I Left the Non-virgin Party chapter 45

I Left the Non-virgin Party 45

The door to the cafe opened with a rattle and a bell.

The person crawling in was Karin wearing a black wig. Karin, who moved as stiff as a piece of wood and walked in, sat in a small corner in the corner. The entrance was so quiet that, for a moment, Helena and Zain did not even know that a new guest had arrived.


Jain noticed that Karin had come in late. I immediately grabbed the menu and walked towards Karin. As he bowed down and handed the menu board, Jain spoke to Karin.

“If you decide to order, please tell me.”

It looked like he didn’t notice that it was Karin. It deserved it. Because that girl was ignorant. Karin swallowed her saliva and nodded, but didn’t answer. It was because I was afraid that my voice would be heard, but I was afraid.

Karin, who grabbed the menu board, glanced up at Jain. In the dream, there was a face I had seen dozens of times. Except for a little embarrassment and a little more hair, it was the same. It was only half a year. For some reason, just looking at his face, he was a little excited and embarrassed, so Karin picked up the menu and covered her face. Jain, who returned to the counter, was also worried, so he kept staring at Karin.

“Why do you keep looking at me?”

A woman appeared and spoke to Jain. Karin pricked her ears and tried to overhear the conversation. Jain sculpted an ice ball and answered indifferently.

“No, I think I resemble someone I know.”

“Acquaintance? Who are you, acquaintance?”

“It’s a friend.”

‘friend… Friend. That idiot still thinks that way.’

It wasn’t an angry voice. I didn’t even curse. That alone, it was so good. As she sips the herbal tea she ordered, Karin groaned. Then, all of a sudden, he started to pay attention to the woman next to him.

‘She’s pretty, um, she looks tolerant, and she doesn’t have a small chest… ‘

Karin raised the menu again and began to glance at the woman next to Jain, who continued to pretend to be friendly. It was because he was so concerned about the relationship between the two that he could not stand it. They were talking now.

“Oh, why are there no people like this?”

“Are you so concerned? Are you afraid of ruining it?”

“If we fail this time, it means that we will fail the seventh time… ”

“I am. Then I will make a magic tool to play music, so why not play a song?”


“Cafés in my hometown did business that way.”

“Hey, what are you going to do with the song? will you call me?”

“Crazy, this.”

“Why, since I heard you sang me last time when I was sick, I sing well. Ah, if the cafe goes bankrupt, shall we take a piano and change it to such a shop?”

“Is your business a joke? Don’t be silly.”

“It’s not bullshit.”

Saying that, Helena crossed her arms mischievously. Although Jain quickly dismissed it, it didn’t look bad. Karin’s heart ached as she watched it.


Karin’s hands were trembling lightly with her head bowed down. Tea spurted out of the glass he was holding.

‘I thought I was the only one who knew that he had a good voice… ‘

What happened that night at the lake supported Karin. He thought he was the only one who knew that. But when I saw the two of them playing pranks on the memories, my heart ached as if they were about to explode. Suddenly, tears welled up in my eyes as my eyes got hot. Whether you know it or not, Herena and Jain were still fighting.

“Shall we record right now? yes?”

“Don’t be silly.”

“Now that I’m shy, aren’t you angry that I’m making fun of you? What’s going on?”

Seeing that scene, Karin began to imagine wildly in her head. Since she had no dating experience and little experience in friendship, her imagination didn’t stop well.

‘What’s the matter? Are you dating? will be dating If he whined like that, he would have immediately cursed, but he didn’t say a word. Yeah, sure.’

Karin quickly came to a conclusion. That conclusion quickly led to self-deprecation. It was Karin’s bad habit.

‘Because I’m dating a girl like that, I can’t even think of a girl like me who is annoying and annoying and has such a bad personality. it won’t be sad Maybe it’s because they don’t recognize me, or because I forgot my face.’

When I got to that point, I couldn’t stand it any longer. Karin put the coin down and left the store. Tears were running down my eyes. As she slammed the door one last time, Karin screamed loudly.

“Really bad guy! Even though she already had a lover, she flirts with people… ! Things like me, as you said, will disappear… ”

“Oh, guest!”

Helena jumped out in embarrassment, but Karin had already thrown her wig away and ran away. Helena looked at Karin’s back with an embarrassed expression. In her hand was the black wig that Karin had thrown away.


“Really bad guy! Even though she already had a lover, she flirts with people… ! Things like me, as you said, will disappear… ”

Karin’s shouting was muffled because of crying, so it was hard to hear. Ren and Nael, who were watching from the alley, knew only that Karin had failed. Just like Elaine, Ren and Nael’s expressions hardened as they left the store door and watched Karin walk away.

“Cha-bong, down.”

“What should I do, I guess I’m still very angry… ”

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Nael muttered with a dark expression. Tears seemed to fall from my eyes at any moment. Looking at that scene, Ren closed his lips and made a firm resolve.

“It’s my turn. Now I will go.”

“Are you okay?”

“yes I’m fine.”

It was he who spent the longest time with Zain at the party. He even saved his life at the citadel of the Succubus Queen. That day, on the day the party was disbanded, Jain, who was about to leave, even stopped once at Ren’s request. Ren had several reasons. Swallowing his saliva, Ren opened the cafe door and walked in proudly.


Helena smiled broadly and spoke to Ren. Ren laughed leisurely and recited the lines he had prepared in advance.

“It’s a store I’ve never seen before, but it looks like a new one?”


“Um, I said cafe, do you only sell coffee types?”

Ren’s voice was completely different from his usual voice. As a thief, he used his disguise skills. Even the person who was doing the chores behind the scenes couldn’t notice.

“No! We sell alcohol, we sell cakes, and oh, we also sell fried lizards! We can offer fried lizards at a special price if you buy them now!”

“Do, fried lizards?”

Something about this woman didn’t seem normal either. Ren smiled awkwardly, and Jain took care of it.

“I’m joking. So, what menu are you looking for?”

“Cake. Please prepare the cake. With fresh cream. Put it in a writing bag, which you can write in.”

As Jain walked out, Ren hurriedly covered his face with the menu board and said: This was Ren’s plan. When it comes to the cake, this time, I wanted to convey my feelings of reconciliation by writing beautifully.

‘The plan is to write ‘I’m sorry’ on the cake, then Jain will be surprised and look at me carefully, revealing who I am and holding him in my arms.’

Ren recalled the plan he had prepared in advance again in his mind. Zain looked at Ren carefully again.

“Why? Do you know someone else?”

“No… they certainly have different voices. Something similar.”

“with who?”


“Oh, that silver-haired girl? You always talked about?”

“What always.”

Hearing the conversation between Jain and Helena, Ren smiled faintly.

‘Obviously, I always said we were talking.’

You talk about me even when I’m not there. It seems that I remain in your heart. When I thought of that, my heart started racing.

Ren, who had a happy smile, soon hardened his face and began to use his skills. It was to overhear the conversation between Helena and Zain, who had left for the kitchen.

There was a piece of anxiety on Ren’s forehead.

‘But what’s your relationship with that woman?’

Clearly, Karin’s voice was mixed with the words that she already had a lover. I was suddenly frightened. With his eyes closed, Ren concentrated his hearing and began to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“You did a good job baking the cake. Look. The cake will taste better than the coffee.”

“Yeah. Your baking skills are excellent.”

“Well, I always get compliments from my sister.”

“Are you talking about my sister again? Oh, I’ll just feed you a piece of it.”

“Are you crazy? Is this something for a customer?”

“I’m going to give you a piece anyway. You can give me a piece. Ah.”

“I am.”

And the sound of chewing the cake was heard. It looked like he ate a piece.

“Is it delicious?”

“Yeah! Oh, I would have been really happy if it was your sister instead of my sister!”

“Don’t be terrifying, little.”

Ren’s face was wrinkled terribly upon hearing up to there. It was because he was having the same conversation he had with him one day with the woman in that maid outfit.

‘Everything was done with me…’

And, the present Jain was reacting more gently. more than yourself. When I remembered that fact, my heart suddenly ached unbearably.

“Yeah, that’s right. Because he’s a good person, there’s no way another woman can just leave him alone.”

If that woman showed up with a cake, it looked like she was going to hit work. I couldn’t seem to keep my cool. Ren shed tears, took off his orange wig, and ran out of the cafe.

“Come on, here’s the cake and whipped cream! Uh, customer?”

Helena, who walked out with a cake, looked at the empty shop and made a absurd expression.

“What else is this?”

This time, while lifting the orange wig, he only sighed.


“Middle-class is down. Ren is also a failure.”

After Ren left the store in tears, Nael sighed.

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Now only you are left.

“Everyone, please pray. I will, as the representative, make peace with Jain. I will not let everyone’s death be in vain.”

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No one died, but there was something about the atmosphere. Nael put on a bread hat so that her ears could not be seen, and snorted as she walked into the cafe.

And it came out in a minute.

“I thought I was the only drinking buddy…! I’m sorry, I didn’t even qualify as a friend…”

Due to a series of strange incidents, Herena and Zain were drinking, thinking that business was open today. He was shocked to see it and ran away.

“What the hell are you doing today?”

Inside the store, Jain muttered something ridiculous. He was still picking up the bread cap that Nael had spilled. Helena, who was beside her, sighed and put down her beer mug.

“Now I understand. Today’s guests, are they all your colleagues?”


“I was convinced when I saw the elf that just ran out. A saint, an elf, a wizard, and a thief. The composition of the women in your story is the same. I thought it was strange from the moment I entered the store wearing a clumsy disguise.”

“What, disguise?”

Jain had a really surprised expression on his face. Apparently, he didn’t really notice the disguise. Then, Jain’s face soon changed seriously.

Herena put her hand on her waist and spoke as if giving a lesson.

“I wanted to reconcile with you, so I must have gathered up the courage to come to you from afar. Then I didn’t have the courage and ran away.”

“is it.”

“But you’re still pretending not to know?”

Jain put down his glass and took off the clerk’s apron. The expression on his face looked like he had made a decision.

“Don’t go.”

“Bring all four of them properly. If you miss even one, this older sister won’t forgive you.”

Leaving behind Helena, who was sipping alcohol, Jain ran out of the store as quickly as the previous four.

Suddenly, dark clouds were gathering in the sky.

The raindrops that began to fall one by one soon turned into heavy rain and began to wet the streets of Rottern.

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