It Is Getting Dark chapter 2

It Is Getting Dark 2

2 – Illusions

Late night.

I was reading a book.

The novels I read were not interesting because there was nothing to do.

That’s because the novels worth reading in a world where wizards and knights existed in the Middle Ages were too obvious.

Of course there are romantic writings, but there were more tragic stories than that.

In one word, it should be said that they are emotional stories.

Since I am a simple human being, I liked stories with happy endings, albeit a bit childish, rather than solemn and tragic ones.

While complaining so much, considering the fact that it was for information, I read books that didn’t suit my taste.

It was nice to ask someone, knowing that it was different from the world I lived in, but the possibility of raising suspicion was too great to ask every single question.

I was envious of novels possessed by madmen.

It would have been nice if it had been a development where someone was vaguely aware that he wasn’t originally an idiot, but he jumped over it with the development of “It’s better than before.”

This guy I possessed was a “Good person” Despite his incompetence.

Even though Katrina, who openly hates me for the behavior of the servants in the mansion, would bite on my incompetence, I never pointed it out as an act.

‘Come to think of it, is there any possibility that Cassius or Katrina noticed?’

It’s been over a week since she’s possessed, but she hasn’t done anything that stands out to her except for asking Maria for her name when she first opens her eyes.

Maria also went over what she thought was a prank.

At that time, I suddenly remembered the conversation I had with Cassius during lunch.

‘Your expression has gotten brighter lately.’

Is the meaning really literal?

If not….

Is it a warning that he noticed?

Then why is there such a warning?

Why are you leaving me alone again?

Because processing without evidence is risky?

…No, from the point of view of Cassius’ brotherhood, it could be a request to take his side.

And lastly, in my personal opinion, it’s the least likely, but it could be that it’s nice to literally become brighter.

In the end, in conclusion.

“There is too little information.”

I let out a sigh.

“It was good for a week. I’m worried that the two noblemen suddenly fight among themselves at lunchtime.”

When that stiff atmosphere lasted for a week, I felt like I was going to die of discomfort.

As soon as it broke, there was another problem.

No, it was fine until the fight.

Because I wasn’t wearing it.

But because of what Cassius said, I started to think a lot.

When you look at the protagonists of possessed novels, they pretend to do it on their own with the information they know, but it is not easy to do it yourself.

No maybe.

“Is it because I’m not desperate?”

Maybe it really is.

If not, it’s just because I’m indecisive.

“Stop sleeping.”

Just thinking about it won’t solve anything.

Just do it as usual.

As usual.

That was when I was about to go to sleep.


“Bocchan, are you sleeping?”

It was a cautious and small voice, as if no one should hear it, but I realized that the owner was Maria.

‘What is it, at this late hour?’

From noble mtl dot com.

Maybe? With that thought, he opened the door and let Maria into her room.

With half excitement and half worry, I stuck my head out the door and looked around, but fortunately realized that no one was there and closed the door.

And then, looking at Maria in the room, she cleared her throat for no reason and lowered her voice.

“Keuheum, what’s going on at this late hour..”

At my words, Maria fidgeted and opened her mouth, repeating the beat.

Only then did she finally open her mouth.

“Brother, I know how you are treated around you. Of course, that’s why I know how hard the young master is working, because I’ve been watching him from the sidelines.”

From the introduction?

That’s good too.

As for Maria, her face is pretty and her personality is good. Besides, isn’t her body perfect?

It is quite possible that you develop feelings for your boss while working at work.

“So, I am telling you.”

Yes, tell me!

“Strange rumors have been circulating within the estate for the past few days.”

‘Ah, that’s right. That wasn’t it.’

“Keuheum, what kind of rumor is that?”

I’m fine.

I asked myself over and over again.

“There are rumors that the Bocchan is crazy and is trying to make a witch.”

“Is that so?”

Ah, that’s true.

Karl did it, but now that I’m Carl, I don’t know what to say about this.

“And one more thing.”

“What is it?”

“That, that.”

Maria paused again.

‘No, you said I was crazy. Could it be more than that?’

“I heard this from someone I know, but the elder passed away in an accident on the way back from the imperial capital….”


‘A nobleman who hasn’t even seen his face?’

Should I show that I should be sad?

As I was thinking about it, I heard Maria’s voice again.

“Cow, it’s just a rumor. However….”

“What else is there?”

“It’s a little strange. Did the blind lady-in-waiting of hers hear that? He told us never to speak out if we want to live.”

“That’s it, can’t it?”

“She thought at first that we were for our sake too. I accidentally overheard the blind lady-in-waiting and her young lady talking. However, the lady told me that the rumors should never reach the ears of young Cassius and the young master….”

“Katrina? That’s kind of weird.”


I looked at Maria, but she didn’t seem to know anything more.

“Thanks, Maria.”

“No. Young master. Then rest in peace.”

Maria said goodbye and left her room.

‘Have you prevented the spread of rumors?’

It was a bit strange for that.

‘I was considerate because I thought it would disturb my planting?’

The Katrina who fought like that?

This was also strange.

If there is a possibility, Schuellichen Elliance, the father of three siblings, Carl, Cassius, and Katrina, is indeed dead. It’s to prevent the passing of the Marquess to Cassius.

Is it meaningful?

The Marquis of Schuellichen had already handed over the throne to Cassius before leaving for the ecliptic.

Besides, blocking it is only for a moment.

It wouldn’t mean anything if there was no way to fly Cassius and me in that moment.

No, if that’s the case, we have to start with the premise that the rumor is real.

If the rumors are true, how did Katrina know about the story that was covered up so much that Cassius and I didn’t even know about it?

Again, who the hell did Maria hear the story from?

“Come to think of it. The day Carl was caught by the Heretic Judge was the day of Carl’s father’s funeral.”

‘Why did you forget that? You stupid bastard!’

I was complacent.

I was so complacent because I thought it would be all right if I stayed still.

If the knife wasn’t caught accidentally and died, but was tricked by Katrina from the beginning, if I stay still like this, I’ll be the guillotine just like the original knife.

‘Let’s think about it. What was Cassius doing after Carl died?’

Coming from a family, he became a wandering knight and wandered around.


He became the owner of the family and helped the main character.

That said, Katrina has achieved her goal in the end.

It’s strange.

‘Why did Cassius leave?’

I don’t know.

I feel like something is blocking me.

‘If you think about it, it will be a while before Carl dies after being interrogated. Even though his crimes were revealed during interrogation, he was executed a long time later.’

That would mean that it was of some use, or that Carl had information that the Church needed.

“Hu- No matter how much I think about it, I don’t know.”

Then a thought passed through my head.


If Carl’s words were true, the diary would definitely exist.

If you find the diary, you might find out something.

I rummaged through the bookshelf even though it was late at night.

“This, no. Not this either.”

Thinking about it, I’ve been reading books from the shelf for a week, but I don’t think I’ve ever found a diary.

Is there even one?

Is that there?

Have you ever wished so earnestly in your life?

It wasn’t until after searching the bookshelves for a long time that I found something.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a diary.

There was a gap behind the bookshelf covered by books.

‘What is this?’

When I pushed the gap with my finger, I touched something like a lever that pulls it down.

I went to the doorknob and locked the door.

I carefully pulled the lever while half in doubt.

Quietly and slowly, the bookshelf parted on both sides.

‘Is this a secret space?’

When you think about it, it was a natural story.

I wouldn’t have experimented openly.

When the bookshelf stopped moving, I saw a door, and when I opened the door, I saw a staircase.

The place I went down the stairs seemed to be a basement.

Unventilated unique smell and stuffiness.

And it was quite wide.

“This is probably a laboratory, right?”

Maybe the diary is here.

I rummaged through the large laboratory and managed to find the diary after a long time.

“You really did.”

Then, did the church really touch the diary as Carl said?

What kind of information is written on it….

I opened the diary and read the contents.

“What is this?”

That’s how I was able to understand everything about the current situation.

The daily life I dreamed of and hoped for was all an illusion.

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