The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 164

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 164

164 Episode 42. The War of Gold and Heart (2)

When the dwarven delegation withdrew, the emperor summoned him, who was also his financial adviser, to sit aside.

Unlike in public, in private, the emperor treated Rockefeller with a little respect rather than condescending.

This was a favor from the emperor, who recognized his place in the empire.

“I don’t think the Dwarves will give up easily, what do you think?”

“As I said before, war with the dwarves will be unavoidable. It is unconditional war.”

“Yes, it seems.”

The emperor remembered the dwarf envoys who had returned from the threat.

‘Considering our long-standing allies, war might not happen… … If that’s a battle for interest in gold, it would probably be difficult. War is probably unavoidable.’

“Then it is war. As you know, there was a war for the crown, and since my deceased older brother has been involved in various things, there is currently no room for an all-out war with the dwarves in the Imperial Family.”

The king’s words were filled with deep sorrow.

“However, I cannot give up the land easily. Anyway, it’s a pain in the ass.”

“If money is an issue, you don’t have to worry too much.”

“Are you going to support all of them?”

Rockefeller smiled lightly.

“Even if our guild and family are the wealthiest in the empire, they cannot be richer than the imperial family of a country. Even if we can help to some extent, there will probably be limits.”

The emperor questioned.

“What do you mean? Didn’t I tell you earlier that you don’t have to worry?”

“of course. So I am going to give you another proposal.”

The emperor opened his ears to hear what he was trying to say.

“Tell me.”

“First of all, there are two ways a country can fill its deficit.”

The emperor remembered one thing and opened his mouth.

“Two things… … At least one knows. War. Older brother always invaded somewhere and started war, plundering and taking what they had. The imperial imperial family who worshiped radish also made war a virtue. When financially impoverished, the Empire always bit the enemy weaker than itself.”

Rockefeller, who did not deny it, nodded lightly.

“you’re right. The two things I’m talking about are bond issuance and looting through war. But the latter is a pretty outdated idea here.”

The Emperor listened quietly to Rockefeller.

“There is a way to make up for the country’s lack of finances without having to go to war.”

“Are you telling me to issue bonds?”

“Aren’t you already doing it?”

“It is, but… … .”

It wasn’t something that happened very often.

When the imperial family needed money urgently, like other nobles, they issued bonds (deeds of loan), etc.

However, there has always been friction between the Imperial Family and other powers, who do not want to repay the bonds because they will never return, and for that reason, the Imperial Family began to be reluctant to issue bonds.

Rather, he thought that it would be better to start a war with ease, invade the enemy camp and plunder them.

“I don’t really like bonds. It’s good when it comes to issuance, but it always causes trouble when it comes time to pay it back.”

“Isn’t that trouble because I don’t have enough money to pay it back?”

“There must be some things you don’t want to pay back.”

At those words, Rockefeller said with a stern and serious look.

“But that’s not the case with government bonds. Wouldn’t the country be destroyed if we couldn’t get the money right away when we really need it?”

“The point is… … I agree. So the imperial family doesn’t like that bond very much. I think it’s better to sneak into the enemy camp and extort their gold.”

“But wouldn’t that be His Majesty’s way?”

If the first prince became emperor, plundering was probably the first way to make up for the imperial lack of finances.

The 1st prince was called a war maniac because he liked fighting so much.

“A knife aimed at others will always come back to you, so I am also negative about looting.”

“Then there will be only one way.”

“Soup… … .”

Rockefeller said with a relaxed expression.

“Fortunately, the Empire has never had trouble with government bonds. Because, as Your Majesty said, the Imperial Family was reluctant to issue government bonds.”

“Yes, I know that too. So even if we issue government bonds right away, there will be no major problems.”

“Pillage is a very savage thing that orcs do, after all. There is nothing that educated people like us humans can do.”

“I agree. The time has come to change the way the Empire has been doing.”

Because he was an emperor who grew up with difficulty after being hit by two families, that point was even stronger.

“I want to live in a more peaceful and quiet world. At least while I’m here.”

“Then we will have to issue more government bonds to cover the deficit.”

It was funny in itself to discuss the importance of the Montefeltro estate here.

Because the discovery of the largest gold vein on the continent explained everything.

“Then do you mean to issue government bonds in bulk?”

“The risk of issuing government bonds is to win the war anyway. It’s very simple.”

“But what if we lose that war?”

The king’s words continued.

“The opponents are Dwarves who are said to be quite wealthy on the continent. I don’t know if they will come together or if only the owner of the Thundermountain will attack. If it were the former, it would not be easy to defend the Montefeltro estate.”

Rockefeller also sympathized with the saying that the dwarves were wealthy.

If it were an orc, there would be no need for such a conversation.

They’re big idiots, because it’s enough to crush them with a magic stone tank.

“Maybe this time, the Dwarves will attack with one accord. All three dwarf kings are on bad terms, but they always worked together for the sake of the whole race. Even if you don’t know it, we will form an Allied Forces based on an agreement that precisely divides the gold from the Montefeltro estate into thirds.”

All those naive dwarves unite and attack?

It was a difficult task for an emperor who knew a little about the Dwarves to be hard to imagine.

“Is that really going to happen? As far as I know, we’re not that close… … .”

“Why do you think no? Everyone knows that Dwarves are fascinated with gold.”

“Still, they… … The resentment between each other is so deeply intertwined.”

“But even that resentment may falter for a while in front of the dazzling gold.”

“As someone who knows Dwarves well, it is difficult to predict.”

“Trust me. They will surely come together and attack. But, if you can’t stop the allied forces from the beginning, the Montefeltro estate will fall into their hands in an instant. Then it will cost quite a bit to reclaim the land.”

The emperor pondered for a moment.

No matter how much he thought about it, he didn’t like the idea that the three kingdoms of the dwarves would unite.

But when Rockefeller spoke so strongly, the Emperor began to doubt my thoughts.

‘It could be. If there is such a thing as gold… … .’

“Then what would you like to do? Is it okay to issue government bonds in large quantities first and start preparing for war?”

Rockefeller immediately responded to that.

“This is unconditional war. You know the enemies are coming, so you’re going to stop here? Unconditionally, issue government bonds first, and with the money secured there, organize an army and send it to the Montefeltro estate. I will also meet with the Holy Father and ask if I can get help from the denomination.”

The denomination that the emperor knew was a place that only cared for them rather than the empire.

Just because gold comes from the empire land doesn’t help them much, but will the denomination really help?

So I asked Rockefeller about it.

“Will the church help you? Even if there is gold, it is not their land.”

“Anyway, a new parish has been established there. So the Holy Father will not neglect the new parish so much. And your relationship with me is still good, so do you think the Holy Father has any reason not to help?”

“Are you going to help the Pope again?”

“This is my request, Your Majesty, there is no need to worry too much. Even if the Holy Father is willing to forgive me later, this is my request anyway, so what would you say to His Majesty?”


Rockefeller said again to the emperor who nodded in agreement.

“The territory of Montefeltro is a land that must be protected unconditionally, even for myself, the Empire, and Your Majesty. So, your Majesty, don’t take it as someone else’s business, and help me with all your heart. Then will I not pay a fair tax to your Majesty in a stable land?”

“Are your wives going to the war?”

“of course. And Lee Han will also participate in this war. Without Lee Han, it would be a tough war.”

“Nevertheless, they will be able to stand out on the battlefield only if they have enough support.”

“Then the army should be prepared by me and Your Majesty.”

The emperor, who had been thinking about something, began to express one concern.

Everything was good, but there was only one thing.

“Then I think you will need a lot of money… … Even if government bonds are issued in large quantities, I don’t know if there is any power to buy them.”

About the intervention of the Goblin Bank.

Rockefeller knew better than anyone in the world.

“there is. It is unconditionally.”

“Who is that?”

“It’s a Goblin Bank. They will unconditionally intervene in this war. And I will side with the Empire.”

“If you goblin bank… … Rather than issuing government bonds, isn’t it correct?”

The emperor said with a worried look.

“As the master of a country, I hate being swayed by the Pope, but I hate being swayed by a mere goblin.”

“I fully understand that feeling. But realistically, the only force that can accept that kind of government bond is the Goblin Bank.”

“But will the goblins join us?”

“That is for sure. From the Goblin Bank’s point of view, taking the side of the Empire is an inevitable choice. Dwarves are a very wealthy race, so they won’t issue government bonds, and then the goblins have no reason to get involved in this battle for interests.”

“Hmm… … .”

Let the emperor look troubled.

Rockefeller made a suggestion.

And this was an offer the Emperor would never accept.

“I will issue government bonds. Issue it with the intention of selling the empire entirely. Then the Goblin Bank will try to buy the government bonds unconditionally, even if it is too much.”

The king was astonished at this.

“What do you mean? Issuing government bonds with the intention of selling the empire.”

The emperor wrinkled his face in displeasure and continued his speech.

“Then if there’s a problem later, I won’t sit still in the Goblin Bank. Since you have government bonds, you could try to interfere in internal affairs with that excuse. Perhaps even imperial taxes and endangering the entire empire.”

No matter how much he thought about it, the emperor saw that it was not.

“I am absolutely against that. Never in the history of the Empire has it ever been shaken by goblins. It was possible because I didn’t take their dirty money.”

to such an emperor.

Rockefeller shook his head slowly, pointing out that he was wrong.

“Your Majesty, I have a plan. Maybe this is the only way to get their money right.”

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