I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 52

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 52

Hester’s mercenary group needs him to go to the Roaring Sea to get a prop.

In the process of playing the props, Hester encounters a strange dog person.

It looks like a strange dog person whose color is a husky and a Dalmatian.

The Dog Man tells Haster that he is being targeted by a dog licking girl who desperately needs Hast’s help.

Enthusiastic Hester lends a helping hand to kill the dog and save the dog from fire and water.

Unexpectedly, the dog person’s consciousness is too low, and he will suffer from chaos. Finally, his dog-licking girl started the Kraken invasion.

It’s a tragic story of licking a dog without a house.

Liszt looked at Ye Luo, hoping that he would be inspired by this story.

“Oh, that’s what it looks like.” Ye Luo suddenly realized, “But teacher, the Kraken invasion is so powerful, shouldn’t the dog-licking girl be more powerful?”

The witty Ye Luo discovered the blind spot. Liszt might be very strong, but how could he beat the licking girl?

“Which one is stronger, the pilot or the plane?” Liszt spread his hands and said naturally, “Which one is stronger, Shinji Ikari or the first plane?”

“Of course, the plane and the first plane are more powerful.” Ye Luo nodded, “The students have been taught!”

Liszt sighed, this guy can’t learn what he should learn, but he learns quickly what he shouldn’t…

When will Ye Luo realize the stupidity of licking dogs?

“What have you been doing these two days?” Liszt asked.

“Students… didn’t do anything.” Ye Luo said hesitantly.

“Oh?” Liszt’s tone became dangerous. “You went to work to make money again?”

That is to say, Liszt has a good temper. If he was replaced by the Chaos Heavenly Emperor or the Mysterious Underworld Lord, the two more violent ones might have already thrown Ye Luo into the small dark room.

The world BOSS can banish adventurers into the void space, commonly known as “locking in a small dark room”.

And if he is really locked in the small dark room, the adventurer’s miraculous journey will be declared over, and the only option is to delete the account and retrain.

Liszt looked at Ye Luo, waiting for his explanation.

“No, no.” Ye Luo said quickly, “It’s just… I’ve had bad luck recently.”

He continued: “It seems like my luck has gone downhill since I beat the last champion that day.”

“I went to the market to buy something, obviously the transaction has been reached, but after seeing my nickname, the other party will choose to cancel the transaction.”

“I went to the quest meeting to pick up the quest, and no one was willing to give me the quest. I went to fight monsters and upgrade, and there were always two or three grandmasters watching from behind…”

“Even the blooming mercenary group didn’t know why they kicked me out.”

In the end, Ye Luo was extremely frustrated. Obviously, being kicked out by the “flowering mercenary group” made him more sad than all the previous ones combined.

Liszt raised his eyebrows, if it was what Ye Luo described, then what kind of bad luck is this, it was clearly targeted.

“Have you offended anyone?” Liszt asked.

“No, after the duel ended that day, I never had a conflict with anyone else.” Ye Luo said.

Liszt continued to ask: “Have you ever asked what happened to the flowers?”

“I asked, but she doesn’t quite know.” Ye Luo said, “She said it was the decision of the top of the mercenary group.”

“What was her reaction?” Liszt asked.

“She made me reflect on what I did wrong, and said that the mercenary group would definitely not kick me out for no reason.”

“What theory is this? Is this what someone said?” Liszt was furious.

This is really annoying. Liszt really wants to pull out the flowers now and let her know why the flowers are so red.

bloom? I’ll beat you to bloom!

Liszt not only wanted to open the flowers, he even wanted to make the leaves in front of him blossom into a peach blossom.

How could he take licking a dog for this purpose? Looking at his appearance, he seems to think that what Huakai said is quite reasonable?

Liszt kept taking deep breaths, resisting the urge to hit someone, and tried his best to calm down.

“Teacher, what’s wrong with you?” Ye Luo asked.

“I’m fine!” Liszt gritted his teeth and said, “Do you know who the boss of the Huakai mercenary group is?”

“I know, but I don’t know him. I just saw him from a distance. He is a master at the master level.” Ye Luo replied.

“What’s his name?”

“Romantic Swordsman.”

The call of the ninth-level magic Atropos.

Forbidden Magic Tristalo’s Phase Teleportation.

After getting the nickname, Liszt first positioned “Little Li Feidao”, and then teleported Ye Luo to the other side.

“Fairy Wood”

Xiao Li Feidao is shopping. He is an assassin turned from a ranger. His equipment is all black. He looks very professional and powerful.

“Wait here, I’ll ask him.” Liszt said to Ye Luo.

He walked over to Xiao Li Feidao, picked up a certain prop and said to the boss, “How much is this thing?”

“Three hundred gold.” The boss replied, this is the trade area, and all the bosses are adventurers.

“So expensive?” Liszt responded, “How many do you have?”

“How much do you want?” the boss asked.

Liszt held out three fingers.

“Three?” the boss asked.

Liszt shook his head.

“Thirty?” The boss was a little excited.

Liszt shook his head.

“Three hundred?” The boss was a little excited.

Liszt shook his head.

“Three…three thousand?” The boss couldn’t say anything.

Seeing that the boss was about to have a heart attack, Liszt felt that he was almost done. He said, “How much do you have, how much do I want.”

“But you have to give me something cheaper. Three hundred gold is too expensive. I can only pay two hundred gold.” Liszt said.

“Two hundred and seventy yuan, it can’t be any less, and it will cost you a loss,” said the boss.

“Deal!” Liszt agreed immediately, “You count how many you have, and I will take them all.”

While the boss went to the store to count the props, Liszt said to Xiao Li Feidao beside him, “It can be considered that he has bought all the things he needs.”

Xiao Li Feidao wondered: “I take the liberty to ask, why do you buy so many?”

“I bought it for someone,” Liszt said.

“Which boss is so rich and powerful?” Xiao Li Feidao asked again.

“It’s a swordsman named Ye Luo, I don’t know if you know him.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s name, Xiao Li Feidao’s expression changed immediately, he said sorry, walked into the shop and started to talk with the boss.

He kept his voice very low, but Liszt had already started listening to the seventh-level magic Alphees, and he could clearly hear the conversation in the shop.

“Let’s go.” After listening to the conversation, Liszt walked back to Ye Luo.

“Teacher, what’s going on?” Ye Luo wondered.

“You really offended people.” Liszt said, “The root cause is in the last indiscriminate duel.”

“Someone made a big bet on the defense tower. Unexpectedly, you won in the end. The other party was angry and angry, so they brought you a full server chase.”

“Then… what should I do?” Ye Luo looked a little flustered.

“What have you to be afraid of when I’m here?” Liszt said, “Don’t think about it for now, grab a kiss with me!”

“Grab… Grab a relative?” Ye Luo’s eyes widened.

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