Miserable Reincarnation chapter 33

Miserable Reincarnation 33

33 – Variable (3)

In the pitch-black darkness, Lian lowered his upper body as much as possible and moved stealthily.

There was no need to hurry. Moving hastily would be equivalent to announcing the presence of an intruder to the enemy.

The underground passage, filled with dust as if left unattended for a long time.

It was unimaginable as the headquarters of the upper gangway. However, the moment Lian confirmed surveillance cameras operating smoothly in the corners, he sensed that he had come to the right place.

‘There are only three visible for now…’

In that moment of hesitation, considering whether to take the side path.


The surveillance cameras shook noisily, emitting a clamor.

“I temporarily disrupted the transmission, causing them to pause temporarily,” said Amila, her finger detached from her temple.

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Lian chuckled, observing the surveillance cameras that had stopped functioning.

In a world where most devices operated through electrical signals, Lian had a clear sense of the prowess of a skilled hacker.

“It’ll certainly be more convenient working together.”

Lian brushed off his thoughts and moved on.


Upon opening the thick door and entering, something caught Lian’s senses.

Heavily armed gang members, equipped to the point of being mistaken for regular military.

“Their financial power is indeed impressive…”

It wasn’t an unfounded claim.

“Two snipers ahead.”

Lian briefed the situation ominously, and Amila connected the magic threads she pulled from her fingertips to the ceiling.


Almost imperceptibly thin magic threads discreetly wrapped around their necks, shooting upward.



A stealthy ambush to the extent that even screaming was not permitted. With broken necks, they collapsed instantly without a chance to struggle.

Surprisingly intricate manipulation of magical powers. Lian immediately understood why she had taken on the role of the practical leader of that team.


Lian pushed the bodies out of sight and found a radio in their possession. She lowered the volume and brought her ear close, listening to the eerie reception.

[How much longer until the vehicle maintenance is finished?]

Amila’s voice was familiar, and her eyes sparkled.

“It’s Joltan Pashur.”

Lian nodded and focused on the transmission coming through the radio.

[It’ll be done in 20 minutes.]

[Finish it within 15 minutes. We need to make the most of this opportunity.]

[Boss! But…]

[If you can’t, you’ll all be in my hands.]


“…The situation is strangely turning around.”

Amila’s face, as she said that, was noticeably frozen.

Lian understood it well. In less than 15 minutes, the members of the Kamento Gang would surely escape, as planned.

“They’re three times faster than expected.”

If the Kamento Gang had enough funds to provide this level of equipment to ordinary security guards, their vehicles would not be ordinary either.

Armored cars. There was a possibility that they even had tank equipment… But Lian’s expression remained unchanged.

From the moment she heard that high-ranking officials of a large gang were involved, she suspected that it wouldn’t be an ordinary gang.

“Their movements are suspicious.”

[On this side, it seems like nothing has been exposed, but it looks like something urgent has come up.]

[The sound of the vehicle’s engine starting is heard.]

It seemed that team members on the other side also noticed that the situation had taken an oddly unexpected turn.

If they couldn’t stop them here, the situation would quickly become irreversibly critical.

“Amila, we need to pick up the pace, regardless.”

“But if we do that-“

“Even if we get detected, it doesn’t matter. No matter how urgent they are, we can’t just leave the enemy rampaging inside.”


After a moment, Amila slowly spoke.

“What should I do?”

“I’ll need you to handle the cleanup.”

Saying that, Lian gathered his magical power.


In the next moment, Lian forcefully kicked the ground and sprinted through the interior of the building.


Movements so swift that it was hard to believe he was not yet an adult.


Amila, who had been staring blankly at the surreal scene, belatedly regained her composure and started running in the direction Lian had disappeared.

Running like that alone. What kind of confidence is that…

Amila bit her tongue, accelerating her speed. However, instead of keeping up with Lian’s tempo, even estimating his location was challenging.

◈ Kwagwagwagwang…!

A deafening noise echoed from not too far away.

The acrid dust swirling in all directions pierced Amira’s breath.


“It feels like the distance is increasing as we go…”

Amira stopped her train of thought and forcefully halted her body from lunging forward.

A voice resounded right in front of her.

“Intruders! Eric’s been hit!”

“Shoot! Shoot them!”


The interior of the building was a complete mess. Amidst the gunfire reverberating from all directions, Amira instantly understood what Lian meant by “clean-up.”

Amira swallowed a dry spit and looked around.

“…What the heck.”

Distinct bullet wounds etched onto the bodies of gang members scattered haphazardly.


Most of them were lifeless, but a few lucky ones, trembling all over, aimed their guns in the direction where Lian disappeared.


Magical threads gracefully extended from Amira’s fingertips, ensnaring the gang members like spider webs.

Startled by the unfamiliar sensation on their flesh, the gang members shouted in confusion.

“This, this is!”

“Manipulator Mage-!”


In an instant, he was decimated.

Even after dealing with all the remnants, Amira’s expression remained unchanged.

Her gaze was fixed upon the completely shattered wall.


This wasn’t merely attributed to exceptional prowess. The headquarters of the Kamento Gang was as vast as its reputation, with numerous hidden spaces expanded without the government’s approval.

Right in front, the gang member lying dead also concealed his body behind a skillfully constructed false wall.

However, Lian effortlessly maneuvered through these concealed passages, without a single injury.

“He precisely targeted their vital spots.”

Most of them probably didn’t even realize they were dead, their breaths cut short.

His skill was so chillingly remarkable for a boy barely an adult.

Amira recalled the conversation she had with Jason before being deployed on this mission.

His words about keeping an eye on Lian.


At that time, she didn’t understand why he had recommended Lian. But now, it seemed evident.

There was no time for introspection.


Even at this moment, Lian was continuing the battle somewhere.


Lian wiped the blood off his gauntlet and scanned the area.

The interior of the building he had just passed was unbelievably clean, almost as if it were the same building. Lian walked across the white marble floor, lost in thought.

“Is Amira still here?”

It wouldn’t be hard to understand. He had passed by at least ten people without even noticing, thanks to his swift breakthrough. No matter how skilled of a sorcerer she was, it would be difficult to take down a gang member whose guard was at its highest.

As he tried to recall the internal structure he had heard during the briefing, he took a step forward.

At the end of the marble corridor, he felt a distinct presence of powerful magic approaching.


Lian frowned, staring at the man who appeared from the darkness.

His attire reminded Lian of a desert. The dark skin revealed between his turban and tunic gave away his origin.

He wasn’t Joltan Parsur, the target, nor was he a fellow team member.

But judging by the amount of magic power that surpassed the other gang members by far, he must be one of Joltan Parsur’s bodyguards, as mentioned during the briefing.

The man scrutinized Lian slowly and let out a hollow laugh.

“Well, I thought the surveillance cameras malfunctioned, but turns out you really are a pervert who customized your body like a doll.”


It’s not strange to think that way.

It would be more realistic to believe that a veteran mercenary had modified his body with child-sized parts rather than gang members being used unilaterally by a ten-year-old kid.

“It seems like you were trying to deceive me with a youthful appearance, but too bad. My hometown is a place where there is no blood or tears, so even ten-year-old kids become assassins.”

As he spoke, the man pulled out a circular sickle from his waist. Blood dripped down the blade. After observing it for a moment, he slowly licked it.

“By the way, you’re the second one. La Place Mercenaries.”


The meaning behind the man’s words was clear.

‘……How many have already fallen?’

The mention of the name, La Place Mercenaries, was equivalent to revealing the fact that some of the team members already knew before they died.

‘Torture, or even betrayal, should be considered.’

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As Lian organized his thoughts,


The man’s figure disappeared right before his eyes.


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