My Alter Ego Is Becoming a Giant
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My Alter Ego Is Becoming a Giant

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내 분신이 거물이 되어간다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Alter Ego Is Becoming a Giant

My Alter Ego Is Becoming a Giant novel mtl

Fear of the Continent – The King of Immortality brings despair, and the Knight of Light who obeys the will of God confronts it.
Countless heroes who move around in an era of chaos.

And even the unidentified strong men who suddenly appeared on Earth!

it was all me.
… To be precise, they were my alter ego sent to another world.

# Unintentionally, the world is becoming a darkness.
#Somehow, both the Demon King and the Hero are me.
#1 person n station

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  1. amogustimestwo says:

    is this harem?

    1. nverthles says:

      there’s somewhat implied relationships between each clones of MC and other girl (like one-on-one per MC’s avatar)

      the novel doesn’t really focuses on romances and it’s mostly on battles

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        Oh ig I’d like Is That My Alter Ego more then…

  2. Clown 🤡 🎪 says:

    Every time I read my alter ego I always think about drake’a Anita max wyn

  3. Kirik says:

    A serviceable 5/10

    Similar to an arcade game it’s entertaining in the moment, but not something you’d come back to after putting it down. One of the glaring problems with this novel is that the power fantasy is getting in the way of an entertaining story.
    The MC as of chapter 50 has pretty much stomped one of the executives of Earth’s legion of doom and is basically manipulating fantasy geopolitics in the other world to game the karma system. There’s nothing remotely touched upon in the story that could challenge the MC. This is odd considering people throughout the entire world are getting the same karma systems with a random ability that they can upgrade from my understanding.

    You’d think that with the way the MC upgrades his unique ability a random idiot with a slash skill after maybe 5 upgrades would be able to wuxia cut through dimensions. In which honestly, would make for a more entertaining setting if we’re coming across people like that regularly on Earth. But pretty much nobody on Earth gets their unique ability even mentioned and one of the only ones that do is “space manipulation” (Single use teleport) with a laughably long cooldown and could instantly be tracked & mimicked by the MC.

    Note the people with powers on Earth are the top 20% that make it back alive and have gathered 1,000,000 karma points for the return trip home. Which if I’m not mistaken, discounting the initial 1.9 mil he’s given for free at the beginning, is a little bit more than the MC has gathered after having successfully taken out a major vampire clan, destroyed an elite necromancer cove, and absorbing 2/3 of the demon king’s fragments. That’s the bear minimum a returnee needs to get back to Earth. If you compare that to the actual returnees in the novel it’s just silly.

    Besides action, characters don’t really exist in this novel. Anyone besides the MC are cardboard cutouts at best and really even the MC isn’t that far ahead. You’d think that with the MC’s ability to create personas in his clones, hyper focusing on different emotions, that there might be some discourse or actual conflict between one another. That ability may as well not even exist since the clones don’t actually have different personalities at all. All of them still think, feel, and act as one person. The only difference is that the skeleton clone speaks like an edge lord sometimes.

    A small gripe I’ve also had is that the MC has a weird fixation on punishing “villains” while doing some wildly dubious stuff himself. He unironically acknowledges that he’s doing the same thing that killed his family and crippled him when he was younger in the other world, but just says he’ll do it right without killing innocents lol. I don’t know if this is a MTL problem, but just the way he talks about it is unintentionally funny.

    There are some good points, but nothing in the novel has gone beyond “huh, neat”. I’ve also found myself increasingly annoyed the more I’ve thought about everything.

    1. I ain’t believing you if you haven’t read beyond 100+ chapters

    2. Zhen Wu says:

      This guy needs to read, keep reading and then come back and retract it

    3. I have read 380 chapters and I agree with everything that this commentator said. I have been reading and continued to read in hopes that the book would get better, deeper, and introduce some interesting ideas, but it didn’t. It’s done quite neatly and can be entertaining overall when there’s nothing else to do, but no more than that. I have neither the strength nor the desire to continue reading.

      1. Oh, by the way, how MC’s personality becomes colder as he gains divinity seems quite intriguing, especially considering how he presents himself as a good guy who doesn’t kill innocents. However, I think the author won’t lead this idea to anything interesting. At best, we’ll have something like “Oh no, I’ve become just like him, now I kill indiscriminately for my goal. But why should that bother me?”

  4. XAY XAY says:

    Can anyone tell me what chapter when mc lost consciousness and his demon lord ego go out of control. I forgo

    1. Pretty sure it was Chapter 207

      1. Themad man Themad man says:

        I just got to the part that he gave the demon lord ego. I knew this was coming. Does he get control back tho?

  5. gege says:

    yessssssssssssss!!! it got update after 21 re-reading !xD

  6. Nihi Ruler Nihi Ruler says:

    Can anyone tell me the clones that MC created, I forgot most of the clones’ names.

  7. Moonlight walker says:

    Can anybody tell me which chapter where he gets in another world of martial arts as an elf?

    1. Pretty sure it was Chapter 256

  8. D1Grandmaster says:

    Thanks for the update but that’s a weird cover

  9. LuxX says:

    Wahhhhhh. Updated.

  10. Zhen Wu says:

    Please update

    1. Zhen Wu says:

      Thanks for the chapters :3

  11. CP says:

    Need update again

  12. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    It’s very interesting so far, but I haven’t read all of it (up to ch.50). The basic premise:

    Mc is from a modern world where people regularly get summoned or transferred to other worlds while obtaining power. For every 10 years spent in other worlds, it’ll be a year in his world. Because of an unfortunate accident, MC is left with a limp and his parents have died. MC has also become a shut-in recluse with a fear of the outside world. MC gets a signal that he will be summoned to another world and suddenly obtains the power “Avatar” which is basically a cloning skill that he can control simultaneously or act separately. In testing his powers he makes his clone get transferred to another world instead of him.

    The system in his world sees his clone as a possible repeat returnee and awards him bonus points for achievements that he shouldn’t have had with the ability to use a karma shop. He uses the shop to get power-ups and greatly enhances his power of cloning and other abilities. With the main body in his original world and other clones that end up acting as a Villain and a Hero respectively.

  13. LuxX says:

    I will wait for the next update. Hehe.

  14. TheDiir says:

    Can i recommend updates novel in here? Hehe

    1. nverthles says:

      join the discord to recommend a novel, it’s easier to be noticed and it doesn’t clog up the section

  15. Kont0llond0n says:

    Don’t believe @Stack D’s comments because he has the most negative comments in several chapters!

    1. Reafan says:

      Oh mighty Kontolondon, what is your relationship with lele megalondon?

  16. LuxX says:

    It’s excellent, please update! The other world elements, skills, species, and situations are very engaging.

  17. Bocchan says:

    Pls Update this novel ghad dammit

  18. Bocchan says:

    Need update this series no harem is good even the storyline was a badass

  19. Zhenki says:

    Update please, i need next chapter

  20. Moonlight Walker says:

    My fav novel. It stimulated my in interest

  21. Stack D Stack D says:

    This is one of the best stories I have ever read in my life. Everything is exactly what I live so far. Endless strength growth in all the most interesting ways – at the same time. Its better than just clones, he IS all of the entities at once. He’s Legion. I love it.

  22. Caïssa says:

    Best series that has no romance, no unnecessary scenario, no unwaste chapters for mc & fml to development some romance although the play mc’s doing is cliché, it is exciting since its a bit deprive from normal tradition of isekai novels like the info dumping like the system,Returnees, the unforseen Incidents cause by the apostle of human god, mostly the new world of Murim & mc too albeit lacking of growth and development to some field atleast he had progress physically, mentally & Spiritually to overcome his trauma through his Avatars its a 10/10 for now

  23. Rader says:

    One of the best novel on this site.

  24. Salty1 says:

    Thanks a bunch for the update

  25. Mikelitoris says:

    No review?
    Brief summary plz
    Romance potential?

  26. QiQi says:

    Thanks for the update Onii-Chan

  27. Reader says:

    Please update novel, it’s really good.

  28. TouchMe says:

    Please update this novel🙏

  29. Reader says:

    When will this novel be update? i’ve been waiting since the last chapter released and still hasn’t be update until now?
    I thought I was going Crazy from waiting too long.

  30. waiting time for update is killing me!

  31. Peasant says:

    Thanks for the update. Oh gracious Noble

  32. iv_m says:

    Thanks for the update!

  33. Blue Shadow says:

    @PRABAL Doley

    U can check on PandaMtl. The reason is in pandamtl every novel about 18+, and The hypnosis app are fake is also 18+

    So if anyone who are looking for 18+ mtl check on pandamtl

  34. Lku says:

    😳 wow something new

  35. MIEXUE says:

    Please update this novel !

  36. Hans, Heinz, H, H, H says:

    Please update the novel, It’s really unique

  37. Darius says:

    This was great, I hope for more novels like this.

  38. U can request novel on the discord too
    But I think it has more effect than on comments like this peace ✌️

  39. I know you are seeing this admin. So pliss ad The hypnosis app was fake. Also get urself verified on brave so we can donate there

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