Incompatible Interspecies Wives chapter 224

224 - Escape (6)

224 – Escape(6)

I was waiting for my wives at the assembly place a day after leaving Stokpine.

Under the giant oak tree, I was flipping the cape of my clothing and wearing another hat to pass the time.

My wives had left first, but I arrived earlier.

I had traveled by horse instead of a carriage and Flint had said they had to be more cautious than me.

Originally, I was believed to be dead, so there was no one looking for me.

However, there were undoubtedly people looking for my wives.

No matter how soon Ner and Arwin would stop the pursuit from their respective families, they had no choice but to follow up on their family’s status.

Moreover, it was clear that the members of Hong Yeom-dan would search for Cien.

Even though I had left a postcard for Baran, the members of Hong Yeom-dan would search for her for my sake.

That’s why Flint had to go through such a difficult process to bring my wives to me.

But now that wait was coming to an end.

I could see a carriage approaching the oak tree from a distance.


I also saw Flint, who was riding a horse in front of the carriage.

I smiled faintly.

I couldn’t describe this sense of liberation.

I stood up from my seat and waved to Flint, and he waved back to me.

As time went by, Flint stopped the carriage in front of me and said,



Before Flint could finish speaking, Nell jumped out from behind the carriage and hugged me.

Her white hair, hidden by her veil, became exposed.

Clinging to me tightly, Nell rubbed her face against my chest.

She leaned her whole body onto me.

“I missed you, Berg,” Nell said.

I was worried if she would become depressed after leaving her family and noble status, but seeing her like this, my worries melted away.

I held Nell tightly in my arms and smelled her scent.

“Me too,” I replied.

Following this, Arwin got out of the carriage with a stern expression.

The moment she saw my face, her stern expression crumbled, and was replaced by a bright smile.

As we locked eyes for a long time, she took a deep breath and said,

“The sense of liberation is really amazing.”

It seemed that she too was feeling the same as I did.

Overwhelmed with the utter freedom I gained, my heart felt incredibly relieved.

Arwin slowly walked towards me.

And then she said,

“…Now, since we don’t have to worry about anyone’s gaze, can I ask you something?”


“Can I consider you… mine now?”

As she said this, Arwin, as if she had been waiting, stole a kiss from my lips.

Nell, clinging to my side, tensed her body for a moment.

Arwin gave me a little smile and walked away from me.

Finally, Sien got off the carriage.

Holding onto the inflating boat tightly, she carefully descended.

“Are you okay?”

I asked her first, and Sien smiled warmly at me and nodded.

“You’re finally free, Bell.”


“…You can make your dreams come true too.”

I nodded in response to her words.

“Let’s fulfill our dreams together.”

My dream was to settle in a peaceful place and live with loved ones.

Now that I could achieve that, it was clear that my remaining dreams could also come true slowly.

Sien’s dream was to travel around the world.

In some ways, it was very similar to Arwin’s dream.

After settling down and building a home where we could stay, traveling the world seemed like a good choice.

After talking with the wives, I looked back at Flint.

We instinctively shook hands.

“You’ve been through a lot, Flint.”

“Not really. It’s not easy yet. We haven’t finished our work yet. We can’t just leave you and your wives here.”

Flint, who looked at me with admiration, said.

“So…have you decided where to settle? Where would it be convenient for me to take you?”


I pondered.

To be honest, I hadn’t thought about where we should settle.

If you consider it, we were quite noticeable people.

Considering that there weren’t many elves, Arwin’s ears stood out.

Ner’s white tail and hair were definitely eye-catching.

And Sien, who was once a saint, was bound to be famous in many places.

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Eventually, when rumors spread that the three of us were wandering with a scarred race…someone would definitely come up with guesses about who we were.

I didn’t know if the rumors about us would die down…but it was clear that we had to hide for a while.

Or find another way to hide our identities.

“…a place to settle.”

I continued to ponder.

It wasn’t just one or two places I had traveled to while living as a mercenary.

I searched my memory for a suitable location.

When I rolled my eyes and looked at Shien, she seemed to be struggling with the same question.

Shien had also been to many places.

During her weak days, she traveled here and there with her parents… and moved around after becoming a saintess.

Among those places, we had to find somewhere not crowded with people.


As the thoughts continued, Arwin called my name from the side.


“…If you don’t have a specific place you want to settle…may I suggest one?”


Arwin spoke while looking at us.

“…If you head west from here…there’s a beautiful lake. There aren’t many people living nearby, either. If you ride a horse for a bit, there’s also a small village. If you’re thinking of building a house and living there…I think that place is perfect.”

I slowly nodded my head and asked.

“How do you know about that place?”

“It was one of the places I really wanted to visit when I was trapped in the Celebrien territory. And…”

Arwin blinked as if in deep thought before continuing.

“…Actually, it’s the first place I went after our divorce. But…without you, it was more dull and bland than I expected… I forgot about it because it wasn’t as pretty as I thought…”


Then, Arwin smiled slightly and said.

“…But now you’re here, aren’t you? I want to visit there once more. I feel like it’ll seem beautiful now.”


I took a deep breath at Arwin’s story.

I realized once again that it was not only me who suffered after our separation.

But before those heavy emotions overwhelmed me, I shook them off.

What was most important now was that we were together.

I looked at Ner and Shien.

“…What do you think?”

Nel and Xien simply answered me.

“Anywhere you want.”

“As long as I’m with you, Berg.”

I smiled and nodded at their responses.

Then, I turned to Flint.

“Flint, can you help?”

Flint replied coolly.

“Of course, Berg.”


So, walking side by side all day, we set up camp.

In front of our temporary shelter, we lit a fire and started to work out our plans for the future step by step.

“Let’s take turns sleeping.”

Arwin suggested.

It was a rule from the time when Nel and I lived together.

“Let’s do that.”

Xien, who had lived with me the longest, didn’t object to the idea.

She showed great respect for Nel and Arwin.

From the beginning, Nel saved Xien and our child’s life…and Arwin saved mine.

It seemed that Xien didn’t forget that the happy future we held in our hands was all thanks to them.


Nel whispered in my ear.


It seemed like the day when we’d really sleep together was approaching.

I saw her face turn red.

She even sneakily glanced at me, rolling only her eyes.


All day long, I felt like I could see the desire settling in Nel’s eyes.

If I hadn’t learned the signals of women from Xien, I would have missed it.

Nel held my hand in a strangely provocative way, and her lips were constantly moistened as she looked at me.

When she was by my side, I could hear the sound of her continuously swallowing saliva.

Even her tail kept lightly brushing against my body, and she was warm all over.


Although I was anticipating the situation, in reality, the process seemed farther away than I had thought.

For now, I needed a space where I could relax.

But finding such a space didn’t seem easy at the moment.



As I lingered there, our eyes met again.

She, who always shyly avoided eye contact, did not look away this time.

Instead, she opened her squirrel-like eyes and swayed her tail.

In the end, I was the one who looked away first.

There was no outlet for resolution in this atmosphere.

“I want a one-story house, something light. Is that okay?” Siyan says.

“We might need a few rooms. Our separate rooms, and rooms for the children. We’ll need a storage room too…”

I nodded.

“Let’s discuss everything. We need to cover everything now that we’re talking about it.”

Flint, sitting on the opposite side of the hearth, spoke.

“I’ll help with building the house, just tell us what you need. We can even call in some people if necessary.”

Arwin said, “If we get help from the dwarves, we might be able to build it quickly, don’t you think?”

“Let’s try if it’s possible.”

“I want a place with you as soon as possible, more than anything else.”

“Anything else you need?”

“It would be nice to have a storage room for alcohol. So I can drink with you.”

I smiled at Arwin’s words.

Finally, I looked at Nere.

She was still gazing at me with those alluring eyes.

“Nere, what about you?”

Ignoring her signals, I asked.


Nel hesitated for a moment before answering.

“…Make the bedroom walls thick, so no sound…leaks out.”




We all froze at Nel’s sudden suggestion.

It seemed like she was trying to hide her intentions, but they weren’t completely hidden.

“…And a large bed.”

However, as Nel’s words continued, I realized that it didn’t seem like she was trying to hide her intentions.


What was the reason for Nel’s sudden change?

Was it because she knew that the difficult times were all over?

Was it because our lives were finally connected again after a long time?

Was it because holding back was becoming more difficult?


And then I looked up at the sky.


And then I realize.

The full moon was almost complete.

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