It Became a Time-Stop Slit-Eye chapter 50

50. Memory of the Curse.

50. Memory of the Curse.

The world burns blue.

As if purifying by burning all uncleanness, the blue flame embraced everything around it.

An army of puppets that have already turned to ashes and disappearing, masterpieces scattered on the floor, and the fleeting giant Bango.

The ruins of the building that was the studio, the ground around it, and perhaps even the sky were burning bright blue.

The world is blue.

Blue daffodils swayed all over the place, dazzling Seiichiro’s vision.

My mind wanders.

My body trembled at the intense pain as if it were massaging my brain, at the fresh blood and life force that escaped from severed limbs, and at the futility that everything had collapsed.

“…… Ughhhhh!!!”

I can’t die like this.

It is a life that only clings to with ego. Kenju Seiichiro struggled until the end.

He scratched the ground with his five remaining fingers and rose with what little power he had left.

However, his appearance and prestige were unattractive, and even that was tantamount to wriggling slugs.

The bug crushed on the floor was desperate.

Seiichiro, who barely lifted his upper body, shouted with his whole body trembling and his eyes reddened.

“───White night tea!!!”

There was a god of death where that gaze reached.

There existed a white-clad yaksha that moved leisurely even in the world of catastrophe where everything in the world pays for its sins.

Only one person was pure and pure in the hell where black ashes were scattered and blue flames swirled.

The man’s pure sneer, his eyes looking down at the insect, met Seiichiro who crawled on the floor.

‘…… This is an insult that can’t be more in the world.’

At that moment, the shaman clenched his fists, feeling anger beyond pain.

As if squeezing out the last remaining life force.

His whole body trembled.

In the midst of my head being filled with anger, despair, jealousy, all sorts of negative emotions and pain, a certain memory suddenly popped up in my mind.

──I can’t do that with you.

It was around the age of eight.

It was a time when my head was filled with knowledge to some extent and I realized my worth.

Other children were of primary school age, Kenju Seiichiro knew his subject.

──You have no talent in martial arts.

The man who was the sky at the time, the father who was the strongest man in his world, made it that way.

Kenju Kozaburo, the head of the family and father.

Looking at my father and smiling contentedly at my older brother, Seiichiro realized,

‘I must have been pushed back.’

In order of birth, in talent.

Even in affection.

Everything second…… No, it’s the bottom. He realized that he was an inferior being.

──Seichiro, how are your studies going?

Compared to his older brother who even has a great personality, he says he is infinitely useless.

As long as this first son is alive, he is just an incompetent child.

My whole body trembled with anger, despair, and jealousy.

In Seiichiro’s heart, murderous intent and envy that did not distinguish between relatives soared.

I wanted to distort that bright face of my brother.

But he couldn’t bear to kill him.

I didn’t have the courage to give up the martial arts I’d been doing up until now, nor the courage to kill my older brother.

So, without changing anything, only years passed in despair.

Even at the age of 15, Seiichiro was unable to develop any potential for martial arts, and his older brother, the heir to the family, was able to use his bare fists as a genius. .

If it was fueled by a sword, it was geomki (劍氣), and if it was fueled by a fist, it was martial arts.

When Seichiro was a 15-year-old boy, his older brother reached a great realization.

Even considering the age difference of five years, the brightness of the talent given to each was clear.

Ahead was bathed in a blinding light, but it was so dark here.

…… Oh, everything is futile

At the time my heart was broken, luck came suddenly.

[ 發靷 ]

“…… What is this.”

Kenju Seiichiro blankly looked at the coffin in which his older brother lay, at an unexpected stroke of luck.

My older brother, who had lived his life like the sun, died like him until the very end.

He died while saving civilians from ghosts.

If you were single, you could overcome it, but you died just to protect ordinary people.

A dog’s death that is too wasteful to say that he gave his life.

It is a stupid death.


Anyway, as brothers, there was definitely a sense of sadness and regret.

But he said he was also a dark person.

Kenju Seiichiro acknowledged my identity by hiding the corner of his mouth that had risen slightly.

──…… Apart from your brother’s death, you are not the head of the household!

I was a human who couldn’t get close to the light at all.

‘I see. It wasn’t my way.’

Seichiro, who came to realization belatedly, only then began to learn magic.

Fortunately, he had an aptitude rather than martial arts. In just one year, he learned the basic principles of witchcraft.

As I found out later, Seiichiro had a spirit and body suitable for soul-type sake.

It’s better than no talent at all, but it wasn’t very good news.

Like Kenju’s martial arts, it was common for witchcraft to be handed down by one person or within the same clan.

Extremely rare aptitudes and strains.

It was questionable whether they would accept him as a disciple, but finding a master was difficult in itself.

While Seiichiro was unhappy with his fate, when he was inquiring about a shaman from the soul world, ‘they’ came to him first.

─Expand the darkness to your heart’s content.

Unidentified, they taught Seiichiro how to deal with spirits and gave them forbidden books.

Some of them were stronger martial artists than their father, who was called Iron Fist, and others had higher spiritual power than the priests of the shrine.

They deserved to be famous, but their identities were completely unknown.

Inevitably, doubts arose.

Seichiro did not trust their true intentions, but acknowledged their strength.

They are not ephemeral beings.

A strong man at the top of the world.

…… Finally, an opportunity has come to you!

Kenju Seiichiro was filled with joy as he studied how to manipulate the body and soul, and created works in the studio.

The goal is to guide fools.

The existence of monsters is widely preached to the people who don’t even know they exist, and the system under the control of the exorcism family and the shrine, which is a product of the old era, is overthrown.

A new world will come where only the strong who accept everything stand above all people!

I had such a dream.

“Oh, you look very unwell. Wouldn’t it be better to just lie down?”

A world in which grand dreams scatter as mere ash.

The monster that blew away all his expectations stood before his eyes with an impudent face.

Hakuyacha Ichimaru Shiki looked at him without hiding his feelings of ridicule.

“Yeah, you said you couldn’t stop it.”

Looks like you didn’t even expect the slightest bit.

I tried to be as indifferent as possible at some point, but the wounds that couldn’t heal were stirred up.

The clenched fists were stained with blood.

The sorcerer Kenju Seiichiro shouted with a distorted face.

“───Don’t look down at me with those eyes!”

I don’t like everything.

Arrogant idiots, an absurd world, and even the self who collapsed before reaching the destination. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like.

First of all, that mocking face looking down at me was an unbearable insult.

“…… Didn’t you dare say I couldn’t stop you?”

Kenju Seiichiro extinguished the last embers of my soul.

In addition, the puppet spells that are connected to the heart and have not yet been completely extinguished.

After checking everything, I made a decision.

“…… hehehe, hahahaha!”

Seiichiro’s face changed after laughing hard as if he would run out of breath at any moment, and he glared at the White Yacha in front of him as if possessed by a demon.

“───I will definitely curse you! In this world where everything is wrong! Reality! Family crest! I am disillusioned! It’s already too late, but I’ll fix even one thing!”

The fresh blood scattered around me, and the hearts, souls, and spells of the puppets spread throughout the area in a half-broken state.

The preparations for the ceremony were complete.

Seichiro Kenju exclaimed as he imagined his heart being grabbed by a cursed soul in his grasp.

“───O living being! A vessel stained with all sorts of uncleanness!”

The soul is turbulent.

At the master’s last cry, cursed souls and spells emerged from the corpses of the puppets that were scattered on the ground and burned.

The shaman grabbed all of them.

“Look at the web of fate that encompasses heaven and earth! Your cursed feet! Hand! Neck! Heart! Desperate for the coffin that will hold your soul!”

Ingredients are all in one area. Not only puppets, but also their bodies and souls. It was all the things he had cultivated in his cursed life.

“───You cursed spirit, fall!”

That’s how Kenju Seiichiro gave everything and cursed.

I cursed Shiki Ichimaru, the White Yacha who had a cursed life, with all I could.

Everything cursed a blessed life of excellence.

“Painfulness, the wine of life and death.”

Yes, the final curse will be fulfilled in death.

Looking at Ichimaru Shiki, who was still smiling, Seiichiro smiled at him.

I finished the chant.

“───A bird’s eye view of the world.”

Let’s fall into the pit of despair together.


After the long chanting, the world changed completely.

The black sun in the sky.

Once you look at that, you can see that this is not reality.


I touched my chin.

Being caught up in a strange space, I usually have to be embarrassed or scared, but my heart is truly at peace.

Well, is it natural for him to be like that?

“As planned.”

There was no way he didn’t know the last outburst pattern of the guy he’d killed hundreds of times before.

This is a kind of sealed area.

In the game, it is just for breaking various gimmicks, but in the setting of witchcraft, it is to see the memory of the soul.

A high-level barrier that makes the subject of sorcery wander endlessly in the past, present, and uncertain future.

It is a so-called curse, a bad spell that makes the soul relive its painful memories forever.

I felt like I had to experience it once, so I forced myself into it.

Well, if my soul, a hikikomori, was the object, I would have immediately thought of a scene locked up in a closed room, but unfortunately, this place was outside the house in the city center.

That said, these are not the memories of my soul.

A black-haired boy passed me standing on the road.

A child with a pure, innocent expression.

A benevolent voice soon followed.

“Shiki! Watch out for the car.”

This is the memory of Shiki Ichimaru from the past.

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