I Left the Non-virgin Party
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I Left the Non-virgin Party

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비처녀 파티 탈퇴했습니다
Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Left the Non-virgin Party

I Left the Non-virgin Party mtl

Bravely New World 2 is a game.

To escape, you had to beat all achievements.

To shatter the genuine ending achievement, all heroines had to be virgins.

he was sworn in Please do not disturb the virgin.

“Did you guys do it, you motherf*ckers?”

And it’s messed up.

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  1. wabc1 says:

    10/10 comedia goddddddddddddd

  2. Divad says:

    Una buena novela para pasar el rato, pero hace tiempo no se actualiza.

  3. Common Bandit says:

    Readable. 6.5/10

  4. NeverTalks says:

    Chapter 1 Spoiler.

    OP MC need to unlock all the achievements to leave and the last one was to get pass the door that leads to sealed demon king with virgin heroines so he joined the horny hero party and help them in a condition that the girls remain chaste at least after he get the achievement but alas after reaching the final stage they can’t get in.

  5. Qwer says:

    Please update

  6. So are you saying that the heroines are still virgins?
    Since the misunderstanding that they are already not virgins because they m@sterb*té themselves too h*rny for MC? Is that it?

  7. mad reader says:

    it isnt ntr the title is misleading and the main point of the novel is that the mc wants to go home and flared up when he couldnt then left after that all heroines have flashbacks and regrets and they start to head where the mc is to gain his forgiveness then they reconcil as if it didn’t happen and the reason all of them are not virgin is due to them master%%$@ themselves cause they are too horny for mc lmao … that’s it the nyou get normal in to game novel where mc is op and is clearing all achievements

  8. Lawyyyy says:

    There is no NTR, but there is a misunderstanding. MC is sorta dense too.

  9. Story is kinda stupid.I can’t believe a rock had lost its virginty.

  10. Mangakhor says:

    Hope it updates frequently

  11. Good novel , i hope it can continue to be updated

  12. Night QZ Night QZ says:

    Yes, I also kind of wondering how it was. If this novel all about the party doing it while MC just watch and do nothing than I’m out. Not a NTR fan.

  13. The Extra The Extra says:

    Party Makeup:

    MC (Male), Hero (Male), and 5 female party members.


    Game world.

    Transmigrated MC that has knowledge of the game.

    To unseal a certain door and secure a way home to Earth, the MC needed ALL 5 women in the party to be virgins.

    The MC never mentioned his reasons why but even so, he kept on telling them to remain virgins at least until they defeat the demon king.

    At least one girl in the party didn’t take the MC seriously and willingly gave their virginity away to the hero, the only other guy.

    That’s where the story begins.

  14. Shiro says:

    I dunno with you, but the synopsis made me thought it was NTR. But that doesnt seem to be the case. (maybe?)

    It seems like the protag became a side character of a game, not the hero. In order for him to go back to earth he needs to unlock all achievement. And one of the achievement required all heroines to remain virgin until final battle against demon king. So yeah, the hero and heroines kinda fucked at one point without his knowledge, so he was pissed because that was the only achievement left or something?

    Well, I only read a few early chapter. So I dunno whether my assumption is correct.

  15. Extra says:

    I was hoping this would pop up eventually and here it is!

    Thank you!

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