It Is Getting Dark chapter 1

It Is Getting Dark 1

1 – Ideal


“Yes, boy.”

“What’s for lunch today?”

“What, do you want something else to eat?”


“I’ll tell the chef. Is there anything else you want in particular?”

“No, I’ll leave it to the chef.”

I spat out while looking out with my chin resting on the window.

It’s already been a week since I fell into the world of the game and possessed Carl Elliance.

I was taken aback when I first came to my senses, but there were no bigger problems than I thought.

Just like the story of Choo in the novel, to think that our crazy boy is being so kind! There was no such development.

To be honest, even though I acted normally, I was expecting a development that would raise my liking.

To put it briefly, the person I possessed, named Carl Elliance, is nothing special.

No, it might be more accurate to say that he is incompetent.

It’s not that I’m incompetent because I lack talent, it’s that I literally lacked any talent that could be called a unique ability.

A character with stats of 10 (Max) for charm, but other than that, it’s just a meat shield in terms of stats for storytelling.

I couldn’t just stand around such a chewable prey, and they mocked him for being an outcast.

And of course Carl Elliance took it as an insult.

He tried to acquire talent somehow, but he was still incompetent.

He was a good snack to chew around like that, or to those who were attracted to his good looks.

He was a kind and hard-working man whose efforts were imaginary but did not bear fruit.

Born in a great family, his father was a great swordsman.

And for him, who was raised between his older brother, who had a talent for swordsmanship following his father, and a younger sister, who had a talent for magic, to have no talent in itself was a high treason.

Carl, who is just wandering without fruit, puts his hand on a taboo that he shouldn’t touch.

To create a witch that can be manipulated like her own limbs.

And he succeeded.

No, it almost worked.

I succeeded in extracting, improving, and sowing the so-called witch seeds extracted from the witch’s corpse, but….

In the end, the sown seeds failed to bloom.

Because he is caught by Carl’s sister Katrina in the middle and taken to the Heretic Judge.

Of course, I don’t know if all of these words are true, as they were words from Carl himself while he was being tortured by the heresy judges.

He may have been false in extracting success, or he may have succeeded in extraction but failed in improvement, or he may have succeeded in both extraction and improvement but failed in planting.

Or, as Carl said, everything was successful, but the only thing that failed was the witch’s seed blooming, but I think the possibility is extremely low.

In reality, not all of the women Carl planted seeds of were witches.

During the story of the game, it was said that Carl wrote down everything in his diary right before he died, but during the course of the story, Carl’s diary was not found.

I told Carl that the player didn’t have a diary right before the execution, but the answer came back.

‘I see, in the end, the bastards of the church got their hands on it first.’

Anyway, what is the story I really want to tell?

It’s already been a week since I possessed a human like that, but maybe this isn’t worse than I thought?

The original owner is an aristocrat, and it is obvious that he is hard-working while trying to save face.

In addition, she is outstanding outwardly as much as she is marked with the maximum level of charm.

No, to the extent that it is not enough to describe it as outstanding.

Walking down the street, the women you pass are the looks you look back at least once.


Your face is a talent f*ck, I know it because I’ve lived it once.

Those who have even one only talk about what they do not have, and do not know the sadness of those who do not have one.

Pillar West?

If you tell me to, do it.

Why are you rejecting that?

What a happy life.

They say that even if you don’t do anything, the food comes out.


What feeds your pride?

Hana Pillar West will feed you.

Even this guy, as I said before, is a noble.

That’s also a marquis family.

The only thing above is the imperial family and the duke’s family.

Except for the fact that combat is impossible, isn’t it a wonderful life?

The one thing that bothers me is that it has to do with witches.

That’s it, from now on I’m Carl Elliance, can’t I just do nothing?

I thought so.

“Hey, there’s nothing special about life. The noblemen in the novels I’ve been reading are excitedly rolling but kicking.”

In the meantime, sunlight came through the window.

“Oh, life is beautiful.”

Ah- this is what “Life” Is all about

It was truly ideal.


At lunchtime, the whole family gathered at the restaurant.

As a family, my mother passed away when I was young, and my father has now gone to the ecliptic.

There must be a poor man at home, but before he dies, he left for the emperor, saying that he would come and see His Majesty.

So there are only three of us now: me, Carl’s older brother Cassius, and his younger sister Katrina.

I put the food into my mouth, ignoring the hard atmosphere.

One thing I’ve learned over the past 25 years is that times are set.

If you ignore the delicacies and refuse the delicacies because the atmosphere is awkward, you will definitely regret it later.

Besides, it’s already been a week since I put the iron on my face.

I don’t know what he’s thinking because he thinks of me as a wooden doll when it comes to my younger brother.

At least from the way you show your attitude, it seems that Carl is somewhat satisfied with not giving up.

As expected, I don’t know the details.

So it was quiet inside the restaurant without saying anything to each other.

The only sound was the clinking of utensils.

The atmosphere, which seemed to have been promised, was broken by a lady-in-waiting who suddenly entered the restaurant.

The lady-in-waiting told Katrina something in her ear.

There was something strange about Katrina’s reaction when she heard her story.

To be startled, as if something big had happened.

It seemed Cassius noticed that reaction.

“What is it?”

From noble mtl dot com.

Kassius asked.

“No big deal. Second brother, another item came from the Mage Tower.”

“A magic tower?”

“Yeah, I thought it was some kind of reagent again. When I looked at the bill, it seemed like a formidable price.”

“Was that something worth saying so carefully?”

Kassius asked in a disgruntled tone.

“Oh, it seems like my lady-in-waiting said she respected her second brother. Such a sharp reaction.”

Katrina giggled at Cassius’ sharp reaction and passed it over.

“What kind of habit are you talking about?”

Cassius rebuked Katrina, pointing the knife in her hand.

“Isn’t it true that your second brother is wasting the family wealth without any results?”

“How can you find fault with something your father has allowed you to do?”

“This is also related to the prestige of the family.”

I just stayed still, but the two of them were fighting with me tripping over me.

And speaking of my feelings now, it was fun.

Rather than an atmosphere where you would die if you opened your mouth, the atmosphere of fighting while hitting was much more comfortable.

For some reason, it seemed that the fight had started because of me, but I stayed still.

I said nothing wrong.

And someone originally said that watching a fight is the most fun.

As I watched the two fight, I concentrated on eating.

As if eating a hot dog while watching a movie at a movie theater tastes better.

I had the illusion that the already delicious beef steak had gotten even better.

A few minutes to eat while watching the fight like watching a movie.

“I will wake up first.”

Katrina rose from her seat, wiping her mouth with her napkin.


“A vulgar thing without manners.”

Cassius murmured when he saw Katrina’s place where she had left.

When she left first, her stiff atmosphere returned.

‘Ah, I should have eaten first and then left.’

I thought it would come out a long time ago.

Kassius started cutting the meat again.

“The knife.”

“Yes, brother.”

I bowed my head and answered.

I haven’t figured out anything about this person yet.

“Your expression has brightened lately.”

What is it?

Are you saying you don’t want to look like you’re laughing?

“It looks good.”

Fortunately, that didn’t seem to be the case.

Or maybe it’s just words.

“If you have time, stop by the training ground. I will teach you the sword like before.”

Ah, that doesn’t make any sense.

‘I’m sorry, but the name is Carl, but his ability to handle it is zero.’

“It’s okay. Older brother. I guess I don’t have any talent for swords. I don’t want to take away your precious time.”

“Then…. Are you going to give up like this?”

‘Suddenly, why?’

Looking at the atmosphere, if you say, “Heh, I just want to give up and play,” It feels like your head will split in half.

A cold sweat began to flow.

“That, that’s not it, I’d like to change direction.”

Cassius said, putting his hand to his chin.

“Change direction. So you’re going to go for magic?”

“What does that mean?”

Because witches are also magical.

It’s not a lie.

Of course, I have no intention of creating a witch.

“Karl, don’t forget. Katrina is insidious by nature, so be careful. And unlike Katrina, we are blood brothers of the same boat.”

Was Katrina different from her mother?

This was information I didn’t know.

“So, no matter what happens, she has to trust me and not Katrina.”


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