The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 170

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 170

170 Episode 44. War of Gold and Heart #3(2)

Lost for words, she stared at Rockefeller.

What should I say here?

I used to be that kind of guy.

“You are going to be my wife. Don’t you like it?”

Rockefeller looked at her face and asked, and she hesitated for a moment to answer.

“It was not the marriage we wanted, so if you don’t like it, we can consider breaking it up. It will be difficult.”

“Thank you for your words.”

“Or you can buy them separately for the rest of your life. After all, I have nothing to regret.”

I mean, I really don’t have any regrets.

“I will respect whatever choice you make. However, it was only when they listened to my request here.”

“If you ask me… … Is that what you said before?”

“yes. As long as you take good care of it, I’ll respect the choices you make in the future. It’s okay to break up, live separately for the rest of your life, or live together. Do whatever you want. Is there anything better than this?”

After hesitating for a while, she decided to agree to the word of giving freedom of choice.

“like. Instead, please respect any decisions I make in the future.”

Rockefeller, who was smiling lightly, had no hesitation.

“of course.”

After talking to her, Rockefeller was about to leave, and the Sinclair head came to him.

“Hey, did you convince my child well?”

Seeing that he was alone, it seemed that he had failed to persuade him.

His position is that he wants to say something, but he can’t.

Rockefeller said to the head of Sinclair.

“Once you said something nice. You don’t have to worry too much about your daughter. And I’ll be moving soon, so please let me know. It’s all for me and her.”

“Work? Hey, what did you do to my daughter?”

“What do you do with a good wife? You can borrow power when you need it.”

“My daughter wouldn’t be so fussy. You did a good job.”

After that, Rockefeller climbed into the wagon with farewell and left the Sinclair mansion.

Seeing Rockefeller leaving, Sinclair went straight to my daughter and asked.

“Son, why didn’t you follow me?”

At this time, Isabella looked quite busy trying to get out.

“Have you met?”

“Of course we met. I was expecting to take you, but you just went alone. Did you refuse?”

“no. I didn’t refuse. just… … .”

There was no reason for her to speak of her promise to him.

“It’s just between us. You don’t have to worry about your father.”

“Is nothing really wrong?”

“Yes, nothing is wrong.”

“But where are you going all of a sudden? What’s going on?”

“I have a request for you, so I want to do it.”

“There are a lot of other people, so why do I have to make you do it?”

“My father knows who I am. There is no magician better than me, so please understand.”

Sinclair headman suddenly wrinkled his expression.

“Isn’t that guy trying to use you to eat you?”

“Father, he is not that thoughtless. I’m the only one who’s suitable for this job, so I asked for it. And when you succeed, you receive something separately.”

“Anything else to get?”

“Yes, it’s good for me, so please know that.”

“Can’t you tell me what’s going on?”

“It’s not a big deal. but… … I think it would be better if my father didn’t know about this. There is nothing good to know.”

“Is there nothing good to know?”

A person who founded a new family that could be said to be a financial master at a young age and gained unparalleled power in the empire.

The inside was also unknown, and what he was doing was close to a miracle.

If such a person had made his daughter do something, it must have been difficult for him.

‘I’ll have to say it.’

“Son, my family is no longer hostile to him because you are married. You should know this.”

She didn’t know what the governor was trying to say.

“I know. He’s someone you can’t get away from. I know this better.”

“It is better to put such a person on the same side as the enemy. And if we get farther away, the only place we will like is Tepez.”

What can I do with my older daughter?

“You already know everything, but if you think about your family, I want you to make some sacrifices. This is my request, not as a father, but as the head of the household.”

* * *

At Rockefeller’s request, she headed to the border with those who had believed and followed her since before the War of the Crown.

And at Rockefeller’s request, he transformed into a dwarf and captured the orc scouts, and gave them false information by destroying the totem, the symbol of the orcs.

a few days after that.

When the orcs broke their totem in the border area adjacent to the empire, they determined that the culprit was the empire, and declared war on the empire.

The Empire, which quickly responded to this, began to move most of its troops from the Montefeltro territory to the northern frontier, which was a great disaster for the goblins who were hoping for the Empire’s victory.

“No, why are you smashing a healthy totem!”

At the Goblin Bank’s Round Table.

Enraged, Goldman resented the Empire’s absurd mistake.

“Do these foolish human beings have any idea or not? What are you trying to destroy in this current state of affairs?”

No matter how specialized the empire was for war, there was not enough room to wage an all-out war with both races at the same time.

Moreover, the act of touching the totem that the orcs consider sacred is touching the repulsion of the orcs.

No matter how good gold was, the imperial army had to move near the north unconditionally to prevent the orcs from moving south.

“Damn it.”

It’s someone else’s business anyway, but the goblins were outraged for another reason.

The price of the government bonds they had bought suddenly started to fluctuate because the Empire was doing something wrong.

That too in a bad way.

“The price of government bonds has fallen by 30% because of the imperial bastards.”

“No, why did you touch the totem? Really, what kind of head did a guy with a gun do such a thing?”

“Yeah, I don’t know.”

“by the way. Has it already dropped 30%?”

There was no reason for the price of government bonds to drop so much simply by fighting the Dwarves.

After all, what the Dwarves wanted was not to destroy the empire, but simply to find their old land.

But the Orcs were different.

Since they have already touched their wrath, they will unconditionally fight to death with the Empire.

If the charter was inclined toward the Orcs, the government bonds issued by the Imperial Family would have lost their meaning.

So, the price of government bonds of the Empire, which was good until yesterday, suddenly plummeted.

“I don’t know how far I’ll fall from here when the situation gets serious. If the empire goes to goal like this, the price of government bonds issued by them can become shit.”

“Anyway, do you really need to perish?”

“It won’t be ruined. The Empire guys are good at fighting though.”

“under… … Damn it.”

The three gathered at the round table and began to discuss the future with serious expressions.

“No, wouldn’t this endanger the Montefeltro estate?”

Even without the orcs moving south, the chance of the Empire winning the Gold Vein War was very high.

The Empire responded quickly, but it was because the Dwarves of the three kingdoms, who were originally enemies, had their own problems.

However, all this was completely turned upside down with the withdrawal of the pope’s army and the orcs’ south.

“Damn, how do you do this?”

“Should we sell government bonds now? It’s going to have to be done, but I can’t let it go.”

“No, I don’t have a penny or two. If we take it out here, the price of government bonds that are still falling out may accelerate even more.”

The goblins, who had already tasted the bitter taste of beer bubbles, had no intention of throwing out a large amount of soup to the market as foolishly as before.

If he did, the price of government bonds would plummet in an instant, and he would incur huge losses.

“no. You’ve already tasted the bitter taste once. If you throw it so ignorantly like beer, it’s going to be total shit.”

“Then what do you do?”

“For now, let’s see how the Empire responds.”

“I don’t think that’s a little bit. lets think. Even if you block the orcs, if you lose the battle for gold veins, that’s also a problem.”

“This bastard.”

“What good can’t you do?”

We put our heads together and tried to find a good number.

There was no visible number.

So, wasn’t the price of the imperial government bonds reflected in advance?

‘Damn it. There’s nothing I can do about it.’

“I wasn’t going to use this method. I can’t help it. First, I’ll have to go visit the Imperial Emperor and say that he’ll lend us the army we have.”

Two goblins responded to Goldman’s words.

“Are you sure you’re not going to lend it to me for free?”

Goldman then put a strap around his neck.

“What is free? Even the monthly wage for Wyvern’s food gives me vomit. How can I borrow it for free! yap! It’s a no-brainer.”

“Well then. Nothing is ever free.”

“Nothing in the world is free. ok let’s do that If they don’t want to perish, they’ll have no choice but to use our army.”

What followed was important.

“For a fee.”

So, the roundtable is over.

Goldman, the head of the Goblin Bank, visited the Empire as a special envoy.

Goldman, accompanied by dozens of Wyvern riders, went to see the Imperial Emperor and saw the Imperial Emperor and numerous human nobles who were waiting for him.

They were lowly things that didn’t seem to exist at all.

‘You foolish people. You can’t even get rid of the poop they’ve packed, and you’re just rolling your feet over there. Ttttttttttttttttttttttt have been.

At the place where he met the emperor of the empire.

The head of the Goblin Bank, who dared to raise his head, began to tease the emperor in a cheeky way.

“I heard that a certain foolish shovel is also a dog shovel, so the situation is very bad there.”

Goldman, who was very irritable, continued his speech with a plausible expression.

“How are the measures in place?”

The only race physically weaker than humans.

However, they were monopolizing almost all the wealth of the continent, and there was no race that did not borrow money from them.

Therefore, they were the most hated and terrifying beings on the continent.

And the same was true for the Imperial Emperor.

‘Are you doing that trusting the government bonds you took?’

I don’t want to see that situation, so the Empire has never issued government bonds even when money is tight.

However, the government bonds have already been issued, and the goblin who has come now was a terrible creditor who had to bow down from the Empire’s point of view.

“No problem, you can just go back.”

“What? no problem? Why is there no problem? Right now the orcs are coming down with their eyes turned over.”

Rather, it was none other than the head of the Goblin Bank, Goldman, who was angry at this situation.

“If you all perish, we will perish as well! So do good!”

It was a goblin who dared to be cocky in front of their emperor.

None of the aristocrats stepped forward.

Already in Hwangseong, the Wyverns he had brought were roaring wildly, and if there was a problem with his life, no one could predict how he would come out of the Goblin Bank.

at that time.

There was someone who made a voice as if he was waiting.

He was the emperor’s only financial advisor and one who wielded the most powerful power in the empire.

“You are so arrogant in front of the master of a country. Anyone who sees it will know that this is your bedroom.”

“What? What are you?”

Rockefeller smiled lightly and caught everyone’s attention.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Rockefeller Ross Medici. He is the Emperor’s sole financial adviser and the Prime Minister oversees the Monetary and Finance Ministry of the Empire.”

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