The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 100

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 100

100 episodes 23. Magic Stone Tank (3)

‘The first prince… … .’

Prince Rayyan, who has the full support of his wife-in-law, the Tepez family, was the most likely to win the upcoming crown war.

His opponent was Kalman, the 3rd Prince, who was being pushed by the Sinclair family, known as the 3rd greatest family of the Empire along with the Tepez family.

‘Right now, the only thing that can fight on an equal footing with Rayyan is Kalman, who has the Sinclair family as a supporter.’

Here, the second prince Christian Ismail was one of the princes who had very little chance of appearing in the War for the Crown, as there were almost no proper supporters due to the downfall of his wife Ismail family.

So people were talking like this.

There are only 1st and 3rd prince candidates to participate in this crown war.

And only one surviving of the two would sit on the throne and become the new master of the empire.

‘Christian… … .’

The 2nd Prince, since all his limbs had already been cut off, most of them were not even sure whether he would participate or not.

So Ricardo had strong doubts about whether the Rockefeller really had any intention of supporting the second prince.

“If His Majesty Lai Yan arrives soon. You are definitely here for a purpose.”

Rockefeller, who knew what he was going to ask, answered with a smile.

“Of course, the purpose is obvious. You are going to put pressure on our Lyon Guild, which is fully supported by the Sinclair family. There is a very high chance that he will win the upcoming Crown War, so he will threaten to never help His Majesty the Third Prince, even thinking about the future.”

Because he knew everything, Ricardo was nodding his head.

“So what are you going to do? I heard that Prince Lai Yan is a fiery man. You have the typical Tepez blood.”

Therefore, it seemed that it would be difficult for a Rockefeller to bear the fiery character of Prince Layan, in Ricardo’s judgment.

“I don’t think anyone can handle that character. Would you dare to face such a person?”

Ricardo still had negative thoughts.

He was convinced that no matter how great a Rockefeller man was, his attitude would change when the situation came.

Seeing Ricardo like that, Rockefeller thought this.

‘Are you doubting me that I will push the Second Prince’s Highness?’

Ricardo was of the Ismail family.

Therefore, if you do not push the second prince, the probability of receiving a negative score from him seemed very high.

negative score.

It meant death.

“I think the 1st Prince was such a great person that he had doubts about my thoughts.”

“Honestly, yes. And no matter how well things work out with the first prince, the Sinclair family remains. Isn’t it too difficult in reality to ignore these two factions and push the Second Prince to the throne? I wonder if he really has any intention of pushing His Majesty the Second Prince if the situation arises.”

“Contrary to your concerns, my thoughts have not changed.”

Rockefeller stood up and spoke.

“It is a little windy. I’m not a god, so I can’t predict when it’s going to rain. It’s pretty well guessed what the story of people’s lives will be like. People say it tastes good.”

Wanting to say something, Ricardo remained silent and listened to him further.

“I dare say so. In the upcoming crown war, they are telling you to push only the second prince.”

It was unbelievable bullshit.

Where in the world can you find something like that?

“You’re a bit silly. I don’t understand why you think differently than others.”

Ricardo’s words continued.

“People are all predicting that the first or third prince will ascend to the throne. But do you think that the Second Prince, whose support is not even clear, will be able to ascend to the throne?”

“Yeah, maybe it’s hard.”

“Are you still trying to miss the second prince?”

“It’s going to be hard, but my gut is telling me. Obviously, the 2nd Prince, His Majesty, will appear in the War of the Crown. In that war, he will behead the two princes and ascend to the throne.”

“It’s too vague. Did you invest in the Manastone Tank like that?”

Rockefeller laughed at the question.

“Would you like to bet with me? Whether or not things will work out for the Manastone Tank.”

“A bet?”

“I said. You can’t predict when it’s going to rain, but the story of people’s lives is tactile and you can guess it.”

“… … .”

When Ricardo sparing his words, Rockefeller continued:

“It’s not a big bet, so don’t worry too much. But if things go well with the Manastone Tank, I have to admit that I have a ghostly nib.”

I bet out of nowhere

Ricardo wasn’t a big fan of jokes.

Unlike the fiery Tepez family, the Ismail family generally did not change their facial expressions, and they were quiet like other assassins.

“Not much to bet… … .”

And it was the iron rule of the Ismail family to unconditionally keep promises made as a joke, and for that reason, Ricardo did not want to bet with Rockefeller even as a joke.

Even if it was just a joke, depending on the win or loss of the bet, I had to grant his request unconditionally.

But doesn’t Rockefeller know this?

‘I do it because I know everything.’

“It’s just a small bet. What are you so afraid of? Are you sure you don’t believe me?”

If his nib is like a ghost, the second prince will one day ascend the throne.

A very unlikely story.

However, I thought that if even that slim possibility could come true, Ricardo could unconditionally keep even the playful promise he made here.

‘If only a Christian could ascend to the throne, it would be a bet like this.’

“good. I accept that bet. If the Manastone Tank works well, what do you want?”

As his consent fell, Rockefeller’s lips twisted mischievously.

When Ricardo saw this and gently narrowed his eyes, a very difficult spell came out of Rockefeller’s mouth, different from what was said earlier.

‘A request not to kill me must be so absurd. Because you haven’t revealed your identity yet, and there’s no reason for me to make such a request. Therefore, this is correct.’

“There is only one thing I want. You will be my assistant anyway, so please take care of this.”

“What is it?”

“I’m asking you not to betray me.”

It was a more meaningful order than it looked.

To ask him not to betray him was to ask him to stand by his side unconditionally.

And if you think about it more deeply, you couldn’t even kill him because you couldn’t betray each other even if your interests broke out later.

‘Does that person know how great the content is?’

The content of the bet was very light, but their intentions over it were very complicated.

It was such an important bet.

“It’s a bit weak for betting conditions, isn’t it? I don’t know who you are, but what does that mean? But if I’m going to be using as my assistant, I need someone I can trust. I don’t know if I will betray or not.”

“no. It seems to have some meaning.”

Rockefeller smiled subtly.

“is that so?”

“If I win.”

What followed was quite terrifying.

“I’ll do the opposite.”

“Haha, that’s great. I’ll openly betray you… … .”

I mean, he did, but Rockefeller’s expression hardened a bit.

This is because if you do it wrong, you could end up screaming and deadly.

‘Well, I’m sure it’s the case, but something’s bothering me?’

Things are going well with the Manastone Tank. From Rockefeller’s point of view, it was a very clear story.

Because this was a confirmed story from a novel.

However, I felt a chill in my spine at the thought that depending on the outcome, whether I would escape from Ismail’s threat for the rest of my life or if I would be assassinated before I could even carry out my will.

“By the way, does that mean that I shouldn’t use you as an assistant?”

“It seems like a small bet anyway, but does it mean a lot? I was just joking.”

When Ricardo smiled, Rockefeller couldn’t help but smile.

“It should be. After all, it was a bet I made without thinking too much.”

“It’s like that. So I hope you don’t mind it too much. Would you like me to betray you?”

“Haha, yes, that’s right. You wouldn’t be betrayed.”

So the two went back to the store and continued the conversation.

Of course, the topic of conversation was about the soon to come first prince.

Ricardo asked the question first.

“Do you know what the Queen of Blades is?”

The Queen of Blades, Trinity Tepez.

Like Nightlord Isabella, she was also one of several heroines associated with the main character, Lee Han.

“The Queen of Blades… … One name is scary. Yes, I’ve heard of it. I heard that he comes from the Tepez family and that he is known for making a name for himself on the battlefield with Prince Rayyan.”

“It is the first prince to go with such a person. I keep saying it, but when the first prince comes, it will be hard to bear.”

“There is one more thing I want to ask you.”


“How do you know these stories? If you are the Queen of Blades… … Unless you are a soldier, it would be difficult for the general public to know, right?”

To Rockefeller’s question, Ricardo responded without changing his expression.

“As I walk around, I hear a lot. So I know all the useless stories.”

It was like an answer that Rockefeller often used.

‘The answer is similar to mine. They say that I hear a lot here and there.’

“okay. Somehow, I thought you knew a lot.”

Ricardo spoke again.

“And even the Queen of Blades really wants His Majesty Lai Yan to succeed to the throne. They are of the same family and share blood. Maybe she will later marry His Majesty Lai Yan and become His Majesty the Empress.”


It was a common occurrence among noble families who did not want the power of the family to leak out.

“They must know that inbreeding is bad, right?”

“However, there are cases where incest is unavoidable to protect the power of the family. Of course, to minimize the damage caused by inbreeding, they sometimes receive external blood. Of course, only good blood is selected. A mediocre blood can’t beat Tepez’s blood.”

Will the Queen of Blades become Empress?

Rockefeller wanted to shake his head openly.

‘It’s almost impossible to make eye contact with another guy.’

Why is the main character the main character?

Wouldn’t that be the main character just because he’s a heroine killer?

‘By the way, if you two get along, you’ll be able to see that girl sooner or later. The main heroine.’


Ricardo’s words continued.

“It is such a difficult situation. No matter who the 1st Prince or the Queen of Blades comes, you will have a hard time. If you do that to their rhythm, the Sinclair family will not stand still. Do you know what a Night Lord is? Perhaps that terrifying wizard will come to visit you.”

Rockefeller shook his head as if he understood everything.

“Everyone would think so. What power do we have? All they have is money. Probably everyone who comes to us, and whoever has a relationship with us, thinks that way.”

Then, Rockefeller’s expression became quite serious.

“But all of those thoughts will change this time around. From the moment I became the guild leader, I plan to announce to the world that our Lyon guild is no longer a weakling.”

This was also the promise Rockefeller made to the guild members when he became the guild leader.

“Perhaps the first victim will be the one who will come to see me.”

the next word.

“Are we powerless? That power, honestly, isn’t it something that money can buy? Just keep an eye on it. I wonder if the first prince who comes to visit will dare to put a threat in front of me.”

Ricardo was skeptical of that, but Rockefeller had a plan.

‘I’ll have to meet him soon. It’s a difficult guest to have, but there’s nothing that money can’t do.’

“I assure you. It will probably be impossible.”

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