The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 124

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 124

124 Episode 28. Black Label Union #3(2)

“Only one. If you don’t step out of Ismail, you just have to watch. We can’t just be suffering like this. We’re not some hogu cubs. Strict bastards are doing business openly on our floor, and we can’t just keep an eye on them.”

When the CEO of Union, who was comfortable with the Lyon Guild, seemed to have changed his mind, banco vendors who came to tell us about the current situation.

“In Holland, they were openly increasing the number of enlisted men. I think we all predicted how Warren Ball would come out.”

“Physically driving them away is difficult because people around them are aware. It is highly likely that the Governor-General will say something.”

“Recently, rumors say that the guild leader often meets the governor of Austin. It’s obvious without seeing what the two of you will talk about when they meet.”

When the governor’s story came out, the Union representative frowned.

‘I don’t really want to get involved with the governor here.’

He had a past of piracy, so the relationship between him and the governor was not very good.

Would you call it a dog-monkey relationship?

‘We’ve reached an agreement with each other, so we’re just hanging out. If things go wrong, I’ll definitely stick with that side. Austin’s a man who will surely remain that way.’

“There was such a story. I don’t really want to get involved with the governor.”

Banco traders who could not know the relationship between the union representative and the governor were a little weeping.

“So I am more concerned. Isn’t Prince Warren not very friendly with Governor Austin?”

“If Governor Austin gets involved here, it’s not clear which side he will be on. He will definitely be on the side of the guild rather than us.”

You and I began to nod your head to see if everyone agreed.

However, the Union representative shook his head as if to deny it.

“If Austin had an idea, he wouldn’t be so outspoken about it. who am i If I said one word, the whole sea off here would be a sea of blood! Do you think the governor wants that?”

The reason Black Label was able to develop into the empire’s number one trading port was because he, the captain of the infamous pirates, stopped plundering and plundering.

Peace came to Black Label because he stopped plundering, which was his main occupation, and changed it to extorting taxes on every ship that entered and exited the port in the name of protection expenses, and this enabled Black Label to develop into the empire’s number one trading port.

“Without me, no ship would be able to dock safely in this port. What the hell did the governor have the guts to make me look hateful? If you have an idea, you should also look into my eyes. If you don’t want to see the past.”

Union CEO was right, so there were banco vendors who sympathized with it.

“I do, though.”

“At least in Black Label, Warren’s breath is so strong, I don’t think the Governor-General will be able to use that much power.”

“If the Governor-General has to keep an eye on Warren, he will remain neutral. Anyway, aren’t they good friends?”

The CEO of Union, who had a wrinkled expression on his face and was lost in thought, had a strange thought for a moment.

‘It’s annoying, but why don’t you just take the kids and sweep them away? It’s them anyway.

I was worried about this for a while.

“Now that we’re talking, why don’t we take this opportunity to wipe out all of them?”

At the suggestion, everyone was split in half.

If it was possible to drive them out by force, it was in favor, but if things failed, the opposite was also to be considered.

“No, that doesn’t mean that… … .”

“I agree. If we are going to lose our karma so openly, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to hire even private soldiers and push them away all at once.”

“Then, if you hire more privates there and attack this side, what will you do then? If we hit it first, it brings a cause to that side as well.”

“If the governor stood still, it would be a form of fighting between us. Then, when the city becomes chaotic, the governor will have no choice but to move. Then I’m going to take some of the troublemakers by example, and I don’t really want to get caught up in that.”

“Isn’t there a different way?”

The Union representatives only licked their tongues at their weakness.

“It’s only because I’m so weak Yes, what kind of bowl are you protecting with it?”

The banco vendors who came to his call became silent all at once.

“What are you going to gain by doing that? It’s pathetic.”

Then a banco contractor expressed concern.

“But the fact that we even hire privates to fight is… … It doesn’t seem like a lot. If it was outside the city, I don’t know. Fighting openly in the city would be very offensive to the governor. It is questionable whether the governor-general will condone that.”

“Then what will you do? They come to our shop and openly do business, are you just going to keep an eye on us?”

“Why don’t you go to Ismail and ask for a definitive answer? Wasn’t Ismail what Prince Warren believed anyway?”

At those words, Union representative touched his chin with an undesirable expression.

Due to a major incident in the past, the Ismail family had no other way to meet than to come to them in person.

“There is no other way to meet unless you come to Ismail in person. Apart from that, I don’t think Ismail doesn’t know what’s going on here.”

“Are you going to keep waiting like this?”

“Hey, don’t keep looking at me for a headache.”

The Union representative pushed them away as if yelling.

“If you also have a good idea, you have a mouth, so please tell me. Why are you only bullying me?”

Saying good thoughts.

One of them, who had been silent, suddenly began to speak.

“Warren Ball. How about something like this?”

Everyone’s attention was focused on him.

“Isn’t it all because of Warren that the sea is still here anyway? Then we’re going to press Governor Austin with that. If you don’t want to see the old days, you’re intimidating them to get rid of the presumptuous business people here. Then the governor will not drive out the guild forces and leave?”

Everyone who heard it thought the same thing.

“That sounds like a good idea.”

“Isn’t it all because of the calm sea that even the Governor-General keeps an eye on Warren?”

“We are not some thug. I think it would be better that way.”

The Union representative was also quite positive.

‘not bad. The governor here can’t completely ignore my opinion. I think it would be better that way.’

“Good opinion.”

As the atmosphere improved, Joseph, who was watching from the side, came to the side of the Union representative and whispered.

“Dr. Warren, I think so. That sounds like a great idea.”

It’s like a useless subordinate.

Warren said with a wrinkled expression.

“Why did you come here? I’m annoyed, so I go over there and sit quietly. Don’t come next to me and scratch my nerves.”

“yes… … .”

“No. I’ll be going to the governor soon, so go and get the wagon ready.”

“yes! I will prepare the carriage right away.”

The union representative who sent Joseph got up and said to the banco vendors who had come.

“I’m going to go and make a deal with the governor right now. Please wait patiently. I will ask you for good news soon.”

At those words, there were Banco vendors belonging to Union whose expressions brightened.

After a while.

Union representative, Warren Dragoon, rode his splendid carriage and visited the Black Castle where Governor Austin, the de facto ruler of Black Label, was staying.

The Black Castle is a fortress-like castle built on the shore of a cliff, and has a very deep story to the point where his pirate fleets fired nonstop gunfire to occupy it.

‘At that time, who knew that I would come here in peace in a horse-drawn carriage? At that time, it was a battle of whether you die or I die.’

The Union representative, who entered the castle without any restraint, went straight to the governor of Austin and met with him.

They weren’t usually good friends, so the look of the governor who greeted him was just chilling.

Without saying a word, the governor was moving the modeled battleships on the chart spread out on the wide table.


Let the Union CEO, who coughed loudly as if to listen, announce his presence.

Governor Austin’s reaction, then, turned and glanced at him.

“Why did you come here pretending not to know each other?”

At the harsh words, Union CEO naturally wrinkled his expression.

“Do you know who likes to come? I came here because I have something to tell you.”

As he approached, the governor moved the number of model battleships, which was different from before, and pushed away a pirate fleet that was annoying.

“These pirates. No matter how much you clean it, it will never go away. Where do you keep popping out? I have to catch them all and throw them away as food for the Kraken.”

The Union representative, who couldn’t hear those words well, was terrified from the start.

“How come it sounds like you told me to listen?”

“I’m telling you to listen. But are you a pirate? You’re not a pirate, so why are you so angry?”

I felt like I wanted to put a fist in the mouth of the smiling governor, but the Union representative who endured this smiled an inappropriate smile.

‘You have to be patient. Now I am a full-fledged land person.’

“What kind of pirate am I? When was the last time you hit that thing? Now I am representing Union. It is said that he is a nobleman of the empire.”

It was a sound that could not be heard by the governor’s ears.

“Ah, the pirate man has come a long way. Yes, what did you come here for? Some nobles even come to me rudely without scheduling an appointment. It must be urgent, right? No matter what you hear, it would be absurd.”

The governor moved to near the desk and began to organize the piles of papers.

It was to indirectly inform the visitor that he was quite a busy person.

The Union representative, who approached the governor recklessly, spoke bluntly.

“Let’s hear it. They say some bugs have appeared here.”

“Wash it? What kind of garbage are you talking about?”

Breaking the shichimi while knowing everything.

“There it is. Guild members. Those bastards have no morals. Whose business is this, and they dare to come and do business?”

Unlike the representative of Union, who was angry and zealous, the governor looked calm.

“What is morality? In an era of limitless competition, even banco vendors can compete with each other.”

Then, the Union representative, who smashed the paperwork that the governor was organizing, with his palm, started to squint.

“What are you doing now!”

“compete? The competition is for everyone else! This is truly our karma! Why is the governor standing still when the harshest people in the world come and openly do business in our premises! We need to go and drive them out right now!”

Then the governor, with a wrinkled expression on his face, responded.

“Is that my business? After all, it’s me, no matter who comes and does business, as long as I get my taxes and eat well, that’s enough.”

“Is that what you mean now?”

How could the governor not know what he had been eating in the past?

But unlike in the past, he was just a retired pirate, tired of land life.

“Anyway, I have no intention of getting involved in that business. If you’re going to argue, I’ll go there and argue, and if you keep making a fuss here, I’ll take action on my own.”

“haha… … .”

The Union representative smiled brightly enough to see the yellow teeth.

“Because I’m quiet like an asshole. Where did the blood that just went out in the old days go? Are you going to come out like that now?”

“Are you threatening me now?”

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