The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 116

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 116

116 Episode 26. Black Label Union (3)

After he finished talking, he went out of the store and one of the two shopkeepers who was watching him went out.

Bell, who was accompanying him, asked Bob, who suddenly left the store in bewilderment.

“No, why did you come out all of a sudden when you said you were leaving your money?”

Bob continued as he watched the departing nobleman businessman.

“I’m just going to leave it to you to do it right. did you just see Prince Frerick left his money here. I don’t know that guild leader, but I know Frerick really well. That person is never going to spend money in vain. I am sure you believe it.”

“No, this man! I keep saying Are you really the guild leader?”

“So, let’s do it right. How many talents would you put on someone’s nose? If you only pay real interest, you should leave it to them properly.”

So, Bob went back to the shoe store, brought all his spare money, and came back to the Rockefeller store.

Even though he saw their faces coming and going, Rockefeller calmly welcomed them without a sign of dislike.

‘You seem suspicious. do understand Because everyone acted like that.’

“welcome. Is there anything I can do to help?”

When Rockefeller ran out of luck, the shoe store owner with the money suddenly spoke up.

“Is it right to pay interest if I deposit gold coins here?”

It was just the guest I wanted.

A smile quickly spread across Rockefeller’s face.

‘You have a precious guest.’

“Yes, that’s right. If you deposit gold coins in our store, we pay you 1% interest every month.”

A smile bloomed on Bob’s face, who came to him thinking of earning money.

“Is it 1% per month? So, if you give me 100 talents… … .”

“You get one talent every month for free. 1,000 talents would be 10 talents per month.”

The owner of the shoe store, who had spread his fingers and tried to count, took a breath in surprise.

‘If you pay 1% interest on 200 talents… … . Oh my God, you get 2 talents every month for free, right?’

At 2 talents, it was twice the minimum cost of living for a month.

“Huh! Oh my gosh… … Are you still okay?”

“Yes, our Lyon Guild does that.”

“I’m asking this out of curiosity, but I don’t think you’re going to take any money, right?”

Rockefeller just smiled at the question.

“Hahaha, not at all. Even if the black label collapses, the money you entrusted will be safe. As long as our Lyon Guild is alive.”

Bob suddenly had this question.

“But where does the money come from that pays us interest?”

“Aren’t we doing various businesses too? We will return a portion of those profits. Why didn’t you lend us money anyway?”

“Oh, does that mean I lent you money here?”

“Yes, it is. Or are we going to pay interest for what we do?”

Bob seemed to agree, but with his head nodded, he left the store with 200 talents from Rockefeller.

Bob came out and unfolded the strange IOU in his hand over my head.

It was a strange IOU with a portrait of a goblin on it.

“It seems that the Lyon Guild gives you this as a deposit of gold coins.”

Then, Bell, the owner of the clothing store next door, recognized the goblin dollar Bob was holding.

“The Lyon Guild seems to give it to you as a deposit of gold coins.”

“okay? Everyone is different here.”

“I don’t think it’s there. Everyone was using it.”

“Looking at the numbers written here, can I use this like money?”

“Can I use it like money? After all, the owner’s name isn’t written on the gold coin receipt, so what does it matter?”

“Oh yeah? Pretty novel, isn’t it?”

“Everyone said that. It’s kind of my feeling, but it feels like the Lyon Guild is systematically higher than the Black Label Union here. It seems more advanced.”

“right. I felt the same way.”

Bob, blushing at the thought of earning 1 percent interest every month, led the nearby Bell.

“Let’s go. I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll take a shot.”

“If you like this person so much because you earned free money, use it.”

“What in the world is better than free money? Even if you don’t know, free money is the best.”

“It is not. Rather than that, the Lanstad side will be in trouble now. If you pay interest here, won’t all the people who have deposited their gold coins while paying the gold coin storage fee will flock to this place?”

Bob strongly sympathized with Bell’s words.

“Not everyone is an idiot, of course. Who in the world would entrust their gold coins to the cost of depositing them? Anyway, Black Label Union and Lyon Guild are all there. I think I’m better off Until now, they were the ones who trusted only the Ismail family and did business here, so it’s cheap even if they get beaten up. I just wish it would go out of business or change the Banco system like that.”

“I think so too.”

So after a few days

Rockefeller’s store became a thriving business due to the number of customers who came to hear the rumors.

They said they were giving interest on deposits that Black Label Union does not do, so everyone went to Banco in Lanstad to find their gold coins and rushed to the Rockefeller shop.

“Are you really paying interest as rumored?”

“Yes, of course. We are giving away 1% every month.”

“okay? That’s amazing. I was anxious because I couldn’t get the gold coin storage fee somewhere. Those strong Ranstad bastards. I don’t know who’s going to catch it.”

“Haha, we don’t do business that way.”

Rockefeller smiled at the guest he was facing.

“We are always on the side of our customers.”

As he nodded, he stepped aside and the next person standing behind him faced Rockefeller.

“I came here after hearing the rumors. If you leave your gold coins here… … .”

“Yes, I am paying interest. 1% interest per month.”

He looked around the store and raised a questioning voice.

“Let’s hear it… … They say the owner here is the Lyon Guild Leader. Are you right?”

All the people who came were like him.

Even if I get annoyed by repeated questions.

Rockefeller didn’t change his expression, only a smile.

“Yes, I am the guild leader. The identity is certain, so you can trust it.”

If the rumors were false, there was no reason for so many people to gather.

Reluctantly agreeing, he left the gold coins he had brought and went out with the corresponding Goblin Dollars.

Rockefeller received gold coins from the people who came, and Ricardo, who watched it, had no choice but to admire.

The only thing he had brought from Lyon was a man who had nothing but a body to claim his credibility as a guild leader and to collect a huge amount of gold coins in an instant.

‘It’s a gold coin to return anyway… … .’

The problem was that there was no need for so many people to come all at once and look for the gold coins that were left in this store.

‘If you collect money that way and then grow your loan business… … .’

1% deposit interest.

The interest on the loan is unknown, but if you take it at 5%, which is lower than the existing 6%, you will make money by the difference.

‘Hmm… … .’

As Rockefeller said, doing business with other people’s money is an amazing and stuffy thing to do.

‘It’s just amazing.’

Rockefeller’s shop, which had been bustling with customers trying to collect interest on their deposits that day, could only be quiet until late.

Now in the quiet shop.

Rockefeller said to Ricardo, who was cleaning the store, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with people, so it’s very difficult. It was just as busy as yesterday.”

Riccardo, quietly cleaning the inside of the store, opened his mouth, thinking about the many gold coins in the safe.

“first… … When Prince Rockefeller said he was doing business with other people’s money. I was also skeptical. I started to doubt whether it was possible to do business with other people’s money.”

When Ricardo broke his luck, Rockefeller responded with a grin.

“So what happened?”

“It was a little surprising that such a thing was possible.”

The curved lips are the same.

Rockefeller said to Ricardo, who had been staring at him boldly.

“After all, all we need is trust and trust, not money to do business with. What do they know? We don’t know how much is in our safe anyway.”

Riccardo asked Rockefeller about the next step.

“You seem to have accumulated quite a few gold coins in the safe. When do you plan to start the loan business?”

If you think about the interest on deposits, the money in the safe should not stand still.

Rockefeller’s business was also successful because it had to somehow move money and make a profit.

With that said, Rockefeller went to the safe inside the store and took a rough look at the amount of gold coins deposited.

Then he went back to his seat and opened his mouth.

“Unlike Lyon, Black Label has a more thriving lending business. So, you can never start a loan business with poor financial power. If you go out without knowing the subject, your safe will be empty after a few large loans.”

Ricardo could strongly sympathize with those words.

Black Label had a different loan amount than other places because it was a place where big businesses such as shipbuilding costs and trade in the New World were lined up.

So, it was here at Black Label where banco operators with poor financial power could not easily start a loan business.

“But after several days of hard work, looking at the gold coins piled up in the safe, it seems that it will not be too difficult to start a loan business from tomorrow. So, starting tomorrow, we will hire private soldiers and start a formal loan business.”

Rockefeller continued.

“And sooner or later, the guild members will also join the work here. When that time comes, it will be really fun. It seems I’m alone and the Lanstad’s banco dealers aren’t moving yet, but that won’t last long. If you don’t move quickly, you will wither and die.”

He was truly a terrifying person.

Because he came without anything and had already grown to the point of threatening the Banco vendors in Lanstad.

Ricardo saw no one to follow him, at least on this floor.

‘He is truly unique. When it comes to money, more than anyone else… … .’

* * *

a few days later.

Bell, the owner of the clothing store, heard some news and went to see Bob, the owner of the shoe store.

Bob came to see him, sighing deeply with a worried expression on his face.

Bell came to Bob and spoke to him.

“No, this man. Until a few days ago, he died because he liked to receive interest. Why are you going to die?”

“after… … don’t talk I am under a lot of stress right now.”

“What kind of stress? Could it be that the Banco was ruined?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

“No, then why won’t you pay interest? Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“Because it’s not like that. There is no banco business there.”

“Then what? What are you doing?”

Bob sighed again and told me about what had happened yesterday.

“I was having a drink at the tavern a few days ago. you know too These days, I am very excited about receiving interest.”

“Of course you know. You were in a good mood that day too, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, it was then. I really didn’t know how cool it was.”

There’s a flying guy above the running guy.

Suddenly, a flying guy appeared to him who said he liked receiving interest.

“What is it? tell me in detail People are curious.”

“Hey, do you know Sam?”

“fountain? That shoe shiner kicked out of your shop?”

“Yes, shoe shine. I’m in a good mood, I’m drinking, and he’s sitting next to me. Wearing expensive clothes that don’t even fit.”

“What? Expensive clothes?”

“Yeah, expensive clothes. There are clothes that only nobles wear because they are so expensive. It’s made of silk and it’s gorgeous. Did he show up wearing that kind of clothes?”

“No, what the hell is it? Did you hit any jackpot?”

“right. It looks like the jackpot has exploded.”

“Is it possible that the vessel you invested in hit the jackpot and returned?”

“Is that so? If you invest in a trading ship and hit the jackpot once, it seems like you have at least 4 times left over. But he must have invested in a more dangerous place than that and ate it twice in the world eight times.”

“What have you invested in?”

“Is it magic stone powder? Anyway, it’s incredibly rare, but it seems to have been found in the New World. Well, he said he invested in it by attracting his soul. About twenty talents.”

“Twenty talents is all he has, right?”

“Yeah, it must have been all my possessions back then. But the investment worked out so well that I ate it eight times twice. And it seems that they have invested in several places and now have several thousand talents.”

“What? How many thousand talents each? Is that possible?”

“So, will my stomach, which has to be satisfied with just two talents, not turn over and bleed?”

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