I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 7

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 7

Liszt captured a red-haired female swordsman alive.

The red-haired female swordsman’s game nickname is “Crimson”, but Liszt insists on calling her red-haired.

The red hair has nothing to do. She is now a “prisoner” and has no right to speak.

Even if Liszt called her “a cat and a dog” or something like that, she could only knock out her teeth and swallow it in her stomach.

“Miracle” of course has a protection mechanism for adventurers. If players are coerced or insulted, they can ask the system for help at any time, and the system will immediately adjudicate the perpetrator, force them to go offline directly, and cannot log in to the game for a certain period of time. .

After confirming that she was captured alive, the red hair asked the system for help, but she found that…it didn’t seem to work?

Where is Liszt standing with a smile on his face, “extremely wretched”, where does he look like he was forced to go offline?

The redhead did not believe in evil, and she kept issuing orders for help, but Liszt was like an evergreen tree, standing still in the cold wind.

what happened? The redhead was confused, she had never encountered such a situation before.

Liszt wished that the system could kick him off the assembly line, but the system would not let him go so easily.

He is not a true adventurer, just a dark lord in human skin, and such sanctions are ineffective against him.

The redhead watched helplessly as Liszt took all the equipment dropped by the mercenaries into his pocket.

Of course, these tattered Liszt are disdainful, but due to the existence of passive skills, he has to pick them up.

For adventurers killed by Liszt, the dropped equipment cannot be picked up again. If Liszt doesn’t want it, he can only stay here forever.

If Ye Luo and others wanted to pick up the equipment, they would probably find that Liszt’s identity was unusual.

And Liszt didn’t want to be noticed.

“Those mercenaries are all your friends, right?” Liszt asked.

The redhead nodded, even if she had become a prisoner, she was still stubborn: “So what?”

“As long as you are obedient and obedient, I can return these equipment to their original owners,” Liszt said.

“What do you want?” The redhead stepped back and covered his chest with his hands.

Liszt also realized that this was not a serious line from a serious person, and he added: “Don’t get me wrong, I just want to touch the sword of thorns.”

“Do you want to use those equipment in exchange for my sword of thorns?” The redhead said with wide eyes.

“Not changing, just touching, I don’t want your equipment.” Liszt explained patiently.

“Do you have any conspiracy?” Red-haired vigilantly.

“The equipment is in your hands, I just touch it, are you afraid of being robbed by me?” Liszt spread his hands.

The red hair thought about it, and it seemed that this was the truth. She said, “You must not act rashly, or I will…”

“What about you?” Liszt looked at her happily, but he hadn’t been threatened for a long time.

“I just…” The redhead bit her lip. She realized that she really had no bargaining power, so she could only say at the end, “I’ll put the sword away so that you can never touch it!”

It’s a very effective and vicious threat. Liszt found that the unruly and willful red-haired female swordsman in front of him was actually quite cute.

After the deal was concluded, the redhead pulled out the single sword behind it. This single sword had a strange shape. The hilt was woven from thorns, and the thorns spiraled upwards to outline the blade.

This is the “sword of thorns” in the redhead’s mouth.

“You put your sword on the ground,” Liszt said, afraid that he would shoot Red Hair to death inexplicably.

“Okay.” The red hair did as he was told and placed it on the ground, which did not mean giving up the right to belong.

Without saying a word, Liszt took two steps forward, stretched out his right hand, and held the blade with anticipation.

“Trigger passive skills! The firmness of the dark lord! The true damage this unit takes is reduced by 80%!”

“Trigger passive skills! Dark Lord’s composure! When taking true damage, the unit’s health regeneration rate is increased to 500%!”

Within three seconds, Liszt let go of his hand and returned the sword of thorns to the redhead with a black line on his face.

Sure enough… it still doesn’t work.

The reason why Liszt is almost immortal, in addition to the powerful panel attributes, also benefits from various messy passive skills.

He himself doesn’t know how many passive skills he has, and these passive skills will always run out and cause trouble when he tries to kill himself.

“Lonely Step into a Fairy”

Passive skills exist objectively, and even as a dark lord, these passive skills cannot be disabled.

“How is it, it’s amazing, isn’t it?” The red hair thought that Liszt had tasted the power of the Sword of Thorns, so he was proud.

“It’s really amazing.” Liszt failed to commit suicide again, and he lacked interest.

“What about the equipment you promised me?” the redhead asked.

Liszt threw her a ring.

The red hair opened the space ring, and all the equipment that had just dropped were lying in it, and there was not a single piece.

She felt that something was wrong, she observed carefully, and finally found out…

Why is the space inside this space ring so big? And wait, why is the name of this ring orange?

The equipment in “Miracle”, different levels correspond to different colors.

Ordinary is black, fine is white, delicate is green, perfect is blue, epic is pink, legendary is orange, and myth is dark red.

Biography… a legendary space ring? The red hair rubbed her eyes, she was not mistaken, nor was she dreaming.

After throwing the space ring to the red hair, Liszt turned around and walked towards Ye Luo and the three of them, obviously not planning to ask for it.

And since the space ring can be opened, it means that the red hair has obtained the ownership of this equipment.

What… are you kidding? The value of all the equipment inside is not worth a fraction of this ring!

Liszt didn’t realize how strongly he gave the redhead a shock, with space rings like that, he didn’t have ten but eight on him.

In the warehouse of the Castle of Terror, there are not a hundred but eighty.

Of course, Liszt would not take such “bad street stuff” to heart.

So he naturally ignored the significance of legendary equipment to ordinary adventurers.

The redhead looked at the space ring in her hand, then looked at Liszt’s back, and finally combined with his record of destroying the mercenary group with the group fireball technique, she finally came to a conclusion…

This must be the trumpet of some super boss! Absolutely!

The boss threw such a precious legendary space ring to her, doesn’t it mean… the boss is very interested in her?

After figuring out the key, the red-haired straightened his hairstyle, then moved his long legs and followed Liszt.

“Why are you following me?” Liszt turned around and wondered.

Everyone is an adult, so what are you pretending to be? said the redhead.

But she still said cooperatively: “I… the scenery here is good, I’ll take a look at the scenery.”

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