I Left the Non-virgin Party chapter 61

I Left the Non-virgin Party 61

A few days after Elaine completes the test quest with the highest rating.

In Herena’s cafe, Karin was humming while holding a doll. It was a doll in the shape of Amduk, a fire spirit resembling a canine animal. Karin, who was wandering around to choose a place to place the doll, immediately placed the doll in the middle of the bowl decoration.

“What is that?”

The person who saw it gave me a pin cup. Karin answered in a still pleasant voice.

“This is a gift from Master. If you decorate this doll, you will be blessed with love luck, financial luck, or any other luck.”

“I am. Was it reliable?”

“Is your master also a great mage? Are you ignoring our master now?”

“No, that’s not it.”

Jain looked at the doll with a questionable face for a moment. It was because there was a different kind of magic on it. In the meantime, Karin resumed her work that had been stopped by decorating the doll. He took the cheese from the corner of the cupboard and tried to cut it into pieces.

“Profit, why not?”

However, the cheese in the cupboard did not reach the little Karin’s hands. He clasped his feet and struggled with his hands, but still couldn’t reach them. Karin, who was struggling to get on the chair, accidentally stumbled and fell backwards.



Karin’s face turned red as if on fire. It was because Jain, who was watching the precarious situation, accepted Karin while waiting. He even grabbed his waist and lifted him up to help get the cheese out. Karin, who took out the cheese with a face like a ripe blush, struggled when Zain did not let go.

“What are you doing! Put it down now!”

“It’s just that it’s dangerous. I was just trying to help.”

“Yeah, I didn’t really need your help! All, never do that again! Ham, I mean don’t touch it recklessly! okay?”

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry.”

Karin sat down on the floor. Jain made an insincere apology, turned around and walked out.

“Tomorrow, the guild master gave me that test, you know what I need to do, right?”

“Of course.”

“Prepare well. Rest well.”

“No, it will happen if you don’t say it.”

Jain walked away without hearing the last answer. Karin was the only one left in this nook and cranny. As soon as he regained his composure and his face, which had been dyed like maple leaves, became white again, self-hatred came rushing in. Carin murmured as she grabbed her ponytail and rubbed it against her cheek.

“Idiot, again, again, why did you do that… ”

I should have just honestly said thank you. The moment Jain’s hand touched his body, he was so ashamed that he poured out harsh words.

“If it was Ren, thank you, I would have done it just to hug you… ”

It is also a talent to ruin a good atmosphere like this. I thought so. The habit of rushing out and pouring out bad words when embarrassed. I tried to fix it, but it didn’t work well. It was because he had lived like that, and had become a temperament at all.

“I really want to change this personality… You wouldn’t like it, a woman with such a troublesome personality.”

Karin, who had held her hair for a while and sighed, was able to get up from her seat only after a while. This was what I promised.

“I still have a chance to make up for it. Tomorrow, when carrying out the guild master’s quest, never make the same mistake today.”

The black eyes of the Amduk doll placed in the closet were staring intently at it.


“right! Why are you doing that!”

Meanwhile, thousands of kilometers away from the tower, Ruina Alund’s room.

Karin’s teacher, Luina Alund, who was watching the situation with an Amduk doll enchanted with spying magic, banged the desk like she was about to explode. And after sipping orange juice, he calmed down.

“This master is so frustrated that he is about to die!”

Luina sighed as she saw Karin’s reflection on the crystal ball. This crystal ball was connected to the Amduk doll, which Karin cherished. So, with that view, I was able to clearly observe what had just happened.

The reason Ruina did such a thief-like thing wasn’t because she was a voyeur. It was because she had always wished that Jain and Karin could be together.

“That way, I have a chance to get my original body back.”

Ruina is now in the form of an immortal child, but it wasn’t like this originally. In exchange for failing to touch a certain forbidden magic, he suffered aftereffects and became the present form. She longed to return to her original form.

I thought that anyone who accomplished a feat with magic might know how. However, the tribe of magicians did not help unrelated people at all costs. So, I was thinking of building a bridge through my disciple Karin and asking Jain to cooperate.

“By the way, I miss you, I miss you, and I can’t even go out on a topic that is so salty, let alone confession! My grand plans are in jeopardy!”

Luina saw Karin who was sniffling alone and pounded her chest and struggled. Luina, who had been wallowing around like that for a long time, came to a conclusion and stood up.

“I can’t. I’ll have to go to Rottern myself and direct the situation myself. I’m telling you, I’ll have to play the role of a messenger of love.”

After making up her mind, Ruina tore up her notebook and wrote ‘I’m on vacation’, put on a hat that was bigger than her body, and left the lab.

The next day, the tower was turned upside down by the sudden disappearance of the retired great sage, Luina Alund.


The day after the incident, the corner of Rottern.

In the original game, the area that remained as an unimplemented area was covered with dense forest. Karin and Jain were sitting in the middle of the tallest of the trees standing shoulder to shoulder so tightly that there was no gap between them.

It was to fulfill the guild master, Nora’s request. This request also served as a registration test for Karin. Not long ago, Nora stopped by a cafe and said out of the blue while drinking.

“You want to give all of these girls the highest rating?”

Jain nodded in affirmation. Nora said with a smile.

“Well, I don’t know about the other girls, but this girl looks tough.”

“I, me?”

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Nora pointed to Karin and said. The reason I said that was simple. The test quest was structured in such a way that he would receive a high grade when he achieved a feat that was higher than his ability. In other words, the lower the current skill level, the easier it is to receive a high evaluation.

The structure of this test wouldn’t be a big problem for other heroines, since they were novice skills, but it became a problem for Karin. It was because she was already a somewhat skilled wizard.

“It seems that there are very few test quests that this lady deserves the highest grade on in Rotern.”


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Nora’s words pierced the core. So, although he made arrangements for this and that, Jain was concerned that Karin might not get the highest grade. Nora’s suggestion cleared away those concerns.

“So, I want to make it a convenience. How is it?”

“What kind of convenience are you?”

“It’s a request. If you perform any quests, the Guild Master will register this young lady with the highest rank.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“It is not very dangerous. Much more than quests.”

“I will.”

At that, Karin closed her mouth and nodded her head. Nora burst out laughing as if she liked Karin’s wild face like that, and took a sip of alcohol. Zain asked for the details of the quest.

“Star Seekers, you know? Because you smashed one of them.”

Jain nodded quietly. Nora sighed and said.

“These are the promising youngsters of this generation who have prepared themselves ambitiously. Each of them has a strange character. As if the devil had tricked you… ”

“It seemed so.”

“And there are rumors that one of them is also plotting strange things.”

“What is it?”

“It is a monopoly of undiscovered dungeons.”

“An undiscovered dungeon?”

Karin’s eyes widened in surprise. Newly discovered dungeons had to be reported to the guild, and exploration was only possible at the civilian level after dispatching an investigative team and adventurers to completely secure information. Because what I thought was a beginner’s dungeon was a dungeon where high-ranking demons were sleeping, or a curse to submerge the entire village was on the absurdity of things that were common. It was a felony to take over an undiscovered dungeon without following the procedure.

“One of the Star Seekers, the red lotus Rosaline. There was an accusation that this guy found an undiscovered dungeon in Shurin and used it personally. However, it is difficult for the guild to investigate this guy.”

“Are you a noble this year?”

“I’m also aristocrat, and there are a lot of things that are related to this and that.”

Hearing those words, the outline of the quest was now established.

“Then, can I find evidence that this woman is taking over the undiscovered dungeon?”

“It’s convenient for me to point out my intentions one step ahead. That’s why I like smart people.”

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Nora poured in alcohol one last time and made the contents of the request clear.

“Red Lotus Rosalind, secure evidence that she is defrauding an undiscovered dungeon in the forest area. Then I will guarantee that this lady will get the highest grade. Oh, you are welcome to take any items or rewards you obtained in the process of securing evidence. How is it?”

It was an offer with no reason to refuse. Karin nodded her head with a stiff face.

So, Jain and Karin were standing together on this big tree now. From this place, the bottom was clearly visible. In the place the guild leader had taught me, there were piles of stones that certainly looked like the entrance to the dungeon.


After holding their breath for a long time, the two of them began to reap the harvest at noon. It was because a group of workers had escaped through the entrance of the dungeon. The crest of the Rosalind family was engraved on their shoulders.

“How stupid are you? You don’t even think about disguising the sentence.”

Karin muttered as if it was absurd. The people of the Rosalind family, who shared obscenities among themselves and laughed out loud, disappeared into the forest. The entrance to the dungeon was left without a guard.

“It is now. Let’s go in.”

Jain took Karin’s hand and said. As Karin carefully clasped her hands, Jain jumped off the ridge. There was no shock and no noise as if it had landed on a cushion thanks to protection with various magic.

The two soon started walking into the dungeon through the entrance of the dungeon. The stairs going down were neat. It was a stone staircase with burn marks in several places. After going down the stairs for a long time, we arrived at a large room.

“I was using it openly.”’

The room was apparently being used as a human residence. There were several beds, a keg, a bookshelf, and even a closet to store things. Each of these would be evidence.

“Let’s do a verification with a magic camera. Are you ready?”


Karin took out her magic camera and took a picture of this place that was obviously human. It was just about the moment I was about to photograph a desk with only drinking glasses left, a bed linen infested with fleas, and a closet to store things.

“No, you mean you’re really too sweet?”

“I’m sick. If you’re going to eat two soups a day like this, you’ll be well paid.”

“Yeah, this guy. Where is the lady? They would say that the head is not broken and the whole thing is repair.”

The dungeon entrance suddenly became noisy. The people of the Rosalind family, who they thought had left far, were returning. Karin looked around in embarrassment.

“Uh, what should I do?”

“For now, let’s hide.”

bang! The door swung open, and members of the Rosalind family entered the room. But none of them noticed that Jain and Karin were in this room. It was because he was hiding quickly. hidden place,

“you you… ”


It was a narrow closet. Jain grabbed Karin’s hand and ran into the small closet. Since it was so narrow, the two naturally formed a shape as if they were hugging each other and hugging their chests. Karin’s face was as red as if steam was pouring out of it. My heart was pounding so much that I was worried that my heart might not be heard. It was really embarrassing because her not-so-large breasts were touching Jain’s breasts.

On the other hand, Jain leaned his ear against the closet door with a cold face, listening to the workers outside.

“How long do we have to live like bugs like this? Even a young lady, if she finds out she’s doing something like this, it’s easy to say. Shall we try to threaten this too?”

The second Star Seekers, Rosalind. It seemed that she was not simply monopolizing the undiscovered dungeon, but was doing something more dangerous. Jain was alert and tried to overhear the story.

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