The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 42

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 42

Episode 42 12. Stalling #2(3)

The two sat facing each other at a shabby desk.

Because he had a good offer, the priest who looked at him with a smile quickly broke his luck.

“To tell you the story of your grandfather again, he was a really nice guy.”

The first was to praise his deceased grandfather.

Because he too had not forgotten David Ross Medici, who had donated a lot in the past, as he was old enough.

“I didn’t know the divine healing techniques like the holy priests who could handle magic, but with the first aid techniques and folk remedies I learned in various battlefields, I saved a lot of people. At the time, I was an inexperienced and young priest, but seeing your grandfather from a distance always made me feel good. You can save people even without magic, I thought so.”

The priest’s smile was still there.

“Having such a wonderful grandfather, there is nothing to say about their descendants. Okay, do you have any good suggestions?”

When the priest, who had had a lot of luck with the story of his grandfather, tried to get to the point, Rockefeller also accepted his words with a smile equal to that of his.

“Yes, I heard for a while that my brother, who wanted to become a priest, was rejected here. financially. So I came to see if there was anything I could do to help, even in a small way.”

“Ah, was it your younger brother who was recommended by Priest Lucian?”

“Yes, that child is Leo Los Medici, the fourth of our Ros Medici family. I am first.”


The priest clasped his hands that were naturally raised on the desk and made a gentle smile.

A large gold ring stood out on one of her two interlocked hands, and the ruby embedded in the gold ring caught Rockefeller’s attention without realizing it.

‘Even in difficult circumstances in the parish, the ring on your finger has gold and even rubies embedded in it?’

Of course, it was only for a short time that his gaze went toward the ring.

As Rockefeller’s gaze quickly returned, the priest showed a more serious expression than ever before.

“You know, though. Youngji’s situation isn’t very good these days. Was it redskin? Red-skinned orcs and dwarves from Thundermountain are trying to fight outside of this realm. For that reason, this adjacent estate has become very noisy. If you make a mistake, you could be seriously involved in a battle between the two factions.”

“Yes, I am well aware that it is noisy outside the territory. Because of that, the lord borrowed a lot of gold coins.”

“Since you are in Banco, you know how the estate works. Shouldn’t the first thing you hear about when something happens to your estate is Carter Banco, where you work? Because in every case there is inevitably a money issue involved.”

Rockefeller responded with a light nod.

Although he was obviously young, the atmosphere itself was heavy, so even the priest did not bet much on Rockefeller’s attitude.

Instead, he continued his story.

“Anyway, only when life on the territory is stable, we can live without any problems.”

“I heard that the finances here are very bad, do you have any other sources of income other than donations?”

“Unfortunately, it is. Unlike other parishes, this place is returning only through donations.”

The priest’s expression was still dark.

“So, when the situation of Yeong-ji becomes difficult, our situation naturally also becomes difficult.”

The priest sighed briefly.

“Hmm… … That’s why I said I couldn’t accept your brother. Even the priests in this parish right now are overwhelming, but we cannot afford to accept new members here.”

Then the priest, who looked at Rockefeller with a heavy gaze, continued.

“Even though we are the Lamb of God, shouldn’t we eat and live? I cannot live by prayer alone.”

I was aware of the situation, but when I heard the story of the situation in this parish that it would go back only through donations, I thought that Rockefeller was a bit pathetic.

There are so many things that can be done with the title of church, but what has this parish do so far?

“Isn’t there any other kind of support?”

“Do you think there will be any support? It is a strange thing to have a church in such a small estate on the outskirts.”

The priest continued.

“They don’t pay any attention to such a marginalized area from above. I don’t know if I’ll ever enter a holy place here. Or it would be nice to have something that would appeal to high-ranking people. But since there is no such thing, in the end we have no choice but to be marginalized.”

“okay. But I heard that the monastery located in the neighboring estate is running a small vineyard. They say the wine is pretty good, right?”

He let out a deep sigh as if to listen to the priest.

“after… … If you’re talking about the winery business in the monastery you’re talking about, this one has something to say. It all requires money.”

“If it’s money, can’t I borrow it for a while?”

At that, the priest put on a stern expression on his face.

“Who are you borrowing the money from? To the banco contractor?”

“Yes, if you had a good relationship with Uncle Carter, would you have been able to get a loan on good terms?”

The Priest shook his head as if he were looking.

“No. We hate interest so much. Not to mention interest is blasphemy. It’s going to go to hell.”

For that reason, the parish has been operated only by donations until now.

From Rockefeller’s point of view, the duplicity of their love for money and their desire to stay away from them was about to vomit.

‘I heard it’s an amazing place. I don’t want to borrow money to start a business, and I’ll tell you that the money will come.’

When the priest had finished speaking, his eyes twinkled and asked Rockefeller.

“So what is that good offer? If it’s a good story to hear, I am of course in a position to welcome it.”

Is it really the right thing to give a helping hand to these frustrating things?

‘Even if you don’t like it, you have no choice but to ride one boat.’

The church’s duality with money was on the verge of an uproar, but there was no doubt that the church was an extra-legal place where you could completely escape from the lord’s surveillance and tax issues.

‘And even for our Leo.’

“This is what I am proposing.”

Rockefeller told the Priest about the kiosk he had been thinking of.

After hearing the story, the priest let out a sigh for a moment before opening his mouth.

“Hmm… … Shall we sell beer and its ingredients?”

“Yeah, if you can just buy and sell it, you can make a lot of profit against the Dwarves.”


After one cough, the priest spoke again.

“It’s a good story, but I know that the gold coins used by Dwarves are different from ours. Are you still okay?”

“It’s the same gold coin anyway. If you melt Sovrin and turn it into an Imperial Talent, there is no problem. Or, if there is a supply of Sovrin in another place, you can trade with them and exchange it for Imperial Talents.”

“right. After all, you were working in Banco, so it was useless to worry.”

“You don’t have to worry too much about that.”

“It’s not a good thing to buy and sell something, but if the opponent is a Dwarf again, it’s a different story.”

The smile that followed contained the image of such a cruel church member who had no regard for dwarves.

‘Well then. I thought you wouldn’t refuse. It’s someone else’s business anyway, right?’

Rockefeller kept moving his mouth to blow in him.

“The war between the dwarves and the redskins from the Thunder Mountains will not end overnight. As short as a few months, as long as a few years. In the meantime, we will be able to make a lot of profit against the Dwarves.”

Rockefeller said in a confident tone.

“In that sense, I would like to see not only the beer and its ingredients on the market, but also look forward to the next few years and grow barley and hops directly in this church. Of course, it would be even better if we made a brewery and managed it separately from the church.”

“Oh, that’s right. If we can monopolize not only this time but also the supply of beer, we can really benefit from those dwarves who have built a mountain of gold.”

Rockefeller raised an eyebrow slightly.

“Obviously it will. The longer the war between the two factions continues, the more Dwarves in need of beer will try to get them from the surrounding areas in order to supply the shortage of beer. This is a business that will undoubtedly succeed.”

“Good idea.”

During the conversation, the priest suddenly had this thought.

What would such a young boy think?

“But sleep. How did you come up with that idea?”

“It was just that the two factions collided outside the territory, so the road was only visible.”

“okay? Whoa, that’s great. I didn’t even think about it.”

“What is that?”

“But there is one problem.”

Rockefeller tensed for a moment when he said there was a problem.

‘What’s wrong with you? It’s a church, so the lord wouldn’t be able to see it.’

It’s been a while since I was anxious.

The priest spoke in silence.

“We don’t have the money to buy it up.”

When I said something, I was worried about something useless.

Rockefeller quickly let go of his expression and put a smile on his lips again.

“You don’t have to worry too much about that. I will pay for the money needed for the sale right now, or the money that will be used to grow barley and hops or to build a brewery in the future.”


He was a young boy who had not yet reached the age of majority.

Did he look like he was 15 years old?

But when such a boy said that he would pay that much money, it was a question from the priest’s point of view.

“What kind of money do you have?”

“Did you forget that I am working in Banco? I have some money that I have earned so far, and if I have a car, I can borrow money from Banco.”

Rockefeller then sent a deep smile to the priest.

“After all, interest is detestable, so I am going to take on this detestable task by myself. All you have to do is carry on this work with the money I give you here.”

The priest’s eyes became more serious than before.

“Without interest?”

“I have no intention of taking interest from the church.”

When borrowing money from others, interest was inevitably followed.

But when Rockefeller offered to lend money without interest, the priest was somewhat surprised.

“Are you really okay with that? Usually, if you lend money, of course you get interest.”

Why the Church hates usurers.

Rockefeller didn’t know.

“I don’t think interest is the realm of God, and we do not dare to take it against the church. It is enough for me to go to hell alone, so I hope the priest will pray for me like this.”

“Heh heh, have you ever seen such an irresponsible person?”

The priest spoke with a stern but soft smile on the other hand.

“Hell! Do you know that the benefactor of the church can fall to hell so easily? Hell is not a place to go so easily. Even if you want to go, I won’t let you go, so you know.”

When I asked what I was going to say, I would say it.

Rockefeller couldn’t help but laugh inwardly.

“I am so grateful that you said that.”

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