I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 56

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 56

“He’s so handsome.” Liszt squinted his eyes, looked at the dazzling Lord of Morning Light, and said in admiration.

“It’s definitely more handsome than you.” Bing’er said, “But it doesn’t matter whether he is handsome or not. I don’t like him.”

This sounded strange, if Binger only said that Song Chenguang was more handsome than Liszt, then Liszt would of course be unhappy.

But later Binger said that being handsome is meaningless. She didn’t like Song Chenguang, suggesting that she liked Liszt, which made Liszt very happy.

Human emotions are really wonderful.

While speaking, the elite adventurers had already touched the front, and they couldn’t bear the wailing and howling of the dog people, and they lost their long-range skills like a shower.

“Wow! What’s the situation! (rhymes)” The dog man widened his eyes, “Aren’t you my fans?”

“Sing so badly and have fans? We can’t wait to skin you!” The adventurer below responded.

“Wow!” The dog man was very angry.

The Lord of Morning Light has already set his sights on Ye Luo.

Ye Luo’s sword pointed to the sky, and she was not afraid, and confronted the Lord of Morning Light.

“Can you dare to fight?” The Lord of Morning Light pointed at Ye Luo with the tip of his sword.

Ye Luo didn’t answer immediately, but first looked at Liszt.

There was fierce fighting in his eyes.

“Go if you want.” Liszt waved his hand, indicating that Ye Luo didn’t have to be so restrained.

Ye Luo took two steps forward, also pointed the long sword at the Lord of Morning Light, and said coldly, “If you want to fight, then fight!”

“Stop!” The Lord of Morning Light ordered, the adventurers who were throwing long-range skills at the dog people stopped attacking, and those who quickly broke through also stopped in place.

“This is a duel between the two of us, and it has nothing to do with others.” The Lord of Morning Light said.

“If you win, I will turn around and leave; but if I win, I will take Bing’er out of here today,” he continued.

Ye Luo hesitated again, he was not afraid to face off against the Lord of Morning Light, but he was not qualified to take Bing’er as a bet.

He looked at Liszt, and Liszt nodded to him. He looked at Liszt again, and Liszt nodded at him again.

“Why, are you afraid?” The Lord of Morning Light provocatively asked.

Ye Luo responded with the three-footed Qingfeng in his hand.

Swordsman vs Paladin.

Master vs Grandmaster!

Ye Luo is walking into the trap of the Lord of Morning Light.

As we all know, the master can’t beat the grandmaster, and the gap between the two is not a single star.

Ordinary people will respectfully call the master when they meet the master, but when facing the master, they do not even have the courage to call each other.

At present, the Grandmaster level is the ultimate in the combat power of adventurers in the miracle world, and it is an insurmountable ceiling.

The Lord of Morning Light is a grandmaster-level adventurer, but he is not an ordinary grandmaster. He ranks in the top three on the adventurer rankings, and is only a line away from the ruling class.

He has already figured out the details of Ye Luo, knowing that Ye Luo defeated the last indiscriminate champion not long ago, and also knew that Ye Luo became a master after defeating the indiscriminate champion.

How do novice masters compete with senior masters?

He is the top three powerful adventurer in the rankings, facing Ye Luo who is just a master, he can completely crush him with hard power!

The 1V1 duel with Ye Luo was also the result of the Lord of Morning Light’s deliberation.

He remembered the scene of being beaten up inside the sack, and he knew that Ye Luo had a helper.

That helper could hold him in the sack and couldn’t move, maybe he borrowed skills or props, but the opponent’s strength was definitely not weak.

At least it should be a master. If it is also a master, the Lord of Morning Light has no certainty of victory.

Ye Luo’s helper may be hiding in the dark, waiting for the right moment. As long as the Lord of Morning Light reveals his flaws, the other party will repeat the same trick and attack again.

The so-called bright guns are easy to hide and dark arrows are difficult to guard against, and the master’s sneak attack is enough to make the Lord of Morning Light jealous.

But in a heads-up match with Ye Luo, there would be no such worries, he could definitely win head-on.

If Ye Luo couldn’t even win, he would take off the master’s hat as soon as possible, quit the world of miracles, and go home to raise pigs.

However, I heard that swine fever is currently prevalent, and raising pigs is not so easy.

During the one-on-one battle between him and Ye Luo, if the master hiding in the dark suddenly launched an attack, then the Lord of Morning Light who was attacked by surprise would have an excellent reason to do so.

They sneak attack! Give it all to me!

Then, the Lord of Morning Light can appreciate the tragic situation of the opponent being crushed by the army of 100,000 adventurers.

He knew very well that a teacher had to be famous. Although it was shocking to push a 100,000-strong army, it was still a little lackluster.

“Come here.” Liszt said to Ye Luo, he took Ye Luo’s sword and threw a magic to it.

Fourth-level magic, sharp enchantment.

Ye Luo’s sword lit up with a faint golden light, and Liszt waved his hand, indicating that Ye Luo could get on.

The Lord of Morning Light thought this was ridiculous. Ye Luo, who was at the master level, was so respectful to Liszt at the apprentice level, and he was arrogant like a servant.

He could only think that in real life, Liszt was Ye Luo’s elder or teacher.

Now, the apprentice seems to be perfunctory to the master, and the key master is also very serious. This contrast is particularly strong.


This is probably something like a pre-war blessing, and the symbolic meaning is greater than the actual meaning.

Ye Luozhen held up the sword heavily and came to the Lord of Morning Light.

The atmosphere suddenly became dignified, and the two looked at each other, and sparks could almost collide where their eyes met.

The Lord of Morning Light did not take the initiative to attack, he stood in place, waiting for work.

He not only wants to win, but also wins beautifully, defeating Ye Luo with a crushing attitude!

In this matchup, he did not allow himself to make any mistakes.

Ye Luo chose to take the initiative to attack. His figure suddenly appeared in front of the Lord of Morning Light. With a slight twist of his wrist, the long sword already drew a beautiful and strange arc.

The Lord of Morning Light still didn’t do it, he still chose to wait, waiting for Ye Luo’s sword move to really take shape!

Ye Luo’s sword was as strange as a ghost, ethereal as a fairy, protruding from an impossible angle and stabbing straight at the throat of the Lord of Morning Light!

Among the majestic sword intent and sword light, there seems to be a real fairy Linchen.

One Sword Flying Immortal!

This is a sword that cannot be dodged, even the Master of Morning Light, who is a master, can never avoid this oncoming Fei Xian.

Therefore, the Lord of Morning Light did not intend to dodge, and when Ye Luo’s sword edge was about to touch his neck, he raised the one-handed sword in his hand between the electric light and flint.

He admitted that Ye Luo was an ingenious genius, and if they were in an indiscriminate duel at this time, he would lose to Ye Luo.

But this is not an indiscriminate arena. He has multiple suppressions including combat power suppression, equipment suppression, and skill suppression.

He had already figured out how to deal with Ye Luo. The one-handed sword in his hand, called “The Confession of Protis”, is a superb weapon at the mythological level.

Mythical-level weapons all have special effects. For example, “Proteus’ Confession” has the special effect of “breaking”, which is to cut off all weapons below the mythological quality.

The Lord of Morning Light did a good job in his homework. He could confirm that the sword in Ye Luo’s hand was only the legendary Cang Yue sword.

As long as “Protis’ Confession” hits, the Cang Yue Sword will break immediately, and then he will be able to take Ye Luo’s life!

Everything is going according to the script written by the Lord of Morning Light.

He couldn’t wait to see the leaves fall and the sky was stained with blood.

Under the gaze of the dog man, under the gaze of Bing’er, under the gaze of Liszt, and under the gaze of the 100,000 army.

The Cang Yue Sword, which shone with a faint golden light, collided with the confession of Protis, who had the special effect of “breaking”.


With a loud bang, Protis’ confession was cut off.

The Cang Yue Sword remained unabated as it fluttered across the throat of the Lord of Morning Light.

Turn him directly into white light and send it back to the resurrection interface.

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