It Is Getting Dark chapter 3

It Is Getting Dark 3

3 – Entity

“Is it morning already….”

When I thought about it while reading my diary, I ended up staying up all night without realizing it.

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Is it all true?

If this is all true, it was a big deal that included the Mage Tower, her sister Katrina, the princess, and even the Order.

It’s hard to believe, but if it’s the way I thought, I can understand why Carl got hit.

Karl also knew and prepared for Katrina’s greed and the use of the church for him.

“You didn’t know that the three princesses and the magic tower were involved.”

This was information that only those who played Witch Hunt could know.

Not long after Carl was taken away by the Heretic Judge, I barely realized it until I remembered that the three princesses had beaten the crown prince in a battle of superiority.

And what Carl said while playing Witch Hunt in the church basement.

‘The Heretic Judge was mixed in the escort troops of the saintess who came to pay condolences to her father’s funeral. It means that the heretic judges were covered up by the saintess’ escort. From the beginning, the board was set up.’

In the diary, a key part of the witch’s seed recipe that can artificially create witches was missing.

Maybe that’s why the church didn’t immediately execute them after grabbing the sword.

It was an insurance policy that Carl had made in anticipation of Katrina’s actions.

‘The Magic Tower, which consumes so much of the witch’s jewels, must have thought that it would respond to her deal and keep the church in check.’

The problem is that even the Mage Tower cheated on them.

“I entrusted the fish to the cat.”

What the Magic Tower wants is a witch’s heart.

While playing Witch Hunt, I heard from a person in the Mage Tower during the story that the Mage Tower made a deal with the princess and even the church to obtain the witch’s heart.

And why does the Mage Tower desperately want the witch’s heart?

A witch’s heart has two forms, because one of them is a magic catalyst that contains a huge amount of mana called a witch’s jewel.

Because of the church that hunts witches periodically, the number of them is not small, and the trade itself is quite active, but there was still a lot of demand.

And what the church wants is an increase in the number of witches.

There are many people who question the existence of the church.

It also hunts demons or monsters, but adventurers do the same, so ordinary people don’t feel the need for a church.

However, the church is the only institution that specializes in hunting witches, so most people who have encountered witches support the church.

In other words, because witches exist, the significance of the church’s existence arises.

That means both the Mage Tower and the church want the recipe for the Witch’s Seed created by Carl.

The Church wants to produce witches, and the Mage Tower wants witches’ jewels, which are a by-product of the process.

If the church makes witches, announces the dangers of witches in front of people, and then hunts them, the by-products are supplied at a cheaper price equal to the amount of magic towers.

Besides, the mage tower reduces the effort of hunting directly, so the mage tower and the church are a win-win.

The interests are aligned enough to make me wonder if this is possible.

Then, how is Katrina and the three princesses related?

First of all, I have to explain about the crown prince, who is the first in the succession line, and her three princesses who rose to the second place by trampling on the other siblings who were above her.

The core sector within the imperial palace is composed of nobles who support the crown prince.

And that is the royal seal given to the crown prince by the emperor who wanted the crown prince to succeed him.

In the end, it is said that the three princesses will never be able to defeat the crown prince unless these personnel are purged.

The easy way to get rid of them is to tie them up with witches.

As long as you connect with a witch, then from that point on, it’s the realm of the church.

Emperor, Church, and Mage Tower cannot invade each other’s territory.

This means that even the emperor cannot stop it.

Witch’s jewels are in high demand, so if she was a decent noble, she would have traded them at least once.

If only the Mage Tower and the church came out here and confirmed that the nobles were related.

The princess gets her slayer who can kill the nobles she wants to kill at will.

If the prince’s limbs are cut off and the princess fills the empty parts with her own person, the battle for succession is virtually over.

In fact, the sword was also caught in the witch hunt, and shortly thereafter, there was a large-scale purge, and after that, it was difficult to even see his face because the prince was not in the door.

Since even the Magic Tower was involved in that, no matter how much the evidence was manipulated, it couldn’t be proven, so no one would have been able to voice their dissatisfaction.

And if Cassius is woven into it, only Katrina with the ball that exposed the sword will remain.

The Elliance family naturally falls into the hands of Katrina.

And what I didn’t expect.

‘I never thought I would have made this already. Besides, Katrina already knew. I didn’t know that the knife was under her throat, but she thought she just needed to stay still.’

I was complacent.

I almost died helplessly.

“A big deal that satisfies all members of the trade by sacrificing an insectivore from a family without talent. I don’t know who thought it, but it’s really vicious.”

The problem is that the sacrifice was made and I was in that situation.

And now the most urgent thing for me.

“How far can you trust me?”

I remembered what Cassius had said to me.

The word means brothers with the same blood flowing through them.

That’s why you said you should trust me.

Looking at the current situation and the attitude Cassius has shown, it seems believable.

“Can I trust Cassius?”

I can’t be sure either.

Casius told me to trust me because I am a blood brother, but before I fell here.

I’ve seen countless families fighting for profit.

‘Looking at those jingling faces, it was the first time I felt comforted about being an orphan.’

But I can’t deny that it’s the only hand I can use right now, and that we’re on the same boat while Katrina is aiming for the Elliance family.

“It doesn’t matter if you can trust it or not. The problem is that the only card I can use is Cassius.”

The choices you can make are limited.

I have no choice but to struggle as much as possible within the available options.

* * *

“Good night, young boy!”

Maria opened the door and came in.

Then, seeing me up, she said.

“Are you awake?”

Her bright, loud voice got on her nerves.

“Maria, you are always bright.”

That’s the look on the face of the person who threw the trouble at me yesterday.

Well, it would have been better if they were thankful. Maria is innocent.

It’s just a complaint that comes out because I’m unfair.

“Yes, yes?”

“No, sorry, I’m a bit tired right now. I think i’m sensitive Understand me.”

Maria looked at my face and must have noticed that I was tired.

“Bocchan, did you stay up all night?”

“Just something to think about. Somehow I stayed up all night.”

“Perhaps, what I said yesterday….”

“Maria. Don’t talk about it out of your mouth. This is not for me.”

“Yes. All right.”

After her words, I looked at Maria.

After looking at her for a long time without saying anything, Maria asked as if she couldn’t stand her gaze.

“Do you have anything you want me to do?”

“Mary. How long have you been working under me?”

Maria seemed to think as she put her finger to her lips.

“Um…. Because I was 11 at the time and the young master was 7…. It must have been 13 years.”

It’s been 13 years….

But the time I spend with her is only one week.

Can I trust her like that?

‘Even if I burn everything else. You can’t burn that much. Besides, if I have it, they will definitely find out.’

That’s why I have no choice but to walk.

In luck.

I thought Gacha could only be played in Witch Hunt.

“Mary. Don’t ask me for some reason Can you please do me a favor?”

Hearing my words, Maria’s expression became quite serious.

“Yes, just leave it to me.”

To accept without hesitation what she said while I was thinking and doubting so much.

I felt quite guilty.

About the act of putting a false name on the person who trusted me so much.

Still, I want to live, rationalizing that if I don’t have it, there’s no way I’ll be suspicious, and in the end I handed her the box.

“If you keep this, if I say it again, will you give it back? Never eat it It’s not because I’m sorry So never! You should never eat it.”


Maria smiled and smiled at me as I was handed her box.

“Boss, will I be helpful if I do this?”

Her smile increased my guilt.

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“Oh, really.”

“hehehe, that’s good. Then, I’ll go clean up.”

Maria left her room laughing.

I have to go to work as well.

About the current situation after meeting Cassius.

And I had to talk about what I had to do next.

“Hu- It’s not minesweeper, no, it would have been better if it was minesweeper because I know what the bomb is. Even though there are bombs all over the place, there are no hints.”

The only information I have is the information I saw in the Witch Hunt story.

Ugh, I kept sighing.

I also left my room to meet Cassius.

And on the way to meet Cassius,

“Oh, my brother.”

I met Katrina.

To meet the guy you hate the most even if you meet him.

If it was normal, I would have said hello and passed by.

I tried to do that today too.

At that moment, a thought popped into my head.

All I need right now is time.

And I came up with a way to earn that time.

If that’s the case, if that’s what I think.

This situation is not bad.

I looked at Katrina and said hello.

“Yes Katrina. Good morning.”

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