oh?” Bing’er smiled, “You are very direct.”

“Everyone is an adult, keep it simple.”

“What do you want?”

“We… maintain such a relationship in the game. In reality, we don’t interfere with each other, how about it?”

“What kind of relationship is this?”

“It’s the relationship in the temple just now.”

“You are greedy.”

“You are so delicious.”

Bing’er stopped, turned around, looked into Liszt’s eyes, and didn’t speak for a long time.

“What’s wrong?” Liszt was the first to break the silence.

“I’m watching, do you like me, or do you like doing those things with me?”

“Do you see it?”



“Let’s try it.” Bing’er said, “Then let’s try it. Anyway, I don’t have anyone I like right now.”

“Okay.” Liszt smiled immediately.

Binger is a very smart woman, Liszt is very comfortable to communicate with her, they can convey the most information with the shortest words.

But if someone is eavesdropping on the side, even if you record it all with a tape recorder and go back and listen to it ten or eight times, you won’t be able to hear the reason.

“I’m a businessman.” Bing’er said, “Before we start, we have to make it clear.”

“In the game, I have a lot of women.” Liszt didn’t hide it, he said bluntly, “A lot of women.”

“It doesn’t matter, I also have many men in reality.” Bing’er imitated Liszt’s tone and said, “Many, many men.”

“Haha.” Liszt laughed twice.

“What are you laughing at?” Bing’er asked.

“It’s nothing.” Liszt quickly withdrew his smile.

In the temple of the Holy God, he and Bing’er had already met frankly and fought for three hundred rounds. In six hours, they tried many tricks.

“Fairy Wood”

The experienced Liszt can of course see that Binger is pretending to be skilled, but she is actually very young.

Liszt won’t believe her nonsense. If Bing’er is really what she said, then he will eat the Castle of Horror when he goes back.

“In this case, I won’t interfere with your reality, and you won’t interfere with my game.” Liszt asked, “How is it?”

Bing’er shook her head: “No, I’m at a disadvantage, I want more.”

“what do you want?”

“You should know exactly what I want.” Bing’er looked at Liszt.

Liszt nodded again: “Well, I know, I can try.”

“Is it possible?” Bing’er asked seriously.

“Not too sure, but I can try.” Liszt replied equally earnestly, “Anyway, the situation can’t be worse, can it?”

This is a bit of a big deal.

How could Liszt, who is so powerful and omnipotent, say something like “I don’t have much confidence”?

In fact, the answer has already been given to the riddle that the two of them fought back and forth.

Liszt’s omnipotence is limited to the world of miracles, and the rule “Dark Lord is invincible in the world” does not apply in the real world.

Just now, Liszt and Binger were talking about things in the real world.

However, Binger said that in reality, under the pressure of her family, she promised to marry the person she didn’t like.

She doesn’t want to marry that person, that’s what Binger wants.

Liszt didn’t have much confidence in this matter, but he still agreed to Bing’er.

Since becoming the Dark Lord, Liszt has done few things he is not sure about.

It’s not that Liszt seeks advantages and avoids disadvantages and deliberately avoids risks, but that with his strength, he can do anything with confidence.

However, if you are omnipotent for a long time, you will also get tired.

Liszt took on this task with little certainty, firstly because he really liked Binger, and secondly because he wanted to challenge himself.

How far can the dark lord in the miracle world radiate his terrifying miracles in the real world?

After the deal was reached, Liszt brought Bing’er to the mansion in Bingyan City.

The redhead is not here, Liszt told her before that she was doing well with at least eight hours of rest a day.

“There are other women here?” Bing’er felt the presence of red hair.

“Well, my maid.” Liszt blinked, “I hope you can coexist peacefully.”

“How many maids?”

“So far, only one.”

Liszt looked at Bing’er, her overall outfit was blue, and when the redhead was not wearing a maid outfit, it was red.

Blue and red, if you can have blue hair on the left and red hair on the right, at the same time…

“Don’t even think about it.” Bing’er seemed to see through what Liszt was thinking, she said coldly, “Impossible.”

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