My Alter Ego Is Becoming a Giant chapter 458

My Alter Ego Is Becoming a Giant 458

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The Crime Investigation Department of the Supernatural Skills Management Bureau, a national agency that oversees supernatural crimes in Korea.

“…Wow, this is terrible.”

Ahn Seong-jin, a warlock who had been called in for advice as usual, clicked his tongue without realizing it.

Then, with his eyes drooling and drooling, he removed his hand from the forehead of the man lying on the bed and shook his head.

“At this rate, recovery is unlikely, right? It was completely destroyed as if dozens of nuclear bombs had been dropped on it. I’m just in a vegetative state… “It’s surprising that the brain damage wasn’t as severe as expected.”

“The original condition was more serious than this. I was just wondering if it would get better if I fixed it, so I called a priest and entrusted him with the treatment. Well, as you can see, the result was unpredictable.”

“As expected, I thought so.”

In response to the other person’s calm reply, Park Han-cheol, the team leader of the criminal investigation department, let out a short sigh and roughly rubbed the back of his head.

Since it was such a unique case, I called in Ahn Seong-jin, a warlock, just in case, but it seemed like he was a failure this time too.

Ahn Seong-jin, whether aware of his feelings or not, just continued speaking indifferently.

“There is only one thing I can say. I can never fix this. What’s the point of fixing it when the foundation has completely evaporated in the first place? “It would be easier to create a new ego and turn this human into a biological golem.”

“…You know this is nonsense, right?”

“Oh, of course it’s a joke. “There are no materials needed for the work in the first place.”

Park Han-cheol clicked his tongue as he frowned at the sight of him shrugging his shoulders while making an extremely warlock-like joke.

He has a sane mind, which is extremely rare among dark magic users, so we are friends with him personally, but at times like this, he is no different from a perfect black magician.

‘The funny thing is that he is in good shape among all the returnees.’

As the head of the criminal investigation department, he had faced numerous villains and knew this very well.

It is true that most dark magic users are dangerous, but that does not mean that all criminals are dark magic users.

No, even if they did not commit a crime, there were many cases where returnees who returned from living in extreme environments had thoughts that were at odds with common sense on Earth.

The experiences and realizations I accumulated little by little while overcoming adversity completely changed my outlook on life.

Just as those who have already achieved great success in society believe that their way of life is the absolute truth.

‘It’s better if you have a sense of being the chosen people. If you go beyond that and start installing things as you please just because you have power…’

It only took a moment for the society that humanity had developed and maintained so far to be destroyed.

Isn’t that man lying over there right now proof of that?

“So why did this guy end up like this? “Seeing as how he’s in a place like this and not a hospital, I don’t think he’s just an ordinary victim.”

“···They said he was an attempted rape of a minor. According to the victim’s testimony, he suddenly became violent and disappeared somewhere in an instant. “That guy retrieved something that was lying around a little away from the scene.”

“hot! It’s ugly. Cause and effect, right? “Do I really need to fix this?”

Seongjin Ahn frowned and glanced at the man lying on the bed.

He continued to rub the hand that had touched his forehead against his pants, as if he had touched something dirty.

“It’s not important whether you fix it or not. “The problem is that an awakened person with this ability has appeared.”

People with mental abilities were subject to special surveillance everywhere.

Not only are there many restrictions on going abroad, but you also have to face various interferences in your daily life.

It was only natural that the easiest and fastest way to destroy the social system was through terrorism using mental abilities.

‘The first thing the World Returners Association did when it founded the Guardians was to unite people with mental abilities and establish a defense system. If it weren’t for that, the world would already be in shambles.’

From small misdemeanors to nuclear war that could involve the whole world.

Because of that, people with mental abilities had no choice but to appease them somehow or else they would be eliminated, so it was no wonder that the criminal investigation department reacted so sensitively.

Well, I heard that they would treat him that way instead.

“I’m sure you noticed too? “What level was this person?”

“Uhm, well…”

Moreover, if the target was a person with powerful abilities that could turn even a master-level strongman into a ruin, there was no choice.

Due to the nature of the mental ability that can be easily blocked by someone of the same level, the opponent had to be considered to be at a higher level than Lee.

‘If you consider its destructive power… it may be at the transcendental level.’

In order to prepare for an emergency, information had to be collected by any means necessary.

To get even the slightest clue about its identity.

“Well, if that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. But wouldn’t it be better to seek advice from someone with similar mental abilities rather than from me?”

“···Several people have already been there. They said there was nothing they could do because all connections were broken and all traces were gone. Still, I thought there might be something a warlock could do, so I called you…”

Park Han-cheol looks at him with something in his eyes.

Ahn Seong-jin, who felt an ominous feeling for some reason, slowly took a step back, but was stopped before he could take a few steps by an arm that grabbed his arm.

“Just before you arrived, there was another person who was transported with the same symptoms. “Now that I’m here, I’d like you to take a look at him too.”

“No, the conclusion has already been reached, so why should I…”

“This time, it is a completely raw sample before treatment. Still, aren’t you the ace with the highest investigation rate in this field? The pressure from above is so high that I can’t even leave work. “Let me do you a favor.”

When he said that, Ahn Seong-jin had no choice but to reluctantly nod.

In the meantime, I have received help from the team leader more than once or twice.

‘Ah, I don’t have to be thirsty for performance bonuses anymore, so maybe I worked hard for no reason.’

As expected, talented people were not easy to ignore.

Seongjin Ahn whetted his appetite, recalling the ‘subsidy’ he received from Hahoetal through a very legal channel.

With that, I bought my parents’ store building and invested heavily in finances…

‘No, wait.’

Ahn Seong-jin, who was moving to another hospital room after Park Han-cheol, momentarily stopped.

Suddenly, I felt a sense of déjà vu about the current situation.

‘···Now that I think about it, it was in exactly this structure that I encountered Hahoe Mask in the mental world.’

After pondering for a moment, he let out a small sigh and started walking again.

Unlike then, I have a strong supporter now.

‘Because I am now under Hahoetal’s command. I’ve made quite a few achievements so far, so if I run into a problem, I’m sure they’ll help me.’

No matter how great his mental abilities are, he is probably not as good as Hahoetal.

As a warlock following the same path, Ahn Seong-jin, who had already met him in person, knew very well how scary Hahoetal was.

‘He is no longer human. Death itself is inevitable.’

But is it unfortunate or fortunate?

To put my worries in vain, nothing like that happened again.

Of course, it was the same as not being able to get any clues.

Like the criminal investigated previously, his mental world was completely devastated, so no traces could be found.

“Oh, if you do this, I’m leaving.”

The team leader, who had been groaning and frowning, suddenly raised his head.

As if a surprising idea suddenly occurred to me.

“Now that I think about it, there was a saint from another world! That white knight called Heinrich. “Aren’t you still active in our country?”

“Oh, that gentleman?”

Seongjin Ahn also knew well about Heinrich, the saint of this world.

No, unless you are quite removed from society, it would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t know about it.

And even more so here in Korea, not in any other country.

“But wouldn’t it be difficult?”

“No, there is a possibility. “They say they go to volunteer services often and work all kinds of miracles, even curing people with incurable diseases, right?”

Someone with that kind of ability might be able to restore their condition.

Recently, I heard that they are communicating with the government in one way or another, and it is emphasized that in order to maintain ‘order’, they must obtain clues about people with mental abilities…

“No, that’s not it. “Are you sure you don’t know?”


Still, it couldn’t have been easy to ask such an incredible being to do something like this.

Even if you get help from your superiors, there are a lot of things you need to prepare.

Park Han-cheol, who had no idea what to do to make this happen, was dissatisfied with Ahn Seong-jin’s attitude of arguing for no reason.

After all, it would be better to just send it back quickly—.

“That guy went to America, right?”


However, at the other person’s next words, he could only stand still and blink blankly.

“uh? Did you really not know? “I saw it on the news when I came here.”

I had no idea.

Because I was busy running around because of the ‘Mind Breaker’ that suddenly appeared.

Since Heinrich, the saint of the other world, began working in Yangji, he became somewhat less interested in it because it was not under his jurisdiction.

“···Why did you go to America? “When are you coming back?”

“well? I’m not the party, so how would I know? To begin with, I am not from our country. Well, according to what came out in the news…”

I asked reflexively, but that wasn’t really important.

The problem is that the best idea was in vain before it even started.

He sighed deeply and massaged the back of his neck as Ahn Seong-jin’s answer fell into his ear.

“Did you say you were visiting the Pantheon headquarters?”



San Francisco International Airport in Western California, USA.

“There’s a car over there. “Come this way, brother.”

Heinrich left the airport, which was constantly making loud noises, and got into a vehicle that had been prepared in advance, followed by a sturdy priest in his forties.

“I can’t believe I can finally serve Brother Heinrich. “This is truly overwhelming.”

“I think I’ve kept you waiting too long. “It’s difficult for me to focus on just one thing right now.”

“hahahaha! no. Because I fully understand your situation. “You will have a lot of work to do on the other side, but the time difference between dimensions is unavoidable.”

Priest Jason, a middle-aged man with brown hair and a stylishly shaved short beard, the representative of the investigation team dispatched from the American Pantheon headquarters, smiled coolly and waved his hand.

Since the most important thing to him was his religious life, it was important that he had a somewhat relaxed attitude toward his mission.

While I was in Korea, I had a very satisfying time interacting with other clergy.

Heinrich, who was talking about various things with Priest Jason, looked outside through the car window.

The American land has many differences from Korea.

I had already been to this place once when dealing with the secretary, but visiting officially like this made me feel new.

‘You’re finally here. ‘I’ve been putting it off day after day with the excuse that I have a lot of work to do.’

There was no other reason why he came here.

As I was collecting and organizing information about Beoncheonhoeju, I suddenly realized that I had missed one important fact.

‘He goes beyond simply having godhood and even possesses his own divine power… that he is closer to a true god than anyone else.’

Beoncheonhoe’s secret operations were still continuing day after day.

Although capable subordinates were able to respond in some way, it was true that it was a bit overwhelming due to the difference in the time accumulated and the scale of the foundation built.

However, despite this, the reason they were able to survive like this was because they were also preventing their dark world from coming up to the sunny area on the other side.

‘And that’s probably entirely due to restrictions from the Lord of the Buncheonhoe.’

He has worked hard to gather information in many ways.

However, I was still ignorant of what I thought was really important.

Why doesn’t mystery grow naturally on Earth?

Why did the Akasha system use Earth as a hub connecting various worlds?

Also, why is the Beoncheonhoeju trying to destroy other dimensions and sprout new mysteries on Earth?

Heinrich, who was looking outside, gently closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, the information I had gathered about Buncheonhoeju was mixed in my mind and my thoughts began to sink deeply.

‘He can’t influence the world as he wants.’

That was true not only on Earth but also in other dimensions.

Like Cosiyas, he had the power to destroy an entire world, but he never used that power from the beginning.

No, I couldn’t.

‘If Buncheonhoeju had been able to use his full power from the beginning, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat that guy in Outerica.’

And it was the same for Kang Hwan-gye, Devore, and even Cosiyas, who eventually perished.

Didn’t it basically take more than several decades for a world to fall?

If you look at it theologically, it wasn’t that strange.

Beings called gods were basically a bit distant from mortals and were usually bound by their own rules.

‘We need to learn more about the existence of God. ‘Not only about Outerica, which is my base, but also about religions in other dimensions.’

What dimension did he get his power from, where did that power come from, and how did he become an angel and even have his own divine power?

Also, what is the relationship between the Akasha system and the gods?

This was the place I chose to research about him.

“You have arrived. Brother Heinrich.”

A global religious hub where most of the world’s faiths connected to the Earth are gathered in one place.

“That place is the headquarters of the Pantheon.”

The saint of Outerica and the angel of the main god has stepped into the pantheon of the other world’s religious union.

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