Life in Another World With Narration chapter 100

Life in Another World With Narration 100

100 – The Fact Only I Know

─A new hero will never appear.

Those words from the narration echo incessantly in my mind.

But the people of the kingdom were completely oblivious to its gravity.

Since the news of the hero’s death spread from Milaia to the capital, and from the capital to the entire kingdom, nothing had changed.

Some people even welcomed the news of that worthless hero’s death.

No one took this situation seriously.

The bishops believed that if they chose another saint and found a hero, the problem would be solved.

The entire kingdom firmly believed that a “new hero” would definitely emerge, to an absurd extent.

But the narration now said that a new hero would not appear.

This fact is probably the truth that only I know in this world.

The cycle of the Demon Lord appearing and the hero defeating the Demon Lord.

That link was severed by the death of the worthless hero.

So what will happen to this world, this kingdom?

According to the narration, the Demon Lord’s power has grown stronger once again.

Is there a way to defeat the Demon Lord even without a hero?

Perhaps the fact that the hero died means that there is a way to defeat the Demon Lord without a hero?

“Yunoa considered a situation where everyone joined forces to defeat the Demon Lord in the absence of a hero, but it was impossible.

At the current moment, with no hero, there was no way for humans to defeat the Demon Lord.”

The narration denied that possibility.

Although I didn’t want to believe it, considering the situation, it seemed certain that the kingdom was heading towards destruction.

Watching the Demon King’s power endlessly grow, and the future of being invaded and destroyed without any countermeasures…

As usual, I arrived early in the morning at the Adventurers’ Guild and looked at the request board, but nothing caught my eye.

What’s the use of working hard at the guild and earning money?

I knew that this peaceful everyday life would eventually come to an end, so I didn’t feel motivated.


I sat in the guild waiting room, absentmindedly watching Tina and Meluru working at the reception desk.

Seeing them working hard, dealing with the adventurers who crowded in the morning, made me even more bitter.

“Even if the world is destroyed tomorrow, I will plant an apple tree.”

Realizing that humanity had indeed set foot on the path of destruction, I felt how futile those words were.

If the Demon King’s power continues to grow uncontrollably and the kingdom is destroyed, what will happen to everyone?

Tina, Meluru, Aruru, Sylphy, Algott, Milreya… and will I die too?

Maybe I’ll become a wandering ghost like Shari, floating around in the world.

Thinking about that, Shari detached from my head and looked at me with worried eyes.

“What am I thinking?”

Seeing Shari like that, it felt pathetic to be worrying about these things.

In the end, was it not right to throw my sword at that hero guy to save Milreya?

If the kingdom and humanity are destroyed like this, ultimately, both Milreya and this world will be unable to be saved.

But no matter how much I thought about it, if I were to go back to that situation, I would have acted the same way.

Choosing to not pursue something that can be obtained feels like giving up something inside of me.

“Miss Yunoa?”

I was lost in thought while sitting in the guild waiting room all morning, and Tina, who had become free by lunchtime, approached me first.

“What’s the matter? You’re not taking any requests today… You’ve been sitting in the guild all day.”

“Tina, do you know that a warrior has died?”

I looked up and asked Tina, who was sitting in front of me.

“A warrior? Ah, yes… I heard about it.”

“Aren’t you bothered by it? A warrior has died.”

“Well, yeah… but they say they’re already choosing a new saint to pick a new warrior… I wonder who will be the next saint this time.”

Tina, who used to be a former saint, spoke with complex emotions as if she remembered the past.

No matter how many saints they choose, a new warrior won’t come out.

In this world, the life of a warrior ends with that dead trash warrior.

I wanted to say this fact, but I kept my mouth shut because I knew it would be pointless.

In the current atmosphere, nobody would believe my words.

They might even criticize me, saying that I hope a new warrior won’t come out.

“I think I’ll go home today.”

I stood up from my seat.

I just didn’t feel like taking any requests today.

* * *

As soon as I left the guild building, I ran into Sylphy.

As soon as I saw Sylphy, she ran up to me and spoke first.

“Oh, senior! Are you requesting a mission today?”

With her unique mushroom-like hair, she smiled brightly and spoke.

Sylphy probably doesn’t even know in her dreams that the world is going to be destroyed because there is no way to resist the Demon King.

That’s why she can maintain such a bright expression.

“I just want to take a break at home today.”

“Oh, really? Is there something wrong with your body?”

“I’m just feeling a bit…”

“Then… how about doing something to change your mood together today?”

Sylphy proposed to me.

“But you have things to do too.”

“If senior is not feeling well, I’ll take a day off too. Besides, there’s something I want to eat.”

Because she was so actively persuading me, I ended up going with Sylphy.

We sat facing each other at a restaurant in the outskirts of Kuber Alley and had a meal.

The table was outside the building, and it was a reasonably delicious restaurant.

Sylphy looked very happy as she put well-cooked meat and vegetables into her mouth and smiled.

I don’t have much of an appetite, but I roughly put the food in front of me into my mouth and chewed.

Since the table was outside, I could see people passing by Kuber Alley during the day.

“I’m not sure what’s going on, but senior, cheer up.”


“Because you are someone I admire. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to handle any proper requests on my own.”

Seolphi looked straight at me and said.

“Well, what should I say… If you were in a situation where something big was happening and only you knew about it, but couldn’t tell anyone, what would you do?”

I didn’t expect to get a meaningful answer, but I asked the question anyway.

Seolphi listened to my words and, with her mouth still, seriously contemplated for a moment before slowly opening her mouth.

“Hmm, what kind of big thing is it?”

“Just hypothetically… let’s say all the people in the world were going to die.”

“If it’s something like that, even if it’s difficult, shouldn’t you still say it? To the person you trust the most.”

“But what if it’s such a far-fetched situation that no one would believe you?”


Seolphi rolled her eyes again and thought deeply.

“In that case, I would try my best to prevent such a thing from happening. You never know. Even if it’s a situation where no one would believe you because it sounds so absurd, if someone sees that person working hard, even in that situation where no one would believe them, they might start to believe.”

“But as I said earlier, if it’s something as enormous as all the people in the world dying, it would be too much for one person to handle, right?”

“Even so, it’s better to do something than to do nothing. If it’s really such an enormous event that all the people in the world would die, it means that all the people who are precious to me would die too, right?”


“I would do what I can, and if it still doesn’t work, then I would have to accept it. But why are you suddenly asking about this, Senior? It’s making me feel strange.”

“Just curious. Sometimes we become curious about trivial things that may never happen.”

When I brushed it off, Seolphi tilted her head to the side and then started to focus on her meal again.

It was just a question I threw out there, but I was surprised that she gave such a serious answer.

Doing something is better than doing nothing… Maybe that’s true.

Nothing will change if I just stay still like this.

I remember the narration saying that at some point.

I’m not a “hero,” that’s for sure.

But the hero died, and there is no second hero appearing in this world, that much is certain.

I couldn’t accept being destroyed by the Demon King helplessly like this.

“Thank you, I feel a little better thanks to you.”

“Really? I’m glad I could help you, senpai!”

Sylphy said with such sincerity, smiling brightly.

Hero and Demon King….

I couldn’t casually talk about what I knew now.

The only evidence of the terrible truth I know is the narration that only I can hear in my head.

But at least, there might be something I can do because only I know.

While wasting meaningless time searching for a second hero that may never appear.

I should find a way to not be destroyed by the Demon King even without a hero, even if I’m alone.

I recalled the story of the hero and the Demon King that I heard from Eldervorn, the giant mushroom sage, in the Demon Realm.

From Noble mtl dot com

Originally, there were no such beings as heroes and Demon Kings in this world, they say.

Let me think for a moment.

When an object is broken, you have to ask the person who made it to fix it.

Then, if a hero is broken… who should they ask to fix them?

…The goddess?

“As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and surprisingly, Yunoa’s answer that came to mind was correct,” the narrator’s response suddenly came, leaving me feeling perplexed.

“Really? But I’m an atheist…”

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  1. Thug Shaker says:

    God literally exist in this world bruh and mf is still atheist, Goofy ahh brain.

    1. Noah Lambert says:

      Your beliefs dont change instantly just because you are in a world where the godess is really present. what did the godess do for the mc? Did she give him a place yo live, or make his life easier or make him her chosen hero? None. So obviously he would take her existence with a grain of salt.

    2. A says:

      If perhaps they are truly omnipotent and all-good, then yeah the default should be to worship them. However, that’s clearly not the case here as two races have been stuck in a perpetual war with each other, and now one race is primed to obliterate the other.

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