The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 41

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 41

Episode 41 12. Stalling #2(2)

In the previous conversation, the story of merchandising beer and its ingredients had been interrupted in the middle of the conversation.

Rockefeller and her two brothers had a number of issues to consider before they could go ahead.

That was the biggest problem with them.

“And you can easily avoid the tax problem. It’s because we’re together with the church, not anywhere else.”

All economic activities within the territory were inevitably accompanied by taxes.

In principle, the territory belonged to the lord, and he borrowed other people’s land to do business, so it was perfectly natural to share some of the profits with the owner of the land.

“Rockefeller-hyung, is it okay if I go to church with you?”

“Is the church different from Uncle Carter?”

Rockefeller nodded his head in affirmation to the two brothers’ questions.

“Of course it is different. In principle, the church cannot pay taxes. Taxing the church is no different than taxing God.”

In this world that Rockefeller knew, the denomination occupied a fairly high position.

The head of the denomination is in a higher position than the emperor, the leader of the empire.

Maybe that’s why, but in many of the territories included in the Empire, taxes were not imposed on the church.

The power of the church is so powerful that even if they want to tax them, they cannot dare to do so.

“If the church puts a tax on what they do, there will be a lot of uproar here in the parish and in the courthouse. Are you going to try to eat the lord here somehow, saying that you put a tax on God?”

Rockefeller was still smiling.

“So, it would be nice if we could do this together with the church. If you don’t know anything else, you can definitely avoid tax problems.”

At that, Joshua muttered in a low voice.

“We can’t just do it ourselves.”

Andrew, who heard Joshua’s murmur, thought the same.

“Rockefeller, can’t we just do it ourselves? If we work together with the church, our profits are diminishing.”

If you make a lot of money by buying and selling, probably no one wants to share that profit with others.

The two younger brothers expressed a slight objection to working with the church in this way.

But it was Rockefeller’s idea that reality should not be overlooked too much.

“I don’t know what you guys are thinking right now. But if you do that, you won’t be able to avoid the tax problem. If you don’t share the profits with the church, the lord will take those profits. in the form of taxes.”

The thoughts of the two brothers were so cute that Rockefeller could hear them.

“You just don’t get caught.”

“Yeah, we can do it secretly like we did last time when we were gold dusters.”

Rockefeller couldn’t help but smile softly.

“Can’t you take it? When we sell something, the people around us will know somehow. They are not stupid.”

Rockefeller continued.

“They have eyes and ears just like us. This is also true of the Lord. If we get caught selling beer in secret, the lord may harass us by accusing us. You should think about this in advance.”

The two brothers did not respond to that statement.

To those two brothers, Rockefeller continued.

“Greed is what it is. Sometimes it’s good, but sometimes you have to be vigilant. So, you have to learn to manage yourself so that you don’t get too greedy.”

It was then that the two brothers showed signs of remorse.

It was only later that they realized that their greed was too great.

“right. Like Rockefeller said, I think we’re being greedy. People around me aren’t stupid, so I don’t think they can’t figure it out. The country will also be suspicious.”

“I stopped digging for gold in the middle. If we get caught secretly… … . It must be terrible.”

Rockefeller was still smiling.

“And there are two more good things to do with the church this time.”


“what is that?”

Rockefeller continued talking to his two younger brothers, who looked at him with twinkling eyes.

“The first thing is that you can build a good relationship with the church.”

If you could take part in something you didn’t expect, and you could make a big profit, the church had no choice but to like it.

And it’s only natural that the Ros Medici family, who proposed the job, have a crush on him.

“Since we’ve benefited from us, the church will look at our family very well, right?”

“Of course!”

“right! Who made the money?”

After speaking, Rockefeller naturally looked at the fourth Leo.

“And it will be great for our Leo who wants to become a priest.”

Contrary to what the world knows, the church was not such a clean and pure place.

‘Maybe that’s possible enough.’

“Because the feelings for our family will naturally come back to Leo.”

* * *

Among the various dioceses belonging to the empire, those without a bishop or archbishop were relatively small compared to other dioceses, or there were many areas that were marginalized from the denomination.

The reason for being neglected was obvious.

Because there was no benefit to taking care of it.

The territory of Montefeltro, located on the outskirts of the Empire, was also one of the most neglected areas of the church, and for this reason, the chief executive of the diocese had to be the priest, not the bishop.

“I can’t take it. Just bring it back.”

When Priest Lucian, who is the youngest among the priests, visited the priest, who is in charge of the diocese, and recommended a new priest, Priest Peter, without a second thought, expressed his refusal to do so.

Then the surprised Lucian Priest protested.

“Can’t you get it? Priest, couldn’t a priest be anyone? Does God reject the child?”

When Lucian, who looked embarrassed, even asked God, Priest Peter, who was sitting at the desk quietly doing his work, raised his head and looked directly at Lucian.

“No one rejects a merciful God. To reject that child is blatant. So this has nothing to do with the god you seek.”

“Why are you rejecting the child? Didn’t you just accept me?”

“You were the last.”

Priest Peter continued with a troubled expression.

“It’s harder. Too many priests in such a small parish. The situation in the estate is not good, but the situation in the parish is also not good, so you should consider this as well.”

However, when Priest Lucian did not withdraw, Priest Peter delivered these words.

“You are always merciful with John. You can’t have the lamb in this parish, but I don’t know where else. Can you recommend a parish other than this one?”

I had to travel quite a distance to get to another parish.

And Lucian thought that if this parish could not accept the child, it would be the same in other parishes with similar circumstances, so Lucian went out to persuade him once again.

“Other than here, there would be no place to hold the child. Could you please reconsider that thought just once?”

The last priest he accepted was the Lucian priest in front of him.

The priest, who knew it was going to be difficult, shook his head first.

“It’s hard. I’m sorry, but you can tell me to send it back.”

With that said, the priest did not comment further on the matter.

Priest Lucian, who was forced to turn due to the priest’s stubborn will, went to see Leo, who was waiting with his older brother in the chapel.

Priest Lucian first greeted his elder brother called Rockefeller lightly, then knelt down on one knee and made eye level with Leo.

“Leo, I’m so sorry.”

“yes? why? What’s going on?”

“that is… … .”

Rockefeller, who was watching, summoned Priest Lucian, who was expressing his condolences to his younger brother.

“Father, what’s going on?

It was better to talk to his older brother, Rockefeller, than Leo, so Lucian got up and faced him.

They looked similar to each other, so they looked the same age.

But Lucian, unaware of this, continued to speak.

“The Priest seems so stubborn that there is no way out.”

“Is there any other reason for rejecting my brother?”

Priest Lucian came to the inside of the chapel, looked down at some priests who were brushing their teeth, and continued.

“There are too many priests in such a narrow parish. God is always merciful, but the Priest seems to be more aware of the diocese’s shortcomings.”

financial problems.

It sounded like a story that Leo could not be brought in because of this.

“Have you ever had such a problem?”

“I heard that other parishes are doing small businesses to cover their lack of finances, but our parish is having a hard time returning only with small donations from believers.”

Lucian couldn’t stop the sigh that came out of his mouth.

“after… … I guess that was probably the last one. He says it’s no longer difficult. If a merciful God had given me a little help, this would not have happened.”

Leo, who was nearby, began to shed tears when he heard that he could not become a priest.

Then Rockefeller, who was watching this, stroked Leo’s head and said to Lucian Priest.

“If you can’t pick up my brother because of financial problems, I’d like to make a good offer. Is it possible that I can’t meet with the priest separately?”

At those words, Priest Lucian raised strong doubts.

“A good suggestion?”

“Yes, I think the Priest will like it too. Please reserve a place for me.”

After thinking about it for a while, Priest Lucian decided to arrange a meeting with the priest as requested by Rockefeller.

so after a few minutes.

The priest, who was struggling with the diocese’s financial problems, was delighted with the unexpected news.

“Do you have any good suggestions for our parish?”

“Yes, it was a good offer. Maybe it’s a business story.”

“It’s a business… … .”

It would be funny to say that the Lambs of God are doing business, but other parishes were already running small businesses such as vineyards and wineries due to insufficient finances.

So, the priest, who had no objection to the business proposal, decided to meet with the person Priest Lucian spoke to.

“Let me in. If it’s a good story, you should hear it first.”

I was allowed to meet like that.

The one who came was a young boy as blue as Lucian.

‘What are you, little girl?’

“I heard… … I heard you have a good business proposal. Did you come here to play?”

The priest shook his head with an unfavorable expression.

“It was a joke. I’m not in a position to listen, so just go back.”

Rockefeller laughed at the priest like that and broke his luck.

“Who dares to play in the presence of God? Although I am young, I do a lot of work as an assistant in Banco.”

Banco = Don, and when he said that he was working as an assistant there, the priest quickly changed his expression.

‘You’re working as an assistant in Banco?’

The only banco here was Carter Banco, which was run by a goldsmith called Carter.

“Then, is that the kid you said you recently joined as an assistant? I heard a lot from Carter.”

Carter was the priest’s favorite in this estate.

Goldsmith Carter was the one who gave the most money to the church.

“Yes, I am his assistant. My name is Rockefeller Ross Medici.”

“Los Medici! oh yeah i didn’t know you Ross Medici knew. Your grandfather was a great doctor. Come on, sit here.”

Seeing him change his attitude in an instant, Rockefeller couldn’t help but laugh inwardly.

‘You must have been very curious.’

“Okay then, I’ll sit down.”

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