Miserable Reincarnation chapter 32

Miserable Reincarnation 32

32 – Variable (2)

East Sector, Number 7. Temporary branch of the Laplace Mercenary Corps.

Contrary to Lian’s expectation that it would be bustling with mercenaries, the interior of the branch was eerily quiet.

The only visible people were the staff manning the desks.

“…I thought at least ten would have come, even if reluctantly.”

In a situation unexpected by anyone, Lian furrowed her brow. Unlike ordinary members, it was impossible for the officers not to feel the shock that had just occurred.

The desk workers, who were bustling about, looked at Lian with a troubled expression and opened their mouths.

“Lian-nim. You came faster than expected. We were waiting for you.”

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“Are you talking about me?”

“Unlike others, there’s no direct way to contact you, that’s why.”

Saying so, the worker took out a mobile phone and shook it. Certainly, with that, she could receive missions without the need for a gathering.

“I should quickly establish my identity or something.”

Not being able to find a home and the entire issue arising from the lack of identity.

Shaking off her self-reflection, Lian spoke.

“So, where should I go?”

“You can come this way.”

Saying that, they quickly ascended to the upper floor. As they arrived on the surface, the warehouse door, tightly closed and ominous, opened, revealing a robust vehicle.

“What is this…?”

“It’s an emergency briefing vehicle. I’ll explain more as we go. For now, please get in.”


The familiar sight of starting the engine. It seemed she had been in a situation like this more than once.


As Lian sat down, countless holographic screens appeared intimidatingly from all sides. In the midst of the utterly incomprehensible situation, as Lian furrowed her brows, the nearby worker spoke up.

“Just sit tight for a moment. Oh, and the mission you’re going to perform will only be shared with the team members performing the same mission.”

As the vehicle moved forward, Lian’s gaze also naturally shifted to the side.

I didn’t notice before, but now that I see it, the amount of magic power this desk clerk possesses is remarkable.

“May I ask your name?”

“You can call me Amira.”

“So, Amira, you’re on the same team as me.”

Amira, who was driving the steering wheel at a fast pace, momentarily freezes. But it’s only for a moment. Soon, she opens her mouth as if nothing happened.

“Yes, that’s correct.”

There was no need to inquire about the reason for her confusion.

“It’s obvious.”

The supervisor in charge of desk-related tasks is Jason.

Since Amira is also a desk employee, it was almost certain that Jason had assigned her.

Although I couldn’t know the exact reason, I could deduce from Amira’s reaction…

“Is it because of me?”

Lian opens her mouth, hiding her bitter laughter.

“How long until we arrive?”

“If we maintain this speed, we’ll arrive in 10 minutes.”

At the same time, the briefing begins. Lian stops asking questions and starts focusing on the screen in front of her.

“Our first target is the boss of the Carmen To gang, under the control of the Partisan. Joltan Pashur.”

As Amira speaks, a photo immediately appears on the screen.

A tall figure exceeding 190. Judging by the shape of the muscles and the gauntlets on both arms, it was clear that he was a skilled warrior.

“Currently, the Partisan gang has lost more than half of the people in this photo. Now that the conflict with the Red Moon is certain, Partisan will try to gather additional forces by any means necessary.”

“Are we not going to directly hit the Redmoon headquarters?”

“The risk is too high for us to go.”

Amila added straightforwardly.

“And even if we go, it won’t be of any help.”

A tone of certainty.

‘As expected.’

I had suspected it from the beginning; it seemed like only high-ranking officers, or those equivalent to them, were heading towards the Redmoon headquarters building.

It was not difficult to understand.

No matter how many ordinary members they brought, they wouldn’t be able to serve as meat shields.

Monsters capable of shattering the windows of buildings kilometers away by projecting magic, and facing them up close wouldn’t be strange if bodies exploded.

In the end, the roles of the other members were predetermined.

Blocking the joining of the subordinate gang members.

To be precise…

“Our role is to prevent the joining of the officers who haven’t joined yet.”

“Yes, that’s correct. Joltan Pasheur may be the boss of the Kamento gang, but before being appointed as the boss, he was a director-level figure in the Partizan gang.”


Even with the excessively intense driving, there was no collision with the surroundings. The traffic lights were artificially turning on and off in sync with the movement of the vehicle.

Amila’s driving skills were undoubtedly excellent, but without the cooperation of the traffic department, it wouldn’t have been possible to maintain this speed from the beginning.

Just the fact that the police didn’t appear despite greatly exceeding the specified speed indicated that.


In the next moment, the car came to a screeching halt, drifting. Instead of getting out immediately, Amila fiddled with the pads located on the front of the vehicle.

In response to her gestures, numerous screens quickly turned off and disappeared.

“…What are you doing right now?”

“I’m checking the locations of the other team members. They should arrive at the operation area in about three minutes.”


As she said that and brushed her hair to the side, a socket attached near her temple came into view. I had heard of it before. It was a shard, an auxiliary device hackers use to extract information from the cyberspace.

She was exceptionally skilled in handling machinery, but I never expected her to be involved in that field.

Amila briefly touched her head and took out a small device from her pocket.

“It’s a disposable communication device. To wear it…”

Amila paused her words and looked at Lian with widened eyes.

Not only had she already finished putting it on, but she was also adjusting it to her liking. It was a behavior that would never be seen if it weren’t for a situation like this.

Amila slowly opened her mouth.

“…You seem familiar with it?”

“I’ve used similar items before.”

“Just in case, do you happen to know how to use it?”

Instead of answering, Lian confidently moved her right hand.


A signal sound was heard as her fingers touched the sensor. It seemed to operate in a similar way to a radio.

“The communication device is pretty straightforward.”

Lian fiddled with the device while recalling Amila’s earlier remarks.

Other team members say they’ll arrive at the operation area in three minutes at the longest.

However, even after spreading my senses to the maximum, I couldn’t feel anyone approaching, let alone catch a glimpse of a rat.

The possibility of Amila lying was low…

‘Perhaps the starting points among the team members were different from the beginning.’

As Lian’s thoughts came to a terrifying end, Amila slowly opened her mouth.

“The starting points are a total of five. Among them, four are connected to the surface, and one is connected underground. Lian, you will enter the underground tunnel you see in front with me. The others will also enter simultaneously according to my signal.”

A method that could never be executed unless each individual’s skills were supported.

It was not a feasible option unless the entire unit consisted of veterans like the Leflaz Mercenary Corps.

“After entering the building, our top priority task is to assassinate Zoltan Pashur, the boss of the Kamento Gang, and his bodyguards.”

As Lian nodded menacingly, Amila activated the communication device.

“We’ll enter in one minute.”

As Amila spoke, beyond the communication device, unfamiliar voices echoed.


“It’s been a while since I ran around the field with Amila. You’ve been stuck at the desk for a while.”

“Don’t let your guard down. The Kamento Gang is one of the wealthiest among the gangs under the Partisan, so be cautious.”

“It seems that the building was built during the early stages of city construction, so there’s plenty of hiding space inside. Everyone, take note of that.”


Lian, who had been silently listening to the conversation of other team members, slowly turned her head to the side.

The unfamiliar weapon in Amila’s hands.

‘… Is it a wire? Or perhaps a rope?’

It seemed that Lian noticed Amila’s gaze, and she uttered a single word.

“It’s manipulation-type magic.”


Drawing magical power from the tips of both hands, she then swung it lightly. Shwaack! The wall split like a piece of paper in an instant. Even if she didn’t know anything else, the power alone seemed more than enough.

“Are you a sorcerer?”

“Yes. If Lian takes the front line, I will support from behind.”


A physical ability user at the forefront, supported by a magician from the rear – the most typical formation.

The simplest yet most efficient formation.

‘It’s the first time I’m fighting alongside a magician.’

In the next moment, Amila reached for the communication device with her fingers.

“We’ll make our entrance.”


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