I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 64

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 64

The Lord of Morning Light watched helplessly as King’s Landing was razed to the ground.

When Liszt first appeared, he was very happy.

No matter how badly he beat Ye Luo, he didn’t hit Zhengzhu.

Defeat Ye Luo head-on, and then marry Binger Mingmei, although he can get back the lost glory, but there is still something missing.

So when Liszt came on stage, he was very happy.

He made perfect preparations for this wedding. If he just defeated Ye Luo in the end, it would be like a cannon hitting a mosquito.

Liszt was just an apprentice-level adventurer, but he was the mastermind behind the whole incident.

He didn’t mind blowing Liszt’s head off with a cannon.

He couldn’t wait to get the cannon out.

However, all his joy, joy and longing went with the wind of the huge King’s Landing when Liszt’s broken sword was swung.

What kind of monster is this…?

Holding the Sword of Judgment, he floated in the air, staring blankly at the boundless plain beneath his feet, like a wooden man.

Just a sword.

The largest city of adventurers in the miracle world.

King’s Landing.

It became the King’s Landing Plain.

How is this going? How could an adventurer be so strong?

Not to mention an apprentice-level adventurer, even a supreme-level adventurer can’t do it with a single sword!

Even if there is no supreme-level adventurer yet, there is a limit to how strong the supreme-level is.

No matter how strong the Supreme is, he must abide by the rules of the game.

A sword to level King’s Landing, which obviously goes beyond the rules of the game and breaks the most basic game balance.

In any case, at this moment, after Liszt shot, the Lord of Morning Light understood that he was finished.

Completely finished. This time, he won’t have any chance to come back.

In fact, he even lost the idea of a comeback.

Facing such a monster, how should he fight, how should he win?

What should I do with this birdman in the sky?

After killing King’s Landing, Liszt’s mood improved a lot, and he raised his head to look at the Lord of Morning Light in the sky.

“Why fly so high? Come down!”

Level 4 magic and magnetic attraction.

The Lord of Morning Light was powerless to resist, and was dragged in front of him by Liszt’s magic.

There were only four living people left in King’s Landing, Ye Luo, Liszt, Bing’er, and the poor Lord of Morning Light.

“Kill me, give me a good time.” The Lord of Morning Light said disheartenedly.

Of course he knew that the reason why he didn’t die was not because he was strong enough to survive, but because Liszt deliberately let him go.

It’s like Bing’er and Ye Luo.

The reason why the other party let him go seems obvious.

It just made his death more tragic.

“I said, you usually do bad things a lot.” Liszt asked.

“Huh?” The Lord of Morning Light said that he didn’t quite know what Liszt was talking about.

“With your way of doing things, you usually do bad things in real life,” Liszt repeated.

“If you want to kill, kill, what do you do with so much nonsense?” The Lord of Morning Light said sternly.

Miraculous World’s system is well developed and interesting, generating many hidden attributes for adventurers.

Growth value is a very important hidden attribute, and in addition to growth value, there are many interesting hidden attributes.

For example the dark value.

Miracle World will integrate various behaviors of adventurers in the game through big data analysis to generate dark values.

The darkness value can only be seen by Liszt, who is the dark lord.

Even the true eye, which can see hidden attributes, cannot see the darkness value of adventurers.

Only the Dark Lord can see the darkness value, which is a very reasonable setting.

Ye Luo’s dark value is in the single digits, indicating that this guy has never done bad things.

Bing’er’s Darkness Score is 23, which means that she has done bad things, but they are all innocuous little bad things.

The darkness value of the Lord of the Morning Light is 78, which is simply a wicked and wicked villain.

“If you behave to my satisfaction, maybe I will let you go,” Liszt said.

“Let me go?” The Lord of Morning Light said with a wry smile, “What’s the difference between living and dead as I am now?”

“The Star Wants To Retire”

“Don’t be so pessimistic.” Liszt spread his hands, “There is always a way, it depends on whether you are willing to cooperate.”

Liszt asked for the third time, “Have you ever done anything bad?”

“How can you never do it?” The Lord of Morning Light shook his head, “You were born in such a family, do you think you live in a fairy tale world?”

“But all the bad things I did were for self-protection in the past, and for the family in the back. There is nothing I can do.”

“If you were given another chance to choose, would you still do those bad things?” Liszt asked.

“Yes.” The Lord of Morning Light nodded and said, “If I hadn’t done those bad things, I might not be alive now.”

Liszt pondered, this was not right, why did the topic suddenly become heavy?

He would ask the Lord of the Morning Light this question, just to find a reason that would allow him to “kill each other with peace of mind”.

The other party has done a lot of bad things, so they deserve retribution. This is a very good reason.

But when the Lord of Morning Light said so, it made Liszt a little… unable to do anything?

If it weren’t for Bing’er, the intersection between Liszt and the Lord of Morning Light might just be the pinnacle match (xue) outside the City of Brightness (nue).

Liszt wanted to bring Binger into the harem, but Binger had to marry the Lord of Morning Light under the arrangement of the family.

Binger didn’t want to marry the Lord of Morning Light, so Liszt decided to help.

He is fighting for free will.

It seems fair to say, but the Lord of Morning Light has to lose too much.

Just because of the marriage agreed upon by the two families, he will lose everything he has now.

In this way, the Lord of Morning Light is actually a victim.

Not so innocent, but a victim indeed.

Liszt felt very sorry if he killed the Lord of Morning Light just like that.

“I’m doing a business with you,” Liszt said.

“what business?”

“Apart from the four of us, no one knows what happened to King’s Landing,” Liszt said.

Everything happened too suddenly, and the adventurers of King’s Landing returned to the resurrection interface inexplicably.

Of course they didn’t know what was going on.

“You still have the opportunity to restore your reputation through public relations. If necessary, I can cooperate with you.” Liszt continued.

“As for the content of public relations, whether it is a system bug or a copy is opened, you can arrange this yourself, I will not ask.”

“What do you want?” There was hope in the eyes of the Lord of Morning Light.

“She.” Liszt pointed to Bing’er, “She won’t marry you again, and your engagement will be void.”

“I don’t care what method you use, whether it’s a threat or kidnapping, and the paper marriage contract will be completely torn up in the family.”

“Even if you can’t tear it apart, when the family pressures you to get married, you have to withstand the pressure no matter what.”

Liszt patted the Lord of Morning Light on the shoulder and asked, “Am I clear enough?”

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