I Left the Non-virgin Party chapter 77

I Left the Non-virgin Party 77

“Come! Well then, let’s go!”

The next day, Nael waved at the twin elves who came to the cafe. As if they were still wary of humans, the twin elves who were Star Seekers were hiding in the doorway and sticking out their heads. Jain smiled and raised his hand lightly.

“You have to say hello! I won’t see you for a few days!”

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Nael smiled broadly, forced her palms to make a clattering sound, and ran away. It was as he said. The portal to Elvenheim was connected one way, so when returning, you had to return on foot. It meant not being able to see for a few days.

“I get it. Have a good trip.”

“yes! I’ll be back!”

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Nael smiled and walked away. It was towards the guild building. Jain, who looked at the back, immediately turned and started walking towards the outskirts of Rotern. It was because Jain also had a lot of work to be dealt with.

‘Secret Forest.’

A forest sealed with demonic blood flowing through it. It was said that the forest that had to be conquered in order to summon the sword spirit Soya would be opened from today. It was also said that he had ordered the manager to guide him to the entrance.

“Today, what if we just finish the first section?”

Zain checked the plan, stretched out wide and walked towards the Secret Forest. It was like going for a walk.


The hut of the forest keeper who has been managing the Secret Forest for the past 15 years.

Its owner, the caretaker, didn’t really like the red mage in front of him.

It wasn’t because he had a face like a parasitic bro, it wasn’t because he refused the mushroom tea he had specially given him, or because he had a bad reputation in Rottern.

‘Actually, they do have some influence.’

The manager muttered to himself. Anyway, the biggest reason the manager didn’t like the red mage in front of him was his lack of tension. He tried to step into the secret forest infested with demons and demons, but he made no preparations for it. There was no elixir, awakening system, whistle, nothing to escape from the devil’s delusion. When I asked what preparations he had made, what he took out was a sword.

‘It’s a magician, it’s a sword.’

The manager was rude. He had been protecting this forest for half his life. That is why he felt a strange sense of unity with this forest. When the dangers of this forest were ignored, he felt as if he had been ignored.

“Is that really all there is?”

“This is enough.”

Even to a question close to the custodian’s rebuke, he only responded by swinging his sword. The manager sighed heavily. In my mind, I didn’t want to let it in. However, the order to bring that guy into the secret forest was a direct command from the guild master Nora. I couldn’t refuse.

“then Let’s go. Don’t regret it later.”

“No worries.”

The janitor opened the door of the hut with a lantern resembling a horn. Jain smiled and followed after him. It was a black, leather chopper in his hand.

“First of all, it would be good to look around this place today, only the area made up of oak and oak trees. It’s the safest area in the Secret Forest.”

The manager gave a sincere explanation about the forest, even though he showed that Jain was not creepy. It must have been something like the work ethic of a manager. The oak trees, darkened with dark light on their branches and stumps, roared with eerie sounds whenever the bleak wind blew.

“However, being safe means being safe in the secret forest. In this place, horses, werewolves live. An elf swordsman who died in a battle with a werewolf that was a thousand years old in the demon realm, realizing that he was resurrected as a werewolf, came to this place to seal himself. There is such a legend.”

When Jain didn’t show any fright, the janitor said as if trying to frighten him. Zain only swung the leather chopper lightly like a toy to remove the dead branches. After hearing the legend, there was no reaction, the janitor raised the lantern and said in a gloomy voice.

“It’s not like there’s only one guy. Since then, a bunch of wolf monsters the size of a house have gathered here, and they have been hunting the wild prey that got lost and entered the forest as a group!”

“Are you talking about this?”

Cane! The janitor turned around, startled by the screams echoing just above his head. A handful of blood poured out and wet his face. After a while, I was able to grasp the situation. All of a sudden, a wolf the size of a house was aiming for him and attacking him from a tree, and Jain cut the wolf in a single knife with a sledgehammer to save him.

“eww… eww… ”

But it was unavoidable to be drenched in blood. The strong smell of fresh iron blew out, causing the janitor to panic. Jain raised his hand to cover the manager’s mouth, and looked around. It was visible in the eyes of those who had a keen sense of humor.

“It has already been besieged.”

“Po, siege?”

“Around the two of us, about 70 wolves form a circle with a diameter of about 1 km. After blocking the escape route, I plan to gradually narrow the circle.”

“How do you know that?”


The manager’s face turned pale. He knew how frightening the wolves of the Secret Forest were. It was the wolf of the Secret Forest that killed even three orcs in a generous way. That’s 70. It sounded like a death sentence to the janitor. The manager, who had almost collapsed due to weakness in his legs, was able to come to his senses because Jain supported his shoulders.

“You go back. From now on, it’s enough for me to be alone.”

“Ha, but, how? I am dead!”


Zain took out the dark blue medicine and threw it away. The manager noticed what it was and widened his eyes. This was a thief’s elixir that erased all signs for a while. With this, it would be possible to return to the hut without being noticed by the wolves. In the current situation, it was a drug that was as good as life, but it was handed over to him.

“This is such a precious thing… you are?”

“There is work to be done. I’ll get it all back and go back.

Zain swung the leather shavings to wipe off the blood. The janitor suddenly looked so reliable and handsome on his back. The half-talk didn’t bother me at all.

“Thank you! How can I repay this favor… ”

“Come back later, recover some wolf corpses and report it to the guild.”

“I see!”

The janitor opened the cap of the elixir, drank it, nodded, and then ran away. It was just as Jain had hoped. This process was necessary in order to naturally spread the fact that the sword marks of leather cutting were found.

“Is this the most suitable weapon for catching them?”

The hide that ate the wolf’s blood was slowly changing its shape. The blade is sharply curved like a crescent moon, in the shape of a great attitude. The blade had grown to nearly one meter and fifty centimeters, and it seemed like it would have to be held with two hands to swing it.


Jain put Dae Taedo on his shoulder and thought as he walked to and fro in the depths of the forest. The only field in which Jain had not yet reached the polarity was ‘Swordsmanship’. And the proficiency to reach the swordsmanship grew more rapidly when wielding such an unusual sword. One day, in order to properly deal with Gramhilt, he had to reach the sword castle, so it felt like a blessing to Zain that he had turned into a great attitude.

A wind with the scent of grass swept through Jain’s bangs. The time was night. Looking up at the sky, I saw a round full moon pouring out the pale moonlight violently. The moonlight that hit the top of the oak tree fell like a waterfall and wet the grass. In every darkness that lingered in the moonlight, a bright yellow eye gleamed. it was a wolf Jain deliberately pretended not to see the wolves, and continued his steps into the heart of the forest.

“Are you planning on attacking me at once?”

Realizing that Ja-in was not an easy-going guy, he seemed to have begun narrowing the siege early. Zain could feel the growing presence of wolves. One, three, five… Suddenly it counted twenty. There was also the sound of footsteps trampling on dead branches and a low growl.


One impatient man jumped at Jain, bouncing his body like a spring. And then, in an instant, his body split lengthwise, and his intestines were scattered and fell. It had been cut in half exactly by swinging it. Three or four wolves growled with their teeth exposed behind the corpse. Shall we fight here? Zain hesitated for a moment. However, he turned his head. In order to cleanly leave the sword marks of leather cutting, it would be better to fight in a wide open space.

Jain kicked his tongue, leaving the wolf’s corpse behind and walking towards a more suitable battlefield. A chirping sound echoed behind my back. Apparently, these guys were also homos*xual.

When the full moon finally stands in the center of the sky, and the number of wolves around Jain is counted over 70. Jain, who reached the wide open space, looked up at the sky. Man-wol, who reached the top of the sky, was scattering white light like a light on himself. This place would be the best battlefield. Convinced, Jain lowered the leather chopper from his shoulder and gripped the handle with both hands.

“Come on.”

As a signal, the wolves began to attack Jain.

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