It Became a Time-Stop Slit-Eye chapter 48

48. Clones and puppets.

48. Clones and puppets.

Shaman and orchestra conductor have quite a bit in common.

First of all, there are many things to keep in mind, without that one everything is useless, and as a maestro-conductor you have to conduct the appendages.

Yes, the curtain on the performance has finally risen.


Seiichiro Kenju laughed out loud and moved his hands. He began to conduct bloody conduct.


Then you hear a beautiful harmony.

It doesn’t come close to being a masterpiece, but quite a few works come out of their cages and run.

There is only one target.

A young man with a crooked smile.

Baekyacha (白夜叉) is regarded as the top name among exorcists nationwide.

A white haired swordsman with a long sword.

Except for the sinister expression and atmosphere, the body shape is nothing special, but inside that shell is the mighty force that killed the mythical monster Baek Kyung.

According to eyewitness accounts at the time of the Hundred Ghost Nights, they ran through the city scattering blue magic sparks.

If it’s a one-time thing, it can happen.

There were about a dozen exorcists who could achieve similar transfers only within the Kenju family.

But it is said that Shiki Ichimaru ran for four hours on the White Yacha.

Unbelievable stamina and magic capacity.

It is a fighting power that cannot be compared to a young or promising exorcist.

At that level, it was appropriate to compare with the ‘legends’ of the exorcism/ghost world, not ordinary exorcists.

Truly the highest quality ingredients.

For that reason, Seiichiro Kenju pretended not to be, but he had been observing him for quite some time.

‘…… If only I can capture him.’

You can create a true masterpiece.

A special puppet that is on a different level from previous creations.

The masterpiece will be the source of power that makes negotiations on an equal footing with ‘them’.

‘I’m taking a step forward from here.’

Of course, it will be difficult to catch as it is the best material.

But humans are the lords of all things, and they knew how to use tools to catch beasts.

Among dogs, a shaman is a creature that specializes in making a means of getting things out of certain materials.

‘Catch him.’

Seiichiro Kenju glared at him with his eyes wide open.

Fortunately, the preparations for catching White Yacha were somewhat completed.

A work that fuses humans and monsters.

Chimera, a living creature with different characteristics coexisting, ran out, referring to Western black magic.


A Chimera, a fusion of an overworked office worker and a stray dog monster, thrusts its face into the White Yacha.

The gray-haired swordsman frowned but swung his sword straight.

Suddenly, it should have been heard.

It must have been cut in half.

─Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!!!


However, the Chimera’s head was only cut in half, but the spark of life was not extinguished.

On the contrary, I rushed to bite the other person’s breath more fiercely.

The White Yacha, Shiki Ichimaru tilted his head and swung his sword once again.


Only then did the Chimera’s head fall off.

Another chimera stepped on the corpse of the guy who collapsed mercilessly and rushed after him.

Every time Ichimaru Shiki maneuvered swiftly and swung his sword, but it was rare for an individual to die with a single sword.


The undead Chimera only went mad to kill those who had injured it.

Where did the first momentum go?

It was gradually pushed to the wall of the workshop.

They were put on the defensive.


Whether it’s formidable physical strength or overflowing mana, he’s a swordsman who wields a sword.

In that case, all you have to do is process the leather so that it doesn’t get cut, and combine the youkai and the human so that you don’t die from the perm’s magic.

If it was a monster made up only of grudges and souls after death, it would have died in one accord, but a chimera that fuses human bodies has resistance at the very beginning, even if it is veiled in the end.

Each of them had their limits in combat power, but their vitality was comparable to that of a high-ranking youkai.

Of course, with that alone, you wouldn’t be able to catch him.


The moment the White Yacha cut down the Chimera as before, a ripple rippled through the flow of mana in the air.

A spell was suddenly formed in the air.

The moment Ichimaru Shiki confirmed that and was about to pull his body away, Seiichiro clenched his fists and muttered.

“───Explosion, a puppet’s liquor.”

At that moment, the Chimera became a bomb.

A puppet with the spirit and body of a human and a monster, its corpse swelled up in an instant.

It emitted an ominous green light.

“Cursed soul and body, trigger it.”

It soon exploded grandly.


Compared to the size of the half-human chimera, the scale of the explosion was said to be large.

Taking out the opponent’s stamina, even after he dies, he becomes a bomb.

“Ha ha ha! Wouldn’t this be art!”

After the Chimera’s explosion, a thick green fog spread inside the workshop.

It was the smoke that contained the curse of corruption and biological poison.

A typical exorcist will die within a minute if he inhales even a small amount of that smoke.

Violent poison that curses the living.

Even for the White Yacha, if it hadn’t been for enchanted magic all over its internal organs when it encountered the fog right after the explosion, it would have suffered from a chill.

‘However, if it’s a legend of the exorcism world, a great monster, I might be able to decipher it right away.’

In that case, it was enough if I didn’t give you the time to do that. Seiichiro gestured toward his mist.

The living and the dead.

The nothing but puppet army threw itself into the fog without hesitation.

─Bake it!!!

Despite the poor visibility, I could hear puppets dying, running in droves, clattering thumps, and crashing loudly.

‘Should I skip my physical strength for an hour like this?’

At that time, it would be easy to send masterpieces out and twist their limbs.

Seiichiro Kenju nodded slowly with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Come to think of it, if you did a background investigation, you should be punished accordingly.”

A sneaky guy.

Doing a background investigation without knowing it.

Bewildered by the revelation, Kenjuga abandoned the foundation, so he must pay the price.

Before it’s turned into a masterpiece, they’ll easily endure a day or two of torture.

Even though he was an enemy, Seiichiro believed in the value and potential of White Yacha as an ingredient.

If it’s him, he’ll let out the best screams he’s ever heard.

“Good, very good.”

White Yacha will be a masterpiece in many ways.

With such expectations in mind, Seiichiro watched the workshop in the poison fog.

In-young moves busily here and there.

Not long after, the Chimeras rush at In-Young, who stumbles like a pack of dogs.

Soon, the chimera and the human shadow collided and began to entangle.


It must be midnight, and I heard human screams!

To be able to make such a sad sound when you haven’t been tortured yet.

Frowning in disappointment, Seiichiro paradoxically laughed at the White Yacha with the corner of his mouth raised.

“Ha ha ha ha! After all, even an exorcist of that level is a human with a cloth!”

If the white yacha that killed the white whale is like that, then Kenju Kozaburo, who is known for having a body of steel, must be the same.

Seichiro watched the figures mingling through the green mist with a smile stained with madness.

“Yeah, I’ll flip it all over.”

A stupid Kenju, a society with incompetent humans at the top, and a bond between the living and the dead.

It will be newly established.

With ‘they’ who suddenly approached and traded gold?

No, Seiichiro was the only conductor who would set this world right.

“I will stand above the sky.”

Kenju Seiichiro burned with ambition.

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I won’t be able to overthrow the city center and capture the shrine right away, but the time is near.

If you make a puppet with White Yacha, you will definitely get a special product—a masterpiece among masterpieces.

‘…… After that, I will destroy all exorcism families and armies in Tokyo and create my own territory.’

The perfect plan.

To become a pioneer who corrects the world.

Huhuhu, Seiichiro smiled contentedly, brushed his hair, and opened his mouth.

“There is not much time left…… “

“M-hu-hu-hu, I will stand in the sky!”

“…… ?!”

This is not what I said.

Hearing the voice right next to him, Seiichiro Kenju was stunned and turned his head with his eyes wide open.

There was the White Yacha, Ichimaru Shiki, who shrugged his shoulders unscathed.

“Ah, was it rude to imitate?”

Not only did the guy have no scratches on his skin, but his clothes were also in a state of no dust.

Even now, the chimeras are biting at his body in a poisonous mist.

Seiichiro couldn’t believe the sight in front of him and pointed at the White Night Tea trembling.

“…… Yes, how are you!”

Ichimaru Shiki gave a hearty smile.

“hahahaha! I learned magic for times like this!”

“…… How are you, the prosecutor! Fantasy-type sorcery must have a difficulty level of at least medium level!”

“No, the swordsman can use magic, well. You were a tougher person than I thought.”

“…… What? Is my head stiff?”

“Besides, the doll came out from there, so wouldn’t it be fair for me to send out an alter ego? Hmm, fighting between parties is a landslide victory for me no matter how you look at it.”

“…… Since when?”

At the question that popped into his head, Shiki Ichimaru answered with a grin.

“From the very beginning.”

Then he swung the knife in his hand.


Seichiro saw his right arm floating in the air.

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